Run, Run, Run


Workout – stairmaster, at home, 52 minutes – 7.5 miles

I’m not actually running.  at all.  and I have no plans to run for the better part of the next two weeks until I’m feeling 100% confident that my shins are not going to snap in half.  because that could really happen.  I’m sure of it.  but I am running.  it’s one of those weeks, where I am running non stop.  go go go.  my day is broken up into two chunks of time – morning kindergarten and afternoon preschool.  everyday.  I have two little chunks of time to do “things” that need doing before I need to be at home to greet a child off the bus or pick a child up from school.  generally, child #3 takes a nap in the afternoon chunk of time, and homebound we stay.  today there were too many things to do, so the morning and afternoon chunks were filled to the brim with non-stop, non-exciting, and very uneventful action.  but action nonetheless.  no time for words today.  so I’m giving you a mostly picture post.  of the less than exhilarating “things” that we did.  all of which I will expound upon at a later date.  most likely Monday because I can already forsee the weekend being gobbled up by many other “things” in the calendar – like replacement long runs, birthday parties and a little overnight getaway with the hubs.

Here is the day in mostly pictures.  some words. 

Today was technically a rest day – but I’m not feeling like I’ve really “earned” the rest day, because I really haven’t been running this week.  and cross training is kind of like resting, and I’m feeling the need to get in as much cross training as I can in the next two weeks to make up for not running ….so I skipped the gym….but the basement stairmaster was calling my name….and so the day begins….

iphone pics 538

 living in compression socks…


iphone pics 539

Multi-tasking on the stairmaster….and here’s a little tidbit courtesy of Runner’s World that I couldn’t agree more on…because running is so mental…

iphone pics 542


breakfast all around…

iphone pics 536


trying not to procrastinate anymore on this tiny little important thing….taxes are so fun

tax pic


wearing bathing suits last week….hot chocolate this week…

iphone pics 540


iphone pics 541




iphone pics 537

then real shopping….(no, I did not make Luke skip his nap to go here.  he insisted that we go.  begged me to go.)

iphone pics 544


iphone pics 545


I think I’ve found ‘the pair’….it’s like finding the PERFECT pair of jeans….tough….

and more fun stuff….

iphone pics 543

would someone please reassure me that that vein is not going to eat me alive…just frightening….the ‘stick’ and I are very excited to work together.

snacking…sorry, almond milk, you didn’t make the picture…

iphone pics 524


and here we are.  Friday afternoon.  I have used up my allotted sit on my bum and waste time time, and best get to being a productive member of this family.  I think my HOW TO FRIDAY’S are going to be sporadic and sparse, until I start planning ahead and actually have them set up before hand.  I’ve got a few ideas, but for the most part my creative juices are all dried up.  actually, they were never really overflowing in the first place.  I’m more of a math and science kind of girl.  not sure I have a creative bone in my body.  until then, friday’s posts will probably be no different in nature than any of my other rambling but thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking, who ever let this girl ever get near blog world and how does she possibly make it through life, kind of post.  they will be that good.  I promise.

For any newer readers, here are a few older How To Fridays…





Race prep



Talk to me People!!!

What’s going on this weekend??

Tell me about upcoming races?

Tell me about how you injured your shins too, and they healed so nicely and quickly and you went on to have a massive PR in a race– that would make ME feel really good

Then I’ll tell you that you are a fantastic person and if you are just getting your feet wet in the fitness and healthy living world, running, working out, thinking about working out, or if you are a speedster already and are training hard to kick it up a notch – then you are a superstar and you are headed in the right direction.  and that will make YOU feel really good.  happy words make happy people.  be happy. 

win win for everyone. 

have a fantastic weekend. 


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  1. Yes, compression sleeves/socks coupled with massage stick/foam rolling works wonders! I also like to get regular sports massages (once a month) with my therapist – has saved my life! I don’t have any real races coming up, just some fun 5ks here and there and a half marathon on the horizon in May!! Just going to run for fun until MCM training kicks off this summer.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I hear those Brooks Pure Flows are great!

  2. I know I’m not quite the kick-butt runner you are, but I do run. And I had major shin problems for a while there. But for the last 5 weeks or so, my shins have been feeling great! I’m not quite sure the change … possibly the right shoes/inserts, the icing, the hill training … I don’t know. But they ARE better, and I know yours will get better, too! 🙂

  3. Your son looks so much like your husband. Your whole family is adorable. You are superfast. I am running the Garden Spot Marathon tomorrow. Have a great weekend! (I just got the Brooks Pure Connect last month and like them very much).

    • Oooh, I wanted the pure connect, but the running store didn’t carry them. And she said they are a lot like the kinvaras and I wanted something slightly more cushioned for this upcoming race. Maybe for my next pair! Good luck tomorrow!!!! My nerves would be through the roof! I hope you have a great race!!

      • I’m not really racing. It’s just a training run for the Poconos Marathon, but thanks! The store I was at only had the butt ugly color of Pure Connect. Why did they make them that color? I hope to get the burgundy and black ones next. Maybe you’ll end up training in the Pure Flows and racing in the Pure Connects. I think they are lighter than the Pure Flows and have a little more cushioning than the Kinvaras. Think how fast you’ll feel racing in the lighter shoes!!

  4. Wow! You’re so lucky to have a stairmaster at home!!!
    Love your ripped shoulders and biceps, btw.
    I have a 10-miler in Sacramento this weekend. I’ve never done a 10 mile race, so I’m excited to see how I do.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like a busy Friday!
    This weekend I’m celebrating my two year anniversary with the boyfriend at the beach (where it’s supposed to rain -_-).
    My next races are two 5ks (1 “serious” one and 1 fun run ( and then my first full in June!!!

    Right now my left shin is feeling weird. Almost like it’s bruised. It doesn’t hurt to run or walk, but it’s super sensitive like if it gets bumped. Not sure what that means. I’ve been RICEing it as a precaution.

    I will pray for your shin to heal ASAP!

    • It’s always busy:) Happy anniversary!! We aren’t supposed to have great weather here, either, but I hope you enjoy your time at the beach anyway! eeek, that doesn’t sound great about your shins. I would take it easy. My ankles do that every now and then, hurt to the touch. It may be your sneakers?? RICE RICE RICE!;-) prayers are much appreciated for my shins, I’ll send some your way too!:)
      Have a great weekend!

  6. Phew, just reading about your day made me tired! I know those days – necessary evil.

    So running a half marathon on Sunday…. my first race since baby #2. Considering I am coming off of hell week, I mean his 6 month growth spurt, I am just looking forward to the alone time and checking out our new city on foot :). At least, let’s hope the growth spurt is over, or else I will be running the race with a baby smuggled under my sports bra!

    Happy weekend and have an awesome time with your husband!

  7. I found a lot of similarities between your post and my life right now. I slept in my calf compression sleeves last night. I strained my calf about 6 weeks ago, two weeks before my first marathon. I didn’t run much before the marathon, because it hurt, but gave it a go and finished. It was purely mental strength… or stupidity. 🙂 Anyway I’m just getting back to running this past week thank God, but my calfs have been so sore! I have a half marathon scheduled beginning of June and my first long run since my injury 6 weeks ago this Sunday… 10 miles. Will run with caution!

    Sounds like you are doing everything right… hang in there. Luckily the running comes back pretty easy after an injury as long as you keep cross training you will be fine!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi there I’m just finding your blog! I just tried on Brooks PureFlow at the Dallas RnR expo and loved how they felt! I’m guessing they are working out great for you?!!? I ran my first Half Marathon in New Orleans a couple weeks ago and had a sub 2 first half..wasn’t at all sure what I was going to pull off! Now I’m hooked! I ran Dallas last week very slowly with a friend that just had a baby! I just signed up for RnR San Diego yesterday and now must work on speed and hill work..any advice would be greatly appreciated! I live in Louisiana and have NO HILLS…any TM hill work/interval training plans you recommend? I am a 32 year old mother of two girls! I love reading your def entertain me! Oh..bit of entertainment for you guys..didn’t stop for bathroom break during NOLA half and with every stride felt like I was going to pee my…when I finally decided I could no longer run without peeing all over…was too was mile 11ish and no more port a potties in sight!! This is so gross I know but makes me giggle…lesson learned! And thank goodness I wore black compression capri’s! 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration,

  9. I have never had problems with my shins… but I think that you are very smart to do your long-run as cross-training. You can’t be too careful when it comes to an injury. Just keep your heart rate in a similar range to your LSD heart rate.

    I am hoping to run tomorrow morning with my running club. Something easy… maybe 10ish miles. I took the whole week off to nurse the hamstring (well, I took the week off of running but I did a couple of spin classes)… so I am hoping that it is doing better tomorrow and that my run will be smooth.

  10. I think it’s smart that you’re taking a break. I just actually wrote about that today in my blog. Two years ago I ignored the pain I was feeling in my groin/hip and ended up with a femoral stress reaction and then I was forced into 6 weeks of no running. Had I just listened to my body and slowed down for two weeks….so easier said than done, right? For us runners, it takes more discipline to NOT run than to run. But it is for the better! Two weeks ago I started feeling that pain in my hip again and cut way down on my weekly mileage. So glad that I did, because now I feel much better…running well with no pain.

    In regards to the shin splints, the last time they got really bad for me was when I was trying the minimalist shoes. Had to give up on them and go back to my beloved Mizuno Wave Creations.


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