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Run, Run, Run


Workout – stairmaster, at home, 52 minutes – 7.5 miles

I’m not actually running.  at all.  and I have no plans to run for the better part of the next two weeks until I’m feeling 100% confident that my shins are not going to snap in half.  because that could really happen.  I’m sure of it.  but I am running.  it’s one of those weeks, where I am running non stop.  go go go.  my day is broken up into two chunks of time – morning kindergarten and afternoon preschool.  everyday.  I have two little chunks of time to do “things” that need doing before I need to be at home to greet a child off the bus or pick a child up from school.  generally, child #3 takes a nap in the afternoon chunk of time, and homebound we stay.  today there were too many things to do, so the morning and afternoon chunks were filled to the brim with non-stop, non-exciting, and very uneventful action.  but action nonetheless.  no time for words today.  so I’m giving you a mostly picture post.  of the less than exhilarating “things” that we did.  all of which I will expound upon at a later date.  most likely Monday because I can already forsee the weekend being gobbled up by many other “things” in the calendar – like replacement long runs, birthday parties and a little overnight getaway with the hubs.

Here is the day in mostly pictures.  some words. 

Today was technically a rest day – but I’m not feeling like I’ve really “earned” the rest day, because I really haven’t been running this week.  and cross training is kind of like resting, and I’m feeling the need to get in as much cross training as I can in the next two weeks to make up for not running ….so I skipped the gym….but the basement stairmaster was calling my name….and so the day begins….

iphone pics 538

 living in compression socks…


iphone pics 539

Multi-tasking on the stairmaster….and here’s a little tidbit courtesy of Runner’s World that I couldn’t agree more on…because running is so mental…

iphone pics 542


breakfast all around…

iphone pics 536


trying not to procrastinate anymore on this tiny little important thing….taxes are so fun

tax pic


wearing bathing suits last week….hot chocolate this week…

iphone pics 540


iphone pics 541




iphone pics 537

then real shopping….(no, I did not make Luke skip his nap to go here.  he insisted that we go.  begged me to go.)

iphone pics 544


iphone pics 545


I think I’ve found ‘the pair’….it’s like finding the PERFECT pair of jeans….tough….

and more fun stuff….

iphone pics 543

would someone please reassure me that that vein is not going to eat me alive…just frightening….the ‘stick’ and I are very excited to work together.

snacking…sorry, almond milk, you didn’t make the picture…

iphone pics 524


and here we are.  Friday afternoon.  I have used up my allotted sit on my bum and waste time time, and best get to being a productive member of this family.  I think my HOW TO FRIDAY’S are going to be sporadic and sparse, until I start planning ahead and actually have them set up before hand.  I’ve got a few ideas, but for the most part my creative juices are all dried up.  actually, they were never really overflowing in the first place.  I’m more of a math and science kind of girl.  not sure I have a creative bone in my body.  until then, friday’s posts will probably be no different in nature than any of my other rambling but thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking, who ever let this girl ever get near blog world and how does she possibly make it through life, kind of post.  they will be that good.  I promise.

For any newer readers, here are a few older How To Fridays…





Race prep



Talk to me People!!!

What’s going on this weekend??

Tell me about upcoming races?

Tell me about how you injured your shins too, and they healed so nicely and quickly and you went on to have a massive PR in a race– that would make ME feel really good

Then I’ll tell you that you are a fantastic person and if you are just getting your feet wet in the fitness and healthy living world, running, working out, thinking about working out, or if you are a speedster already and are training hard to kick it up a notch – then you are a superstar and you are headed in the right direction.  and that will make YOU feel really good.  happy words make happy people.  be happy. 

win win for everyone. 

have a fantastic weekend. 

TRACK ATTACK and Productivity


Workout – speedy speedy speedwork!!!  Lets talk about last night’s speedwork at the track (workout #2 for the day) before we move onto today’s horribly uneventful workout. 

Dear High School Track,

I love you.  It was love at first step.  You were kind to my shins.  You let my fly through a very short, but much needed speedwork confidence booster kind of run.  I hope that we can continue this relationship.  I’ll ditch the treadmill in a heartbeat for you.  Even though you are located at my old High School, and I didn’t particularly care for high school – I’ll get over that.  For you.  Even though when I arrived there last night and was fully expecting some nice alone time and instead was greeted with 80 fifth grade lacrosse boys and their parents and their little sisters that I had to dodge, running all over every lane of the track – I’ll get over that too.  This could be a good thing.  I will see you next week.  Same time.  Same place.  Get rid of the lacrosse peeps and I’ll be really happy.

Total run – 9 miles

Warmup ended up being a little longer than anticipated – we ran from my friends house to the track – 2.3 miles, then 2.4 miles home

Speed sets :

2 x 1600’s and 2 x 800’s, jog 1 lap between each

That’s it.  It was short because we got a late start and and underestimated the run to get there.  Short, but very sweet.  The splits:

1600’s – 5:34, 5:32

800’s – 2:48, 2:48 (5:37 pace)

Recovery jog at 8:15 pace

I have no pictures to show you of the track workout.  You know what a track looks like.  You know what I look like with unwashed, unshowered from the morning’s workout, lulu loving running clothes.  and I don’t bring my phone with me when I run.  no pics.

I really had no idea what to expect for my pace.  I wanted it to be at least 6 min/mile pace, but knowing how I CAN NOT pace myself at all, I knew I would probably go faster than that.  and off I went – the first lap of the first 1600 was just fun.  and they continued to be fun all the way through.  I probably could have done one more 1600 and 800 under 5:45, then it would have started to get tough.  With each set, I didn’t feel like I was pushing it to exhaustion.  Finishing each set, I had some pickup left at the end, which made me feel good.  I REALLY needed this workout.  As supershort as it was, I needed a little confidence boost that I had some speed going.  I was on cloud 9.  it was a good one.  it was my longest run since last Thursday.  to make a good night even better, I opened this piece of mail when I got home….good things do come to those who get 2nd place!!!

iphone pics 527

max restaurant group has a bunch of fancy shmancy delicious restaurants in the area.  good stuff.


and then I was brought back down to earth this morning by the ever loving gym treadmill – despite the fact that I even took an ice bath last night in hopes for a good tempo run this morning.  my plan didn’t work.  ice bath in vain. 

iphone pics 528

oh good God.  that is painful.  I didn’t even put a ton of ice in there.  I thought my feet were going to fall off within seconds of getting in.  after about 2 minutes, I settled in and it was fine.  I brought a little snack with me.

iphone pics 529

chocolate makes everything bearable.  and this picture is deceiving.  my toes were a pretty shade of purple.

still confident that a tempo run was in the cards for today – I hopped on the treadmill at 5:30 am.  and hopped right off after .5 miles.  not happening.  the bad news – I’m sure you can figure that one out.  shins are barking.  the good news is that they aren’t barking louder than they were when this whole fiasco started.  I’m going to call that good news.  so the elliptical and I hung out for about 6 miles and then I got on the stairmaster for 2, or so it tells me.  I think it’s all lies.  those things are never accurate. 

and soooooo begins the taper.  I’m now confident that I will be doing little to no running for the next two weeks if I want to have any chance of running 26.2 miles on April 14th.  pity party commences now…..…..and now I’m done.  Moving on.  the elliptical and I are going to get chummy.  Next week my mileage is only supposed to be in the high 20’s.  Yes, I’ve only done one 20 mile run this whole training period.  I’m trying not to think about that.  I will do another replacement long run workout on Saturday and call it good enough.  I still have high hopes that my shins will be fine in two weeks if I stay off of them.  I’m not going to run at all until next Wednesday when my track and I will meet again.  for a tempo or a speedwork. 

nuff shin talk.  lets talk about fun stuff like housecleaning and child labor.

yesterday was a waste of a day.  100%.  meaning that I was very eager to make today productive.  the whole house was going to be cleaned from top to bottom, sheets changed, kids clothes cleaned out and all switched over, everything organized and put in place, 8 loads of laundry done, freshly baked homemade goodies and treats for everyone…not a chance. in a million years.  this is where I usually get overwhelmed and back out on doing anything because I feel like I want to accomplish everything.  when that happens – I literally take a step back and mentally let go of 75% of that list.  and go with the remaing 25%, hoping to get some of that done.  then I grab a big huge garbage back and start getting rid of any toy that looks at me wrong.  that’s always a fun place to start.

iphone pics 535

off to goodwill.  you will be happier there.

no worries – it is just toys in that bag.  my shin/no more running anxiety hasn’t gotten to dangerous levels yet.  I promise.  I do this probably once a month.  you would think we would have no worldly possessions left.  you would be wrong.  because next month, I could probably fill the same size bag with silliness that never gets touched.  get it out of my house.

Whilst I am hustling and bustling around the house, my little pink peanut requests “Jillian” – she’s ready to go with the workout clothes on.  I put her to work doing the strength session while I am cleaning the house.  Someone’s gotta get toned and buff.  might as well be the 4 year old.  and the two year old testing out the sneaks.

iphone pics 533


She really actually loves this DVD.  and she really actually does a pretty good job doing the moves.

I really actually was a little bit jealous that I was on a role cleaning and not doing the Jillian ripped in 30 week 3 that I love and adore.

I am being really good about icing and rolling.  REALLY good.  this is my life for the next two weeks while crazy toddler takes a nap and crazy 4 year old is at school and crazy 5 year old plays.  it’s actually kind of nice because it forces me to lay on the couch and do nothing.  but compress and ice.  then roll.  that’s a pretty foreign concept to me.  all in the name of the shin. 

iphone pics 532

then I boogie my little hiney into the TV room and roll roll roll. 

iphone pics 534

not sure it’s quite big enough.  I think 3 people can roll on that at the same time.  I wasn’t really thinking when I bought it that I could have bought a shorter, more portable roller.  think BIG.

Productive day underway.  Laundry in progress.  bathrooms cleaned.  toys purged.  icing underway.  rolling was a success.  repeat. 

Coming up….my taste testers and I have tried out the Picky Bars and will let you know what we think….and Chicken chili was a success, with my own mods of course and I will be sharing that recipe with you.  You can count on the fact that I will continue to talk, complain, and bore you to death with shin splint updates and cross training shenanigans.  I will try to balance it out with some interesting informational topics for you as well.  I’m also going to try to break my planking record.  stay tuned.


Do you use a foam roller? or one of those little stick things? 

Have you ever taken an ice bath?

Do you get rid of large amounts of things/toys at a time?

I’m OK



Thank the good Lord for cross-training, otherwise I don’t know what the heck I would be doing. 

Tuesday – elliptical, 1 hour – 8 miles.  stairmaster, 15 minutes – 2 miles = 10 miles total, of an activity that is nothing like running

Wednesday a.m. – Stepmill, 35 minutes – 5 miles.  elliptical, 16 minutes – 2 miles = 7 miles total, of still not running


I bet you can’t guess what activities I did last night…one that starts with ice and ends with ing and another that starts with foam and ends with rolling.

I’m getting really good at actually taking care of my body and the stress that I put on it.  this week anyway.  I 100% believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and there is usually a lesson to be learned in the stuff of life.  From the BIGGEST life events to the tiniest little life events that really have no impact on anything important or life changing.  But things that are important nonetheless in my day to day and the goals and dreams I have for myself.  so when things don’t go according to my plan – I’m OK with it.  because I have a strong faith in God, and that there is a bigger plan than my small plan – I do what I can and learn from what life actually throws at me.  big, or little.

I have a marathon in 2 and a half weeks.  I have run 5 miles this week.  this week, that is supposed to be a 50 mile week. 

I’m OK with that.  because I’m forever learning to go with the flow and not everything works out as planned and cross training is a God-send and you still have to work hard to reach your goals, even if your body doesn’t really want to cooperate.  and excuses don’t get me (or you) anywhere.

My shins hurt. 

I’m OK with that.  because I really need to learn that I have to actually take care of this body that runs more than it has.  ever.  and my legs need to be stretched, and rolled and iced.  all the time.  if I’m going to run like this.  it’s only fair.  if they didn’t hurt, you can bet I wouldn’t be icing.  or rolling.  or stretching.  and that big knot in my calf would just be getting bigger.  and I would never learn.  to take care of things before they hurt.

My oven lit up in in a little firework display last night, smoking and flashing like the 4th of july.  then promptly shut down and locked it’s door with my delicious Spinach bread inside.  I knew I should have taken the week off from cooking.  good thing I have two nights of soup planned.

I’m OK with that.  because it’s not the end of the world.  no one was hurt.  and our home is still standing.  and it was hysterical to watch my 5 year old scream, everybody out!!! get out of the house now!!! as she bolted for the door.  and then continued to put a smile on my face when we settled on getting Thai food and she kept asking for more sea creatures to eat.  why call is shrimp and calamari?  sea creatures makes it sound so much more appetizing.

I’ve gained 10 pounds in the last 4 months. and my jeans don’t fit like I want them to.  (and that’s a bummer because some of them are pretty darn nice) 

I’m OK with that.  because I eat healthy and pay attention to what I put in my body more than ever before.  I got rid of the scale because it’s not about the number on the scale.  it’s about how you feel about yourself. and I feel strong.  and capable.  and healthy. 

Much of my days lately are full of chaos and 2 year old time-outs and going 90 miles an hour trying to fit into a 24 hour day what really needs a 36 hour day and rarely doing much of what I want to accomplish, besides the fun stuff necessities like cooking and folding laundry.  and running (or cross training this week)

I’m OK with that.  because it’s my life.  at this moment.  with 3 little beauties that look up to me.  and because that is life with 3 little kids – crazy, and nonstop and changing and exhausting.  all the time.  and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.   

 I sometimes need to eat dark chocolate for breakfast.  need.

I’m OK with that.  antioxidants people.  you need them all day long.

I have this superbly annoying underactive Thyroid problem – that I let get to me more than it should.

I’m OK with that.  because I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and eating clean, whole foods, cutting out the processed stuff and keeping it colorful.  and my family has benefited from that.

I have this frizzy, dry hair that looks like I stuck my finger in a socket.  and I have no problem leaving the house looking like that.  I should wear a sign that says ‘I have three small children. running is a priority.  showering is an optional luxury.  that explains my look.’

iphone pics 526


it actually doesn’t look THAT bad, but in person that’s 3 days unwashed dry as a bail of hay you might lose your hand in it if you get too close hairoh, and the forehead vein.  I’m OK with all that.  all character building.  perfect is overrated.

It’s March 28th and I haven’t finished my taxes yet. 

I’ll be OK with that.  tonight, after I finish them.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I printed a picture out of my children.  It quite possibly may have been from when Luke was 6 months old.  he turned 2 in February.  does that make me a bad mom?  I don’t think so. at least I have about 80,000 pictures of them.  

I’m OK with that, too.  because they are on the computer.  and they are backed up.  and it’s on the neverending  list of things to do.  it will get done.  eventually.

Life is good.  Really.  With the little inconveniences, like shin splints and disorganization and non-napping, screaming, tantruming 2 year olds that have the ability to melt your heart and a to do list that gets crossed off at the top and longer at the bottom.  I’m really OK with all of that.  I love it.  all of it.  There are great things in everything.  or even just “OK” things in everything. 

Shin update – feeling great.  I would say 85% there.  I’ve taken the past two days off from running.  I ran a light 5 miles on Sunday and didn’t run for 2 days prior to that.  I’m craving me some running.  What better way to satisfy than speedwork.  I am beyond excited for my first TRACK speedwork session tonight.  I love speedwork.  You wouldn’t know that, because I’ve never said how much I love speedwork before.  I always do it on the treadmill.  switching it up to run some fast laps with my long lost running buddy.  So this will kind of be a double workout day, if you count the non-running I did this morning.  before I bust out the speedy moves, I am going to ice and roll.  precautionary measures.  I’m also wearing my clunky mizuno waverider 15’s for EXTRA protection.  safety first.  you can never be too careful.  

Now I have to go pick out my speedwork outfit and make sure my hair looks good.  speedy runs are a special occasion.  and maybe I should put some thought into how the heck to do speedwork on a track. 

If all goes well – I’m hoping to do a good treadmill tempo run tomorrow.  rest on friday.  LAST long run on Saturday. oh boy.  ambitious. 


What is your favorite cross-training activity to do?

Track or treadmill for speedwork?

Do you develop pictures regularly or hoard them on your computer or other electronic device?


Happy Wednesday!

Monday Rundown


Workout – nada.  my girls say that’s an abbreviation for nothing.  much like “agua” is an abbreviation for water.  hmmmm.  glorious rest day.  I enjoy my rest days more and more as I understand the whole training for a race thing.  rest days are in fact still training days, if you think about it.  your body does muscle building work on rest days.  they are very necessary.  enjoy the rest.  this rest day might have included a little bit of strength training.  in my home gym.  which is wherever the kids are.  it may have also included a planking session.  my madre (an abbreviation for “mom”) and I have a friendly plank competition going.  I did 4 minutes the other day.  she did 5.  I let her live in her planking victory for a few days.  today I did 5 minutes and 10 seconds.  I win.

iphone pics 518

a few hours later, I did 6 minutes and 10 seconds.  just to ensure the victory was mine for awhile.  and because my husband was sitting there telling me not to stop at 5 minutes like I planned.  this is very normal behavior.  don’t be concerned.  so, this was very interesting.  holding a plank for over 5 minutes when every ounce of my being wanted to drop to the floor was VERY much like the feeling at the end of a marathon.  when everything hurts and I’m not sure I can pick up the pace and pull the strength out of somewhere to get to the finish to hit a goal time.  but the strength IS there.  It always is.  You’ve got to dig deep and find it.  So I held out another minute on the plank.  sorry mom.  you’ve got some work to do. 

little factoid – as of last September, the world record for holding plank position was 37 minutes.  she was 71 years old.  you can read about it HERE.

I have approximately 7 minutes to crank out this post – I’ve got icing and rolling on the brain.  all I’ve been able to think about all day is getting ice on my shins and rolling out my calves and my IT band and everything else that wants to be rolled.  but I thoroughly enjoy having a one sided conversation with all of you lovelies out there, and sharing in the shenanigans of my day.  and I really appreciate all of the thoughtful comments in response to my one sided conversations making me feel better about my shin splints and the slight amount of stress it is causing me, in the few weeks before my marathon.  It warms the cockles of my heart.  truly.  the cockles.  another word to be added to the list of words never to be spoken again.  right next to fartlek.  and colon.  done. 

I unleashed my frustration yesterday about how horrible I have been at planning out the week – specifically meals – more specifically dinners.  breakfasts and lunches are fairly easy.  dinners cause me angst.  sometimes.  I just want to have a little temper tantrum and refuse to plan anymore and refuse to cook anymore and refuse to think anymore.  but, today, instead of joining my 2 year old in one of the 5,687 tantrums he has daily – I chose to make a list and figure out some meals.  I think I did it.  I successfully made a little list, went grocery shopping today and got more than the 3 items needed to cover today’s meal.  that’s a mini success.  here’s what it looks like: (I will post recipes only if they turn out ok)

1. Salmon Burgers – staple in my home

2. Chicken chili – with or without the chicken, haven’t decided yet

3. Spinach bread – some sort of side salad or bean dish

4. Mushroom soup with poached eggs – so fancy

5. I lost my grocery list with dinners on it, and I’m sure I had another one.  I’ll remember at the end of the week with whatever is left in the fridge. 

here’s to a week with hopefully less than 8 trips to the store.

and I will share with you a new little snack I came up with….always looking for snacks…because it’s the meals in between the meals that really matter.

One of my favorite things is soggy cereal.  I don’t like cereal that stays crunchy the whole time.  I love cereal that can sit in (almond)milk, soak it up and get nice and soppy.  sounds delicious, doesn’t it.  things like raisin bran and shredded wheat are super conducive to soggy cereal snacks.

I found these two little gems at the store – as we all know I love things packed with protein and fiber, and lacking a crazy amount of added sugar. 

iphone pics 519

I figured they might do well as a bowl of soggy cereal.  but could also be great for non soggy cereal lovers alike.  I apologize if that bowl of soggy goodness makes you want to vomit.  but It is a protein packed fiber lovin’ snack – here’s what went into it:

1/4 c. Ezekiel 4:9 cereal (there are lentils in that cereal!)

1/3 c. smart bran cereal

2/3 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 scoop chocolate plantfusion protein powder

a little dribble of almond extract

mix it all up and stick it in the fridge until it soggifies.  true word.  or gobble it up right away for a crunchy cereal snack.  I can’t give you the exact stats because I didn’t write them down – but rest assured, there is a decent amount of protein and fiber in that bowl.  You could get real crazy and add in some nut butter.  I dare you.

my 7 minutes of blogging are up.  the ice is waiting.  the foam roller is calling.  gonna be a fun night. 



Soggy cereal lover, or keep it crunchy?

Almond Milk or regular milk?

Peanut butter or almond butter?

Do you do the cooking or does the significant other? mother? friend? sister? brother?


I’m not sure about you, Mr. McMillan


Workout(s) – yesterday – the replacement long run/2 hour and 15 minute cardio hop at the gym.  in hindsight, this was probably completely ridiculous, crazy and unnecessary in the actual useful training aspect of a marathon- but mentally, it had to be done.  I chose not to do the long run because of some sassy shin stuff going on.  genius Katie decided that my “long run” was going to be the cross-training equivalent.  I say it had to be done for mental reasons, because it was supposed to be one of my last long runs and I need to go into the marathon knowing that I at least put my best effort forward.  The craziness that was yesterday’s workout was : 30 min elliptical(3.75 miles), 50 min stepmill, moving stairs, hell on a revolving staircase…(6miles), 30 min elliptical(3.75 miles, shoot me now), 25 min stepmill(3 miles, if I didn’t get off then, I was going to throw myself off the second level stepmill onto the moving treadmills below) 17 miles equivalent but nothing like running, so it doesn’t really matter anyway and it’s not even close to the 22 I was supposed to do, but let me be happy about it because I did the right thing by not running and protecting my shins from further destruction.  done.

Today – don’t get mad at me.  I ran.  I hadn’t run since Thursday and my legs felt 100%.  but that’s not why I decided to run.  I’m trying not to be the idiot that’s all oh, I didn’t run for like a day and now I feel fabulous and all healed and I’ll go run 18 miles in my old shoes again.  no.  I’m trying to be realistic and smart and I don’t think today’s run was 100% stupid.  I have read and consulted very wise resources (google and webmd do count) that said easy running on softer surfaces with minor shin splints can be helpful.  I’m not going to go into anymore detail, nor am I giving you my sources.  I gave myself a limit of 5 miles total, with 1/2 mile each of warmup and cooldown.  I may have started to get anxious that I have not gotten in enough tempo runs, and I think I have ZERO runs at my marathon goal pace, or MGP for you fancy schmancy acronym people. I was also itching to try out the other pair of racing flats I ordered…

iphone pics 485

those pretty saucony’s type A5. front and center. they have been calling my name for days.  heaven on my feet, they fit like a glove.  in love.  I thoroughly enjoyed the musha experience, but this is going to be a tough one.  they are very different shoes, very different fit.  I might still be a saucony girl at heart.  I think they might trump the kinvara for 5k’s, half marathons.  because I only did 5 miles in them today, I’m not positive on marathon distance, for me.  I am considering it….I haven’t made a final decision yet, but heavily leaning toward the saucony type A5 for the racing flat over the other two there…stay tuned….I did keep the mizuno waverider 15’s for my daily trainer, long run shoe. 

So I may have done those 4 miles at 6:48 pace, few seconds faster than MGP.  and I might have felt wonderful, and giddy and like a little child let loose in a field of daisies – if little children in a field of daisies experience pure bliss and enjoyment.  but I stopped myself in the middle of my sun shiny fantastic run, at my pre-prescribed time of 4 miles.  I might have been hurting a little bit.  and now I will take another couple days off.  I promptly slapped some ice on those poor overworked, under cared for shins. 

iphone pics 513

I might have some skin falling off due to frostbite, but my shins will be feeling great .  blurry children are a common occurrence in our household.

then I wrapped them with some love and they are feeling mighty fine.

iphone pics 514  

compression calf sleeves.  don’t leave home without them.  they are my new bff’s.  they don’t leave my sight.  or my legs.  these are cep brand.  love them.  

Rolling and more icing on the agenda for tonight.  I’m going to keep pumping them full of TLC and take a couple more days off from running.  I finally have a speedwork partner to do track work with, starting this Wednesday, that I am SUPER excited about.  So I want to make sure my legs are ready to go by then.

and there goes the weekend….it’s 8pm and I do believe this might be one of the first moments I have had to stop moving.  in my home.  this is why blog posts generally do not happen on the weekends.  I also do believe I have some new readers taking a gander at my little blogger over here, so hello to you lovely people and thank you for stopping by.  where you will find all sorts of nonsense about the craziness that is being a stay at home mom to three children ages 2-5, running like a madwoman to keep my sanity and so that everyone in this house survives, and trying my hardest the keep the kidlings and the hubs living a healthy, happy, fun-filled life along the way.  don’t be alarmed when you see things like this…

iphone pics 509

when timeouts stopped working, we discovered hanging them from the gutter was a far more effective form of punishment.  I’m kidding.  believe it or not, they love this.  they ask, “will you puhleeeeeeeeeeese let us hang from the gutter!?!?!”  ok.  fine.  one more time.  I’m telling you, they are not human, these children that I gave birth to.  they have no fear.  and they are very strong.  don’t mess.  especially with that little one on the end.

that’s just some of the fun and crazy times that go down in the edwards’ household.  all in a weekend.  let’s list out the rest of the weekend and the thoughts for the upcoming week…

  1. I totally forgot I ordered these little treats, and when they came I was so pleasantly surprised…I’ve been wanting to try them for months, and finally bit the bullet…

iphone pics 511

and then was a tad disappointed when I realized how small they were….

iphone pics 512

fits right in the palm of my hand.  what? they don’t come supersized like everything else in this country??  oh, you don’t need a MASSIVE amount of food to supply the nutrition that you actually need??  got it.  good stuff.  I like the cute little packaging.  these will be stored away for a rainy day/special treat snack.

2.  I got to go out to dinner last night with the hubs and some good neighbor/friends.  this is exciting on so many levels – it gives me an excuse to finally get out of my sweaty gym clothes and shower, and put on REAL clothes…

iphone pics 510

I don’t have to cook, think about cooking, decide what to cook, clean up a big mess from cooking.  wonderful. 

and I get to enjoy a cocktail.  or two.  not three.  that would be ridiculous.  for me.  two is pushing it.  for one short evening out.

3.  I consulted with Mr. McMillan.  I’m not so sure about this dude.  this activity would fall under pre-race anxiety/dealing with a minor “injury” and doubting my training activities.  I punched in my recent numbers, which would be my last 5K and then my last half marathon.  according to him, I’m at least 3 minutes off from reaching my eager beaver super ambitious 2:59:59 marathon time.  I am sure he is a wonderful gentleman, and I’m sure he is very knowledgeable in all things running, and with all due respect, I hope he is wrong about my projection.  I’ve been visioning myself running through the finish with seconds to spare just under 3 hours.  then I start crying because I got my sub 3 hour marathon.  so I guess if I don’t actually get it with this next race, I’ve at least done it in my head during my training runs and speedwork.  no I’m not crazy.  I think visioning yourself achieving your goals is a really important part of making them happen.  it solidifies something in your mind that makes you believe you CAN do it.  whether or not it happens, is another story.  but it gives you the extra push that you need when you need it.  it takes practice, just like the physical training and running.  but I don’t think the vision of me achieving my goal is going to cut it.  I will keep going until I get it.  so bring it on McMillan.  You say I’m off by 3 minutes.  I say you may be right, but you may be wrong.  I’m going to work hard to get rid of those 3 minutes.

4.  I have completely fallen off of my training plan – and decided to take a look at what the next 3 weeks actually look like…

iphone pics 515

I would love to get that 20 miles in on Saturday.  fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed that I am feeling fine to run it.  not so sure about all of the other runs this week.  I see a lot of cross training/strength training in my future.  my basic running goals from here on out are just to get in 2-3 more speed/tempo runs and at least one decent long-ish run.  that is all.  anything above that is icing on the cake.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.  

5.  Every Sunday, I have high hopes of planning out the meals for the week, organizing my life and getting my act together.  none of that happened today.   tomorrow. maybe.  I would love to only go to the grocery store once.  I would even be ok with twice.  but this 5 times a week nonsense has got to stop.  going to the store at 4pm with all three kids, getting stuff for dinner that night is really just poor planning.  I’m going to get back in the groove of planning.  everything.  Maybe I should start by visioning myself going to the store once a week and successfully planning out the weekly meals and daily schedules.  then I will cry when that actually happens. 

6.  In my defense of poor planning, I feel like I have entered a new and changing stage with my kids.  one that has left me in between the old and the what is to come, trying to figure out how to make things work now, because kids and their needs are always changing.  as a stay at home mom, to 3 children, that are very close in age, very different in personality, and always growing and changing behaviors and developmental stages, I find that the way our day goes and the schedules we keep and the flow of daily life changes a lot.  The toddler years are tough, and they require a lot of flexibility because toddlers (especially little boy ones name Luke) require a lot of attention.  that means a lot of best laid plans just don’t happen – like making plans in the first place.  and a lot of energy is willingly and lovingly spent on these delightful little beings.  which means sometimes at the end of the day when a lot of stuff still has to get done – it just can’t get done.  the energy is not there to do it.  or to even think about it.  and that’s ok.  so we go through these different stages all the time and keep adjusting.  and keep figuring it out.  all the while remembering that if it takes me 5 trips to the grocery store a week to get done what could take 1 trip, but I have given my little loves my time and energy in between – it’s all good.  and where someone else may have it all together at one given moment, it doesn’t mean that I have to.  eventually, I’ll have a moment in time when my life is organized.  a work in progress.  and I will practice visualizing it until it gets there 🙂


Now, I know a lot of you out there had races this weekend, and I’m dying to know how they went!!!! 

Leave a comment and brag about your race day!  good or bad:-)

Who has tried Picky Bars?

For those marathoners out there, what is your marathon shoe of choice?



Shins and Hot Lava


Workout – none.  it’s sad.  not because it’s a rest day, because today is a “planned” rest day from running.  but because I have decided that I need to take a few more rest days to let my shins perk up.  I’m not really happy about that.  all shininagans.  but it’s the smart, wise, mature, intelligent runner thing to do – things of which I am none of, but I’m going to pretend to be and do the smart thing.  no running. 

It hurts as soon as I start to run, and then goes away very shortly after.  but pain like that is NOT EVER a GOOD thing, and needs to be paid attention to.  it could definitely turn out not to be a bad thing, but it also could turn out to be a very bad thing.  I’ve decided that I do not want to take that risk 3 weeks out from a marathon. 

It is not going to kill me to give my body a little more tlc and little less miles than I have been giving it.   

I’m going to take care of it.  rest it.  ice it.  compress it.  and stretch the heck out of everything around it.  I was so enjoying my ice break yesterday, I almost forgot to pick my daughter up from school.

I consulted with none other than Runner’s World on matters pertaining to resting, icing, and compressing.  Here’s what they say…

I askWhy is resting and icing important during training/running?

They say…(read whole article HERE)

Years of research disprove the notion that a day off wrecks fitness; in fact, the opposite is true. Little detraining—the loss of fitness and performance that occurs when you stop working out—happens until you take off more than two weeks. When it follows difficult bouts of work, rest lets your body adapt to the work and improve. A day off every seven to 14 days restocks glycogen stores, builds strength, and reduces fatigue.


and the difference between rest days and easy base building days must be noted…


Less Is More
Rest days and easy days reward runners with different benefits

How It Helps:
Prevents overuse injuries
Restores glycogen stores
Prevents mental burnout
How Often: Once a week
How Easy: Off completely or 20 to 30 minutes (or 2 to 4 easy miles) below 60% of max heart rate

How It Helps:
Builds base
Improves endurance
Increases blood volume
How Often: 80 to 85% of total weekly mileage
How Easy: 70 to 75% of max heart rate or conversational pace at comfortable to moderate effort


In another Runner’s World ARTICLE, they say this…

…most runners don’t have a problem pushing themselves. But when you’re focused on building endurance and speed, it’s easy to forget how important rest is. “It’s when you’re not running that the muscle rebuilds itself and becomes stronger,” says Bryan Heiderscheit, Ph.D., P.T., who heads the University of Wisconsin Medical School’s Runner’s Clinic. “If recovery is insufficient, you’ll break down more than you build up.” Recovery is vital whether you want to run the race of your life or just get to the starting line.

If you stop seeing positive gains or your legs feel sluggish or especially sore, you’re overdoing it. “Don’t wait for aches or pains to take a recovery day,” Heiderscheit says. “That’s a sign of overtraining.” Take at least one rest day per week and additional days as needed.

They also had this to say about ICING (not the sweet kind you get to lick off a spoon from the jar.  I know I’m not the only one who does that)

If you want to run like an elite runner, start acting like one. “When we aren’t running, we’re doing everything we can to recover,” says Bob Kennedy, a two-time Olympian, who is a devotee of postworkout ice baths and weekly sports massages. A recent Canadian study put Kennedy’s methods to the test. Subjects performed sprint intervals on a stationary bike followed by a cold-water soak, a massage, or complete rest. When they repeated the interval workout 24 hours later, the people who only rested showed a decline in performance compared to those who had the cold-water soak or massage. Ice baths and sports massages improve circulation and flush out waste products, reducing inflammation and soreness.


And according to The Runners Guide (dot) com,

Joint health is one of the most important reasons why runners need to schedule regular rest days into their training regimen. These rest days are critical because running is a sport which results in a great deal of impact on the joints. The repetitive nature of running results in pounding on the joints of the ankles, knees and hips with each and every stride. Allowing a few rest days during the week will give these joints the much needed rest they need to heal from the repetitive pounding. Without this rest the joints may regularly be sore or inflamed.

A reader kindly linked me to a blog post she did that is VERY informational about shin splints, what causes them and how you might take care of them, including resting, icing and compressing.  Check it out, HERE!


looks like I’m going to be resting.  from running.  I’ll do cross-training and strength training to fill the time that I would be running.  think elliptical, stairmaster, stationary bike.  those kind of fun things.  i’d rather be running.  it’s ok.  my husband says you could go run a 3 hour marathon tomorrow.  you are ready.  hmmmm.  i love how confident he is in my running abilities.  someone has to be.  i’m getting there.  I still show up to races, like the 5k, looking at people looking at me, just knowing they are thinking, why is SHE starting at the very front of the race?  but you know, I’m pretty sure they aren’t really thinking that.  I’m pretty sure they don’t care whether or not I’m there.  I think I project that on them, because that is still what I think about me.  there is entirely too much thinking going on.  I have just as much right to be up front as the 75 year old woman next to me who thinks she should be at the front line. or the 7 year old boy who is nudging me out.  because it’s not about starting at the front, it’s about how you view yourself and your abilities.  if the 75 year old woman run/walking a 5k views herself as a “front runner”, so should I.  it’s about attitude.  and mindset.  and confidence.  I’m not 100% there yet with my running.  so I do silly things like not rest enough when my body just wants to rest.  and run when my shins hurt.  every day I learn.  every run and every race builds some confidence and gives me some insight.  that’s what I love about running.  

Ok.  now that I have thoroughly bored you by talking whining about my aching legs for the 5th day in a row, lets quickly talk about some random Friday things.

1.  She is in training for her first marathon…in 2026

iphone pics 505

2.  This is how almost every morning has started this week….

iphone pics 504

chasing my boy all over the yard at 7am.  he’s fast too.  he doesn’t understand that mommy is trying not to run for a few days.  yes, he’s still in his pajamas.  and all he wants to do is play outside 24/7.

3.  I met with a naturopath for the first time today.  I think I liked it.  He is also a medical doctor, which was a requirement of mine in finding a naturopath.  I will expound upon this at a later date.

4.  I held the plank position for 4 minutes last night during my icing, stretching, rolling exercises.  I just had a sudden urge to plank, and then hold it for a long time.  I was dripping sweat from head to toe.  My record is 5 minutes.  i’ll break that soon.  my mom and I compete for who can hold it the longest.  she’s 52.  she held it for 5 minutes too.  she’s crazy.  like me.

5.  I’m not doing my long run tomorrow, which you know already if you’ve been paying attention to the rambling that went on above.  It would/should be my last long run.  so that’s a big bummer.  I am going to do a long gym workout.  hopping and bopping from cardio machine to cardio machine.


6.  Seeing this brought me back to my childhood…


but sometimes the lava was sharks.  sometimes it was sea monsters.  can I be 5 again?


Happy Friday Friends!!!

What’s going on this weekend?? I think I get to go out to dinner tomorrow night at my fave local restaurant.  exciting.

Who is doing a long run?  Explain in detail so I can live vicariously through you.

Who has a race? C’mon! I know some of you are racing this weekend!?



watch out for the hot lava.  it will sneak up on you out of nowhere.





Food Love


Workout – speedwork. this continues to be one of my favorite workouts. I look forward to its arrival every week. it holds a special place in my heart. it gives me butterflies thinking about it. and makes me nervous before I do it. everytime. like I will fail to perform. and I remind myself that there is no failure to perform when you are running and setting goals and making them happen. the second I put those running sneaks on and hit the road or the treadmill, I have succeeded. the rest is up to my legs and my arms and my body and my lungs to see how far they can take me that day. I have all the tools. you have all the tools. I just need to use them. and I need to push them to work hard. they won’t just do it on their own. I used them today. here’s how the speed went…on the treadmill.

1 mile warmup @ 7:45

5 repeats of:

.5 mile @ 6:00 pace, 2 min jog, .25 mile @ 5:49 pace, 2 min jog, .25 mile @ 5:49, 2 min jog

.25 mile cool @ 8 min pace (all I had time for)

10 miles total

I tested out the Mizuno Musha for this run.

iphone pics 503

rockin’ some lulu, speedskirt(love it) and musha’s(did me good)

I’m deciding between these for a racing flat…

iphone pics 485

Saucony A5, Mizuno Musha, Mizuno Ronin

I’ve kind of ruled out the Ronin, just because I think the Musha looks supercool. it’s very important to pick running shoes based on look. I promise you won’t get injured and you will have fantastic runs. 😉 I will give the ronin a try on the treadmill. I might be surprised. I still need to try those Saucony type A5, and see what I think. then I will decide for sure.

This was a good run. I probably could have done 2 more repeats, but I didn’t have time and ten miles works for me. I’m REALLY trying to pay close attention to what is going on with my legs right now. I’m starting to have just a tad bit of pain in my right shin that I don’t want to blow up into something big. I’m figuring it out and considering taking a few days off from running completely and just doing crosstraining. Tomorrow is a rest day. Saturday is up in the air for a long run. It might be long run more along the lines of a stepmill/elliptical/stairmaster/repeat type long run. you say that’s not a long run, I say don’t put the long run in a box. let it be what it wants to be. if that’s a stairmaster this week, so it shall be. it will be something long. 22 days left and counting. I’m also being a good runner and icing.

iphone pics 502

and reading about why our American diet is so messed up and why we need so much help figuring out how to do such a basic thing as eat. I haven’t gotten very far, but I’m liking it.

So speaking of food – I would love to share with you some of the foods I am liking on a daily basis. In general, but also as a marathon approaches, I really like to make an effort to eat clean, healthy, very low sugar and unprocessed foods. Making sure to include things like healthy, natural fats, protein, fiber and whole grains. I like simple, basic, no fuss stuff that I can throw down the hatch.

Take a look…


This is usually my breakfast. one egg. some eggwhites. sometimes some flax. which you’ll find further on down the list. happy morning.

I just came across this article in RW about why eggs are so amazing for runners. Read it HERE.

Red Peppers, Avocados, Green Onions

iphone pics 490

(the following pics of food information are from my new cookbookPower Foods, from

Health Benefits…

iphone pics 496

and they have more potassium than a banana. move over banana. hand me an avocado.

Green onions are my new favorite lunch time accessory.

Bell peppers. so sweet. so crispy. something I’ve noticed – if you get rid of most of the processed sugar in your diet, things like bell peppers and other veggies almost taste THAT much better. the flavors explode in your mouth. maybe that’s just me. like the 4th of July in your mouth. I enjoy it. red are my favorite. even more so when I can enjoy them in season for only $1.99 a lb, instead of $3.99 a lb.

iphone pics 498

Apples and Cashews

iphone pics 492

perfect snack. healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Plantfusion Protein Powder

My go to protein powder as of late. shake it up with some almond milk and flaxseed. protein packed deliciousness.


Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Dairy free, lots of calcium. good stuff.


it’s really good on anything. but the floor. not so tasty. hummus casualty.

iphone pics 437


iphone pics 493

Dark Chocolate

I’m a big fan. I have acquired the taste for really dark chocolate. like above 80% dark. so many good things about it.


Some of my basic faves. What are some of yours???

How was your workout today?

Do you ice regularly? Stretch regularly? Roll? Do anything else regularly that would be of particular interest to me?

Split Pea Snacks


Workout – somewhere in the 11-11.5 mile range.  easy pace as planned 7:30 – 7:45 pace.  I did 4 this morning pre 7am, and another 7ish in the later morning.  the later run was sponsored by my mom.  she says, I have some time if you want me to come over and clean in the morning.  are you trying to tell me something, mother?  and, clean??  we do not clean these days.  we run.  I would be happy to take care of the running if you would be happy to take care of the child watching.  done deal.  and I know – an atrocity that I don’t know the exact mileage.  I’m ashamed.  But I forgot to turn on the cooperate with me switch on my garmin.  so it’s my own fault, really.  the watch is only about 13 months old, just a little toddler of a watch.  way too young to be having mood swings and attitude problems like this.  I threatened to trade it in for a cuter baby, it didn’t work.  I’ve tried that with my kids too.  doesn’t work for them either.  they are already pretty darn cute, so it would be tough to follow through on that.

Sneaky peaky of one of the sneaks in the box.

iphone pics 491

waverider 15’s.  I’m not confident they are bright enough yellow. 

you better believe I put on a yellow top to match the sneaks.  you better believe it’s the same top from yesterday.  you also better believe it was not washed between yesterday and today.  I will wash it today. This is not a real review of these sneakers, but I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  Nothing hurt.  that made me really happy.  My shins didn’t bother me.  my knee was ok.  I was choosing between these two sneakers…

iphone pics 484

and it looks like I will keep the not so mellow yellow ones simply because they worked well, and I ran 11+ miles in them outside.  I can’t return them now.  I like the look of the elixirs.  I tried them on the treadmill last week, and I think I like the greater support of the waveriders – they are a bit more substantial which is what I was looking for in training.  we’ll chat more at a later date when I choose which racing flat I want.  going to test those ones out tomorrow on the treadmill.

one more thing – I got to run with the hubs for my 2nd run today!  this was fun because we never run together.  he’s too slow.  kidding.  we did probably a mile on the trails, that was fun too.  so many fun things today.  it was a hilly run – I needed to get some hills in.  The last time we ran together was when I paced him for the last 30 miles of his VT100 mile trail race last July.  THAT was fun!

100 mile pacer 2

circa, midnight? ish?

100 mile pacer finish

finish line.  2:55am.



I’m always looking for and thinking about how I can make healthy snacks for myself, and my kids.  I lack a few things that make the “thinking” become a “doing”.  Organization and creativity.  and time.  I get to a point where I get really tired of buying these “snacks” at the store that seem to be healthy and great but really have little to no real nutritional value to them.  things like Pirate’s Booty popcorn, or those ridiculous veggie sticks that I always come home with.  I sometimes get Larabars, which I think are great and I do like to always keep them on hand for when the ravenous hungry beast comes out and I don’t have anything else to eat, but #1 they are super expensive and #2, there is still quite a bit of sugar in one of those little bars.  same thing with Clif bars, or Kashi bars.  They are great, but some have too much sugar.  and soy.  no good for me.  Natural sugars they may be, but I might as well just eat an apple or a handful of raisins instead of paying $2 for one of those bars. 

organization – My kitchen is grossly disorganized in the baking department.  I’ve got little cabinet space, and the space that I do have has all sorts of different flours, and sugars all crammed into this tiny spot.  My goal is to reorganize that space so that the thought of baking or creating something isn’t overwhelming and end up covered in 18 different flours that have exploded from various containers.  Step 1 – I got some containers to hold baking goods, beans, pasta, grains, etc…heading in the right direction….

iphone pics 487

note – you must actually put said items in the containers to start the organization process.  keeping them empty on your counter for 3 days is counterproductive.  you have only added more clutter to your cluttered kitchen.  got it. 

Step 2, I picked up a cookbook.  actually, I didn’t pick it up, I had it mailed to me from one of my best friends,  this assists the ever so lacking part of my creative brain.  power + food, and lots of ideas.  I’m all over it.

iphone pics 495

I sat down Sunday night and flipped through the cookbook to come up with meals for the week.  meals, that did not happen.  I got distracted by a few very promising and tasty looking snacks. 

I’m sharing with you the first one that I attempted.  because I LOVED them.  and it was not an epic failure.  if I can do it in my cluttered disorganization, so can you. 

Split Pea Bites (the ones in the pan)

iphone pics 494  

I’m not a fan of split pea soup, but split peas are so good for you.  A couple of my requirements for snacks are protein and fiber.  I don’t worry as much about healthy fats and carbs because I get plenty of them at my other meals.  The Bob’s Red Mill yellow and green split peas that I used, pack 13 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber into 1/4 cup!  my kind of snack.  I doubled this recipe, hoping that it would be great.  they tasted like a mix between corn nuts and soy nuts.  without the corn or the soy.  happy. great addition to any trail mix, or eaten alone.  or with a friend.  that would be fun too. 

Recipe: (lazy bones is too lazy to type it out)

iphone pics 501

Here’s what the process looked like for me – post soaking, draining, drying – the drying is important.

iphone pics 472

stir it up. 

iphone pics 474 

let the oil drip off and voila…


iphone pics 476

I burned some – don’t turn your back for 30 seconds to run after your child and stop him from running into the street. you will burn your peas.  still crunchy and fiberlicious.


Tomorrow I will post about some of my other favorite food items as of late.  very exciting.  you can wait with nail biting anticipation.  till then, peace out friends. 


What is a good snack you have discovered lately?

Do you run on trails, roads, mix of both?

Do you like to eat soup?

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Let’s just get the real ugly over with right away…

iphone pics 489

superstar.  there is nothing pretty about the faces I make when I workout.  in my driveway. or when I run. or do anything requiring me to look normal.

Here’s a little hot shot to make up for that last monstrosity of a picture

iphone pics 480

she’s kind of a big deal.

The Good – Workouts

Monday, 7 miles, couple a hills.  couldn’t make it 9.  my legs could have made it 9, tummy could not.  that has been my one major issue of running in the evening.  tummy troubles.  I needed a bathroom.  a bush would not suffice.  it was not a great run, but it was a run.  a nice slow recovery run.

Tuesday, 5 miles treadmill, 2 miles stairmaster.  1 mile @ 7:45, 1 miles @ 7:30, 2 miles @ 6:51(MGP), 1 mile @ 7:45.  onto the stairmaster.  and some strength work.  all throughout the day.

The Bad

This is not completely bad, but this is not proving to be a stellar week for running thus far.  This is my last big mileage week before April 14th. by big week, I mean hopefully 50 miles minimum.  I had big plans going into the week that I would have fantastic runs, pop out 50+ miles like it’s no big deal and feel fantastic.  Naturally, it’s not going that way.  the best laid plains….generally don’t go as planned.  for me.  10 miles was supposed to happen yesterday.  only 5 went down.  9 miles on the agenda for Monday, only 7 got done.  I’m not giving up on the high mileage week, I’m just listening to my body and adjusting where I feel it’s needed.

More Ugly

I hurt.  reason for the not stellar running week that’s going on.  not the oh this hurts so good, I’m a machine and I feel amazing hurt.  it’s not the variety of I worked out so hard I am sore from my eyeballs to my toes, but the kind that makes you nervous about the sharp pain in your shins. I would say that generally speaking, overall soreness is a good thing.  when the discomfort or pain changes and is only in one place or one leg or one hip, it’s probably not a happy pain.  I made the mistake of wearing REALLY old sneaks to run on SundayOh, it’s just 3 miles, I love these shoes and they go great with the outfit – it’ll be fantastic.   It was great.  The race was great.  My shin and my knee and my lower back are less than thrilled that I made the decision to wear the Kinvara’s with way too many miles on them.  It’s not terrible pain, but enough to make me think twice about finishing my run yesterday and to forego a run last night just to get in the miles this week.  Pay attention to your body.  get to know it.  what the good pain is.  what the bad pain is.

*be smart about your running.  you really have to listen to your body if you start to feel things are acting differently.  I know how my running body works.  shins and knees scare me and I take it pretty seriously.  I’d rather not get injured now.  I’m carefully trying to get the miles in this week without getting a massive shin splint*

**do not wear old sneakers.  even if you think you can squeek one more 5k out of them. or one little short run.  in the name of fashion or I love you so much sneakers, I just don’t want to let you go.  don’t do it.  you will hurt yourself.  it’s not nice to your hardworking bod.  poor choice, kate**

I’ll Throw in some more Good

I have a hard time being proactive about certain things like stretching, rolling and icing (I wait until things start to hurt, not recommended) I’m trying to change this bad habit.  I’m a work in progress…anyway, the shin and knee pain served to force me into showing a little TLC to the legs last night.
R I C E people.  Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.  I rice’d it.  I’ve been wearing my compression socks.  and stretching like a good girl.

iphone pics 477

I don’t think you have to be injured to practice these healthy running principles, my friends.  have a little ice party and then get cozy with the foam roller and give those legs some lovin’ with some compression socks.  always a good thing.

A Tad more Good

The weather has been unbelievably fantastic.  I’m getting high doses of Vitamin D.  we are outside ALLLLL DAYYYYY LOOOONNNGGG.  I get my bum out of bed at 5am, and it doesn’t stop moving until approximately 8:34 pm.  long days.  good days.  playing and running and chasing crazy little toddlers all over the yard.  that’s a workout.  Vitamin D filled Katie means I’m happy, my kids are happy, my home is happy.  I’m a half decent person to be around this week. I can only imagine it’s the nice weather, because I’m definitely not getting a lot of sleep.  I’ve taken full advantage of my outdoor workouts this week – I LOVE my strength training.  I love it even more in the driveway, in the sun.  so fun.

iphone pics 486  

weighted lunges in flip flops.  i clearly live on the edge and laugh in the face of injury.  ha. ha.


Lets just end on a Good note…

I was really excited for this box to come, because of the previously mentioned shin probs I brought upon myself

iphone pics 482

what is in the box?

more sneakers.  I returned the ones from last week because they were all a tad too small.  I will reveal what was in the box later this week after I have tried them out and decided what I want to keep and what’s going back to the warehouse. 

Coming up later – a really exciting split pea snack that I stumbled upon.  and other nonsense that happens between now and then. 

let me leave you with this thought….sledding is not just a winter activity. 

iphone pics 469

get out those sleds and bathing suits and have some fun.  in the sun.


Happy Wednesday!!!

Fill me in on YOUR week?!?


Black Attack


Workout – haven’t gotten to that yet.  The plan is for 9 easy miles.  7:45-8 minute pace.  I’ll fill you in the very interesting deets after the run goes down. 



Black is my go to color.  My running wardrobe is almost 100% black bottoms, with some color mixed in with the tops – pinks, blue, purple…but I usually default to black. 

iphone pics 463

Right after the race – once again greeted with “Mom!  You won second!!  Yay!!!”  If anything, I am teaching my children that it is A-ok to not win.  at anything.  eventually I will win.  it’s just not my time.  yet.

The only time I will ever stand out in a crowd wearing black, is at a St. Patrick’s Day 5k race.  All green.  I show up in all black.  that’s how I roll.

my cheering crew.   

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get that paparazzi away from her – she’s not interested in photographs at the moment, that Alexandra.


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My little Anna beauty.  She got all dressed up for the occasion.  



18:42 (42 second PR)

2nd place female

22nd place overall out of 2567 people


Record number of people for this race.  It couldn’t possibly be because it was UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS OUTSIDE!!! The weather was amazing.  I don’t think it was even 60 degrees, but it was sunny, and warm and perfect weather to run a fast 5k with a head cold.

My breathing could have been better.  Wheezing while you are sprinting certainly isn’t ideal, but good to know that it’s doable.  It couldn’t have been too bad, to get me a PR, but it would have been nice to have been able to breathe with 100% of my lung capacity.  such is life.

I have totally underestimated the 5k, until this race.  They are pretty darn fun.  Here’s my list of reasons why YOU should find the next 5k and DO IT!

1. It fits into ANY training plan.  It’s 3.1 miles.  You don’t need to taper for it.  You don’t need to change your schedule for it.

2. It’s only 3.1 miles – you don’t need to go crazy figuring out what to eat and when and how much and all that carb loading jazz – you’ve got enough fuel stored at any given moment for a 5k. 

3. Any level runner can do it.  If you are super fast or super slow and just getting started – it’s a GREAT way to run a race and FEEL GOOD about accomplishing something.  There is nothing like finishing a race, no matter what the length

4. For those who are in the middle of training for a bigger race, or a PR, it’s a great, short test of speed and how the training is paying off.

5. It’s not a time consuming race.  Get there, run it.  Done.  It doesn’t take up your whole morning.  This race didn’t start until 1pm.  We had the whole morning to lay around and do nothing get chores done around the house, chase kids around, and then fit in 2 birthday parties after.  Win win win all around.

6. If it’s nice weather out, like yesterday, you can break out the shorts and tank.  Which also forces one to shave the legs and not look like a cavewoman.  for which my husband is probably eternally grateful.

5k’s seem to be a dime a dozen – they are everywhere now!  If you are in the middle of training or don’t know where to begin – find a 5k and test the waters. 

You might even get a cool race tshirt like this green beauty…

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And here’s how I felt about MY race…

I ALWAYS go out too fast.  This isn’t such a bad thing in a 5k, because it’s short.  And there’s not a lot of time to really slow down too much.  I think my first two miles were 5:45 and 5:57.  I slowed quite a bit in the last mile.

Even though it is only a 5k, I think that the rollers and slight incline changes really make it a little tough.  which is good, but yesterday wasn’t truly a flat course.  It was enough of a challenge to really make me work. 

I think running a FAST 5k is harder than a 15 –18 mile long run.  just saying.  I looked at my watch at 1.57 miles and couldn’t believe I still had over 1.5 more to go.  And then it’s over. 

I’ve done so much speedwork on the treadmill, it was nice to know I could pull the speed card on the road. 

While I’m running, I feel like I’m giving it ALL I’ve got.  As soon as I cross the finish and let 5 minutes pass, I wonder why I didn’t push it harder in the end.  I want to push it so hard in the end that I don’t have that thought.  I want to take nothing with me when I finish any race. 

I like the 5k.  It was fun.


Who has a 5k, 10k or any k coming up?

Who did some fun long runs this weekend?

What is your favorite race shirt you have received for a race?

Tell me about your fun and exciting weekends!?