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Saturday Runs


Workout:  8 mile treadmill run, 1.5% incline, 6:45 min/mile avg pace + 2 miles on elliptical = 10 miles

I get VERY excited for my Saturday workout.  Like really really excited.  Pathetic, I know.  D man goes hunting early and I shoot out the door as soon as he walks in.  My weekday workouts are usually shorter and rushed because I don’t have the time.  I don’t always get to do the workout I want, just what I have time for.  But Saturday.  I look forward to it alllllll week.  I can take my time.  Do what I want.  Glorious.

Some weekends, such as this one, if I’m REALLY lucky, I get TWO good workouts.  No church tomorrow=nothing going on ALL day=me and the gym have another HOT date.  Life does not get better than that my friends.   

Gym gear for the day - I like pink

On Saturdays, I rarely do the workout I have in mind – but not because I don’t have time.  The plan today was to get in at least 12 miles.  The issue again was the knee.  Really does seem to have a mind of its own.  Lets name it.  We’ll call it “lefty”.  I’m cruising along just fine and dandy –  BAM.  Mile 6, lefty has had enough.  Made it to 8 miles and called it.  Gave it a little stretching TLC.  Threw in a quick strength circuit, then jumped on the elliptical to make it a 10 mile day.

Close up of the pink sneaks for your viewing pleasure.  I get at least 3 compliments every time I wear them to the gym.  Totally worth the $48 I spent on them.  Even if I am cheating on my Kinvara’s.

I’ll fill you in on all of my new years resolutions that I’ve made and already broken tomorrow.  Until then, this is probably what my New Year’s Eve will look like…

We spare NO expense ringing in the New Year

sitting on the couch watching “Inception” or “Bridesmaids” for the 18th time.  As long as the chickadees are soundly sleeping – I’m a happy girl:)


The Lineup


I have a slight obsession with running sneaks…and designer jeans…and cute heals…and nice bags…but lets talk about running sneakers now.

Here’s what I’m running in, in order from most LOVED:

Left to right - Saucony Kinvara2, Asics Speedstar, Saucony Mirage


Same deal - with my little creeper Anna at the end

The Saucony Kinvara and I have had a special relationship from the beginning – it was love at first run.  So when I wear the other sneaks, kinda feel like I’m cheating on my Kinvara’s

I ran my first marathon in Mizuno’s.  Not bad shoes.  Not fantastic for what I paid.  When I started running again after my third bundle came, I stumbled upon the Kinvara’s.  For some reason I wanted something superlight.  More of a mental thing – but I like to “feel” light on my feet, while still feeling the cushion.  Perfection.    

Than, I wanted to try a more substantial running shoe just for training.  I got the Mirage – very different from the Kinvara and they run a tad smaller.  I had to buy these in a 10.5.  mammoth feet.   The first 5 mile run in these bad boys left me with two blisters.  I’ve worked out the kinks, but these are the last shoes I reach for. 

The newest addition are the Asics.  Found these on superclearance on (where I buy ALL of my sneakers)  I will NEVER buy a pair of sneakers just because they are cheap.  I spent time reading reviews and found nothing bad.  I like:)  In addition to the already great price, I got a sweet 10% discount from this awesome blog that I stalk follow –  Check it all out people.   

I’ll write more later about my running plans for the day.  right now I have to get my kid away from the outlets. 


Stinky Mom


Workout – 3miles on Treadmill, 9mph, .5incline + Stepmill 32 min level 18 fat burner = 8 miles total

I have awarded myself the “mom of the year” award (which means I get to clean my house, cook dinner and do laundry – very prestigious stuff)  I took the little lovelies to the New England Aquarium in Boston.  Thought it was a super great idea to take my kids to Boston for a great adventure of riding the T and seeing fish and touching little water animals – apparently so did EVERYONE else in New England.  If you want to actually SEE the fish – don’t go during Christmas break.  a little free advice.

The crew - ready to go


doesn't get any cuter than this little nugget - he's not for sale, you can't have him

So now I have a year membership to the aquarium just so that we didn’t have to stand in 29 degree weather for an hour waiting to buy a day pass.  Just trying to protect my children from frostbite.  we got VIP entry once we got suckered into bought the year dealio:)

Showcasing some very important fish


Quincy market for lunch

For today’s festivities we went ice skating!  Another activity not to be done with three children unless you have a one-to-one adult to child ratio.  Considering my 22 month old can’t skate and the other two have never been – it was an adventure.  Glad we made it out alive with all of the children’s precious little fingers still attached to their hands – those skates are sharp.  We are just living on the edge here in CT.  

Auntie and little Anna-bam. only took about 30min to make it once around the rink - totally normal

We had to finish that trip off with a visit to TCBY – pure joy and excitement when I found out a TCBY was coming to MY town.  AND it’s self serve – just gets better and better.  How did we get so lucky?!?! (this how my husband felt when a Cabela’s came to the next town over – we never have to leave CT again)

nothing like a little cup of soft-serve heaven

The "straight from gym sweatfest - to throw the kids in the car to go skating and and eating froyo yummy-ness" picture. confession, I have no problem continuing my day after the workout without a shower - really an acquired talent - sometimes it's just not in the schedule:)

I think I need to write to TCBY and let them know that their froyo cup is not big enough – my 4 year old can only fit her entire head directly into it.

And that concludes the family fun for this week.  I’ve exhausted all my resources and the auntie is heading back to Nashville tomorrow:(  Although, we may get really crazy and take a trip to the library to take out a movie for the kiddos and possibly even get a book.  I know, I know, very exciting.

(no worries – I was able to get a shower when we got home – no children were harmed by stinky mom) 

What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation? 

Do you LOVE self serve frozen yogurt?

Have you ever been to a big aquarium?

When the running gets tough…stop???


Run today – 5.5 miles, 37.75min.  Rolling hills, one good hill climb 

The plan was to do 8 miles in roughly 56 min or less. 

Hello ITBS (SUPERcool with the abbreviations – Illiotibial band syndrome) I didn’t know what it was until I was training for my first marathon in 2008.  I ran for 13 miles of the race with pretty significant IT band pain.  NOT fun.  October 2011 marathon – no IT band issues – just lots of other pain:)  November 2011 marathon – severe IT band probs going on – didn’t know how I was going to finish that one – and the saga continues. 

But, I don’t really like complainers, and  I DON”T like to complain about pain.  QUICK perspective – I have given birth to 3 children – all without pain medication.  This is not for bragging rights.  Really just because the thought of someone sticking a giant needle into my spinal cord scared me more than the thought of pushing out a baby without it.  It’s not normal.  #3 was almost born on the highway.  Walked into labor and delivery with him at 7:41 am and he was on the table at 7:55 am – no exaggeration.  And no time for anything to ease the pain.

5 days before #3, Luke, was born

So – I like to think I can handle pain.   Normally I would run through pain – I’m of the “push it till you wanna puke”, “no pain, no gain” mentality – but the more I understand about running, the more I learn that IF YOUR LEGS DON’T WORK, YOU CANT RUN!!!  I know ground-breaking revelations happening in CT – it just gets better – I’m smart AND I can run!

Back to today – another long story short – is that there are five children in my house this week age 5 and under – craziness ensues.  That’s how we do Christmas break.  What??  That doesn’t sound like fun??  When the SIL offered me a run, there was no way I was passing on THAT opportunity – I was going to run fast and far. 


This is what happens when they get the camera - lovely, I know. I get to see that beauty all day - everyday:)

Anyway, I hit mile 4 and the trusty ‘ole knee decides to give me a little attitude – not cool.  Body says “keep going, you feel great!!”  Mind says “keep going and you’ll kill your knee!”  I did choose the wiser option and ended the run early:(  

I hobbled my sad little self back home and promised my knee I would give it some TLC tonight – the foam roller and my hip have a hot date;-)

I may be gimpy, but I look cute doing it!  Outfit of the day:  complete with yesterdays makeup and everything – trying to make it last.   

TJ Maxx Climawear top, love it. Lululemon skirt, LOVE it. Asics speedstar sneaks, love them.

    What is your favorite running outfit/sneaker?

What is the worst running injury you have had?

We’ve Set a New Record


Too bad it had nothing to do with running in any way, shape or form! 

4:15 am – the earliest I have ever been up with one of my “sleeping through the night” children, on a consistent basis.  It’s an absurd hour.  It’s in-humane.  It’s borderline abuse. 

This is what 4:15 am looks like:

Don’t be fooled, it’s not as cute and adorable as it looks. 

Ok, maybe it is:)

The way it works in the Edwards’ household is that (historically speaking) I get up with the kids.  Part of the whole “stay at home mom” thing.  With the new development of the little guy thinking 4:15 is an acceptable time to start the day – we had to make a new plan.  I draw the line at 4:45 – I will get up at that time everyday to go to the gym and get my sweat on, but I can NOT start my day to an off-the-wall 22 month old at 4:15 everyday followed by the other two monkeys around 6-6:30am.  So the hubster and I alternate days.  Unfortunately for me, this was my day to get up with the boy – and it was a Saturday  (unfortunately for parents, children don’t care whether or not it’s a weekend – they’re up early!) 

The whole gang

Silly that my #1 concern was when and how am I going to get my long(ish) run in now?!?! 

The 7:30am nap really helped whip me back into shape – and I was cruisin’ on the treadmill by 10. 

The rest of the day is a complete blur – but it was Christmas eve, so I’m sure it included a little present wrapping, hanging with the family time. 

I used to have a GREAT memory – it went straight out the window when the kids came.  Now I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.  That’s a lie, I have the exact same thing every day.  More like I can’t remember whether or not I brushed my teeth, put deodorant on.  You know, basic hygiene, it’s a tough one;)

What about YOU???

Are Saturday/Sundays usually reserved for longish runs?

What time do you get up on the weekends?

How early is TOO early?

Shhhh!!! They’re sleeping!


It is a RARE occurrence when the house is quiet and TWO of my three children are sleeping at the same time.  Rare as in it hasn’t happened in about….1.8 years – yes, that means that during the day, there is no rest for the weary (mother, that is).  And it must be documented for the history books. 

Holy cow – it’s unrreal.  Dumbfounded.  So, what do I do???  Not clean, that’s for sure.  Cleaning can only happen when the energy to move and the motivation to do it are precisely in sync – not syncing today – not happening up in here.  And why do I feel the need to clean when I have 3 minutes of quiet???  I cleaned last month, it’s all good;) 

This is why rolling out of bed and directly into my runninng clothes works for me.  So that when the moment such as this presents itself, I am ready to terrorize my treadmill and crank out a few miles.  Of course today, I decide to put real people clothes on and look like a real adult.  So I sit here NOT running and NOT being productive.  It is actually almost paralyzing to a mom when there is peace and quiet – there are ten million things I could be doing, but certainly can’t get all of them done.  I’m an all or nothing kind of person – I’ll go with nothing for today:) 

Ok, ok.  I do have exactly 38 minutes before #3 needs to be picked up from school.  I will break my all or nothing rule and just do the run.  I can get in a good 5 and call it a day.  Peace people!!


This 5 year old has taken about 3 naps in the past 3 years – one TIRED chic!

It’s a Wonderful World!


This is very exciting.  This is my first post, ever, on my blog.  Kind of feel like it deserves some sort of little celebration – an ice cream cake?  A little balloon?  I could go for that.  But, the little kidlings are soundly sleeping (since 6:30, hehehe:) glorious thing when they can’t tell time yet and it gets dark out early), and the hubby is out – no one to par-tay with anyway!  Who are we kidding – I probably wouldn’t eat the darn cake.  Little Katie factoid is that I really don’t “do” dairy.  I could be tempted by my mama’s to die for homemade ice cream cake.  She puts ANY ice cream cake on the face of this earth to shame.  I kid you not, like a little piece of heaven on earth every time she makes it.

Moving on!  Let me set the tone for this little blogger of mine…kind of gonna be a “day in the life” sorta deal, figuring it out as I go….talking nonsense and sharing my little life with all of you peeps out there.  I’m telling you – kind of a crazy life in my little corner of the world.  Right now I exist in the stay-at-home-mom to three under 5, laundry do-er, personal chef, house-maid, jungle gym, meal planner, get a run in whenever possibl-er kind of blah blahbutty blah wonderful world!  Sidenote – I do think I gave birth to monkeys the way they climb ALL OVER my house and are CRAZY from top to bottom, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Keeps life super fun and interesting!  I will share what goes on in my day – the silliness, the seriousness, the craziness, the loveliness of it all.  From how I fit in the running, to cooking, to taxi-ing those little ones all over creation to make sure they are well rounded little delightful people.  I rest secure in the knowledge that God in heaven loves me and my family, and I try to live my days as an example of his beautiful love for me.  Couldn’t get through my days without HIM.  Above all that I do, it is important that my children are raised knowing that Jesus lives in their precious little hearts.

Speaking of Jesus – with Christmas upon us – I am a procrastinator at heart and I must go do my last minute online shopping to ensure Christmas delivery!  Can’t have those little nuggets of mine disappointed when Santa doesn’t bring them what they asked for.  Actually, #1 wanted an iTouch for Christmas – really?!?!  In what world does she live????  and #2 just chimes in with “yeah, we want an iTouch”…..iTouch at 5, cellphone at 6…don’t think so.  I told her Santa wasn’t bringing electronics this year because he was afraid her imagination would disappear.  She didn’t ask for it again:)

more tomorrow….

much love…nighty night!

Some pics to leave you with….

Me and my #1 pre-marathon


Marathon #2

Ready to run!  Feeling Lululemon sassy;-)