I’m not sure about you, Mr. McMillan


Workout(s) – yesterday – the replacement long run/2 hour and 15 minute cardio hop at the gym.  in hindsight, this was probably completely ridiculous, crazy and unnecessary in the actual useful training aspect of a marathon- but mentally, it had to be done.  I chose not to do the long run because of some sassy shin stuff going on.  genius Katie decided that my “long run” was going to be the cross-training equivalent.  I say it had to be done for mental reasons, because it was supposed to be one of my last long runs and I need to go into the marathon knowing that I at least put my best effort forward.  The craziness that was yesterday’s workout was : 30 min elliptical(3.75 miles), 50 min stepmill, moving stairs, hell on a revolving staircase…(6miles), 30 min elliptical(3.75 miles, shoot me now), 25 min stepmill(3 miles, if I didn’t get off then, I was going to throw myself off the second level stepmill onto the moving treadmills below) 17 miles equivalent but nothing like running, so it doesn’t really matter anyway and it’s not even close to the 22 I was supposed to do, but let me be happy about it because I did the right thing by not running and protecting my shins from further destruction.  done.

Today – don’t get mad at me.  I ran.  I hadn’t run since Thursday and my legs felt 100%.  but that’s not why I decided to run.  I’m trying not to be the idiot that’s all oh, I didn’t run for like a day and now I feel fabulous and all healed and I’ll go run 18 miles in my old shoes again.  no.  I’m trying to be realistic and smart and I don’t think today’s run was 100% stupid.  I have read and consulted very wise resources (google and webmd do count) that said easy running on softer surfaces with minor shin splints can be helpful.  I’m not going to go into anymore detail, nor am I giving you my sources.  I gave myself a limit of 5 miles total, with 1/2 mile each of warmup and cooldown.  I may have started to get anxious that I have not gotten in enough tempo runs, and I think I have ZERO runs at my marathon goal pace, or MGP for you fancy schmancy acronym people. I was also itching to try out the other pair of racing flats I ordered…

iphone pics 485

those pretty saucony’s type A5. front and center. they have been calling my name for days.  heaven on my feet, they fit like a glove.  in love.  I thoroughly enjoyed the musha experience, but this is going to be a tough one.  they are very different shoes, very different fit.  I might still be a saucony girl at heart.  I think they might trump the kinvara for 5k’s, half marathons.  because I only did 5 miles in them today, I’m not positive on marathon distance, for me.  I am considering it….I haven’t made a final decision yet, but heavily leaning toward the saucony type A5 for the racing flat over the other two there…stay tuned….I did keep the mizuno waverider 15’s for my daily trainer, long run shoe. 

So I may have done those 4 miles at 6:48 pace, few seconds faster than MGP.  and I might have felt wonderful, and giddy and like a little child let loose in a field of daisies – if little children in a field of daisies experience pure bliss and enjoyment.  but I stopped myself in the middle of my sun shiny fantastic run, at my pre-prescribed time of 4 miles.  I might have been hurting a little bit.  and now I will take another couple days off.  I promptly slapped some ice on those poor overworked, under cared for shins. 

iphone pics 513

I might have some skin falling off due to frostbite, but my shins will be feeling great .  blurry children are a common occurrence in our household.

then I wrapped them with some love and they are feeling mighty fine.

iphone pics 514  

compression calf sleeves.  don’t leave home without them.  they are my new bff’s.  they don’t leave my sight.  or my legs.  these are cep brand.  love them.  

Rolling and more icing on the agenda for tonight.  I’m going to keep pumping them full of TLC and take a couple more days off from running.  I finally have a speedwork partner to do track work with, starting this Wednesday, that I am SUPER excited about.  So I want to make sure my legs are ready to go by then.

and there goes the weekend….it’s 8pm and I do believe this might be one of the first moments I have had to stop moving.  in my home.  this is why blog posts generally do not happen on the weekends.  I also do believe I have some new readers taking a gander at my little blogger over here, so hello to you lovely people and thank you for stopping by.  where you will find all sorts of nonsense about the craziness that is being a stay at home mom to three children ages 2-5, running like a madwoman to keep my sanity and so that everyone in this house survives, and trying my hardest the keep the kidlings and the hubs living a healthy, happy, fun-filled life along the way.  don’t be alarmed when you see things like this…

iphone pics 509

when timeouts stopped working, we discovered hanging them from the gutter was a far more effective form of punishment.  I’m kidding.  believe it or not, they love this.  they ask, “will you puhleeeeeeeeeeese let us hang from the gutter!?!?!”  ok.  fine.  one more time.  I’m telling you, they are not human, these children that I gave birth to.  they have no fear.  and they are very strong.  don’t mess.  especially with that little one on the end.

that’s just some of the fun and crazy times that go down in the edwards’ household.  all in a weekend.  let’s list out the rest of the weekend and the thoughts for the upcoming week…

  1. I totally forgot I ordered these little treats, and when they came I was so pleasantly surprised…I’ve been wanting to try them for months, and finally bit the bullet…

iphone pics 511

and then was a tad disappointed when I realized how small they were….

iphone pics 512

fits right in the palm of my hand.  what? they don’t come supersized like everything else in this country??  oh, you don’t need a MASSIVE amount of food to supply the nutrition that you actually need??  got it.  good stuff.  I like the cute little packaging.  these will be stored away for a rainy day/special treat snack.

2.  I got to go out to dinner last night with the hubs and some good neighbor/friends.  this is exciting on so many levels – it gives me an excuse to finally get out of my sweaty gym clothes and shower, and put on REAL clothes…

iphone pics 510

I don’t have to cook, think about cooking, decide what to cook, clean up a big mess from cooking.  wonderful. 

and I get to enjoy a cocktail.  or two.  not three.  that would be ridiculous.  for me.  two is pushing it.  for one short evening out.

3.  I consulted with Mr. McMillan.  I’m not so sure about this dude.  this activity would fall under pre-race anxiety/dealing with a minor “injury” and doubting my training activities.  I punched in my recent numbers, which would be my last 5K and then my last half marathon.  according to him, I’m at least 3 minutes off from reaching my eager beaver super ambitious 2:59:59 marathon time.  I am sure he is a wonderful gentleman, and I’m sure he is very knowledgeable in all things running, and with all due respect, I hope he is wrong about my projection.  I’ve been visioning myself running through the finish with seconds to spare just under 3 hours.  then I start crying because I got my sub 3 hour marathon.  so I guess if I don’t actually get it with this next race, I’ve at least done it in my head during my training runs and speedwork.  no I’m not crazy.  I think visioning yourself achieving your goals is a really important part of making them happen.  it solidifies something in your mind that makes you believe you CAN do it.  whether or not it happens, is another story.  but it gives you the extra push that you need when you need it.  it takes practice, just like the physical training and running.  but I don’t think the vision of me achieving my goal is going to cut it.  I will keep going until I get it.  so bring it on McMillan.  You say I’m off by 3 minutes.  I say you may be right, but you may be wrong.  I’m going to work hard to get rid of those 3 minutes.

4.  I have completely fallen off of my training plan – and decided to take a look at what the next 3 weeks actually look like…

iphone pics 515

I would love to get that 20 miles in on Saturday.  fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed that I am feeling fine to run it.  not so sure about all of the other runs this week.  I see a lot of cross training/strength training in my future.  my basic running goals from here on out are just to get in 2-3 more speed/tempo runs and at least one decent long-ish run.  that is all.  anything above that is icing on the cake.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.  

5.  Every Sunday, I have high hopes of planning out the meals for the week, organizing my life and getting my act together.  none of that happened today.   tomorrow. maybe.  I would love to only go to the grocery store once.  I would even be ok with twice.  but this 5 times a week nonsense has got to stop.  going to the store at 4pm with all three kids, getting stuff for dinner that night is really just poor planning.  I’m going to get back in the groove of planning.  everything.  Maybe I should start by visioning myself going to the store once a week and successfully planning out the weekly meals and daily schedules.  then I will cry when that actually happens. 

6.  In my defense of poor planning, I feel like I have entered a new and changing stage with my kids.  one that has left me in between the old and the what is to come, trying to figure out how to make things work now, because kids and their needs are always changing.  as a stay at home mom, to 3 children, that are very close in age, very different in personality, and always growing and changing behaviors and developmental stages, I find that the way our day goes and the schedules we keep and the flow of daily life changes a lot.  The toddler years are tough, and they require a lot of flexibility because toddlers (especially little boy ones name Luke) require a lot of attention.  that means a lot of best laid plans just don’t happen – like making plans in the first place.  and a lot of energy is willingly and lovingly spent on these delightful little beings.  which means sometimes at the end of the day when a lot of stuff still has to get done – it just can’t get done.  the energy is not there to do it.  or to even think about it.  and that’s ok.  so we go through these different stages all the time and keep adjusting.  and keep figuring it out.  all the while remembering that if it takes me 5 trips to the grocery store a week to get done what could take 1 trip, but I have given my little loves my time and energy in between – it’s all good.  and where someone else may have it all together at one given moment, it doesn’t mean that I have to.  eventually, I’ll have a moment in time when my life is organized.  a work in progress.  and I will practice visualizing it until it gets there 🙂


Now, I know a lot of you out there had races this weekend, and I’m dying to know how they went!!!! 

Leave a comment and brag about your race day!  good or bad:-)

Who has tried Picky Bars?

For those marathoners out there, what is your marathon shoe of choice?




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  1. Love my CEP compression calf sleeves! They did wonders for my shin pain 🙂 I know yours will get better soon!

    Mr. McMillan and I are working some issues out as well… he says I’m about 2 minutes off of my goal HM time, but I say NAY! He can’t be right all the time 😉

    • Oh good! So it’s 2 against 1 now, our odds are better for reaching our race goal times!;-) Glad to hear the sleeves helped your shin splints! I’m going to keep on wearing mine until race day!:) Have a great night!!

  2. Watch out for the ice…my husband literally got severe frost bite on his knee post ACL surgery. It looked NASTY! Luckily there was no deep tissue damage so they just let it heal on its own! I like the strength/alternate training plan..keep it up and you will be a rockstar!! I am really trying to get over the mental hump of miles equalling success and focus on total body fitness. So Monday will be conditioning class, Tuesday yoga and then some running and a rest day for the rest of the week. Or something like that…best laid plans and all…4 kids…you know the drill!

    • I agree with the miles=success thought and when these next couple of races are over (which won’t be until beginning of june!) I am looking forward to backing off the miles for a bit and giving my running legs a break until the next race training starts again! I love strength training though, so it’s not hard to cross train and do that. I hope you get all of your different workouts in this week! have a great day:)

  3. I had a 15k on Saturday. I am recovering from injury right now so I taped up and hoped for the best (stupid). I think I am most proud of the fact that I made it to the finish without committing some kind of assault; it was crowded as hell and there were no corals and therefore nothing to stop the casual joggers from lining up right at the front. My favorite long distance shoe is the Asics Cumulus. i much prefer a less clunky, more lightweight shoe for halfs (halves?) and under though.
    By the way, that photo of your kids is doing my head in; your son looks like he belongs on Worlds Strongest Toddlers!

    • If you know what your body is capable of, especially with an injury, I don’t think it’s always a bad thing to run through it. I’ve run through many an IT band flare up. not fun, but I know when its ok to do that. good for you for getting out there and running. I’ve never really run a race big enough for it to be a major fiasco at the start – but I know I wouldn’t be happy having to weave through too many people!
      I much prefer a light shoe for every distance. I just don’t like the clunky anymore. I’m just getting back into a sturdier shoe for training runs, just to protect my legs a bit more.
      I hope your injury heals up and happy running!:)

  4. The photo of your kids is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe that they can hang there like that 🙂

    I didn’t finish my marathon today… the hamstring got progressively tighter from mile 9 to 12 so I had to drop to a walk. I called my husband and kids to pick me up after walking until mile 14 (I was heartbroken and sobbing). Hoping to get back in the groove soon; and, in the meantime, I will live vicariously through you!!

    • I can feel the heartbreak:( I’m so sorry, but it’s something that is totally out of your control. I think that might be one of the things that psychs me out the most before the marathon – the potential for injury, or for anything to go not according to plan. Especially going into it with a recovering injury, like your hamstring. Good for you for getting out there and for knowing when to stop. There are MANY more marathons out there for you and this will just make the next one that much better and you will have that much more drive to train and achieve your goals. But if you are like me, you want it now;) Rest up and heal that hamstring!

  5. I totally understand the importance mentally of doing a cardio workout in place of a long run. When I was injured during my first marathon, I once or twice did a 2 hour 45 minute workout on the elliptical in place of my long run. Crazy. I don’t think I’d have the willpower to do that again!

    I think it’s totally find that you ran the other day. Running on soft ground IS better for the shins than pavement. Just play it by ear and keep icing.

    Those picky bars look amazing!

    • I agree – I’m not sure I would have the will power to do that super long cardio workout again. One time was good for me!
      I’m definitely going to take the next couple days off from running. I’m really trying to pay close attention to that right leg! and ice is my friend:)
      Have a fantastic day:)

  6. Wow, that is a long workout you did…I’m super impressed by 50 minutes on the stepmill. That thing’s a killer.

    I’ve never tried picky bars, but can’t wait to hear what you think!

    • I actually took it pretty easy on the stepmill, I kept it around what would be a 7:45-8 min mile, so it really wasn’t that bad!
      I just tried the mocha caffeinater one – it’s good, if you like coffee. It had a bit of a crunch to it.

  7. I wouldn’t get too worked up about the McMillan calculator prediction — weren’t you totally sick for your 5K? And your half marathon was on crazy hills (with wind), so that won’t be the best predictor either. If breaking 3 is your goal, you just need to run at EXACTLY that pace for the first half and then take it from there. Negative splits are your friend!

    As for shoes, I just got a pair of the A5s myself, and I don’t think I would wear them for a marathon. There just isn’t much “there.” I think maybe up to a 10 mile or so (maybe a half), but if that other shoe is a little more substantial, maybe wear that? I’m thinking about ordering the New Balance racing shoe (don’t know the name, but it is navy blue with various other colors on it…) for Grandma’s in June.

    Hang in there and take care of those shins! You’ve still got time to dial in marathon pace over the next few weeks so don’t panic. 🙂

    • I guess I need to figure out the shoe thing asap! I’ve never done negative splits in any race – I’m really good at positive splits;-) Yes, I was under the weather for the 5K and the half was very hilly. This marathon is very flat. That would be my plan though – stick right with the 6:50 pace for the first half and take it from there. I was looking at both New Balance and the Brooks racing shoe on runningwarehouse but neither were in stock in time for me. If you end up getting the NB ones, I would love to know how you like them! The A5’s are very light. I love the fit of saucony over Mizuno, but would agree that I’m not sure there is enough there for a marathon.
      I hope your training is going well!!!

  8. Okay your little ones hanging from your gutter like that, so funny! That should seriously be a framed photo in your home! And the fact that one of your daughters is hanging in her underwear shamelessly is the icing on the cake!

    Maybe you didn’t get that 22 in, but you were active and on your feet for 2+ hours which does count a little. You’re listening to what your body needs, and that is what every successful and SMART athlete does so keep doing it! I like the Mcmillan projector, but it’s not always 100% accurate. But it is giving you some reassurance that you are more then fit for a sub 3 hour mary, and it will be awesome 😉

    Visualization has brought me to the finish line of every single one of my PR’s. Once you believe it in your heart and can see it in your mind, all that’s left to do is let it beautifully play out. You are going to own that marathon course, shin splints or not, because you are a fiercely strong and speedy woman that works her behind off. Can’t wait for you to knock my socks off with your race!

    • Thank you so much for this comment and encouragement:) I continue to be amazed by the wonderful people I’ve “met”, like you, through blogging, and it has made this round of marathon and race training fun, and exciting and I’ve learned so much! Congrats again on your amazing race – onto the next one!!;-)

  9. Haha. Your title surprised me because my maiden name was McMillin. I was all like — WHAT ABOUT ME?!?! That seriously your children hanging from the guttter? That’s impressive!!

  10. No race for me since I’m on a taper. The last marathon I ran I wore my Saucony Mirages. It was horrible, but I don’t think it’s the shoes’ fault. I have something like 12 pairs that I rotate, so each race is different, but I’m partial to Sauconys for some reason. Oh and not to get your hopes up but I’m always hearing stories about people getting sidelined during training and taking too much rest time to heal who end up SMASHING their PR. So don’t worry! I’m sure you got this in the bag 🙂

  11. Love the stuff about “visioning” and “visualizing” how you want a race to go. I tend to train really great and then say “whatever happens happens” for the race. I realize this gives me an out before even trying for the goal but I am trying to work on the mental aspect/fear of failure part of racing.
    Also , love your going out outfit!

    • I think it’s almost part of taking that next step as a runner in realizing that I (or you), are in fact a “runner” when you train for something, set a goal and HOLD onto it. There is always a major fear of failure for me too, but I try to make that fear push me harder in training so that it doesn’t happen. Then I know I have worked hard toward my goal and if it doesn’t happen, it’s not so bad because I have put my best forward and there’s another go next time.
      That’s my thought:) Because I used to and still do sometimes think, whatever happens, happens. but it’s really not ok for me. I’m trying to believe in my abilities a little more with every run, and so should you:)
      Have a great day!!!

  12. LOVE CEP sleeves! Post-race I put my compressions on right after I get out of the shower, and don’t take them off until the next morning! 🙂
    How did you like the Saucony speedy-shoes? I have a pair of Saucony Fastwitch that I really like!
    I race marathons in Mizuno Waveriders…I’m not to the speedy-shoe during marathon caliber yet!
    I am not liking your shins right now….ice ice ice!
    sending you healing vibes like crazy! I know you WILL break 3-hrs!…

    • I’m not liking my shins right now either;-/ I’m taking care of them though, and they are feeling ok. Hoping for a good speedworkout at the track tomorrow and a tempo run at some point this week. Fingers crossed! Oh, loved the saucony A5!!! Very different from the fastwitch – they really fit like a glove. Not for me for a marathon right now, but for 1/2’s and under…maybe a marathon one day:)
      Have a great day:)

  13. Love, love, love & adore the gutter picture. 🙂 I really enjoy reading about how you balance running marathons & the parenting thing, because it’s a subject very near & dear to my heart. (Okay, I’m working on a half, but you get the idea).

    Hoping your shins are feeling amazing & fully recovered.

    • Hi! Welcome, and thank you for your comment:) Doing ANYTHING while balancing the parenting thing and running a home thing is hard! I checked out your blog, and couldn’t relate more to your recent little “freak out” post about trying to find the time to do everything! I think it’s hard to be a super type A personality with kids and a family, because it’s really hard to put those things in a chart, or graph, or a measureable concept. I guess it’s good that I am not super type A:) I can make plans to an extent, and above and beyond that, I have learned to let a lot of things “go”. running is probably one of the only things I have for me, and I rarely let that “go”. but, that means I have to get up at 5am most days to make it happen! always learning how to go with the flow and holding onto the things that matter at the moment and letting go of the ones that really don’t! rambling now….have a great day!!!:)

  14. I love Picky Bars and am dying to try their new flavor 🙂 I actually have one left that I will use for pre-race fuel this weekend! What do you do with your kids while you are at the gym/working out?? I died of laughter reading about the gutter time-out and will have to keep that in the back of my mind should I have kids someday!!

    • I just read your post and can’t believe you signed up for a marathon, just like that! Good for you:) The gym cut the childcare a few years ago, so now when I go to the gym, it’s at 5am, or I go run in the evening when my husband gets home. I rarely run now with them in the double jogger – I think it totally throws off my form and leaves me at a big risk for knee injuries, blah blah blah:) It definitely takes some planning to get the running in with 3 little kids and their schedules!
      Have a great day, and GOOD LUCK this weekend in your marathon!


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