Woman vs. HILL and a birthday!


Workout7 miles.  hills.  I switched up the rest days because of the long run on Friday.  Technically today should  have been restful, but yesterday was instead.  Today the hills were calling and I answered.  I had the very bright idea to get a hill run in before church today.  I was very excited about it.  I ran 1 mile to the hill, 5 miles of uphill and downhill.  they go together.  and 1 mile run home.  My garmin was giving me attitude, probably because I left it behind the other day.  sorry garmin.  I’ll be nice to you.  if you promise not to not do your garmin thing after I start running.  much appreciated.  I can’t figure out how to just post the pictures of the different little maps on my garmin connect, so I took a pic of the screen.  so clever.  (feel free to clue me in, if anyone knows) 

6:54 avg pace. makes me really think the hill wasn't really a hill. maybe a figment of my imagination.

Ok.  There are a lot of jagged up and down lines, makes me think I conquered that hill.  but after looking at the actual “hill” on this, and the elevation, I realize that the hill that felt like a small beast running up, really might not have been the biggest hill in the world.  in fact it really was a very tiny hill according to my garmin.  but I did it 4 times.  and a hill is a hill.  kind of, but not really.  my husband would beg to differ on that one – mr. ultramarathon husband guy.  he’s done some “hills”.  today it was a hill for me.  it’s a start.  I have never really done hill training.  I’ve done hilly runs, but I like the idea of going to a hill and killing it.  on the hill.  whether it be lots of elevation gain or little bits.  Understood, I have completely overused the word HILL in this paragraph.  my apologies.  anyway – I’m going to make this a more frequent thing.  good stuff.  I think it’s one of those necessities in training and gaining speed.  it’s a no brainer.  You will get faster and stronger.   It takes work to get to where you want to be.  at the top of the hill or the finish of a marathon before 3 hours.   

I REALLY enjoy the “out of the box” running.  meaning something different/more challenging than the normal pavement pounding.  I think that’s what keeps it fun for me.  “fun” and “run”, in the same sentance – interesting concept.  It is more fun for me when it’s a challenge.  It keeps me from getting bored.  *Little hill trick I use – I read it somewhere, and I use it on the smaller hills, mostly (not like the beast I did today.  surprised I didn’t get elevation sickness from that 700 foot elevation gain) – the trick is almost like downshifting on a bike (don’t know anything about biking, and I think that’s what it’s called) when you start climbing.  except do it with your legs.  shorten your stride, A LOT.  but go faster.  with quicker leg turnover.  and lean into the hill slightly.  Sometimes I am able to naturally pick up my pace a little bit like this, without feeling like I am doing more work.   free advice for you.  because you asked. 

I refreshed myself with a shake and off to church.  the purple and green complement each other well.  casual Sunday.  I was in the nursery with the babes today.  no need to dress up for those little people.  little purple running top I snagged at TJ’s yesterday.  Sugoi brand.  I like that brand.   

Birthday Boy!!!  My BABY turned 2 today!  cliche, but time flies.  in kind of a slow way.  It feels like ages ago that he was a newborn, but suddenly we are celebrating his 2nd bday.  hard to believe. 

Moments after birth.  I definitely made sure my makeup was done before hitting up L & D to pop that little boy out.  priorities.  lots of pictures being taken. 

Little lion.  Less than a week old. 

Little precious. 

I wanted to make him a little blue truck cake.  it was a no go.  this cake was soooo good.  quick recipe:  box of chocolate cake mix, 2 eggs scrambled in a dish, 1 can of cherry pie filling, 12oz bag chocolate chips.  mix it all together, bake according to box, but undercook it just enough so it’s moist.  frost.  with a lot of frosting.  eat, with a fork, right off the big plate.   That way it doesn’t really count as really having a piece. 



blowing out candles round 2. sisters got to it first the first time.

Birthday Boy.  eating cake. 



Hiking with Daddy.

All tuckered out from a long day of being #1. 


And I am near comatose from waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much sugar in the form of chocolate cherry cake.  reel it in tomorrow.

ps – I made BLT wraps last night for din din. 

I made the creamy avocado sauce, from the pasta dish, to put in the wraps.  yum.  it can be served with many things. 

pps – we saw a pet pig on the way home from church today. 


That’s a real pig.  It had a collar on it and it was eating grass.  very strange.  dogs just seem so much more cuddly and adorable.  and normal.    

Do you like hill workouts?

Did/do you have any strange pets? we had gerbils as a kid. I don’t think that is superstrange.  maybe a little.

What is your favorite brand of workout clothes – regardless of price?

How do you keep running “fun”? 



About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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    • That’s funny you mention night runs – I have seen so many people running at night lately, and wonder if I am missing something?!? I should try it. I don’t know that I could do a true hilll workout on the tread, I’ll up the incline a bit, but a hill workout seems pretty rough!

  1. It’s hard to avoid hills where I live. I don’t love them, but love the feeling after conquering a big hill!
    I’ve never done hillwork on the treadmill. That sounds horrible!!
    We currently have a hamster named Cookie. (we had a red bellied frog a few years ago……we ended up taking it back to the pet store because it wouldn’t eat anything!)
    I really don’t have a favorite brand of running clothes. Although, my favorite top right now is Nike.
    No tricks to keep running fun other than mix up your route. I usually never get “bored”!

    • That’s funny that you say mixing up your route to keep it fun – so many people come to my neighborhod to run because it’s along the river and nice. And I go other places because I have run it so much, I’m sick of it and get bored! ironic. Definitely helps to mix up the route.

  2. Happy birthday to your baby boy!!! And your cake decorating skills rock! My “baby” just turned 2 last weekend – its really flown! I need to channel some cake decorating skills for next Sunday when Esther and I combine parties fir our 2 year olds!! There will be no pics taken of THAT cake….

  3. Hi, I know I’m just a random blog stalker, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to your baby boy! My baby boy turned two yesterday too!

    • Hi Christi!!! Thank you so much for commenting, now you technically are not a blog stalker anymore, and you can comment anytime!;-) Happy bday to your little boy!! It was a great day here, hope yours was the same:-)

  4. Happy Birthday to your baby 🙂 The cake looks yummy and fun!

    I have a Boston terrier who is adorable, but when I was a kid I wanted a pet pig. They sounded so fun but my mum said he would eat everything. Did you know they can open fridges with their snouts?? haha

    I have to run some hills soon, as soon as I find some!

    • That makes a pig pet all the more disturbing – I do not want a pig in my fridge!!;-) There are actually a lot of hill around me, but I can also avoid them. It’s tough sometimes to choose a hilly run, but worth it!

  5. Wow…you can add Cake Decorator to your list of talents…impressive! And that cake sounds too good to be true. My favorite workout clothes are definitely Lululemon…wish they weren’t so expensive. Love the colors, the fabric, the fit and the way they transition so easily from workout to grocery store to school pick-up…

    My runs this weekend included this monster hill…I walked part way up on Saturday but decided it was not going to get the best of me & ran up on Sunday. How funny — I heard that advice about stride and quick steps on hills from you and another person yesterday! FYI – you may already know this, but Kevin taught me once to pretend my legs/feet are a printing press when going down hill and you want to print as many papers as you can…quick turnover as you descend the hill. I try to visualize that and it seems to help…Especially on trails…actually now that I think of it, maybe he meant it only on trails. Not sure.

    • Lululemon would be my favorite too – I have a gift card I am waiting to use to buy something for my upcoming marathons:-) I don’t remember where I heard that about running uphills, but I like doing it. And I will have to try that running downhills, or maybe tell my husband about it for his trail runs. I would love to get out on the trails, never done it! Good for you for going back to the hill again – they are tough!

  6. SO SO SO CUTE!! Happy 2 year birthday! GREAT RUN WOMAN, those hills look like a beast and you had an incredible average pace!


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