Spinach Bread and thoughts on running


Workout8 mile tempo run,  gym treadmill.  ahhhh.  life is back as it should be.  I redeemed myself to myself with today’s run.  1 mile each, warmup and cooldown at 7:30min pace, 1 incline.  6 miles at 6:30min pace, flat.  54 mins total.  as soon as I hit mile 8, my green smoothies that I’ve been drinking for the past 10 days hit me.  I flew to the bathroom.  glad I made it.  wouldn’t have been pretty.  and that is absolutely information you needed to know.   

Quick recipe for the spinach bread I made for the kidlings yesterday.  That will probably be the one and only vegetable I’ll be able to get them to eat for the week.  they’ve caught on to most of my tricks for hiding vegetables.  These are the ingredients I used:

Whole wheat dough, bakery made, store bought. 

1 lb frozen spinach

1 c. shredded mozz (you can get fancy and also use some grated parm.  wasn’t feeling fancy for lunch yesterday)

1 lb. organic chicken sausage (you can use any type of sausage you want.  I’ll allow that)

Dehydrated garlic (fresh works too.  lazy kicked in and I didn’t want to chop it up)

Salt and pepper to taste    

Preheat oven to 400.  cook up sausage in frying pan.  set aside.  in the same pan, sautee/steam frozen spinach with a little bit of olive oil (don’t need much at all because there will be some grease left from sausage), garlic, salt and pepper over med low/low heat.  put sausage back, mix it up and remove from heat.   Lay dough out on pizza stone or baking sheet, rectangle shape.  spoon spinach/sausage mixture onto dough.  top with 1 cup mozz and grated parm if you choose.  roll the edges over, like stromboli.  bake in oven for 25 minutes or so.  I recommend using some kind of stoneware, lets it bake more evenly. 

There you have it.  You can really make this with whatever filling you choose.  so it can be meatless, cheeseless, whatever you want-less.  you have the freedom to choose.  beautiful thing.  easy to eat.  this was kind of a mean thing of me to make because it might be one of my husbands favorite “snacks”.  and he can’t have it.  he’s “cleansing”.  sorry dude. 

Moving on.    I started reading Mile Markers last night, by Kristen Armstrong.   I’m really enjoying it so far.  It seems to be a compilation of her blog posts, all into a book.  Even if you are not a runner, I think it would be enjoyable.  and may just make you want to start running.  or moving in some direction in a positive manner.  both would be good things to do.  I read this one part, that I really liked, that I would like for you to like as well – so I’m going to tell you what it was….she talks about why she runs, and why she loves it.  she relates it to the love of anything else, like a family and friends and then goes on to say,

If running were a person, that paragraph would be my love letter.  Running has taken me in and continues to comfort, heal and challenge me in all kinds of magical ways.  I am not a good runner because I am me; I am a good me because I am a runner.  There is nothing impersonal about anything when I relate it to running.  Running is connected to my family, my parenting, my SPIRITUAL LIFE, my fitness, my friendships, my health, my sanity, my peace.  I can clear my head and solve problems when I run, or make peace with not knowing.  I can find beauty, or at least redemption, no matter what. 

Runners are an inherently spiritual crew,  having firsthand experience that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Going physically beyond yourself helps you understand that there is something bigger and mightier than you. 

Yesterday, running and I did not jive.  And I found myself wondering why that left me in kind of a bad mood.  Like she said, “I am not a good runner because I am me.  I am a good ME because I am a runner.”  I kind of like that.  I don’t think it started out like that.  But it has evolved there for the place in my life that I am in.  It’s where I can find me, meet with God, get in touch with my inner peace, sanity, spirituality.  So when I have a day where it’s not working for me – it’s hard.  admitted.  I know I can also find peace in rest when it’s time to rest.  That is why I find it so important to make the time and find the time to do my run, and plan the resting.  Even when I am bone tired and don’t want to – I know I have to do it.  Right now, it makes me a better me.  Because it lines up all of those things about me that make me go.  I’m sure endorphins have a little something to do with it, too.  maybe. 

I have to report that we took our weekly trip to TJ Maxx to hit up some deals.  The horror, I wasn’t even in the mood to be there.  blasphemy.  but I had to get the kids socks.  I can never find matching socks, and it drives me nutty.  socks we found.  and that is all. 

because you needed to see a picture of me with socks. to get the complete visual. also because I think the vein in my forehead is starting to take over my forehead and you needed to see that too. scaring me. how did I get so lucky to get such a vein.

little kid socks are pretty cute though, kind of fun to buy.  but nothing leopard print or otherwise exciting.  maybe next week. 

Day four of the cleanse almost done.  I may have to take a break from shakes after this.  Still loving my PlantFusion protein though!  Yummy McYumsters!   

Any running bathroom horror stories?

What book are you reading right now?

What do you think about running and how/why it works for you as a person?

What are your favorite type/brand of running socks to wear?




About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. i don’t think you are a real runner until you have experienced some sort of bathroom story…seriously…you spend alot of time on your feet training (running)…it is bound to hit you at some point! LOL….I just finished Running the Edge by Adam Goucher…it is a great book, just like the one you are reading…anyone could benefit from it…trying to get the most out of yourself…and being the best you can be in ALL AREAS of your life…I would recommend it.

    I love running because it is all about ME…I do it for MYSELF and no one else…I feel it leads to more discipline in other areas of my life!…Umm..socks, adidas formotion it a good one, but asic ones l typically wear…(I don’t know the technical name-sorry)…

    • I almost didn’t make it to the porta potty in my last marathon- close call! I will have to keep that book you are reading in mind. I wear asics and adidas socks too – and can’t remember the name, but like them:-)

  2. I am sooo making ‘spinach bread’. I buy whole wheat dough (for 1.09- nothing is that cheap these days!!!) at Trader Joe’s, or the other TJ’s as I like to call it (TJ maxx being the first), all the time, and make spinach mushroom broccoli smoked salmon whatever pizza, but have yet to do anything else and was looking for some variety- and here it is! Thanks!

    Also, I loooove that quote- “I am a good ME because I am a runner”. I totally agree. Running grounds me and gives me time to think and process things, and proves to me daily (or at least whenever I run…) that I can do something difficult and that I thought I couldn’t do, and that if I can push myself in that area, then I can push myself in other areas as well, and, not possibly, but definitely, be just as successful. Its amazing, and I ❤ it, mucho. Period. Almost as much as I ❤ spinach bread. And music.

  3. So funny to hear your bathroom story! After birthing 4 children my bladder isn’t exactly waterproof so I was wondering what you do? In an hour run I have to stop and RUN to the potty at least twice. I probably should be a tough girl about it but it totally messes with my running mojo and I can’t seem to get into the zone again until the bladder is empty. I haven’t’ run a race since my 4th and I worry with this Mud Run probably taking me over an hour how I’ll ever survive…there are parts where we swim in mud/muddy water…do I dare???

    Love the pizza pockets. We do that sometimes too! We also do pizza on the grill…fabuloso in the summer time!

    I made your smoothie recipe…I (hate)LOVE raw spinach….so I figured it would be a great way to sneak it in. I used a little half a packet of whey protein for the first batch. I am NOT a smoothie person so I didn’t want to gross myself out at first. So it was VERY delish! Not too sweet or thick. I am just hoping that the recipe was for two and not one because I felt like I was going to explode after one glass. VERY filling indeed. I have some other vegan protein packet (just grabbed two at Whole Paycheck). We will see if this is something I can do on a regular basis…or at least an every other with my normal Lucky Charms breakfast of champions food!

    My TJ’s pick for the day….dark chocolate, turbinado sugar and sea salt covered almonds…so awesome you CAN just eat like 3-4 or a few more and feel like you’ve had your treat for the day! YUMMY!

    Well I can say running is like no other “sport” for me! I did some group fitness classes…very challenging and all…but most definitely NOT running. I was cranky by the end of the week and the treadmill finally got a chance to play today…until the 1 year old realized I wasn’t in the childcare room and had a nuclear meltdown…only about 3.5 miles. I know what you mean about crankiness with bad runs…I could make some connection here to bad sex and hope you are on the other end with a silly grin appreciating my metaphor!

    Asic running socks…love the support around the middle.

    The China Study for book club…I am hosting so I will be recommending Widow’s War or that book about how to stay thin that you had posted…peaked my post baby blob body interest!

    • I’m assuming by TJ you meant TJ maxx…not sure, but I bought those same almonds- dark chos with turbinado sugar and sea salt- at the OTHER TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) and loved them as well!! Just salty enough that you can have one or two…or three… and feel like you’ve had a great treat, under 100 cals! Until my jar was gone, I popped one in after lunch every day for my sweet fix. And you get those great antioxidants with dark chocolate anyway, so I felt like it was fine:)

    • You are hysterical! Many silly grins reading your comments!:-) I have the same bladder issues after 3 kids! things don’t stay in the way they used to. forget about jumping on a trampoline! I am going to have to get to TJ’s to try those almonds! they sound soooo good!

  4. Also- my funny recent bathroom story- you know I have no shame:) Went for my 5.5 mile run on Sunday night, and parked where I work because it is in a well lit area at night for running in the evening. The urge hit around mile 4. NEEDED A BATHROOM. I stopped in the fine dining restaurant I work at in my running clothes for a pit stop. Left good as new and finished the last mile and a half. 🙂 When ya gotta go you gotta go!

  5. Yay for your good run!
    My first running horror story was at mile 21 during my first ever marathon about 10 years ago. It was cold, raining, I had hit the “wall” and I had to go #2. Long story short, I *almost* did not leave the porta potty. It took some major self-talk to get me outta there and finish. My most recent “horror” story was during my pregnancy this past summer when no matter what distance I attempted, I HAD to pee every five minutes. Of course nothing ever came out. And lots of peeing in inappropriate places stories sprinkled between those two. Just unavoidable when you run outside a lot!
    As far as what running really does for me, besides my love affair with it for many years, at this point in my life, as a stay at home mom – it is definitely my escape, my reflection, my back to me. It’s the thing that is “mine” in a stage of all-out giving to others. It fills me back up :).


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