Happy Snappy Monday


Workout – was going to be a “rest” day.  but #1, there is never a “rest” day in this house.  #2, I actually did what I sid I was going to do and looked up a training plan.  according to that, I have to do 9 miles today???  how do you go from not planning on doing anything, to 9 miles???  ok, runner’s world.  I’ll take the challenge.  9 miles.  if we’re going to be productively training today, I will add a strength training session.  so there.  I’ll let you peeps know how it goes.  when I figure out when I’m going to do it.  it very well might be at 8:00 tonight.  I should be fine working out that late though.  I got to sleep in this morning.  until 6:30.  good things do happen to good people. 

Here’s the plan – the first half of it anyway….a little scary if you ask me.  LOTS going on there.   

JAN 10
JAN 11
JAN 12
JAN 13
JAN 14
JAN 15
36 Mi

Dist: 9 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi, inc
Warm; 5 Mi @ 6:25; Cool

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 12 Mi

JAN 16
JAN 17
JAN 18
JAN 19
JAN 20
JAN 21
JAN 22
38 Mi

Dist: 9 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi, inc
Warm; 4×1600 in 5:56
w/800 jogs; Cool

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 14 Mi

JAN 23
JAN 24
JAN 25
JAN 26
JAN 27
JAN 28
JAN 29
39 Mi

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi, inc
Warm; 5 Mi @ 6:24; Cool

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 16 Mi

JAN 30
JAN 31
31 Mi

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi

Dist: 8 Mi

FEB 10
FEB 11
FEB 12
41 Mi

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi, inc
Warm; 5 Mi @ 6:23; Cool

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 18 Mi

FEB 13
FEB 14
FEB 15
FEB 16
FEB 17
FEB 18
FEB 19
43 Mi

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi, inc
Warm; 4×1600 in 5:54
w/800 jogs; Cool

Dist: 8 Mi

Dist: 20 Mi

FEB 20
FEB 21
FEB 22
FEB 23
FEB 24
FEB 25
FEB 26
44 Mi

Dist: 10 Mi

Dist: 9 Mi, inc
Warm; 5 Mi @ 6:21; Cool

Dist: 9 Mi

Dist: 16 Mi

You can’t see it, but in the template, there are a LOT of boxes. and “XT’s” and @ symbols, and  I don’t like it.  make them go away. 

After I got over the sheer terror of seeing all of those boxes full of workouts and all that fancy shmancy training lingo, I saw the happy side.  I don’t have to think about what run to do or what workout to do.  sweet!  This plan is from the Runner’s World Smartcoach, per the suggestion of one of my new reader friends:)  It’s free.  They also offer you the opportunity to purchase a sub 3 marathon plan for $29.99.  tough one.  I’ll keep my $29.99 and buy something fun.  or diapers.  that’s really fun too. 

You also can’t see this, but it put the finish time at 2:53 for the marathon.  I did not put that in for my goal time.  looks like runner’s world is having a hard time following directions.

Let’s get day one done! 

What’s the plan for today’s workout people?

Do you like to workout at night? 

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I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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    • Thanks, Janae! believe me, if I could spend my money on something other than diapers, I would! turns out kids actually need them, they won’t go in a litter box or on a newspaper. too bad;-)

  1. rw is neat how they provide these plans without any cost, but i hate how they keep the same workouts week after week. i would suggest maybe holding loose plans to stick to this and be eager to try different speed workouts every now and again. the body kind of flat lines when we don’t change the stimulus enough, rw should know better and should provide more variety of workouts.

    but that was my unsolicited opinion…

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