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Workout – speedwork. this continues to be one of my favorite workouts. I look forward to its arrival every week. it holds a special place in my heart. it gives me butterflies thinking about it. and makes me nervous before I do it. everytime. like I will fail to perform. and I remind myself that there is no failure to perform when you are running and setting goals and making them happen. the second I put those running sneaks on and hit the road or the treadmill, I have succeeded. the rest is up to my legs and my arms and my body and my lungs to see how far they can take me that day. I have all the tools. you have all the tools. I just need to use them. and I need to push them to work hard. they won’t just do it on their own. I used them today. here’s how the speed went…on the treadmill.

1 mile warmup @ 7:45

5 repeats of:

.5 mile @ 6:00 pace, 2 min jog, .25 mile @ 5:49 pace, 2 min jog, .25 mile @ 5:49, 2 min jog

.25 mile cool @ 8 min pace (all I had time for)

10 miles total

I tested out the Mizuno Musha for this run.

iphone pics 503

rockin’ some lulu, speedskirt(love it) and musha’s(did me good)

I’m deciding between these for a racing flat…

iphone pics 485

Saucony A5, Mizuno Musha, Mizuno Ronin

I’ve kind of ruled out the Ronin, just because I think the Musha looks supercool. it’s very important to pick running shoes based on look. I promise you won’t get injured and you will have fantastic runs. 😉 I will give the ronin a try on the treadmill. I might be surprised. I still need to try those Saucony type A5, and see what I think. then I will decide for sure.

This was a good run. I probably could have done 2 more repeats, but I didn’t have time and ten miles works for me. I’m REALLY trying to pay close attention to what is going on with my legs right now. I’m starting to have just a tad bit of pain in my right shin that I don’t want to blow up into something big. I’m figuring it out and considering taking a few days off from running completely and just doing crosstraining. Tomorrow is a rest day. Saturday is up in the air for a long run. It might be long run more along the lines of a stepmill/elliptical/stairmaster/repeat type long run. you say that’s not a long run, I say don’t put the long run in a box. let it be what it wants to be. if that’s a stairmaster this week, so it shall be. it will be something long. 22 days left and counting. I’m also being a good runner and icing.

iphone pics 502

and reading about why our American diet is so messed up and why we need so much help figuring out how to do such a basic thing as eat. I haven’t gotten very far, but I’m liking it.

So speaking of food – I would love to share with you some of the foods I am liking on a daily basis. In general, but also as a marathon approaches, I really like to make an effort to eat clean, healthy, very low sugar and unprocessed foods. Making sure to include things like healthy, natural fats, protein, fiber and whole grains. I like simple, basic, no fuss stuff that I can throw down the hatch.

Take a look…


This is usually my breakfast. one egg. some eggwhites. sometimes some flax. which you’ll find further on down the list. happy morning.

I just came across this article in RW about why eggs are so amazing for runners. Read it HERE.

Red Peppers, Avocados, Green Onions

iphone pics 490

(the following pics of food information are from my new cookbookPower Foods, from

Health Benefits…

iphone pics 496

and they have more potassium than a banana. move over banana. hand me an avocado.

Green onions are my new favorite lunch time accessory.

Bell peppers. so sweet. so crispy. something I’ve noticed – if you get rid of most of the processed sugar in your diet, things like bell peppers and other veggies almost taste THAT much better. the flavors explode in your mouth. maybe that’s just me. like the 4th of July in your mouth. I enjoy it. red are my favorite. even more so when I can enjoy them in season for only $1.99 a lb, instead of $3.99 a lb.

iphone pics 498

Apples and Cashews

iphone pics 492

perfect snack. healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Plantfusion Protein Powder

My go to protein powder as of late. shake it up with some almond milk and flaxseed. protein packed deliciousness.


Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Dairy free, lots of calcium. good stuff.


it’s really good on anything. but the floor. not so tasty. hummus casualty.

iphone pics 437


iphone pics 493

Dark Chocolate

I’m a big fan. I have acquired the taste for really dark chocolate. like above 80% dark. so many good things about it.


Some of my basic faves. What are some of yours???

How was your workout today?

Do you ice regularly? Stretch regularly? Roll? Do anything else regularly that would be of particular interest to me?


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  1. Such a freakin good book! It seriously changed my relationship with food for the better. All of those foods seem to be staples in my home except for the flaxseed and protein powder, but most of those items keep me well nourished.

    Way to kill it in the tready! That sounds like one kick a$$ workout.

  2. Except for the eggs (I used to be a vegan, now a vegetarian, and I just can’t bring myself to eat them) i am a big fan of pretty much everything you mentioned. I also love oatmeal with chia seeds, yum! Today’s workout was disappointing. My posterior tibial tendon was playing up so I cut my hill repeats (very) short, as not to risk aggravating it further. I definitely ice regularly; those ice baths are brutal but so worth it. I am pretty awful at remembering to foam roll and stretch properly; no wonder I am recovery from injury!

    • I really need to do the ice bath – I’ve never done one….not great about icing regluarly either! I would much rather roll and stretch than ice. I hope your tendon loosens up and you can get on those hills again:)
      Have a good day!

  3. Red bell peppers are one of my faves. I can eat them like an apple. I also love avocados!

    I ran an easy 8 mile this morning. My legs are feeling tired from my workout yesterday. This has been an off week for me in terms of running.

    • Thanks! The skirt is a little short, but my legs are a little long, so everything is a little short;-) The musha’s are great because they were comfortable and they are a fun color scheme. Yes, I did the 10 on the treadmill – the longest I’ve done is 16, and that was enough for me on that beast!
      Have a great day!!

  4. Crap! Sorry about your shin pain! I’m kinda, sorta in the same boat and I’m getting just about sick of myself with all my nonsensical worrying. Sigh. Love the ice and love the cross training idea; can’t hurt, right?! Oh and Aleve.
    Ps… Great book and you’ve got some rockin’ legs gurl 🙂

    • Running is great for building some nice legs;-) I am a worry wart too about the shins, really just because I have this marathon coming up and now I need to stay off of them and not run, or I know they will get worse. errr!! Cross train it is!!
      Have a fabulous day!!

  5. I “ice my legs” sometimes by hopping in our super cold swimming pool… but only after a really long run, which I haven’t had in a while.
    Apples and cashews sounds like a great snack! I have a bag of dry roasted and unsalted almonds sitting on my desk… just seems so plain so I haven’t gotten around to opening it yet. Pretty sure it will make a good snack. 🙂 Thanks for all the great nutrition info!

  6. I wish I liked speed work! They’re the workouts I dread, and I can never keep it up for too many weeks in a row, because they always seem to get me injured (last time it was bad shin splints) : (

    I stretch religiously after EVERY run. Probably should ice more than I do, although when my shins act up, I do ice. Have you tried compression socks? I think they help with my shin splints. One of the theories behind shin splints is that there is irritation from where your soleus muscle attaches to your tibia/shin. I think the compression socks help keep the muscle from pulling on its attachment site so much:

    • You are so good to get that stretching in!! I need to be more like that. I’ve been wearing my compression socks everywhere, hoping every little bit helps! Thank you for the info about shin splints – I have been looking up every possible cause/solution, that is helpful.
      Have a fantastic day:-)

  7. I would love to hear more about your opinions of In Defense of Food when you are done reading..I have been wanting that book for a long time but have never bought it for some reason.

    Like you, I’ve started loving some dark chocolate…I used to HATE it, but I figured I needed to try again and now I love it!

    “Don’t put the long run in a box. Let it be what it wants to be.”<—–Love this!

    • It will be awhile before I finish it, but I’ll let you know what I think! I had heard great things about it, and finally decided to just get it. I also really like that power foods cookbook, some good recipes in it. Have a great day:)

  8. eeek! I do not like reading that your shin is bothering you! rest & feel better ASAP!
    I stretch and roll daily, and ice when needed(I probably should a little more)
    the power foods cookbook sounds awesome, and I love in defense of food, I know you will enjoy it!
    Have a great Friday!

  9. Could not agree with you more about the taste of peppers when you remove processed sugar from your diet. Actually I would have to say that food in general is that much more enjoyable when I stop eating all processed stuff. It’s amazing how much your body can crave yummy things like avocados etc. when you don’t eat the stuff that’s bad for you and clearly that we aren’t biologically meant to eat. That being said, when I fall off every now and then I feel so ucky that I can’t wait to get back to eating good – I mean what better motivation to eating well than the fact that doing the alternative really makes you feel crappy. I am sooo in love with mangoes too. I never was before but man, I could eat a mango and day and sometimes I do and I love, love, LOVE dark chocolate of the 85% or darker variety. Although I have always loved dark chocolate over milk so that’s not new.

    Great post!

  10. Favorites here:
    Coconut oil
    sauteed kale/cabbage/greens
    cauliflower/brocolli/green beans etc ROASTED!!!
    garlic-with EVERYTHING
    soup, soup, soup-just because you can sneak so much goodness in there!
    lemon ANYTHING
    nuts of every variety
    a good Bison steak (I know you don’t really do red meat but it tastes much better than grass fed beef and all the goodness too)
    Almond milk
    and for a super silly treat I indulge in Lucky Charms…and diet coke…the only two things I refuse to relinquish for the sake of health!


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