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I think the world would be a better place if children understood that mothers need time to reacclimatize to home life after being gone for four days. Sadly, children don’t care. They don’t care that tired mama got up at 4am, was on a plane at 6am and back home in good old CT by noon. Life picks up right where it left off. While I want to pretend that I am still in Nashville shopping in cute little boutiques and eating fun little food. Not happening. Instead I am thrown directly into the lions den of super cranky toddlers. I love you my dear Luke, but please stop screaming. My ears can’t handle it right now.

So, I promise to tell you all about my fantastic trip down south.

I promise to tell you about the super fantastic most surreal running experience in the form of a marathon that I have ever run.

I promise to tell you about my sisters super adorable little puppy she just got. that woke up anytime between 12 and 2am every night. Delightful little puppy. Really.

I promise to share with you a plethora of pictures taken and turned into little instagram beauties. What did I do before the instagram effects, I do not know.

And I promise none of the above mentioned information will be shared with you today or tonight.

Because tonight I plan on sitting on my bum with a large glass of red wine chatting with my hubs about the events of the weekend. I promise I will do that.

I think I promise that by tomorrow I will have some delightful race reflections and Nashville tidbits for you.

And I will leave you with my official stats from the race…fyi, there were over 22,000 that did the half. just under 4,000 did the full. completely crazy. It was about 80 degrees and 26.2 miles of hills and blazing sun. Kind of like running in the middle of a hot, humid desert. I am certain. It’s possible that’s not all entirely true. It was more like 26.52 miles according to my trusty garmin. Here’s my race 411…


tell me about your weekends?!?!?

log runs? Long races? Long walks?

share some good news my friends 🙂

Must get worse before it gets better??


Ok, so quick update…gansett was phenomenal compared to this race. And if you read my gansett recap, you can only imagine how bad this was. But, mentally, I held on. I was in a better place mentally – my body was not on track.
I will do a full review, but I don’t have access to my computer now and this is from my phone. I just wanted to say “hi” from Nashville!!! Hi!!! I’ve missed you guys!! As I’m sure you have missed me dearly as well. I know it.
I have A LOT to recap here, as I’m not exactly sure what has happened to my running, other than to clue me in that I need to take a little sabbatical from the long distance thing and refocus my plan and the way I do things. A lot to think about.
My finish time was 3:43. don’t throw up. I did. Not because of the time, but because that’s what my body decided it wanted to do at every fuel station from mile 16 to the finish and for about 20 minutes after the finish, whenever I tried to take fluids. But, I stopped my garmin every time I had to hit a porta potty to let it out, and my garmin time was 3:32. I know that means absolutely nothing. but I’m just gonna go with it today. Thank you very much. (and I’m just gonna put this TMI out there, I woke up with my period. not necessarily a good or bad thing, just a fact that may or may not have impacted the tummy issues) ** edited to add- to give you an idea of how it went, my first half was 1:35, and I was staying conservative. Do the math. 2nd half was unreal. Or don’t do the math. Might be better that way.
Much more to come. Much. Stay tuned. And don’t even think about disowning my blog because I seemingly forgot how to run. I apparently have his crazy new talent of negative pr’ing with EVERY race. I’m going to quit while I’m ahead until I figure this little training body of mine out. By the second little puke fest at mile 18, I decided I really just wanted to come in under 4. I’m REALLY happy I finished. Another 26.2 done. More lessons, life and running, learned. That is all for now.
I hope every one racing and running had much more success than I!!! 🙂
And I keep trying to put pics on here, but my phone isn’t cooperating with me either. At least my girls are being good. And my sweaty band didn’t budge, yet again. Good stuff. So you get a kind of boring, picture-less post about my less than stellar race. I guess I give you permission to disown my blog now 😉 don’t you dare.

Help Me. Please.


Workout – elliptical easy 30 minutes.  really, too easy if you ask me.  but what am I gonna do.  I’m not running until Saturday.  there is only one stairclimber that is always in use.  my hands are tied.  default to the elliptical these days.  it’s really too bad you can’t do an elliptical marathon.

I need help.  In many ways. 

I need help organizing my schedule, preferably in the form of a full time personal assistant to remind me of things such as: go to your daughter’s kindergarten orientation this morning as well as find childcare for my son so that I am not chasing him up and down the halls at said orientation like I did last year for big sis.  it’s important.  you should probably be there and not miss it.  I missed it.  even though it was in the calendar.  anna will be none the wiser.  she’s just as clueless as I am.  something about the apple and the tree.

truthfully, on Monday I appropriately stressed ahead of time that she had orientation and I needed to figure out that little scheduling snippet of the week.  I promptly pushed it to the back of my mind to be ‘taken care of later’.  It was not taken care of later.  I didn’t know I missed it until I was reminded by a friend and the school secretary who left a message saying what kind of horrible mom are you that you missed your daughters orientation to such a milestone as kindergarten you should be ashamed we’re sorry we missed you today, perhaps you could try to come into our Thursday orientation?  not gonna happen.  still no childcare for my little gremlin and anna is in school.  unless you want to take cutie little gremlin Luke.  I’m in.

I need help folding my laundry.  there’s just too much of it for one person to do.  when I get to heaven, I’m going to ask God why there is so much darn laundry and where the heck does it all come from.  the basket it always full.  there is always a load in the wash.  always a load in the dryer.  always one waiting to be folded.  no matter what.  not nice.

I need help making certain decisions, one of which is what music to put on my new shuffle.  so green.  so friendly looking.  so cool.

iphone pics 721

I decided I wanted to run part of this marathon with music.  preferably the latter part.  I know.  I’m so on top of things and I’m so completely prepared.  I do things so far in advance it’s scary.  2 days before I leave and I have an empty green shuffle that I can’t get to sync with my computer, no music other than carrie underwood, taylor swift (don’t judge my music choice, but I know they are not going to help in the deathly realms of miles 21-26.2) and earphones I have never tried.  fantastic.  the guy at Target told me sometimes the earphones I got tend to hurt your ears after awhile.  I was thinking, dude, I’m not worried about a little ear bud pain.  that pain is nothing compared to the discomfort I am likely to experience at mile 24.  and I’m not paying $30 for the earphones you think I should get.  needless to say, I’m at a loss and don’t know where to begin to find adrenaline pumping heart beating music.  help me.

There is a good article, HERE, from Runner’s world about the pros and cons of running with music.  I think because I NEVER run with music, it could really help me keep my own thoughts out of my head.  I don’t want them there.  kind of a scary place the last few miles of a marathon.

What I don’t need help with is finding ways to make my life a little easier.  that’s a lie.  I need lots of help finding ways to make my day flow like milk chocolate, but I do have a few ways that help me smooth out the day…

1.  When there’s just not time to shower before going to kindergarten orientation to dance class and missing orientation….(be warned – unshowered, makeup-less pictures of me with random products, because it’s been awhile and I thought you should see some unshowered ridiculous pictures of me with products.  fun)

iphone pics 723

neutrogena got beat out by generic.  I bought neutrogena the first time, then this was on sale for like $2 less right next to it.  how could I not?  that’s $2 that could go directly to the lululemon fund kids college savings for goodness sake.


2.  For when there’s not time to put on makeup.  ever.  tinted moisturizer.  inexpensive version.  so that I don’t even have to feel bad about wearing it to the playground.  once again, neutrogena saves the day.

iphone pics 724

3.  For when you turn 30 and the eye wrinkles become a tad more noticeable and the regular stuff just isn’t cutting it…

iphone pics 725

4.  For when you take a sabbatical from protein powder, or just keep forgetting to order it, and need other non-meaty ways to get in protein (I opted out of this pic, egg whites stand alone)….

iphone pics 726

I’m thinking my body is made up mostly of egg whites at this point.  light and fluffy.


5.  For when the little guy only takes a one hour nap after being up at 5am all week and chooses to be a pissy pants crazy kid for the rest of the day…


TOTALLY KIDDING.  I would never.  even think about it.  he’s far too smart and would be out of that thing is seconds.  we use binkies and froggy loves and big sisters and happy words for attitude adjustments instead.  I was told in motherhood 101 that straight jackets were not appropriate.

iphone pics 727

this seems to do the trick.  as does a little good, old fashioned American Tail.  who doesn’t love Fievel.


And the prep continues for long weekend travels with gammy and the little girls.  Trying to figure out my silly little shuffle that doesn’t want to cooperate.  Getting some epsom salt and soaking in the tub.  followed by lots of rolling and icing tonight.  and then some packing.  and folding laundry.  and sleeping.  and making mental lists of all the things I need to do – like NOT forget the garmin or the charger.  very important. 

This will probably be the last post before the race on Saturday, and even then I can’t make promises of too much posting while in Nashville.  And I am already calculating that I am short about 8 hours of time tomorrow with all of the stuff I have to get done.  and a 6am flight on Friday.  joy.  gonna be tight.  I’ll make it work.  sleep is overrated.  among many other things.  I’m off to soak in some epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide.  fingers crossed. 


happy running and racing and spectating and anything else that goes with running this weekend!!!


Claiming It


Workout – chasing Luke around at 5am.  I am claiming that as my workout.  done.

other things I am claiming as my workout –

Staying up far too late last night enjoying the company of a very best friend and wine, and dinner, and flourless chocolate cake, and another bday celebratory cocktail – peach flirtini.  I can’t pass up the peach.  that’s a workout.  in some convoluted way, totally claiming that as a workout.  fork to mouth.  repeat.  work it girl.

I’m also claiming walking up and down the aisles of DSW shoe warehouse looking for the perfect pink pump.  found.

iphone pics 719

all this nonsense talk the other day about needing comfortable shoes for my hard working feet.  eh.  not today.  fashion over comfort.


and the perfect wedge.  found again.

iphone pics 718

someone needs to dress this girl up and take her out.  I might sleep in those tonight.  my 4 year old would.  one on each foot.  husband, do you see a problem with that?  I don’t see a problem.

actually, that little wedgy beauty is from the aisles of Marshalls.  an equally dangerous shoe haven.  I never knew I needed these until they jumped out at me.  scary actually.  even then, I held in my hands another basic, linen wedge saying to my girlfriend, I really want to be that (insert stripy fun wedge shoe) girl, but I’m really more of a basic linen wedge girl.  and she says, as any bf would, you know what, you will never be that (insert stripy fun wedge shoe) girl if you always go for the basic linen wedge.  I see you as the stripy fun wedge.  I’m a stripy wedge.  who knew. 

With a lot of things, I see myself one way, but want to be a different way – step out of my comfort zone, different, better, challenged.  I hold myself back because I tell myself, self, you are definitely not that person.  well, I can imagine why you’re not that person smarty, because you tell yourself you’re not and you keep doing things like buying basic linen wedges when you want the stripy wedge.  the linen wedge that keeps you being the linen wedge.  get the freaking linen wedge out of here and add a little stripe!  and patent leather!  and sass!  just a little.  take a baby step.  take a baby chance.  grow. 

and I’m so happy with my stripy wedge.  I don’t wish for one second that I had bought the linen wedge.  embodying the stripe.  linen be gone.  but for all I know I’m missing the trend entirely and linen is the most “in” thing right now.  besides the point.

I used to do this with running.  Oh, you’re not a runner.  you just run.  and you want to be a ‘runner’, but that’s for those other people.  and oh, you can’t run a sub 1:29 half marathon.  that’s for fast people.  I want to be fast, but those fast numbers are for fast people.  but I am a runner.  whether I run a 2 hour half or a 1:25 half.  and I am fast.  sometimes.  and I took little steps to get there.  out of my comfort zone.  and I will never win the olympics, or even get close to the olympics, but I’m claiming myself as a runner.  and anything else that I want to be that I tell myself I can’t be.  taking baby steps to get there.  like buying a stripy wedge instead of a linen one.  or buying a wedge at all.  there’s no reason for this 5’9.5” (yes, claiming that 1/2 inch as well) girl to be wearing a 4inch wedge.  but I want to.  so there.  life lessons in shoes.  be who you want to be.  or at least start trying to get there.  put down the linen wedge there stripy.


So if you count today, it’s 4 days until Marathon #5.  If you don’t count today, it’s 3 days until Marathon #5.  either way, it’s close.  What have I done to get ready for it today? 


that’s a good thing.  no working out.  no Lululemon stalking shopping.  no Fleet Feet run ins.  no pace calculations.  calm.  cool.  collected.

But, I had a massage yesterday.  that was….interesting.  chatty hatty massage therapist.  but I wasn’t really going to relax – I was going for her to massage the heck out of my legs and make them happy again.  this particular massage therapist was described to me as ‘a large woman who can get the work done’.  oh my.  230lbs of large kneading into my glute and hamstring.  that’s painful.  they wouldn’t budge.  tight is an understatement.  I might be slightly bruised today, but I do feel ‘looser’ in the leg area.  I think.  I’ll get back to you on that in a couple days when I can feel my legs again.

She recommended that I take an epsom salt/hydrogen peroxide bath a couple times before the race.  is she talking out of her bum?  I’ve heard of taking them after a race, but I guess taking one before couldn’t hurt.  Thoughts?


What is the last pair of shoes you bought (not sneakers)?

Do you like to get massages?

Have you ever taken an Epsom salt bath?  Beneficial?


Tweet Me Nicely


Workout – 30 minutes easy elliptical (this is taper time) and 20 minutes of leg strength:

Seated adductors/abductors

Seated squats

Plie squats with shoulders

I don’t think I’ve been this excited to go to the gym at 5:30 am in quite awhile.  what could this be?  the stellar terrific run I had yesterday?  the run that quite possibly still has me high on endorphins and loving every little miniscule part of life?  even butterflies.  and poopy diapers.  ok not poopy diapers.  dislike.  or my two year old who is trying to eat me alive today with terrible screaming fits.  I love him.  but dislike the very inconvenient meltdown tantrums in the middle of whole foods.  pretty sure I could live without that.  but loving every other part of life. 

I am really very excited that I ran yesterday and am walking to tell about it today.  I absolutely don’t feel perfect.  My right leg is tight, but not ‘splinty’.  that makes me want to sing and dance.  especially considering I ran a marathon just over a week ago.  if there was ‘splinty leg’ to be had, it would for sure be happening right now.  that’s my theory.  so the fact that it just feels tight and not holy crap I can’t walk without it hurting, makes me feel pretty darn good.  REST DOES A BODY GOOD! 

I could use more rest for that leg, for sure.  and I will rest it until Saturday.  then I will continue to rest it for a bit after that.  but then I have a half marathon one month later that I LOVE TO RUN.  my favorite half marathon.  not because it’s the only half I have run besides the horrid colchester hills this past february.  my heart belongs to Ironhorse.  there is nothing spectacular or exciting about this half.  just that it works well for me.  and I want to rock it this year.  back when I was planning my races and the projected outcome of each one for the year, this was going to be a big half PR race.  BUT, lesson learned from my personal Gansett nightmare – I will definitely adjust my goals accordingly depending on how I feel leading up to it.  I don’t need to have another complete meltdown half way through the race and start hyperventilating in a sobbing mess.  what?  that didn’t happen at gansett.  you’re crazy.

that’s all there is to it.  I love to run.  I love to challenge myself.  I love to push the line.  I have lost my mental edge a little bit these past couple months.  and I felt it big time in my last race.  maybe it’s because the running has been lacking in a major way.  maybe it’s because I haven’t been pushing myself everyday.  whatever it is, my little run yesterday gave me a taste again for running hard.  I want to, need to, hold on to that.  especially this weekend.  big goals, or little goals, make it work.  push it hard.  make it happen.  give it your best everytime.  and everytime it will get easier.  i think.  that’s my plan anyway.  feel free to join me.



Alright all of you Twitter Tweeple.  tweeple.  I’m so witty.  and so original.  i’m sure NO ONE has every used that word before.  anyway you lovely tweeps tweeting out there – I’m in.  I did it for you, FitFluential.  They told me I could let you peeps know this, I have been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador!  Yay! 

Ok, I’m not exactly 100% certain yet what that means, but hopefully it means some very good things for YOU and ME in the future.  I’m still crossing my T’s and dotting my i’s with them, but this should be fun.

That is why you will see the little “follow me on twitter” button over yonder in the sidebar.  nothing fancy because nothing on this free blogspace of mine is fancy.  yet.  and I am pretty clueless about the in’s and out’s of twitter, so please bear with me as I learn.  so if you ‘follow’ me, be kind to any silly ‘tweets’ that make their way out into the twitter world.  It’s a big big world out there, all that Twitter stuff.  kinda crazy.  kinda funny.



I am in the countdown mode to Nashville.  This is going to be a lot more work to ‘prep’ for this race – in more than just getting myself ready to run.  I think it will be good for me to run COMPLETELY 100% outside of my comfort zone. 

I’m bringing my two little girls with me.  and my mom.  I need backup.  and leaving the boys at home.  the little girls don’t know about the trip yet.  this was more self-preservation of my sanity than anything.  I do want them to be surprised, but I really didn’t want them packing for a month and asking me every 5 minutes for 3 weeks, when are we going to nashville???  so, they won’t know where we are going until 5:00am on Friday morning when they are pulled from their slumber to get to the airport.  so fun. 

Lots of prep for this.  like I said.  make sure the boys are all set.  make sure the girls are all set with a gazillion activities to keep them busy on the plane. 

This is going to be a busy week.  especially since I am still busy with bday celebrations – tonight, tomorrow and Thursday night.  quite the social calendar I have this week.  and evenings are really when most of my ‘stuff’ gets done because the days are pretty shot with kid stuff. 

my getting to bed by 9pm everynight this week plan might not pan out so well.  I will do my best.

I will also do my best to stay away from Lululemon this week and avoid the I must buy a new marathon outfit crazy talk.  I promise.  I will do my best.

I will also do my best to keep up on the blog this week.  it may be tough.  but, now you can keep up with me on twitter!  as soon as I figure out how to do that.

I will also do my best not to go crazy figuring out pace calculations and other pre-race mental stuff I do.  this is going to be a nice race.  nice.

I will also do my best to ice, compress, roll.  ice, compress, roll.  repeat. 

and I will do my best to keep my happy/life is good/go with the flow/anything is possible/dream big work hard attitude.  and you should too.  go for a run if you can’t find it.  it might be out on the road somewhere.  or hiding behind a bush, so don’t be afraid to take a potty break if you need to. 

that’s it for me.

Luke is outside somewhere.  maybe trying to find his happiness.  I hope he finds it.  for my sake.  and I need to go find him.  and I must feed the children.  doing my job.


Who’s on Twitter???

Who has run a Rock and Roll marathon before? 

When do you get most of your busy/housework stuff done? 


Irresistible Rain


Workout – RUN.  7 miles.  YES!!!!!  you read that right.  I just couldn’t resist this weather…


what a beautiful day.  somehow, I managed to NOT run all week in the unbelievably beautifully gorgeous wonderful amazing April weather.  but the cold rain hits and I just cave.  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  into the rain I went. 

I’ve been such a good ‘rester’ lately, I deserved this run.  I’ve been craving a good run all week.  and all week I resisted (aside from the little track workout)  today, I had to give into the craving.  I had to give into what my body was telling me to do.  I especially like it when it says to me, go for it Katie, run, enjoy, be happy.  I oblige.  happy to.  It’s like when you have a food craving, they say it’s because your body is telling you it needs whatever nutrition that food can give you.  whether that is true or not, I do not know.  but go with me for a second…so I feel like after resting from running for so long and then this week I have this need to run that I can’t get rid of, it’s like my body is telling me to just run.  I am really good at over thinking and analyzing things, when sometimes it’s just better to step back, relax and go with with what your mind/body is ‘telling’ you to do, even when the logical, over thinking side is telling you to think twice.  think twice and listen to your body sometimes.  mine was ready for a little go at running on the roads today.  it was fantastic.  puddles, wind, soppy wet shoes and all.   

no, my right leg did not feel 100%

no, I did not feel fast or super strong

no, my shin did not hurt while I was running.  happy day.  and it didn’t hurt after.  and it still doesn’t hurt.  super happy day.

yes, my knee was a little angry

yes, my right leg was SUPER tight from my tush to my ankle.  all the way down the back

yes, I have an appointment for a massage tomorrow and that’s one reason I felt comfortable running today.

yes, it’s possible that I have an ear to ear grin that I ran 7 miles, didn’t feel great, but didn’t have a pity party that I didn’t feel perfect or run super fast.  I’m working with what I’ve got right now.  I’ve got my whole life quite a few years ahead of me to hone in on my running skills.

I didn’t really have a plan for this run.  I’m totally out of my element with running.  I’m not sure which way is up lately when I put my sneaks on.  which would be these as of late, even at the gym, mizuno wave rider 15’s…


this is a totally random picture I found on my phone.  looks like anna really likes my shoes too.

they are the most supportive shoes I own and I am planning on wearing them for the marathon next weekend.  which is another reason I wanted to get out today.  I wanted to get another run in with them before we team up for the long one.

I decided right before I hit the pavement that I wanted to have an easy warmup mile and a couple miles to push it a bit with easier miles in between.  So it was a little all over the place, but I was happy with it.


I was happy with the warmup, mile 2 felt good, mile 3 was nice and easy, mile 4 included a little wind, puddle jumping and car dodging.  then I just wanted to keep it steady for a few.  good stuff.

rolling hills.



(ps, while on garmin connect, I peeked at my gansett splits.  and almost vomited.  big mistake.  you will never know)

I think today’s run would have been completely 100% rainbows and butterflies (not butterflies, I don’t like butterflies, maybe tulips or orchids, I like those) and I would have had splits like this girl if I was wearing these two snazzy items…

lulu jacket

Hi lululemon.  will you be my friend?

lulu top


While we are on the topic of things that will make me happy and things that I think I need, here are a couple more


here’s why I need these.  i wear flip flops a lot.  and I’m starting to think that they are really bad for your feet, legs, etc.  this may be a completely ridiculous justification to purchase a new pair of shoes.  but this is the one I am using to possibly purchase these this week.  for my feet.  my body is telling me that my feet are not happy and they need these.  I must listen.

and these…Hudsons…they are on sale…I will not say for how much…


and here is why I need these…I don’t wear jeans enough and my body is telling me that it is because a lot of the jeans that I own are too tight and my legs and hips want more comfortable fitting jeans.  the only way to do that is to buy designer fitting jeans.  I should listen to the bod.  true.

other things that made me happy this weekend…

this adorable little guy got a haircut…and he just gets cuter.  didn’t think it was possible. 

luke haircut

and now we are sending him off to marine bootcamp.  he’s got the cut.  he’s ready.  he’s pretty tough and strong.

and these little ladies…all smiles


they were loving each other at the moment.  then it’s possible that the big one was choking the little one the next moment.  not for sure though.

it was one of those Sundays where my husband and I looked at each other and kept saying, wow, this is just a really nice day with the family.  it flowed almost seamlessly.  I guess that’s kind of a rare thing with three little kids and schedules and training for races and birthday parties and busy weekend plans.  but everything jived today.  and it was pleasant.  there is light and the end of the crazy tunnel of really small children not sleeping very well and flying in all different directions at all times.  really good days, within good days.  

another happy note for Sunday – I found a lentil I like.  edit: I do not like lentils or ever plan on liking lentils but am one of those people that won’t give up on a food that is really good for you that I can make more palatable with a lot of salt and other seasonings as well as hiding it in another food like quinoa.  or chocolate.  there must be a lentil chocolate recipe that is to die for somewhere out there.  I need it.


anyway, I found a lentil that I did not destroy while trying to cook it.  it did not turn to mush.  it was not crunchy after it had been boiling for 25 minutes.  I daresay it cooked perfectly.  and it looked nice and rustic too.  thank you bob’s red mill for making a lentil that I could salt and pepper up and toss with quinoa and hopefully chocolate someday.

lentils 2


What a great Sunday.  I was really starting to get down that I have not been running.  and just when I needed it, I had a good run.  put a little pep in my step.  a little hip hip in my hooray.  a little assurance that my leg won’t have to be amputated below the knee.  yet.  a little confidence for another marathon next weekend.  a little bit of endorphins that this endorphin lacking, elliptacling, stairmastering, resting mama needed.  a little hope that all hope is not lost in the world.  good things happen and little families of five have fabulously fantastic Sunday afternoons.  and the children are going back to school tomorrow.  that helps too.

Give me YOUR weekend recap?!?


Long runs?

Injuries healing?

Lentils cooking properly? 

How do you feel about flip flops?  I wish I could wear them all year ‘round.  generally if it is above 30 degrees, they are on my feet.

Let’s Take Care of Business



#1 Item of Business:

Workout Business

I think I have quite a few days of workouts to record here.  where do I begin…

Thursday night Family Track workout

There was a lot of this going on…


and not a lot of running.  but we made it to the track.

Much of what I expected.  I just did 2 miles.  really not even worth it, but it was my last run in my 20’s.  farewell.  It was more of a let’s see how the legs are feeling kind of track run.  they weren’t feeling so hot.  not because I ran a marathon 4 days before, but because something is just really tight in my right leg.  much better today.  but solidified that I will not be running much at all until the next marathon.  surprise.

1/2 mile warmup, 1 mile @ 6:23 (cruising, didn’t feel like I was pushing it) (but it was only 1 mile), 1/2 mile c/d.  big time.  I’m pulling reverse psychology on marathon training – called don’t run at all for 4 weeks leading up to a marathon and have big expectations.  solid training.

some mild not dramatic at all self talk following the little unnecessary, not useful for anything track run:

oh good God in heaven, my leg is broken, that hurt so bad, I’m never going to run again

there’s nothing wrong with your legs, katie, you are 100% fine, it’s just a little numb feeling and you should definitely run 10 miles in this 75 degree weather

oh dear Lord my leg hurts from my glute to my big toe and it will surely need to be amputated.  maybe I could be an elite amputee runner.  that could work.

I pulled myself back down to earth and am preparing to run with a decent amount of leg discomfort on Saturday.  marathons do hurt.   it is a fact.  I will not say pain because certain unnamed people (mom and nana) will get upset if I say I am going to run with pain.

 Side note business…

I’m trying to keep out of my conscious that it’s been one month since I called it on extensive amounts of running.  I think I could count on one hand the # of runs I have done, none of which have exceeded in miles the # of fingers I have on one hand.  I have 5 fingers on my hand.  I don’t have a freakishly odd number of fingers on my hands.  they’re normal.  that’s not a lot of running.  staying positive.  making smart choices.  riding the line between taking it easy and preserving my running body- and overdoing it and killing my running body.  I don’t want that.  I’m really taking it easy, and that’s not necessarily by choice but by the fact that my right leg will eat me alive if I push it through a run before another marathon

Friday Workout 

I put my taper hat on and called it a complete rest day.  I am technically tapering.  how did we get to one week before a marathon again???  I am SO EXCITED to run this marathon.  more on that in uno momento.

Saturday Workout

In the new cool racerback.  another item of clothing everyone should experience.  along with a pair of designer jeans and lululemon wunder unders.  complete wardrobe right there. 


Pretty decent cross training at the gym

1 hour elliptical – I wanted to push it a little bit so I did level 20 alternated with level 16 intervals – alternating forward and backward motion.  fun.

20 minutes speed intervals on stairmaster.

Leg strength training – seated leg abductors (great for IT band issues), seated leg press, squats with shoulder work, planks.

#2 Item of Business:

30th Bday Business

Recap in pictures.  because I’m pretty sick of talking about myself, my birthday and all other things going on.  I was treated like a queen. as it should have been.

Birthday eve cupcakes from the madre


I took a little nibble pre pic.  couldn’t wait.

approximately 3 hours later


   possibly three of the most wonderful things all together in one package


only to possibly be trumped by these that came on my birthday.  that came to me for free.  doesn’t get better.


These will get an entire post of their own.  but I love them.  thank you mizuno.  you are awesome.  and comfortable.  and make my feet happy in every level of stability.

I couldn’t decide which to put on first.  so I wore one on each foot around the house. 


mizuno musha to the left.  mizuno wave precision 12 to the right.  fab.

more flowers…


birthday rocks.  everyone needs birthday rocks. 


according to my children it’s because it would be ‘sad if I didn’t have anything to open on my birthday’.  thoughtful.

because my girls were so generous and gave me precious rocks from the yard that are now sitting on my nightstand, as naturally that’s the only place for them – I in turn took them for a little bday girls day to the salon to get their haircut for the first time and to get their nails done.  I guess salon Katie in the bathroom wasn’t good enough for them. 

to finish off the bday, dinner with the hubs and a trip to lululemon to spend the bday money appropriately and quickly before it got spent on something like food or gas.  fashionable athletic wear is far more important.

here’s my only dinner pic.  it’s a dark picture.  I wore the target shirt.  that was not ugly at all.  hangin’ with my peach kicker in a jar.  it was super tasty.  no pictures of food.  it was super tasty too.  

bday dinner

the peach kicker had peppers in it.  that’s a first for me.  drinking an adult beverage with a vegetable in it.  I’m 30 now.  I can do adult things like that.  another first for me was entering “age 30” on the cardio machines at the gym.  honesty is the best policy.

#3 Item of Business

Running Talk


While I have put ZERO pressure on myself to achieve a certain outcome, I still have tucked away in my mind an adjusted and possibly tangible, but possibly tough to reach goal.  one that will still make me work.  but one that I’m holding onto loosely because I’m not letting this race be my new goal race.  this is my fun race.  and this is my race that I want to love running.  but one that I know will be hard…. 

because my last long run (not including gansett marathon) was in February

because I have taken a huge break from running in this past month

because my right leg still does not feel great.  or near great.

but one that I will be mentally prepared for….

because I am going to remember the training that I have done

because I’m going to tell myself that I am more than capable of achieving what I want to do

because I am going to be confident in my running abilities aside from the speedwork and tempo runs and track work and long runs that I did or did not do.  I have an ability to run.  and I am going to hold onto what I know I can do.

because I know it’s going to hurt.  I know my threshold and I know when the hurt is making me a better, stronger runner and when the hurt is truly a potential injury.  sometimes it’s a fine line and I’m learning how to ride it because I’m not convinced I’m truly injured.  I’d like to get completely off the line and just be a stronger runner.  a work in progress.  balancing work and rest.  I’m in that phase of training where I had upped my miles quite a bit and upped the stress on my body with speedwork and my body is responding and trying to adapt to this stress.

According to The Runner’s Body by Runner’s World, when running and training – there are three stages your body can go through:

1. Alarm

2. Adaptation

3. Exhuastion

Running places a stress on your body and induces an alarm reaction.  this can go either way – lead you to adapt, become a stronger runner.  If the stimulus is too much, it can lead to injury and bodily breakdown.  If the stimulus is too little, you won’t see improvements.  Certain things that determine which way your body goes are Volume (duration, frequency), Intensity and Recovery.  The right interaction of these things determine how your body adapts.  very interesting.

Your body moves into the ADAPTATION phase.

If you put too much stress on your body, you move into the EXHAUSTION phase.  which can be managed by understanding and changing the volume, intensity and very importantly recovery (and rest)

I’m learning how to REST.  I probably came close to the exhaustion phase.  not in the sense that I was physically exhausted, but like I said – walking the line between becoming a stronger runner and getting really injured.  when things start to go wrong, it’s really important to REST.  it gives your body a change.  and a new way to adapt.

It’s very hard for me to rest.  it’s becoming harder to not run.  but I want to run for a long time.  not just the next time I want to go out for a nice 10 mile jog.  patience.

So I’m excited to run this marathon.  with no pressure.  in hot nashville weather.  with my little girls at the finish line and my little sister running the half.  listening to country music all the way.  fantastic.

Tell me about the races this weekend?!?  Who did what?

What is your favorite type of flower?

Cupcakes or brownies?  you must pick one of the two.  no other options.

Pardon the Interruption…and a WINNER


Your regularly scheduled blog will return at some point this weekend….just as soon as we (as in the fam and I) finish doing fun things like holding 5 minute planks

iphone pics 716


testing out new lululemon gear (ok, that’s just me, not a family activity, that would be weird and unusual)….cool racerback tank because you can never have enough of those little delights, and the sweatshirt.  happy bday.  stylin.

iphone pics 715

trying to avoid broken bones and skinned knees without proper safety gear while rollerblading…safety is overrated.

iphone pics 717

my girl.  showing off her toddler six pack.  is a 4 year old still a toddler?  probably not.  she’s more like a mini adult.


and not running.  (I actually feel pretty good, but still not running.  and it is TORTURE.  complete and utter torture.  to not run when it is 75 and sunny out.  and can think of nothing more cruel, truly.  but smart runner Katie is really shining through right now and we’re going with it)

But you can be sure I will fill you in on why I’m still not running.  I can be sure you can guess why I’m not running.  I’m like a broken record.  something to do with shins and weird leg discomfort or something.  I don’t know.  but I will also fill you in on the good things I’ve learned and why I think injuries and little setbacks make us stronger runners.  deep thoughts to come.

You can be sure I will fill you in on 30th bday shenanigans.  which really weren’t shenanigans at all.  because I am a 30 year old mother of three.  I’m pretty sure I forgot what shenanigans are like.  the last time I partook in shenanigans was in Boston and I swore that I would never do it again.  holding firm.  the only shenanigans I may have partaken in last night would have been something called a peach kicker.  it was tasty.  and it was singular.  leading to zero shenanigans.


And the WINNER of the Sweaty Band giveaway is….randomly generated….

marah on April 19, 2012 at 5:24 pm said: [Edit]

hey katie… it’s your bday, and i love the pink/brown band, so i had to enter! my fav accessory to run with is…. Lucy (she makes me feel fast ;) but seriously, it’s actually a very old, very thin, very comfy, very broken in lululemon long sleeve shirt that keeps me warm or cool when needed. i swear this shirt has a brain and knows exactly what i need it to do.

Congrats, Marah!!  I will get these to you asap so that you can enjoy the deliciousness that are Sweaty Bands! 

Now everyone else go buy one from their website!  and please still be my friend even though you didn’t win!  There were a lot of comments and I promise I will come up with some more giveaways in the future.  and I really wanted to comment on all of your comments about your favorite gear and how this is the greatest blog you have ever read running accessories, but I just couldn’t do it all.  and thank you for all of your wonderful birthday wishes!!  makes a girl feel special.  not old at all.


I know some of you are racing this weekend, and some are running your first race, whether it be a marathon, or a 5k – GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE!!!  whether it be your first race (good for you for getting out there!!) or you 100th race, speed and fantastically perfect weather be with you.


What are some of your fun weekend plans??

Do you like to rollerblade?  I really dislike that tingly feeling that you get on the bottom of your feet when you rollerblade.  just me?  or anyone else experience that?



Workout – 30 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes stairclimber, 20 minutes stairmaster.  little bit ‘o weights. 


30 is not shaping up too badly so far.  no gray hairs.  I haven’t had to break out the wheelchair.  yet.  LOTS of FUN and FANTASTIC stuff happening that I can’t fill you in on right now because I’m too busy being busy celebrating 30…the fun continues all day.  I’ll fill you in on all the happenings tomorrow, including our family track party last night.  i got my last ‘run’ of my 20’s in.  lets just say it was less than impressive.  and hello new age group for me.  now the competition begins.  so my sources say.

But I had to check in and share these two little things that I stole from friends on facebook.  public property once it’s on fb.  enjoy. 

iphone pics 698

guilty.  maybe.


iphone pics 699

thanks, Kerri, if you are reading this.  I just loved this.


don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY.  you have until 9pm tonight.  then you turn into a pumpkin.


Be fit and fantastic today!  Do something that makes you happy, makes someone else happy and and makes the world go round.  like reduce, reuse, recycle.  that’s my earth day contribution. 



That Was Painlessly Productive…and I saved $20


Workout – 50 minutes stairmaster.  moderate/high intensity.  I’m going to do it.  I’m going to go to the track tonight and run.  you can’t stop me (the lacrosse kids might stop me, but I’m hopeful that they haven’t overtaken the track tonight) It may not be wise.  It may not be beneficial to anything training related.  but I’m going to do it.  and I’m going to have my husband and three kids with me, so it may not even be a productive run, but something will happen.  and my little heart will be singing happy running songs again.  for tonight.  the main reason I pick the track is because it is really easy on the legs.  like super easy.  so much cushion.  and I will wear my mizuno waverider 15’s to make it even more lovely.  definitely staying off the roads for now.

I’ve had a very productive day so far.  let me be clear on one thing.  my definition of productive has changed drastically since I have had children.  I consider any day a productive success if it includes a workout, a shower, a healthilicious and delicious breakfast for the kids (because all other meals tend to go down the crapper as the day goes on, I can generally get them to eat a good breakfast, and snacks.  case in point today – lunch may have been Target popcorn and tcby froyo.  don’t judge), getting laundry done, and utilizing some of the patience I have left for the kids to keep everyone happy.  we are on day 5 of vacation.  the patient tank is getting low. 

I get extra productivity points and my day gets bumped into the super-productive category for things like the following:

+1 point, taking 3 kids to renew my license at AAA.  no need to go to DMV.  this was so much less painful than I thought it would be.  Luke actually sat in the stroller.  no children jumped in the picture.  and the picture didn’t come out too badly.  and I didn’t have to pay the $20 late fee because I actually did it on time.  that counts for another +1 productivity point.

Which one is the new one?  (I was pregnant with #1 in the old one, 6 years ago, I was only 24!!!  I retained every ounce of fluid that entered my body, hence the puffy face.  it only got worse.  not my most shining moment of beauty)

iphone pics 686

iphone pics 687

+3 points, for not only taking a shower but for washing the hair, drying the hair and applying makeup.  I had a AAA photo shoot today, of course I had to look my best.

+15 points, dragging the kids into Target and coming out having spent less than $200, and having avoided the dollar trap on the way in.  I love Target.  where I can get almond milk for $2.99 as well as little frocks for mother and child.  fantastic.  I need to start working on my spring/summer wardrobe.  please don’t comment on your opinion of that little blouse to the right unless you think it’s adorable and trendy.  I’m well aware my fashion skills are lacking.  but I happened to like this one.  whether it’s in style or not, I don’t really care. A for effort.

iphone pics 683 


+1 point, hitting up TCBY for frozen yogurt on the way home to meet Jeannie.  We actually missed each other, but she came back to chat for a minute.  until the 6 kids between the two of us started losing it in the closet sized TCBY.  I kid not.  I think most walk in closets are bigger than this TCBY.  thanks for meeting up for a minute, Jeannie!!!  So nice to actually meet you!

iphone pics 678

that child is far too happy to be eating his froyo.  good times luke.

iphone pics 679

sorry anna.  you didn’t make the cut for this pic.  we’ll catch ya next time.  I think my A girl is sad because I only let her get 15 toppings this time instead of the usual 18.  and it cost me more than I spent at Target.

+500 points, getting it all done before noon.  it’s like there’s a whole ‘nother day left to do so much more productively fun things.

Looks like I fall into the super-productive category for today.  what is my reward?  do it all again tomorrow.  try to rack up the points again.

I’m back in the “there is so much to do around this house, I don’t know where to begin mindset”.  which brings me back to, “just pick one thing to do and if that’s all that gets done – fabulous” frame of mind.  and it makes for a pretty productive week. 

I’m going to make a liar out of myself and talk about the recovery topic that I mentioned in my post yesterday, because I’m doing so much of it lately and I think it’s important, even if you are not injured.  the one I said I probably wouldn’t do until next week, or next month, or anytime soon.  well, it’s that productive kind of day, so here’s a little tidbit about a little TLC for your running body.  courtesy of this little magazine that ended up in my mailbox…

iphone pics 664

if they are trying to sucker me into subscribing to some trail version of their mag, it may have worked.  I enjoyed reading this. I found a lot of good info.  my husband is of the trail running breed – he does the 100 mile trail ultra’s and I have a 50 mile trail race on my agenda for the fall.  I should get acquainted with trail lingo.

This particular article from Runner’s World Trail caught my eye – for trail runners and road runners alike – and I was happy to see that I’ve been doing much of what it talks about…

iphone pics 666

Here is what they say to do to RECOVER the right way:

1.  Compress yourself.  HELLO!  I love to do this.  Here is what they say, “after a workout, metabolic waste begins to pool in your feet and your legs, causing swelling and soreness.  Squeeze the harmful fluids from your extremities by throwing on some compression socks…”  perfect. 

2. Be Kneady.  use a tiger tail or foam roller to massage the muscles.  it helps oxygen rich blood to flow to those areas to help damaged tissue heal faster. 

3. Step it Up.  Particular more to trail runners, hop on the stairmaster to help flush waste from certain muscles that are used and abused more so in trail running.  I also think the stairmaster is a great crosstraining exercise for running in general.  I used it a lot last fall.

4. Don’t stretch, do yoga.  I found this interesting.  They say yoga is great because it engages certain muscles while stretching others.  Static stretching does not produce such reductions in soreness as dynamic stretching or yoga would.   I did a lot of the P90X yoga last fall. I loved it and felt great.

5. Refuel with a Shake.  They say you have a 30 minute window after a run to shut down the stress responses of exercise.  This can be done by refueling with a protein/carb snack.  Something like almond/rice milk with protein powder, dark chocolate powder, dried oats and berries is a great shake.  In addition to sipping on liquids for 3 hours after a run.  Water with a pinch of salt and lemon as you need sodium to properly help your body absorb the water.  Perfect.  I love shakes.  I like to use Plant Fusion protein powder.  It’s awesome.

6. Take a cold bath.  it is believed to decrease inflammation by causing the muscles to contract, which pumps out metabolic waste.  the article says to avoid a hot tub as the hot water will only inflame the muscles more making you sorer and sluggish.

7. Get a good night’s sleep.  The more you sleep, the more the muscles repair.  A study done by University of Chicago’s Eve Van Cauter noted that individuals who get too little sleep metabolize glucose less efficiently, which may impair recovery.


What do you consider a productive day?

Do you do any of those things in the article?

Do you make protein shakes?  With what?