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Here’s a bad idea for you.  Go to the grocery store when you are on day 2 of a nine day cleanse and haven’t had a full complete meal in 36 hours.  Spare yourself.  Don’t do it.  You might open up a chocolate bar right in the middle of the aisle or start eating a package of oreo cookies when you don’t even like oreo cookies. 

I could not get out of the store fast enough.  I started reaching for the raw chicken leg.  and got scared.

So it was a good thing I had made these brownies, that I’m about to tell you about, last week and kind of got the sweet thing out of my system.  that’s a complete lie.  I could eat chocolate morning noon and night and never grow tired of it.  But I bought some more brownie mix just in case of an emergency.  all emergencies can be solved with brownie mix.  raw.  even better.  I also got these delicious roasted almonds.  dee lish us.  I may have had a couple 23

I like to take pictures with food. I'm not good at taking pictures of food. but taking pictures with food works. makes me feel pretty. and cool. pretty cool.

I balanced out that chocolatey goodness with some healthy.  I cleared out the frozen raspberries.  they were on sale.  If I didn’t get them all, my mom would have gotten to them.  She would have cleared them out and gotten rainchecks for all upcoming deliveries and I would not have seen a frozen raspberry for weeks.  I had to.   and I will go back for more. 

Ok.  onto serious business.  Brownies.  Cookies.  Cookie brownies.  you may call them what you want.  for some reason they are called Slutty Brownies.  I really don’t get it.  I don’t get how they got that name, why they got that name, where or for what reason they got that name.  But I had seen them a couple times over the course of a couple weeks.  I took it as a sign that I must make them.  My husband looked at me like I was certifiably insane for making these monster brownies.  It’s basically a layer of cookie dough, layered with oreo cookies, I threw some pb on top of that and then a layer of brownie batter to which I added more chocolate chips.  very serious business. 

I got the recipe from here – Slutty Brownies –  I have given you pictures of some of the steps involved.  and once again, I’m not going to type the recipe out on this page.  you have two options – click the link in the previous sentence, and find it there.  or, use the fabulous Google, which I even linked for you, and find it there.  so easy with this internet technology we have. 

Cookie layer…

More cookie layer….with the Brownie layer….on top of PB layer, that I don’t really recommend.  not into the peanut butter in it.  that was an add on that shouldn’t have been added on. 

I think this is the worst food pic I've taken yet. if that doesn't completely turn you off from making these, then you must really want some dessert.

Let them come out super gooey – they’ll be great the next day.  if there are any left.  and don’t try to make this healthy in any way.  like buying reduced fat oreos or putting applesauce in it.  just don’t make it if you want healthy.  far cry from healthy.  indulge and get back on track tomorrow.  tomorrow is a new day.  with no mistakes in it, like eating a gazillion calories in the form of chocolate brownie heaven.  have fun.

What is your favorite homemade dessert?

What food item do you like to stock up on when it is on sale?

What movie is that italicized line from in my last line paragraph?  Jaime and Deb, you are not allowed to answer, hehe:-) 

Clean it up


Workout – 7 Miles on the gym treadmill. 50 mins. varying pace and incline throughout.  I definitely can’t remember the specifics.  that was over 5 hours ago.  it has left the building.   

The CLEANSE.  that’s what we’re doing.  the hubs and I.  We like to do a cleanse/detox/clean up our act thinga ma jig once or twice a year.  it’s not what you think.  I’ve seen those “cleanses” where all sorts of nasty crap comes out of you.  and  you have to live on your toilet for 3 days.  not this one my friends.  this is normal.  healthy.  I know there is quite the debate as to whether or not these types of things are really necessary.  I don’t think they are.  But, I think it’s good.  and healthy.  if you do it right.  and it kicks us back into healthy eating.  clean eating.  God gave me this one, beautiful body.  and I have 3 beautiful little bodies running around that I want to be here for, healthy, as long as I can be.  I’m going to take care of the body that I have and do the best that I can do with it.   

The first cleanse we did was last year.  I used Arbonne products.  I liked it.  It was tolerable.  The drink tasted like seaweed.  Actually, seaweed tastes better.  not sure really what the drink tasted like.  but it was tolerable.  Pretty sure it had seaweed and lots of other stuff in it.  au natural.  This one came with a whole diet plan, yadda yadda that goes with it.  to clean up your act.  I REALLY liked the food part of this one.  It taught me a lot about clean eating.  It wasn’t as much a diet, but how to clean up your plate.  A lot of it stuck with us as a way of consuming our food on a daily basis, without a lot of the extra junk and sugar.  we cut out dairy.  and we cut out meat, for the most part.   It prompted me to read a little more about clean eating.  I found these two books – which had a lot of clean eating principals and I learned a lot. 

TOTALLY obnoxiuos looking...but apparently it's part of the marketing. decent read.

And then this…

the editors asked me to write this book and be the cover model.  I was busy that day.

I actually think the title of the book is a little bit of a turn off.  But, it got great reviews, and I found some very useful information in it about basics of how the human body works and what it needs.  I liked it.  And I wasn’t reading it to lose weight.  It is also about healthy, clean eating.  and the marketing worked, because I also bought her workout dvd.  how can you resist anything with abs like that on the cover.  I’m a sucker. 

The next time we did a cleanse, we used the Isagenix cleanse.  There are a whole bunch of products they recommend you take with it.  I opted out of all of that.  I blended the two different cleanses and kind of came up with my own thing.  Using just the Isagenix Cleanse drink this time.  nothing else from them. 

We are doing this 9 day plan – and this is how they recommend you do it, for cleansing and weight loss:

I follow this plan kind of loosely for a couple reasons.  One, is that weight loss is NOT MY goal.  For my husband (who is not overweight, but a complete handsome stud and doesn’t need to lose weight, I love you sweetheart), he wants to lose some weight.  So I tweak it a little for each of us.  Second, is that I don’t want to eat all of their snacks, bars, capsules, magic potions and things.  It gets a little gimmicky for me.  and expensive. 

For the 4 cleanse days, where you are just supposed to have the cleanse drink – we also have raw veggies and fruit – keeping it super clean.  here’s the superstar cleanse juice. 

for life. they don't mess around.

looks good to me. clean me up.

For the 5 “shake” days, in between the 2 sets of cleanse days – I will make my green smoothie with lots of goodies in it for breakfast and dinner.  super healthy.  we are just glowing by the end of the day.  (the shake days are great for my burned out not wanting to think of, make, concoct, plan, or eat for that matter, any more meals, so please leave me alone and let me not cook self)  and the “normal” meal is salad or something.  Third reason I don’t follow it to a T is that I am still running and working out.  It’s HARD doing that on minimal food on the cleanse days.  but, it’s also only 4 days total of the cleanse drink.  not so bad.  my husband may have been cursing me by the end of last night.  curse away, you’ll thank me for it in a week!  or 9 days because technically in a week you will be drinking the cleanse drink and cursing me again.  cleanse day 1 down.  3 more to go honeybuns!

That’s the shpealio dealio peeps.  We are on day 2 of the cleanse drink.  followed by the 5 shake/whole food eating days, and 2 more days of the cleanse.  Then we will be lean mean cleansing machines.  watch out.  crazy things happen after I’m cleansed.  I stop scarfing down my kids’ leftover grilled cheese sandwiches. 

put down the sandwich. katie. put it down. walk away.

I can think straight.  make up delicious, nutritious, healthilicious dinners.  run warp speeds.  scary. 

as I promised, I will talk about the amazing dessert I made last week….later.  My son is rearranging his bedroom, again.  naptime fun.  and I must be a responsible parent and go take care of him.

Have you ever done a “cleanse”?  Which one?  for weight loss or overall health?

If you could eat anything you wanted, everyday, what would it be?

Have you read any great healthy eating books?

Let’s go on some tangents….


It will be fun.  Mondays are kind of scatterbrained all over the place wacky for me.  I don’t know why.  It takes me a whole day to get my act together.  I embrace it.  So lets have a post that’s kind of all over the place, tangential (is that a word?  I like it) with no rhyme or reason to it.  sound good?  good. 

Workout – based on having to do 8 “easy” miles.  I rebelled.  I didn’t want to run 8 miles at home.  I didn’t want to run 8 miles at the gym either.  I did 3 miles at about 8.1ish mph on the treadmill. I can’t be certain about anything on my basement dwelling mill, especially the pace.  hoping it really was 3 miles.  then I hopped on the stairmaster for 10 minutes of level 20 speed interval, back to tread for the same 3 again and back to stairmaster for same speed interval. did you follow?  all over the place.  just like my Monday.   I tell myself the stairmaster speed interval at that level will be good hill training.  really.  I make that kind of logical jump all the time.  I also tell myself that I would be a superstar model if I wanted to be. I just make a daily choice to be a stay at home mom.  for real.  who wouldn’t want this sweaty mess. 

the beauty of working out at home = no top. and I had to break out the shorts today. I was dripping sweat from my eyeballs after this run. that's how crazy this monday is.

I’m sure crazy day Monday has something to do with the fact that Mondays are not nearly as fun as Sundays.  What is fun about starting your day with a huge load of this

hmmm. where are my little folding leprechauns when I need them?

I chose to let it sit there over night.  If I had folded it Sunday night – it would have ruined the perfection of the lazy day that Sunday is.  I let Monday take that one.  But, Monday also has lots of time with this little cutie

She obviously didn’t read my “how to do eye makeup post“.  but she looks darn cute.  I might start doing my eyes like that.  the shadow on the brow.  special. 

and then this little banana.  we can’t seem to stop dressing Luke up and making him wear funny things.  too much fun to torment a 2 year old.  You should try it.  but get your own 2 year old.  this ones taken. 

of course it's organic. nothing less.

Monday also has mail.  sunday does not.  In the mail today came some fun things for this mama.  I ordered some running books last week.  I thought I should maybe start educating myself a little bit on a “sport” that I seem to enjoy.  enjoy seems like a funny way to put it.  “sport” also seems like a funny way to refer to running.  either way.  I guess I enjoy the sport. 

I don’t know which one to read first.  life is full of tough decisions.  I’ve been wanting to get “the Runner’s Body” for awhile.  I’ll be happy to have that as a reference, I think.  “Mile Markers” and “The Mind Body Method of Running by Feel” were recommended by a couple of other blogs I had read.  There are so many running books out there.  It’s hard to know where to start and what to read.  I think this should get me going.  I have no idea when I am going to read them.  I think I might just sleep on them for now and see what I can absord. 

More tomorrow on a detox/cleanse/get rid of all the toxins in the bod, that the hubs and I are doing and an out of this world dessert. you must make.  and I will leave you hanging so that you can’t make it until I tell you about it.  hehehe.  not nice.  but that’s what’s gonna happen.  my apologies. 

And what do we think about this….I took a picture of the picture in my mag.  fancy shmancy. 

I saw this in the back of MY Runner’s World mag.  I actually had to look to see who it was.  Took me a minute to realize it was Kate Gosselin.  I don’t get it.  I don’t get her.  NOT her biggest fan – couldn’t really stand watching her on TV, but she doesn’t even look the same now…I guess she looks kind of fantastic.  good for her.  and she runs a lot.  very good for her.  and I kind of like her sneaks.  a lot.  guess I was just surprised to see her in the running mag?!  more power to her.

Are Mondays a little whacky for you?  Or do you get right into your weekly routine?

Do you like to eat bananas?   

Did/do you like Kate plus 8? 

How was everyones weekend?!?!

Maxin’ and relaxin’


I love Sundays.  I know.  it’s monday.  but I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday.  and I don’t LOVE mondays.  so you must know how and why I LOVE Sundays.

I love sleeping in until 10am 6am like every other day of the week.   I love going to church and wearing this cutie little blazer that I got the other night.  that’s all I got.  I swear.  no more suprises.  pinky swear.  maybe one more.  that’s all. 

You want to know the most fun part of this blazer?!?  For one, it’s not black.  I buy all black and grey and white.  Cobalt blue.  pretty jazzy.  and two, it has shoulder pads!  I guess they are back in?  I bought 2 blazers and a jacket the other night, and they all had shoulder pads.  crazy.  either they’re back in, or I’m really out and totally missed whatever trend I’m trying to pull off.  either way, I liked it.  flashback to the 80’s.  I’ll rock it. 

I Love that I don’t have to do a run of any sort.  if I don’t want to.  it’s my rest day.  yippee skippee.  Yesterday, I chose to go to the gym to do some strength.  I wanted to get 3 days of strength in last week, which didn’t happen.  and I understand Sunday starts a new week, but for me, I’m counting it in with last week.  I can do that.  so I got my 3 days of strength in:-)  It was SO NICE to go into the gym and not touch the treadmill.  actually very weird.  I didn’t really know what to do with myself.  I wandered around a little bit and finally figured it out.  I even broke a little sweat.  proof.  I actually had a pretty fantastic tricep workout.  why I chose triceps, I will never know.  which also included a little bit ‘o legs and back.  I love doing legs and back.  faves.  

headless wonder

I love that we generally have no plans on Sunday.  and I usually get some cleaning done.  that’s not so much exciting.  not exciting at all.  but I like to start the week with a generally tidy house.  because come Monday, we’re back to state of disaster.     

And I love that I put no pressure on myself to cook a healthy delicious meal.  it’s always delicious.  not always healthy.  whatever happens, happens, for dinner on a Sunday night.  But, I have to say – I pulled together a darn good homemade mac and cheese last night.  It started with barilla plus pasta and a lotta cheese and ended with some hard boiled eggs in the oven. 

I threw it in the oven because I wanted to dirty one extra dish to wash at the end of the night.  the boat load I already had was just not enough. 

My husband loves bbq sauce.  on everything.  its actually pretty good on the mac.  and the eggs are good in the mac too.  little extra protein.  good for the muscles. 

I needed a little sweet to finish off the night.  and we got a movie.  I’m not sure I got enough chocolate though. 


I can’t resist a good peppermint pattie, or anything mint flavored.  junior mints, mint choc chip ice cream.  those little dessert mints on the way out of restaurants.  I still grab a handful like a 5 year old on the way out.  and then grab some more.  and I throw a tantrum if the restaurant doesn’t have them.  and I never go back.  I don’t even think a 5 year old does that.  I used to keep a big tub of dessert mints on hand at all times.  like costco size tub.  so good. 

I’ll catch ya later, peeps, and fill you in on all the Monday madness around this place.  I think I have 8 or 9 miles to do today.  I think I might scatter it throughout the day.  that sounds like a fun and interesting way to do it.   

Happy Monday!!!  What’s going on this week? 

Do you like dessert mints?  Do you like mint? 

What’s your favorite muscle group to workout? 

$12 Half marathon? I’ll take one, thank you very much


So when I thought I got the deal of the century getting $10 off the RNR Country Music marathon in April – I was WRONG. 

 I have been toying with the idea of finding a race in between now and my April Marathons. just to test out the good old racing legs.  the problem is, it’s cold here until April.  and what do we all know about Katie….I don’t want to run in the cold.  but running a spring marathon is also new territory for me.  so maybe cold running should be something I learn to like.  well, there is a half marathon.  pretty close to me.  In February.  the only thing I knew about it was that it was super hilly.  I was not about to pay to run a hilly course.  in February.  that’s hard.  but it’s hard.  probably exactly why I should run it.  I went to check out the website and found out it only costs $12.  twelve dollars.  I know.  is that crazy or what?!  what.  I could run it 5 times, and it would still be cheaper than any half I’ve ever done.  I’ll only run it once.  

I have a couple guesses as to why it only costs twelve dollars.  the first is this pretty little picture

how about some hills.  hmmmm.  fun. 

The second is this little diddy – this is usually what February looks like in CT. 

I surely would not pay$60 or more for a half marathon when there’s a risk of SNOW.  eeeekkkk!  they can pay me.  to not run in this.  for $12, I will run the risk of crazy weather.   

So, I signed up.  and I want to win it.  for the females.  done. 

Anyone have races coming up in the next couple months?

Cold weather runner, or do you like it hot?

Stick a fork in me



16 miles on the treadmill.  1 hr 58 minutes.  varying speed and incline.  this run was so all over the place, I don’t even know where to begin.  I made the bright decision to take it to the tread today.  the weather was just atrocious for outdoor running.  sunny, beautiful, 45 degrees.  CT in January.  my goodness.  who the heck wants to run outside in that?  not me.  that’s for darn sure.  that sounds like pure torture.  running inside on the treadmill for 16 miles is a MUCH smarter, funner (it is a word when you live with little people), happier way to run. 

ok.  I did have good reason to run on the treadmill.  it was a little bit chilly outside.  not buying that one?  how about this.  I had already put it in my head that I was going to do the 16 on the treadmill.  then the weather decided to cooperate.  but my mind was set.  and it’s hard to change this lady’s mind once it’s set on something.  another reason…I’ve been doing most of my running on the treadmill.  switching gears for me is a very hard thing to do.  keeping it on the treadmill gear was just fine.  #3 reason was that I wanted to listen to music.  I’m just starting to enjoy some country pandora while I run, and I’m not comfortable actually holding the iPhone while I run outside, when I can just put it on the treadmill, inside.  (after listening to country for 2 hours – I’ve learned you can solve all the world’s problems with an ice cold beer, and an old pickup truck.  maybe a girl in a red dress.  easy peasy)  #4, same thing with my agua.  I wanted to drink it while I ran, but did not want to actually hold the bottle.  treadmill is good for something again.  treadmill it was.

Miles 1-6, 8mph, 1% incline and alternated 4%, 5%, 6% incline for the last 1/4 mile of every mile. 

Miles 7-16, 8mph-8.5mph, 1-2% incline.

For reference, running 16 miles on a treadmill is about as boring as watching paint dry.  or copying the dictionary.  take that back.  copying the dictionary is way more fun and entertaining.  

no smiles. get me outta this gym.

My stoic look after running for 2 hours on the treadmill.  where am I?  how did I get here?  how do I get home? 

I’m pretty sure people were looking at me funny.  The treadmill only goes for 60 minutes.  then I switched treadmills and started her up again.  Has anyone done a really long run on a treadmill and felt like people were staring like get this girl a doctor she has clearly lost her mind.  can’t wait until I do 20 on the treadmill and have to restart it twice:-) that’ll be fun. 

I actually felt great, physically.  my legs were good.  my knees were good.  the only thing that wasn’t great was my stomach.  whatever I had eaten way too close to my run beforehand was definitley not digested and kept trying to make an appearance for the first 10 miles.  then is finally settled.  like a rock in my colon.  that was equally not fun. and I just decided I do not like that word colon.  kind of like the word moist.  won’t use that again. weird.  moving on.    

I was most excited to see these two things when I got home – my red sweatshirt, nice and clean.  and my iced coffee.  awwwww.  so good.  I’m always excited to jump into my sweats when I get home.  but I’m super flipping excited to do it after a long workout.  and a nice shower. 

somehow I lost my pointer finger. not sure what happened to it. nothing easy about taking a picture AND holding a cup. casualties happen.

the tough thing about coming home to 3 kids after running 16 miles, is that you are coming home to 3 kids after running 16 miles.  I guess ideally, I would love to make myself some nice food, like a salad or something, and sit for a minute.  or at least think for a minute about what I would like to do.  nope.  those 3 kids need to eat IMMEDIATELY.  and they need a diaper change IMMEDIATELY.  and they need to cut and glue and staple every piece of paper IMMEDIATELY, and put on a ballet show and sing and dance as soon as I walk in the door.  I grab wildly at whatever food I can find.  don’t care if it’s crusty pb&j from lunch 3 hours ago.  just feed me.  something.  then I get the shower and the nice cozy clothes.  ahhhhh.

I took the girls on a no boys allowed they have cooties dinner (Luke was sleeping and Davey was more than happy to watch a movie in a quiet house for an hour) to Chipotle.  I had an intense craving for Chipotle and heads would roll if I didn’t get there.  we got there and I made the poor decision of adding carnitas to my burrito bowl.  why would I do that?  I don’t even know what carnitas is.  I would have been perfectly happy with my usual beans and rice veggie bowl.  It must have been all that protein talk earlier in the day the got me all confused and feeling like I had to add meat to my veggie bowl.  I had to ask the guy what it was at the checkout. turns out it’s some sort of pulled pork.  maybe I should have asked before I requested it for dinner.  not going to do that again.  veggies please. 

those carnitas are hiding under there waiting to disappoint my Chipotle meal. I will eat you anyway and pretend to enjoy it.

The girls were happy with their bean, rice, quesedilla dinner.  they were happier with their “spicy water” – aka club soda to normal folk. 

will you please stop taking pictures of me and let me just eat my rice and beans. please. mom. gosh. so annoying.

she always looks guilty. I think she's smuggling chips. or spicy water. can't be sure.

And I thought it would be fun and exciting to sugar the kids up before bed.  WHO WANTS TO GO TO TCBY?!?!  ok ok.  we’ll go.

sorry, Alex. only part of your face was cool enough to be a part of this picture. catch ya next time.

that's my spoon in the cup. I thought he would share with me. it's not very fun to share with a 2 year old. getting my own next time.

Luke went after that froyo like it was the last cup of froyo on earth.  Not even sure what ended up in that cup.  trying to get 3 kids through a self serve froyo line – not as easy peasy lemon squeezy as you think.  I apologize to everyone who was behind us in line.  I did my best to keep their precious little fingers out of the cookie dough and strawberries.  I’m confident they didn’t sneeze or cough on the goods.  that I can tell you.  but I’m only human. 

and that’s all she wrote!  ’twas a  good day.  any day that ends with frozen yogurt must be a good day.  Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.  yeehaw. 

What’s  your favorite frozen yogurt place/and topping?

I like TCBY, but it’s not the same as when I was a kid.  I’m so excited friends of ours are opening a new FroYo place in my town called SweetFrogs – anyone heard of that?  I got the cake batter tonight – did not enjoy it.  So I kept steeling bites of Anna’s chocolate.  she didn’t like that.    

What is your favorite food after a long run/hard workout?

Is everyone relaxing on Sunday, or is it a long run/workout kind of a day? 



Protein, running and My Pal


I am a numbers girl.  I like them. ask my mom.  I used to figure out my GPA in high school before every major test to see what I could get as a grade and how my GPA would be affected.  so I would know if I stopped studying and got a really bad grade on the exam, how my overall GPA would look.  major dork alert.  I know.  I was studious.  I started off studying accounting in college until I decided I didn’t want to sit behind a desk.  I like numbers to line up, add up and make sense. 

Naturally, I would find a way to geek out about numbers with running.  I like my miles to be nice and even. rounded off at least to the half mile.  I won’t stop a run that ends with .1, .3. or God forbid .7 – just take it to the next whole mile.  Ever since I started seriously running and training for races, I pay more attention to what I eat.  I actually only really pay attention to the protein.  for some reason, I always want to make sure I’m getting enough protein.  and I have no basis for obsessing about my protein intake.  don’t know where it came from.  I don’t really worry about fat or carbs because I run.  I burn them.  but the protein kind of intrigues me.  why do I care?  so, I looked up some articles, and this is what I found. 

A normal, active person should get about .8g of protein per kg of body weight.  on the high end.  athletes however should get between 1-1.6g per kg of body weight.  that’s a lot of protein. 

This is what a Runner’s World article has to say – read the whole article HERE

“With every footstrike, a runner carries two to seven times his or her body weight,” says Douglas Kalman, Ph.D., R.D., who has done extensive research on the effects of protein in athletes. “Protein is what keeps your body healthy under all that strain.” Adequate protein intake accelerates muscle growth and speeds recovery by helping rebuild muscle fibers stressed during a run. Since protein helps muscles heal faster, runners who consume the right amount are less likely to get injured. The reverse is also true, according to the authors of the ISSN paper: Athletes who get insufficient amounts of protein are at a higher risk of injury.

 I found this next article, from, interesting as well.  Read the whole article HERE.  here is a little excerpt that I liked. 

According to the World Health Organization, humans need to get only 10 percent of their daily calories from protein to maintain health. There is reason to believe that  runners may need more, however, because running breaks down muscle proteins and damages muscle fibers, and protein is needed for the muscles to recover from the daily onslaught of training. But a study of the diet of elite Kenyan runners found that they got only 10 percent of their daily calories from protein. Given their running performance, it would be difficult to argue that this wasn’t enough.

Such numbers are deceptive, though. It is more helpful to think of protein needs in terms of amounts of protein relative to body weight instead of protein as a percentage of daily calories. That’s because running increases total energy—carbohydrate, fat, and protein—needs. So you may get 10 percent of your daily calories as a non-runner and then continue to get 10 percent of your daily calories as a runner, but you’re eating more protein as a runner, because you’re eating more total calories.

Timing of protein consumption is important, as well.  From the same article as above:

More important than the amount of protein consumed is the timing of protein intake. Numerous studies have demonstrated that exercise-induced muscle damage is reduced when protein is consumed immediately before and during workouts and that muscle repair proceeds most rapidly when protein is consumed immediately after workouts. You still don’t need a lot of protein, though. About 15 grams of protein per hour during exercise will suffice, while a total of 20 grams of protein in the first hour after exercise is as much as the body can use for immediate recovery.

The best ratio for recovery nutrition after a good run is 4:1, carb to protein ratio.  I love finding foods that have this ratio. 

So, I guess it is important to get the right amount of protein.  Sometimes even up to and more than 80 grams a day.  I have been finding this hard to acheive lately because I don’t eat meat.  That is a huge source of protein, and makes it fairly convenient to get the right amount.  just throw down a nice chunk of chicken and you’re all set.  

I have been relying on a protein powder to get a good serving of protein for the day.  I have been using whey protein, but am on the hunt for a more natural, plant based protein.  I can’t do soy products because I have hashimoto’s thyroid – which is fancy for an autoimmune hypothyroid disorder.  My thyroid doesn’t like to work the way it should.   a sure fire way for me to put on 10 lbs in 2 weeks is by consuming soy on a daily basis.  I’ll pass.  I just ordered this protein.  I have not tried it yet.  fingers crossed. 


This is made from plant based sources.  I have tried some other brown rice proteins…..pretty gross.  hopeful for this one.  I can only eat so many beans, quinoa, and eggs.  I don’t eat dairy regularly, which is another good source of protein.  especially greek yogurt. 

AND, let me introduce you to my favorite little pal.  my favorite little app for my phone.  myfitnesspal.  love it.  I’ve been using it for over a year.  being the anal person that I am, I like to keep track of how much protein and those other nutrients I get during the day.  I also like to make sure I’m getting enough calories.  I don’t like to count calories.  but this tracks everything.  with ease.  I like the iPhone app much better than the website, but either are great and so easy to use.  the app was free when I got it.  I had been using the daily plate app – this is much better.  in my opinion.  and that one wasn’t free. 


There is also a scanner option – you can scan the barcode of any food you have and the info automatically goes in.  pretty sweet.  You can view it in a pie chart as well.  pie.  I like pie. 


and this is what it looks like when you input your meals. 

I don’t get crazy about it.  I don’t usually put dinner in because it’s homemade and I’m usually not going to take the time to calculate all of the nutrition for what I’m making and put it in there.  but, you can certainly do that.  You can make your own food and save it.  I’ve done it before for certain bars and things that I’ve made. 

You also input your exercise and it recalculates your calorie needs for the day.  check it out peeps.  cool beans. 

I’m anxiously awaiting my long run today.  It’s 10am and it hasn’t happened yet.  I start to get anxious when it doesn’t happen first thing in the morning, because then I am just anticipating it until it happens.  and I just want to get it over with.  I’ll go make some pumpkin bread with the kiddos to pass the time.  

I’m going to go check my little pal now and make sure I’ve had enough protein so far today.  hehe. 

Is anyone doing a long run today?  or a long anything else you want to share?  nap?  shopping trip?  these are all good, long things to do. 

Have you used MyFitnessPal?  Do you like to track your nutrition? 

How do you get your protein?