How to Friday – #4 – how to look like me


Lets take care of business first –

Busines Item #1 – today I took a total rest day.  from everything.  I did not lift a weight, a child, a finger.  not true.  I chased kids around all day and lifted many a finger, but did not lift a weight.  very enjoyable.  I had a great workout yesterday, and I am gearing up for a long run (16 miles) tomorrow.  I also called out sick for dinner.  this girl was not about to cook one more meal this week.  we had cereal and chinese food.   

Business Item #2 – It must be noted that I resisted the urge to wear this….

don't worry people. my legs dont really shift like that. special effects from my super special mirror.

all day, on this rainy, yucky day.  I just want to wear that beautiful grey sweatshirt and Old Navy yoga pants every second of every day.  as soon as I walk in the door, I want to put that outfit on.  is something wrong with me?  I think it’s getting worse.  I’m trying to not be a bum dresser, so I put my new outfit on…

the pants were a little tough to adjust to. surprised me every time I caught a glimpse of the red. shockingly red.

and I wore it for more than 30 minutes, so it totally counts.   I may have changed into and back out of it every time I left the house – but I did NOT leave the house in my sweats.  winning.  

Business Item #3 – I forgot to show you this sweet little headband I got last night during my shopping extravaganza.  I think it’s sweet. you may call it ugly and out of style.  but that’s ok.  we can still be friends.  in a weird blogger/reader friend way.  I can run, I can cook, can’t necessarily dress well.  I respect your opinion if you respect my horrible fashion sense, blurry phone pictures because some little child we won’t name broke my camera, and big forehead. 

there’s my little sidekick.  she makes everything look better.  cutie patootie.   

Business Item #4 – always make time to cuddle with little people, should they ask with little puppy dog eyes. even if you think you have 367 other things to do.  you will be a better person for it. 

baby girl needed a midday snuggle. happy to accomodate.

Business Item #5 – happy surprise in the mail box meaning 2 things:

march issue??? somone is having a hard time with the months this year.

1, I have some fun reading material.  I will fill you in on anything interesting and noteworthy that I find.  2, this means SHAPE is not far behind.  yay. 

Ok – onto the important and very serious stuff.  HOW TO FRIDAY.  Today I will share with you how to do EYE MAKEUP.  and look like MEEEE!  I am a pro.  I’m not really a pro.  If you want someone to really tell you how to do eye makeup, go to Nordstrom’s.  they really do know what they are doing.  I pretend like I know what I am doing, like I pretend I know a lot of other things.  In my other life, I was a makeup artist to the rich and famous.  I will share with you what I have taught myself. 

Pre-children and family and big girl responsibilities, I could spend money on good makeup instead of health insurance, good groceries and diapers.  Pre-children, I spent more time playing around with fun makeup because I had time and not a care in the world.  Now, I keep it pretty basic and don’t have a ton of makeup, or a ton of time to put it on.  But, I find you don’t need a ton if you find what you like.  most of my good makeup is gone – for 2 reasons: 1 is that I ran out and never replaced it with the good stuff and 2 is because a little boy named Luke like’s to play with Mama’s makeup and has dumped out the remaining good stuff.  very sad.  I will go days without putting any makeup on.  I think it’s important, especially as a mom to take the time to make yourself look/feel pretty every now and then.  For me, I feel pretty and it makes me happy to take the time to put on my makeup.  I don’t have to do it everyday, but some days, even if for no reason than to dress up the sweats.  for some people, it may be something else, like wearing a pretty scarf or putting on “real” clothes, or getting a nice hairdo.  physical things, but I think it’s important to pay attention to them.  sometimes.   

My splurge makeup is Laura Mercier.  There are a couple items I will still buy from her line.  The secret brightening powder – amazing.  and this eye cream:

the color is platinum. i squeezed every last drop out of that bottle. love it.

I now buy Physician’s formula for a lot of the bronzing effect makeup.  I wear a lot of bare minerals and MAC for the eyeshadows. 

Let’s begin.

#1 – Put on your face.  I put on my foundation makeup, bronzer, all that jazz before my eyes.  I do my eyes last. 

fresh face. bare minerals powder. physicians formula mosaic bronzer. little blush.

#2 – Put on a base.  This is where I use the LM eye cream.  This stuff is the best.  It doesn’t settle into the creases.  and it holds onto your eyeshadow.  It makes the eyeshadow that you use stay put.  If you don’t want to spend the $ on LM or product like it, I found a Revlon version.  I also just found another brand at Target that comes in a similar tube, the brand was No. 7 makeup.  and here’s the revlon version I found.  I use a pretty basic, neutral color. 

eye cream over the whole shebang.

#3 – Pick three shades of color you will use.  Eyeshadows will usually be sold in compacts of 2, 3, or 4 colors that work together.  Here is the cheaper version of the nice makeup I used to use below.  You will use the first, lighter color as another base over your whole eyelid.  I used to use bare minerals, which replaced the Laura Mercier.  until I ran out of both and was too cheap to replace it.  I usually stop at this step for daytime wear.  If I proceed to step four for daytime, I use a less dramatic color.  and keep it more neutral.  I really like the purples and greys.  sometimes browns. 

I use the top color for step 3. I used the 2nd or 4th color for step 4. I don't know who would ever use that 3rd color. please don't. or if you do, send me a picture.

these are frightening pictures. all in the name of beauty. eyeshadow over the whole shebang, shebang. up to the brow

#4 – For a more dramatic, going out on the town kind of look – pick a darker color and lay on it thick.  You are going to use a smaller, angled brush.  You want to create a V, sideways.  with the open part of the V facing your nose, like this >  The dark color will go right on the crease of your eye and slightly in along the ridge of your eyelashes. 

I just did the bottom part of the "V" above my eyelashes - then I will bring it into the crease of my eye and blend it.

If you have monster eyelid space, like I do – you can spread the eyeshadow love a little bit more toward your brow to make a dramatic V.    

I’m really bad trying to explain with words how it works – hopefully the pictures help a little bit.  You have to put it on heavier and then spread and blend with the little brush.  The brush I’m using is really little – too little.  again, too cheap to buy the one I should be using.  it’s working just fine.  You can see above how it is darker in the crease of my eye, and it creates a sideways V shape going up towards my brow to make it more noticeable and because I have a lot of space to fill. 

#5 – I like shadows with a little shimmer to them – for the final coat, over the bottom lid and above the darker color in the crease, just under my eyebrow, I use another neutral color – in the same family, that is a little shimmery. blend it all in.  this whole process works with matte colors as well.  I just tend to use more shimmery colors. 

bare minerals. starlight. final coat, to blend in and around the darker color that makes the "V"

You can also see the eyeliner in the picture above.  I use a cover girl brown/black.  I take it almost all the way across to the corner of my eye and gradually make the line thicker as you come back out to the outer eye.  I also do the bottom lid, but that’s just preference. 

#6 – I like to highlight the brow area with a shiny white.  if that’s too much for you, you can just highlight the inner corner of your eye, by your nose.  makes them look bigger.  your eyes.  not your nose.  so I’m told. 

free sample from sephora. i like free.

That’s my eye in a nutshell.  or in some cheap makeup.  and that was such a debacle of an explanation.  I hope you made it through with your eyeballs still in your pretty little heads.  you are probably more confused now than when you started reading this silly post.  it’s not silly at all.  serious stuff this eye makeup.  I don’t know why I’m not in hollywood right now makeup-ing the stars.  their loss.     

What is your favorite brand/type of makeup, to treat yourself to?

Do you like to do makeup? I used to love to play around with eye makeup!  now I stick to the basics.

What makes you feel good?  A nice haircut?  A massage?  A funky hat?  Kicky shoes?

Cook on weekends, or takeout?   



About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

7 responses »

  1. Love answering these questions! 🙂

    Make up…Bobbi Brown.. Pretty much use all her stuff, except mascara. Cover Girl all the way there!

    Fav feel good things.. My hair cut/color every 7 weeks and a facial!

    Weekends are usually take out, eat out or leftovers!

  2. Nice! Thanks for the tutorial, I’m crap at doing make up. My Dad bought me like 5 “how to do make up” books over the course of my high school career. I don’t think I’ve read them in a while…
    ps. I always love your running style!

    When I’m treating myself I buy Stila – I love the eyeliners or Urban Decay for eyeshadow. Getting a massage makes me feel good as does getting a coffee at starbucks. I love sitting at starbucks with a latte and a magazine.

    • Thanks!! It’s just good old cover girl pencil, dark brown or something – with the little blending tip on one end. I used to buy Laura Mercier pencil, which is really nice too, if you want to spend more $ 🙂


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