I can write good and supplements


Workout6 miles gym treadmill, and weights.  NOT FLAT!!!  (not talking about my chest.  that’s still totally flat) HOOOORAY for muah.  alternated 2, 3 & 4% incline each mile.  I really would like to know what a 2% incline hill looks like though.  because it doesn’t seem like much on the treadmill.  I cut my run 2 miles short to give myself time for weights.  I was craving a strength workout.  like I crave chocolate.  or iced coffee.  or a steal at TJ Maxx.  really, I do.  I was happy I did the strength.  two days in a row.  go me.  I stand by my theory that strength training is superbeneficial in running strength, speed and endurance.  It stresses me out a little bit when I go days without getting any weights in.  just a little.   

Glad to be back in the game today.  I was a lazy bum yesterday morning and didn’t get up to go to the gym.  which added insult to injury from the gluttony I might have partook (pretty sure this isn’t a word in the english language – sounds good to me though, I think it should be) in the night before.  sorry body.  I might have shed a tear this morning when the alarm went off.  but I pulled through and got the run in.  I knew it would be better for everybody within a 10 mile radius if I did.  It was almost easier when #3 wasn’t sleeping past 4am to get up and workout, because it forced me to get up and get going – or else I would have to hang out with crazy toddler from 4am on.  that’s worse than running at 5am.

I had some kindergarten homework.  This kindergarten stuff is no joke.  I need a personal assistant to help get my kid through kindergarten.  I, being the responsible parent, was requested to make flashcards to help our little five year old learn her “sight” words so she can read.  I say reading is overrated.  And I guess her teacher was not aware that I exercised through my pregnancy, so it’s a given that she will be a child genius and doesn’t need to do extra learning at home.   But I obliged and made the flashcards.  

here are a few I am particularly proud of. I'm available for hire. I can do wedding invites. birthday invites. I only do "kindergarten" font.

I suprised myself with how remarkably neat my penmanship is.  when my child’s literacy is on the line, I do not fail to perform. 

Ok.  moving on.  Now that you know I can spell and write at least at a kindergarten level, lets talk about supplements and vitamins that I like to take on a daily basis.  I’ve been saying I am going to do this post for awhile now.  at the risk of being all talk and no write, here’s the lineup:

1.  Omega 3’s – anything gummy and covered in sugar makes it on my list. 

2. Gummy Multivitamin – I’m a complete child and won’t take them unless they are gummy.  same with the aforementioned omega’s.  make them gummy and they’ll end up in my tummy.  couldn’t resist that one.  nerd. 

3.  Tonalin CLA – I came across these from the book, This is why you’re Fat (and how to get thin Forever) by Jackie Warner.  It’s conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil.  It promotes fat loss and muscle building.  Thought it would be a good thing to have in the lineup. 

4.  Esterified Vitamin C – also suggested from reading the book above.  If someone who has an 8 pack and her own book and fitness dvd’s recommends it, I think I’ll get it and take it. 

5. MSM – Joint health.  When I went to order this, I found that it is often paired with glucosamine chondroitin.  I don’t take that, so I bought this separately. 

I just got this one. I haven't started taking it yet. but plan on it soon. will let you know if amazing things start happening.

6.  Natural calm Magnesium –  I am a stay at home mom to three children ages 2-5.  Anything that has “calm” in the description should probably be a part of my day.  and my mom told me to take it.  I listen to my mom. 

7.  Beta Alanine – this is basically to help with muscle fatigue and lactic acid buildup in the muscles.  I read that you can build it up in your system over the course of months.  So taking it on a daily basis is a good thing, so that by the time you have a race or a long run, it is in your system.

that packaging is a little frightening to me - but the product is good. trust me.

8.  Acidopholus – no picture, probiotic.  I don’t drink milk or eat dairy regularly, this is a good one to take.  keeps the gut happy.   I don’t want an angry gut.  I don’t like that word gut.  add it to the list of words never to use again. 

9. Plantfusion.  We’ve talked about this one

I will do some of my food essentials in another post – but these are just a couple that I must have every day in order to be a normal human being

1.  Coffee.  no more needs to be said about that.  coffee actually has some great health benefits.  look ’em up.  

2.  Dark chocolate.  I’m glad I don’t care for milk chocolate.  I can use the antioxidant excuse for consuming dark chocolate for breakfast.  the darker the better. 

I didn’t go into great detail about any of these things – but there is a plethora of information on the world wide web if you use the fantastic google and search.   

I took the kiddos on a field trip to Trader Joes today.  They’ve been good this week, so I thought I would go grocery shopping and feed them.  I’m a good mom.  I go above and beyond.  I will share with you some fun things I found.  tomorrow.  I have little monkeys climbing all over me now.  and I have a date with a BF from VT tonight in Northampton.  can’t wait.  wine and dine without the chickadees. 

What are some vitamins/supplements that you like to take?

Dark chocolate or milk?

Do you have good handwriting, or barely legible?


About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. Barely legible. And I’m a teacher!! Maybe that’s why she’s asking you to help!! You cracked me up about what you said about exercising through pregnancy. I just read an article on that and promptly forwarded it to all my pregnant friends. I’m sure they appreciated it. lol

  2. HORRIBLE handwriting and I my oldest has dysgraphia so the two of us are useless in the writing department.

    We use Calm at our house too!! My kids take it and it helps with “growing pains” and headaches for them. Great fizzy stuff it is! Other than that we take Cod Liver Oil (even the baby), a multivitamin (still taking prenatal because it helps my hair grow quicker—but LOVE me some gummies too) and a good vitamin C. Might have to try the Beta-whatever it’s called. I am prone to side stitches when running…total random times??? Got any advice?

    Other items: chocolate in ANY form (preferable with carmel, coconut or peanut butter) and Coke Zero…I know, I know… stuff will kill you but it is my only vice. We don’t drink coffee so it is my little mid day pick me up drink of choice.

    • Ugh, side stitches are no fun. maybe more potassium in your diet would help! 🙂 That, and slow, steady breathing. It’s a cramp, like any other muscle. so it needs to be stretched and relaxed. Give up the coke zero!!!;-) I do have a VERY occasional diet coke – I find it’s when I’m not hydrated enough I crave the soda. If I’m hydrated, I don’t want it. Caffeine has very little effect on me, so I guess that’s not why I really drink the coffee. probably more of a psychological thing!

  3. When do you take all of your supplements? Do you line them up and take them in the am? I take Vit. D, a multi (kid’s gummy) and calcium in the form of Adora — if you haven’t tried these do so immediately. They are milk or dark chocolate treats…so good. They’re sold at Whole Foods. YUM YUM YUM. My issue is consistency. I take them whenever I think of it, which is like 2X/week. Maybe if I had a ritual. Going to add the Omega 3 and some others you mentioned. Might try the CALM for my kids. Cause I’m already Zen…hahahaha.

    Our cleanse starts on Saturday…so nervous. How did you manage working out? Was it ok? Kevin has a 20-miler in the midst of day 2. BTW, are you running Boston?

    What do you take in your coffee? Am thinking post-cleanse of going clean with my coffee (currently splenda and carnation creamer). I feel like if I’ve invested 9 days I should really clean up my act post-cleanse. Really my coffee would be the only hard sacrifice. Everything else is clean…or should be.

    • I try to get them all out in the am when I’m making breakfast – major pain! I need to get one of those pill boxes and fill it up for the week. I would say I take them 5 days a week consistently. sometimes I forget, and some you are supposed to take a few times a day. I don’t always remember to do that. If you are trying to lose weight, you should look into the Tonalin CLA. I will have to look into those adora ones. and maybe you should go for the 4th, and you won’t be so “zen” 😉
      I can’t wait to hear how the cleanse works for you! I would suggest going all out the day before you start. eat whatever you want and get it out of your system. are you doing the isagenix cleanse? Working out is going to be tough, especially 20 miles. he will be able to tough it out, but I would think he should probably take whatever he normally takes for energy/liquid during the run. whatever it is. and eat veggies during the day. I’m not sure exactly what plan you are following, but if it’s the one I did, 20 miles will be tough.
      I’m not running Boston – I’m running the Gansett Marathon, it’s the week before Boston. I ordered that DVD you suggested about Western States. looking forward to watching it with the hubs.
      I alternate my coffee with truvia or stevia and unsweetened almond milk, or just a little bit of half and half. that is the ONLY dairy I have regularly. post cleanse, we cut out dairy. I love it. I cut out coffee for the cleanse and went back to it after. same for me, my one cup of iced coffee is really the only non clean thing. apparently the coffee can increase your cortisol levels, which makes you store fat. but one cup I think is fine. I gave up diet soda too. so bad. dark chocolate stays, it’s totally clean in my book;-)
      Good Luck!!!

  4. I think I have pretty decent handwriting. I also have a kindergartener. Gotta love those “sight” words!
    I don’t take many supplements. Right now all I take is fish oil. I have multi-vitamins, glucosomine, and calcium sitting in my cabinet. I just don’t like to take a bunch of pills. My kids take the gummy multi’s every morning. I tried to get them to take the gummy fish, but no. Too fishy for them!
    Definitely dark chocolate for me. I don’t care for the taste of milk chocolate. I especially love the mint dark chocolate.

    • Those gummy omega’s hardly taste fishy at all, and my kids are even picky about those. A great kids omega is nordic naturals – they make a strawberry flavored capsule, the kind that you would think you would swallow, but you pop it open and eat it. the kids loved that one. It’s just more expensive. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything mint chocolate!!! my husband doesn’t though:-(

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