Weekend Confessional


Workout(s) – let’s start at the beginning – since it’s been a long 3 days since I have posted and there has been a lot of activity going on in these parts – none of which is noteworthy or otherwise important to making the world going ’round, but stuff you should be aware of nonetheless…I try to do my part

Confessions of a Running (among other things) weekend

1. I ran 20 miles in the rain. And did not shrivel up and die. This is 20 miles that almost happened on the treadmill because the weather was indeed rainy. And cold. And I wanted no part of it, until my husband called me on it and said suck it up and get your hiney out there. Ok. I will. The treadmill and I aren’t really speaking these days anyway. We are pretty sick of each other. This is what it looked like when I left…

iphone pics 384

This was misty rain, high 30’s, that turned into complete rain by the end. I looked like a wet dog. I apologize to the citizens of my nice town for having to witness me running through your nice streets looking like a drowned rat. I wasn’t happy about it either.

This is what it looked like approximately 1 hour after I got home. nearing 53 degrees. that sun would have been nice 3 hours ago.

iphone pics 393

Hubs had already left the house with the kids. He drove them around and did various things, most of which I will never know – but which certainly included finding me at different points on the 20 and cheering me on. sweet little family I have. Anyway, that left me with an empty house, and the sweet temptation of not going. Not really. That thought would never cross my mind. Running is usually the first thing that pops into my mind if I have “free” time. If there is such a thing. I very much look forward to the long runs. My break. That’s a funny statement, but true. I love them. But, the rain, I do not love. I suited up and stood at the door for a good 10 minutes not wanting to go out. If someone handed me ski goggles and a parka, I probably would have put it on for the run. It was just one of those days where I didn’t want to be cold. Or wet. Too bad for me. Stepping out of my itty bitty comfort zone. Do it. I finally took the first step out the door. It was like I was jumping out of a plane, taking that plunge out into the cold rain. I’ve never been skydiving, but I can only imagine that jumping from an aircraft from an insane elevation and running out into slightly blistery, chilly but not too cold weather are very similar experiences and require much the same “do or die” mentality. thought you would agree.

iphone pics 385

Put the gloves and the headband on at the last minute. SOOOO glad I did. Lifesaver. Those are Old Navy “compression” tights – I get them in “tall” size and they still don’t cover my ankles. I wouldn’t really call them compression, but they are fantastic, especially for less than $20.

On a scale of 1-10, this run was a 5. I completed it. It was a fantastic run. I felt great. But I didn’t hit my goal pace, and I was ALL OVER THE MAP in terms of pace. I don’t like this. I want to be consistent. I am HORRIBLE at pacing. I am clueless about my pace if I don’t look at the garmin. My goal was to slow this one down. Try to keep around 7:45 min miles. This was kind of a hilly run.

iphone pics 389

I didn’t slow it down to the 7:45 pace. I was kind of close – 7:24 pace. Not really close. I get anxious that with all the hills, that my pace will get too slow. So, I end up keeping the pace a tad faster, to compensate for the slow down that never happens. Let me explain…here are the splits and you can see how spastic my times are…

iphone pics 392

That first mile was a “test” to see if I could handle my pace without looking at the watch, like a big girl. I failed. I actually thought I was going slower than that. Then look at all those other miles! They are all over the place. Granted, some are due to the hills, but still. The last mile was on purpose. I had planned on pushing the last mile a little bit.

iphone pics 390

Lessons learned

  • I am an idiot when it comes to my own pace. Gotta keep working on that. More me, less garmin looking every 20 seconds.
  • I love to run. This is why…no matter where you start, you never stop getting stronger, faster, better at your own run. There is always room for improvement – no matter what your level is. It never stops being challenging. You can always do better. You can always learn something – about running, about yourself, about training and what works and what doesn’t. Love it.
  • Hills are fantastic. Do the hills.
  • As a result of some good reading in The Runner’s Body and a timely email from a very knowledgeable reader – I used no fuel for this 20. My body was none the wiser. I did have breakfast about an hour and a half before I left, a packet of oatmeal. Other than that, I didn’t take anything. I didn’t get hungry. I didn’t get tired. I’m sure my muscles would have enjoyed some delicious glycogen in the form of sport beans, but they are in training, too. It’s all about training my body to use fat as an alternate energy source to carbs. That was the other reason I wanted to slow the pace down. I am not going to get into the whole reasoning behind it now. 1, because I don’t really know a lot about it, and 2, what I do know, I don’t want to get into details in this post. I will work on a more educated post about it and about what I read from The Runner’s Body. I made sure to refuel after the run. In a timely manner, to repair and replenish those baby muscles.
  • Running in less than ideal situations is not going to kill me. It may near drown me, but it won’t kill me. I’m the type that usually likes the cookie cutter, perfect race situations. And I’ve been very lucky with the races I’ve done. But, that won’t always be the case. Use the crappy weather to train for it. You probably won’t see me out there in a hurricane, but I can handle some rain.

2. Workout #2 – I ran on Sunday – the day AFTER my 20. This is a first for me. I usually pull the “I just ran 20 miles yesterday, I can’t possibly run anymore miles more than 24 hours later”. That’s a load of crap for me. One reason being that Sundays have been a rest day for me. When I really think about it, that is a waste of a perfect running day. I need to use the weekend to get miles in because the weekdays are unpredictable for me. I lose a good run day if I rest on Sunday, when there may also be a day or two during the week that I was planning on running and it can’t happen for some reason. (That happened today) #2 reason is I am in shape enough where running the day after a long run should not be an issue. It is probably good for me. Whaddya know. It was another great run. AND…..I kept it slow! Recovery. Let the muscles heal and get all the crazy running toxins out. Whoa. Too exciting. 8.75 miles. felt like I could have run 10 more. I nailed the 7:45 pace on the head. Would probably have been good to even go a little slower. I have a small fear of the “8” minute mile. That’s discussion for another day. Or maybe a therapist. All these things I learn about myself when I am running.

3. Hello. My name is Katie and I am addicted to Lululemon. I blame it on my mom. It’s not my fault. She gave me a gift card for Christmas. That got me into the store and now I can’t stay out. Thank you mom. In all seriousness, THANK YOU. I didn’t know what I was missing. Shirts with long torsos and long arms. Pants that don’t move around when I run and that make my 8 foot long legs look even longer. Who doesn’t want these things??? I’m in. I took my little Anna there with me and the sales people were in full force “kill the customers with kindness and off the wall energy” mode. They must keep an IV of caffeine behind the counter. There was a level of peppiness and energy I have never experienced before. WOW. I may have added a couple things to my collection.

4. I treated myself for a long run not well done with a little Ben and Jerry’s Frozen yogurt. I was trying to get Anna to get some sort of chocolate ice cream so that I could do what any good mom does and steal bites off of her little sundae. I almost had her, until she saw the rainbow sherbet. It’ll get them every time. It must be the pink and orange swirl that speaks to them, “pick me little kids, it’s like a little rainbow party in your cup. I’m way better than chocolate fudgy gooeyness”. All lies. But my kids go for it every time. Not my thing. I was forced to get my own baby cup of chocolate.

iphone pics 387

I had no choice but to get a treat for myself. I had to feed that pretty vein bulging from my forehead. It was hungry. I think it must mean I’m really smart, all that blood flowing to my head.

5. Workout #3 – starimaster – easy 50 minutes. I set my alarm for 4:45 to get to the gym for an easy 6-8 miles today. I was actually so looking forward to this run, that I couldn’t sleep last night – or that may have been because a certain 2 year old couldn’t sleep last night, nor could a certain 5 year old who ended up in my bed – either way, I kept looking at the clock. Unnamed 2 year old got up at 4:30, and I was so excited to have 15 more minutes to sleep. I should have just gotten up, because either I didn’t hear the alarm, or it didn’t go off. He got up for the day at 5:15, at which point it was too late for me to go to the gym because I had to workout with a friend at 6:15. BUT, glad I ran yesterday! Point proven on making the best of Sunday as a non rest day. I was still very much missing my miles today, but I got on the stairmaster because like I said, my home treadmill and I are not on good terms. I will run tomorrow. With some tempo and speed.

6. I got the new issue of RUNNER’S WORLD. My husband pretended to throw it out and this made my heart skip a beat. Don’t do that.

iphone pics 391

I always wonder how they pick these seemingly random cover people? Sometimes it’s a well known runner, other times, it’s not. curious. I don’t hear them knocking on my door. I’m unknown. Pick me pick me. 🙂 Whilst I was stepping away, I got a chance to read through it a little bit. LOTS of good info in this one. I will share at a later date some of my favorite things from this issue. because my favorite things should be your favorite things too. for real. or maybe your favorite things should be mine. that’s probably a better idea. or you will end up spending way too much money on Lululemon, designer jeans and dark chocolate.

7. I am beginning the countdown to marathon #1 of the year. 40 days. Shoot. That’s not very long. Long enough for me to start going crazy about it!!! I can do that just as well, if not better, than I can run it. I need to learn how to divert some of that anxious energy into training, planning and running energy. My poor poor husband. He is a good man. For dealing with my running ramblings and nonsense. I think he’s learning how to ignore like any good husband.

8. I’ve been wearing these little beauties all day.

My apologies - those feet are ugly as sin. Not sure a pedicure would even help.

If you think that vein in my forehead looks big, you should see the ones in my legs. not pretty. They need all the help they can get. I usually wear them on the longer runs, but I was wearing the leggings, and that combo doesn’t work so well. They are great for recovery as well. They make my calfs feel happy and relaxed and loved.

So that’s the 411 on what’s went down this past weekend.  I’m working on some nutrition posts and other fun stuff.  I’m not sure what happened, but I posted this yesterday, and it wasn’t up today, and all of the bottom part was gone.  hmmmm.  what’s up wordpress.  You don’t like my post?  Anyway, here the weekend confessional post is again.  I’m sure I left out some very witty comments that I had originally put in, such is life. 

I want to know….

How was everyone’s weekend? 

Any good running?  Any races happen that I should know about?

Do you wear compression socks? 

I think I had some other questions that I can’t remember.  Feel free to fill me in on your super spectacular lives that are probably way more interesting than mine 😉


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  1. I have those same compression sleeves! Wearing them now while I’m at work. CEP totally rocks!

    Very interesting that you did the 20 miles without any fuel. That is very impressive. Not related but what do you think about speedwork on the treadmill vs. outside? I am thinking of trying to do some track work on the treadmill here very soon (maybe 800s?) just to try it out.

    • A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do:) just booked my tickets for Nashville- excited for some country music! Are you still running the half?
      I hope you are getting “settled” where you are, until you find a home!!:)

  2. seriously after reading your comment on my post, and reading this post…I am convinced we must share the same brain-wave with running! (and Lululemon, I go on the website daily to look at the new running gear, and running in their grove shorts=HEAVEN!)
    I think we are on the same page with the long run=I cannot SLOW down my long runs…yet I cannot SPEED up my tempos because I am so DEAD from pushing my long run a few days before.
    you ran a great-8 post 20-miler, I know your 40-day away marathon is going to be AWESOME, you are going to run so fast and definitely get your goal time!! I am cheering for you!!!
    I hope you’re week is going great so far!


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