Second hand smoke kills


Disclaimer:  I can’t be held responsible for anything I say in this post.  I’m running on four hours of sleep and little nugget is running around the house.  It’s 5:30 am, and I’ve been up for 1 hour with previously mentioned nugget, in case you really want to have a pity party for me. I think shock therapy is the next step in getting him to sleep in.  do you see anything wrong with that??? 

Workout (yesterday):  6mile treadmill speedwork – 2 mile warmup @ 7:30 pace, 4×800 @ 5:27 pace with 800m recovery in between @ 8:00 pace.  20 min on stepmill for 8.5 mile total. 

no, friends that is NOT a unitard. dark green top and black leggings. and it's the new fad to post pictures sideways. giving you a new perspective. keeping it exciting.

Speedwork was a last minute decision.  Glad I did it.  Because I can still count the number of times I’ve ever done speedwork on one hand.  I need to change that.  Funny thing – my last few runs on the tread have really bothered my IT band issue in my left leg by mile 4.  Yesterday, I didn’t have a tinge of pain until I slowed down and did the last recovery at 8 min/mile.  When I was doing the speed part, it didn’t hurt at all?  Curious.  Very curious.   Any body have any supersecret ITband stretch/strengthening secret weapon you’d like to share??  Need to get this taken care of.  I know, genius Katie.  go see a doctor.  I will.  But we all basically have mini Dr. degrees from googling and webmd, so I thought I’d check in with the peanut gallery before I bother the real doctor.   

Anyway, we had a heat wave here in CT – 65 degress.  not a lie. pretty happy with it.  don’t know why I stuck myself in the hot sweaty humid gym treadmill to complete my workout.  I make good decisions like that all the time. 

Yesterday, my day revolved around getting out of the house at 5pm to celebrate 7 long wonderful years with this handsome old devil (old because he’s old…er than me.  I call him gramps sometimes.  I keep him young.  ish.  so do our 3 children.  and yellow lab.)  

I caught him texting. that's what you do when you've been married for seven years. we don't really want to talk to each other when we go out. we'd actually rather go on separate dates. alone. I guess I was more interesting when he married me 7 years ago. se la vie. I speak french too;-)


awwww. there's the happy couple. we do still love each other.

 When we have an opportunity to go out and do something fun, it’s all I can think about all day.  Getting a shower in and leaving the house without looking like a wetdog takes some planning when there are 3 littles running around.   Mission complete – I pulled myself together.  success.   

rocking my supersweet tj maxx deal paige denim jeans. I live for designer jeans on sale. NO! I was not more excited to wear my new jeans than to go out with my hubs.

Dress me up and give me some prosecco and I’m a happy person.

happy katie with the vino. I just had to karate chop a guy passing by who tried to creep into my nice picture.


The hubs still thinks this whole blogging thing is kinda funky, so I’m trying to ease him in by not snapping pictures every two seconds to document our entire evening.  But, I’m pretty sure a casino is a casino is a casino.  Complete with smoking, slot machine players and all.  I think I realized casinos are NOT my thing when 80 year old woman next to me puffed her entire cigarette into my face.  definitely an experience I could live without.  and I would like my left lung back. 

We did have a lovely dinner at Michael Jordan’s steakhouse.  I got this sushi tuna appetizer and a chopped salad for my meal.  and a salad is a salad is a salad – you don’t really want to see pictures of that either, I’m sure.  True story – sometimes whenever we go out (which is really rare) I feel the need to order every good thing off the menu as if I will never be able to eat it again.  I was very happy I left the truffle fries in the deep fryer where they belong, and not on my plate.  Another +1 for me that I didn’t attack the table next to me that ordered them.  D-man got the 8oz filet and this amazing bbq’d corn OFF the cob as a side.  never woulda picked that one, but it was D-lish. 

Then we proceeded to lose our fortune at the slot machines.  must have been grandma smokey next to me throwing off my game.  those casinos people – death trap.     

Some cuteness to leave you with –

supercool specs. on a supercool chic. she rocks.

If that doesn’t turn your frown upside down, you’re a lost cause. 
Today is technically my actual anniversary, which makes it a big time holiday in my book.  I am relieving myself of all adult/mature person responsibilities.  the children will have to fend for themselves. 
I will get in a good workout today and fill you in on all the juicy details.  cliffhanger.  tune in later. 
Do you like white wine, red wine, no wine??
Anyone dealing with any running injuries right now?
What’s the weather like where you are?  If you have snow, keep it.  I don’t want to see any of it here. 

About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. use a foam roller….roll over your IT-Band…that sometimes helps….I like sweet white wine (reisling), I am having a flare up of tendonitis in my achilles tendon…the awesome is awesome…usually we have a couple feet of snow at this time of year…but, not this year…mid 20’a today…nice for here…going to meet a friend for a nice shake out sunday run after going “longer” yesterday…

    • I do have a foam roller…guess I better get re-acquainted with it! I also am having a little flare up of achilles tendonitis in my right heel. A whole ‘nother issue. I’m a mess. Enjoy your run in the cold weather! I will probably keep it inside today:)

  2. I just found your blog…man, you are speedy!!!

    I must know where you got your date night top…super cute and I’ve been looking for something just like it. And the shoes, too 🙂

    Looking forward to more posts 🙂

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for reading and commenting!! I got that top on superclearance at Ann Taylor – don’t really shop there that much, but I have found some good little gems like that top – it’s one of my wardrobe staples! unfortunately it’s a couple years old:( and the shoes are MIA brand, got them on, pretty cheap as well when they were even more on sale. I also have them in a multicolored snakskin pattern, LOVE them. They are just a little kitten heel. I’m tall enough as it is, so I don’t usually wear super high heels:)

  3. Try foam rolling. The trigger point roller is one of the best recovery products ever invented. It hurts and feels uncomfortable at first, but it helps move the myofascial tissues around and increase blood flow, which then promotes quicker recoveries.

    • Thanks – I have what would be probably the basic foam roller, and am just not dilligent about using it, but definitely will be. everyday:) I will look up the trigger point roller. agreed, foam rolling is pretty painful, but knowing that my muscles love it makes it a little easier. Thanks!!

  4. I was going to suggest the foam roller, but as that’s been covered, I won’t repeat 🙂
    I also like any hip opening yoga poses to keep mt IT band from getting too tight…

    No wine for me. I’ve never had a drink of alcohol in my life. I think, however, if I were to start, wine would be my choice…I love the way it smells and how it tastes cooked into sauces.

    It snowed here yesterday (finally) and it’s overcast today. The temp is hovering just above freezing, so hopefully I won’t get too cold during my runs this week.

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