I’m OK



Thank the good Lord for cross-training, otherwise I don’t know what the heck I would be doing. 

Tuesday – elliptical, 1 hour – 8 miles.  stairmaster, 15 minutes – 2 miles = 10 miles total, of an activity that is nothing like running

Wednesday a.m. – Stepmill, 35 minutes – 5 miles.  elliptical, 16 minutes – 2 miles = 7 miles total, of still not running


I bet you can’t guess what activities I did last night…one that starts with ice and ends with ing and another that starts with foam and ends with rolling.

I’m getting really good at actually taking care of my body and the stress that I put on it.  this week anyway.  I 100% believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and there is usually a lesson to be learned in the stuff of life.  From the BIGGEST life events to the tiniest little life events that really have no impact on anything important or life changing.  But things that are important nonetheless in my day to day and the goals and dreams I have for myself.  so when things don’t go according to my plan – I’m OK with it.  because I have a strong faith in God, and that there is a bigger plan than my small plan – I do what I can and learn from what life actually throws at me.  big, or little.

I have a marathon in 2 and a half weeks.  I have run 5 miles this week.  this week, that is supposed to be a 50 mile week. 

I’m OK with that.  because I’m forever learning to go with the flow and not everything works out as planned and cross training is a God-send and you still have to work hard to reach your goals, even if your body doesn’t really want to cooperate.  and excuses don’t get me (or you) anywhere.

My shins hurt. 

I’m OK with that.  because I really need to learn that I have to actually take care of this body that runs more than it has.  ever.  and my legs need to be stretched, and rolled and iced.  all the time.  if I’m going to run like this.  it’s only fair.  if they didn’t hurt, you can bet I wouldn’t be icing.  or rolling.  or stretching.  and that big knot in my calf would just be getting bigger.  and I would never learn.  to take care of things before they hurt.

My oven lit up in in a little firework display last night, smoking and flashing like the 4th of july.  then promptly shut down and locked it’s door with my delicious Spinach bread inside.  I knew I should have taken the week off from cooking.  good thing I have two nights of soup planned.

I’m OK with that.  because it’s not the end of the world.  no one was hurt.  and our home is still standing.  and it was hysterical to watch my 5 year old scream, everybody out!!! get out of the house now!!! as she bolted for the door.  and then continued to put a smile on my face when we settled on getting Thai food and she kept asking for more sea creatures to eat.  why call is shrimp and calamari?  sea creatures makes it sound so much more appetizing.

I’ve gained 10 pounds in the last 4 months. and my jeans don’t fit like I want them to.  (and that’s a bummer because some of them are pretty darn nice) 

I’m OK with that.  because I eat healthy and pay attention to what I put in my body more than ever before.  I got rid of the scale because it’s not about the number on the scale.  it’s about how you feel about yourself. and I feel strong.  and capable.  and healthy. 

Much of my days lately are full of chaos and 2 year old time-outs and going 90 miles an hour trying to fit into a 24 hour day what really needs a 36 hour day and rarely doing much of what I want to accomplish, besides the fun stuff necessities like cooking and folding laundry.  and running (or cross training this week)

I’m OK with that.  because it’s my life.  at this moment.  with 3 little beauties that look up to me.  and because that is life with 3 little kids – crazy, and nonstop and changing and exhausting.  all the time.  and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.   

 I sometimes need to eat dark chocolate for breakfast.  need.

I’m OK with that.  antioxidants people.  you need them all day long.

I have this superbly annoying underactive Thyroid problem – that I let get to me more than it should.

I’m OK with that.  because I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and eating clean, whole foods, cutting out the processed stuff and keeping it colorful.  and my family has benefited from that.

I have this frizzy, dry hair that looks like I stuck my finger in a socket.  and I have no problem leaving the house looking like that.  I should wear a sign that says ‘I have three small children. running is a priority.  showering is an optional luxury.  that explains my look.’

iphone pics 526


it actually doesn’t look THAT bad, but in person that’s 3 days unwashed dry as a bail of hay you might lose your hand in it if you get too close hairoh, and the forehead vein.  I’m OK with all that.  all character building.  perfect is overrated.

It’s March 28th and I haven’t finished my taxes yet. 

I’ll be OK with that.  tonight, after I finish them.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I printed a picture out of my children.  It quite possibly may have been from when Luke was 6 months old.  he turned 2 in February.  does that make me a bad mom?  I don’t think so. at least I have about 80,000 pictures of them.  

I’m OK with that, too.  because they are on the computer.  and they are backed up.  and it’s on the neverending  list of things to do.  it will get done.  eventually.

Life is good.  Really.  With the little inconveniences, like shin splints and disorganization and non-napping, screaming, tantruming 2 year olds that have the ability to melt your heart and a to do list that gets crossed off at the top and longer at the bottom.  I’m really OK with all of that.  I love it.  all of it.  There are great things in everything.  or even just “OK” things in everything. 

Shin update – feeling great.  I would say 85% there.  I’ve taken the past two days off from running.  I ran a light 5 miles on Sunday and didn’t run for 2 days prior to that.  I’m craving me some running.  What better way to satisfy than speedwork.  I am beyond excited for my first TRACK speedwork session tonight.  I love speedwork.  You wouldn’t know that, because I’ve never said how much I love speedwork before.  I always do it on the treadmill.  switching it up to run some fast laps with my long lost running buddy.  So this will kind of be a double workout day, if you count the non-running I did this morning.  before I bust out the speedy moves, I am going to ice and roll.  precautionary measures.  I’m also wearing my clunky mizuno waverider 15’s for EXTRA protection.  safety first.  you can never be too careful.  

Now I have to go pick out my speedwork outfit and make sure my hair looks good.  speedy runs are a special occasion.  and maybe I should put some thought into how the heck to do speedwork on a track. 

If all goes well – I’m hoping to do a good treadmill tempo run tomorrow.  rest on friday.  LAST long run on Saturday. oh boy.  ambitious. 


What is your favorite cross-training activity to do?

Track or treadmill for speedwork?

Do you develop pictures regularly or hoard them on your computer or other electronic device?


Happy Wednesday!


About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. I never develop photos! It’s funny, I haven’t done it in so long…and now that I have a fancy android phone I am spoiled and only use my phone to take pics.

    I have taken the past couple days off from running since I ran RnR on Sunday and I must say that cross training has definitely helped prevent me from getting injured! I went on a run outside today and really enjoyed it since I took the past couple of days to rest, and actively recover with cross training. My favorite types of cross training right now are dancing and kickboxing.

    Enjoy your speedy jaunt tonight and I can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

  2. I’m horrible about printing out pictures. I really need to get better about it … I want my future children to actually be able to look through a photo album, like I did when I was a kid! 😉

  3. I LOVE this post…really! You have a really great attitude. My cross-training options are limited to an elliptical and walking…I prefer elliptical. I did speed work on the track this morning and it was fun – felt like a real runner, even though it was just repeat :45 with :90 rest…first speed in over a year. I print photos once a year and it’s limited to the best 5 photos of the year for christmas gifts for Kevin. I live in fear that I will lose what’s on my computer and backed up. I think I am developing some shin issues. Any tips? I’m icing, but how on earth do you stretch shins? I have a foam roller…will break that out tonight…bet that will feel great on the ol shins. Have fun at track…

    • I’m pretty confident my shin splints are coming from really tight calf muscles- and I think that might be one of the major causes of shin splints, that soleus muscle (dr. Katie here;-)) because I have a huge knot in my calf muscle;-) Its super painful for me, but I’ve been rolling that particular part of my calf, and it seems to be helping. And ice! That’s all I’ve been doing! Yay for speedwork! You’ve got to start somewhere:)

  4. Good for you taking time to recover! I fractured my back 2.5 weeks ago so cross training has included grocery shopping, walking in the pool and recently the recumbent stationary bike. I will have about 3-4 weeks of training before my 25k trail race in May. Enjoy the extra long taper 😉

    • That sounds horrible! I hope that you recover quickly:-/
      That’s how I am trying to look at this – as an extra long taper;-)
      Good luck with your cross-training and eventual training, have a fabulous day:)

  5. When I was injured with ITBS my doctor (an elite runner) said that the elliptical is the best cross training. He said that time on the elliptical can be equaled to time running and you can still keep up your fitness/training with it. So 20 minutes on the elliptical = 20 minutes of running. He said to keep track of the time and make it equivalent to what mileage you would cover running in that same amount of time, that the elliptical mileage reader is not as helpful. Hope this helps you feel better about your cross training!

    • Thank you so much for that info!!! That really makes me feel so much better about having to put so much time in on the elliptical. The elliptical that I use at the gym is pretty tough, even on a low resistance, it’s like trudging through mud – so I was thinking that it’s got to be a pretty decent workout. Thanks again, have a great day!!

      • I’m glad that helps you! I know how hard it is to be injured! I know that you will be able to rock your race coming up with how diligent you are icing and rolling. 🙂

  6. Love this post! So much of what you said I can relate to – with two small kids, sometimes I feel like a hero just for taking a shower.

    You are doing an amazing job of balancing it all – truly.

  7. I prefer to do my speed work on the track. I had my first workout on the track in 2 years on Monday. So fun! It felt good to be on a track again. Have fun with your workout!

    I am so bad at developing pictures. Most of the pictures that are framed in our house are from a few years ago. I need to improve on this and update some of our pictures.

  8. I love core yoga for cross training – anything core really. Speedwork usually happens on the treadmill, but the track is fun once in a while and takes me back to high school days :).

    Definitely guilty of hoarding pictures, but try to send a bunch out to friends and family at least once a season. So at the beginning of Spring, they finally get to see winter photos…. pretty backwards, I know, but for some reason it’s the only system I can keep up with.

    Hope your speedwork goes great!

  9. I am not the biggest fan of cross-training, but I do like the elliptical (in moderation; too much and I go loopy). For speedwork I prefer the track but we don’t have one near to us and have a treadmill at home, so I do most of it on the treadmill.
    I really like your attitude to your shin issue. We only get one body, so it is probably best to take care of it- hope your recovery is going well!

  10. Ugh I’m sorry about your shins, but you are right, everything DOES happen for a reason. And now you will be super thankful for how much your body can handle, and I just know that you’re going to be soooo mentally strong for your races, and let’s face it, that’s just as important as being physically strong! You have a great attitude. I also never develop photos…thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  11. Maybe you’ve only gotten 5 miles in this week, but that will at least leave you feeling hungry and eager to make up for lost time in your race…right???? Gotta treat yourself to some TLC so you can be a forever runner and not a right now runner!

    I just washed my hair yesterday, I was on a 5 day streak of dirtiness and it begun to defy gravity and was somehow standing straight up. Took a hot yoga class yesterday and it was actually crunchy afterwards, guess that was a sign to take some soap and hot water to it.

    • That is so funny- I’m just realizing today that Saturday was the last day I washed my hair! Thank goodness I’m going out to dinner tonight, and I HAVE to wash it!! You are so right about taking care of my body now so that I can be a “forever” runner…I’m realizing how important that is! Have a fantastic day!!:)

  12. So sorry to hear about your shins… i hope they are 100% soon. I learned the hard way last summer and continued running through pain that became a stress fracture, so be really careful with the speed work… if you feel pain, I would stop and let it rest a few more days. You should still be able to do the marathon– you already put all the training work in, so no need to stress over missed miles at this point. Your cross training can keep you fit and your body will remember how to train… good luck!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! It is really helpful to hear what has worked/not worked for other people. I guess I’m glad it’s happened now when the majority of the training “work” is already done. I think the elliptical and I are going to get very close:)
      Have a great day!!

  13. I would actually love it if I could longer than 1 day without washing my hair. It looks like an oil slick and my head just feels weird.

    I’m horrible about printing out pictures, too. I actually made it one of my New Year’s Goal to print out pictures each month. So far I did it in January and that’s it. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in March. 🙂 Like you said, “oh well.” They are on the computer so it’s not like I don’t have any pictures of the kids.

    Good luck at the track! Sending healing vibes your way!


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