The Day I Climbed Kilimanjaro and SpeedWork


Well, hello Monday afternoon.  How the heck did we get back here so fast?!?  I hit ‘publish’ on Friday’s post and have been going nonstop since…including a little mountain climbing action on Saturday morning…

iphone pics 546

It was a tough one.  All in a day’s work.  That was only part of the workout.  I did a repeat of the wannabe Saturday long run that’s nothing like a long run but mentally makes me feel an eency weency teency bit more prepared for what’s coming in less than 12 days, and the fact that I am not going to be running until then.  that kind of long run.  my last non long run before Gansett. 

So I climbed Kilimanjaro, because it looked rough and tough.  I came out on the other side.  unscathed.  I survived.  Here’s what my whole workout looked like on Saturday…

iphone pics 547  

Happy to report that I had ZERO shin pain.  granted, I did not set foot on a treadmill, or even think about running for fear of my little shins getting upset.  but, last weeks non long run cardio hop did bother my shinnikins just a tad.  so it was reassuring that I had NO PAIN at all on Saturday doing those blasted cardio machines.  and I’m pretty sure I am now labeled at the gym as the girl who escaped from the loony bin and does 2 and a 1/2 hours of cardio on a Saturday morning.  what, 2 and a 1/2 hours of cardio doesn’t sound like a rockin’ good time to you?  you’re crazy.  it’s a rager.  It actually wasn’t that bad.  I really could have used another 45 minutes to get in a few more “miles” and get some strength training in, but this silly thing called my family needed me to participate in Saturday’s activities, such as birthday party pickups and child rearing.

This would be why my shin pain lingers, all in the name of being a mom….because I go straight from a workout to running around all over creation and chasing little people and not icing or stretching or rolling.  there’s just not time for the workout and the TLC to happen all at once.  I put off the important stuff until that evening.  this is better than nothing, but all I wanted to do was immediately throw some ice on those bad boys.  not in the plan.

Happy day, the hubs and I ditched those kids for a night.  what a treat.  My preggo sister and her hubs dutifully took care of the kidlings so we could go down to the shore for the evening.  We got a deal on a bed and breakfast.  We literally get 24 hours from start to finish. that’s about all anyone can handle of those little cherubs.  and we kind of do start missing those little crazies.  we hightailed it outta the house Saturday afternoon and headed down to the B&B.  Hubs picked out a restaurant called Liv’s Oyster Bar, and it was FANTASTIC.  we are both big seafood lovers, so this was perfect.  I really didn’t pay much attention when I was packing, so it was a surprise to me what I was wearing.  I put on whatever ended up in my bag.  some sort of completely uninspiring sweater/wrap thing, but the shoes were cute.

iphone pics 556

I actually took some pics of the tasty food that was consumed, for your drooling pleasure.  and the tasty drink that I consumed.  if there is any sort of peartini on the drink list, it’s mine.  this was delish.

iphone pics 548    

anything fried is a homerun in my book.  I don’t really care what’s inside.  pretty sure it was oysters.  but who really knows.

iphone pics 549

shrimp cocktail is also a favorite.  I think each shrimp only cost about $5.  what a bargain.

iphone pics 550


Some fish and gnocchi (love that doughy, potato goodness), and scallop pasta.  all of my favorite things in one meal.  does life get better than that.

iphone pics 551

oh, it does.  dessert.  yum.

iphone pics 552

Because we really know how to party and wanted to cram in as much fun as possible on our night away, we were on our phones at dinner finding out when the next showing of ‘Hunger Games’ was.  We wanted to make sure we got there in plenty of time to catch all of the trailers and to get the best seats in the house.  we got there approximately 37 minutes early.  in case you are wondering, that’s plenty of time to get the best seats and not miss any trailers.

That’s how you have a fancy fun evening out without any kids.  done and back home by 1pm on Sunday.

Just in time for me to have some bonding time with Jillian.  it’s been awhile Jillian.  I was taking Sunday as a rest day, and thought Ripped in 30 would be the perfect complement to a rest day.  she kicked my booty.  I did week 3 and half of week 4.  hurt so good.  I’m not a huge fan of the pump you up inspirational mumbo jumbo she shouts at you the whole time – but she said one thing at the end, that made me feel like, oh, Jillian, you are speaking right to me, aren’t you?  I get you now, Jillian.

I would like to share this little tidbit that spoke my running love language…

When you think you don’t have more, that’s when you need to fight’

so true J girl, so true.  and this is what I need to keep remembering.  in everything.  especially with this upcoming race.  pretty darn sure I tell myself at the end that I don’t have more.  instead of stopping there and getting defeated – I’ve gotta find the fight.  and that’s exactly what my hubs tells me I’m lacking in the end (in the nicest, you are so fast and strong and capable and beautiful, kind of way).  the fight.  I’m going to find it.  good stuff JM.  that is why she makes the big bucks.  and why I do not.

This is one little exercise that I was excited to see in Runner’s World that I am going to incorporate into my next round of training.  It’s called a Float Workout.  It helps you find the fight and keep it. 

iphone pics 572

If someone passes me, I tend to lose it.  and the gap grows between me and that person.  and I can’t get it back.  this speedwork is designed to help you get that surge of energy to push it faster when you are already going race pace, to shorten that distance between you and whoever is trying to take your spot.  yes, they are trying to take your spot.  I am highly competitive.  I don’t want to let them take my spot anymore.  

In the speedwork – your ‘recovery’ jog is not really a jog, it’s just slightly slower than the speed interval.  very interesting.  It teaches your body to move the lactate out of your muscles, so that during the real deal, you aren’t fatigued when you need to give it an extra push to get ahead or lessen the gap.  here are a couple versions of this…

 iphone pics 568

sounds kind of grueling in a fun and challenging way.  can’t wait.

iphone pics 569

go do it.  have fun. 

And here we are.  today.  still no running.  still holding off until Wednesday.  even though I feel really good.  I think I am growing up.  doing responsible things like making smart decisions about running so that I don’t destroy my legs and any chance of continuing to do this thing I love.  I have run 3 times in the past 2 weeks.  crazy.  and I’m ok

I did hang out on the stairmaster this morning for 45 minutes (7 miles, it tells me) with my girls Carrie and Ali.   

iphone pics 557

While my little A girl couldn’t decide whether she wanted to go swimming or play soccer.  when in doubt, don’t make decisions.  do both.

iphone pics 558

I must say, Ali looks pretty fantastic.  and she just ran a marathon and that’s what she says got her in great shape and got rid of 20 extra pounds!  go her.  I just love Carrie.  I do.  I actually bought that Self because I wanted to see what she had to say for herself.  I’ve got country in my bones.  can’t help it.  and the SHAPE came in the mail.  they just can’t quit me.  they told me in many a piece of mail for months that they were cancelling my subscription if I didn’t pay.  and look, there it still came.  they must know it’s my birthday month and are being extra nice to me, because I celebrate all month.  I’m so special. 

My mom knows I celebrate all month too.  and she brought me some fun little presents.  she’s actually a day late, because today is the second day of the month, but I will forgive her – because one of the little presents was in the form of a cute little Lululemon gift card.  there’s nothing better.  I’m not kidding.  not even chocolate.  blasphemy, I know, but it’s true.  

What a long, fun filled, short weekend – so much to chat about.  much more to come that needs to be chatted about.  new sneaks.  that chicken chili recipe that I need to share with you.  more fun running workouts.  how it’s officially ok now to be tapering for a marathon, but the fact that I’ve been un-officially tapering for over a week stresses me out a bit, even though I know it was the best only thing to do.  how sometimes decisions are made not because they want to be made but because they have to be made.  and you hope that it all turns out ok in the end.  that kind of stuff.

Now, I want to hear about YOU!

How were the races, friends?!?!

Any fun dining experiences?

Any fun workouts?

Any country music fans?


About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. Are you an April (best month) baby too? I really like that part about putting up a fight. That is definitely something I need to remember at mile 23 when my legs are about to disconnect themselves from the rest of me. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be injured this close to your marathon. My next marathon isn’t for another 2 months and I am already freaking out that I haven’t run properly in 3 weeks. P.S I am a total country music fan, despite the stick I get for it.

    • April 19th!!! It is the best month! Except, I’m turning 30 this month, not sure how I feel about that- but it does have the BEST birthstone;) I have been silently completely freaking out for a few weeks, more so than the freak out I portray on the blog – because besides the past 2 ish weeks of non running, I didn’t have stellar training weeks leading up to that! But, I’ll do what I can do! Plenty of marathons in my future:) Have a great night and keep training smart!:)

  2. Thanks for sharing Jilian’s quote,it’s a really strong and motivating message. I should say it out to myself when I am in a ‘I can’t do it any more’ mode and close to giving up. Hope your shins are going to be kind to you soon and you will have an awesome run this week. Btw, Anna is really cute in that photo!

  3. I wonder how they calibrate those machines and determine the distances for the stairmaster/stair climber. I always imagine it should be less… but oh, well. They’re stinkin’ tough, so I’ll take the extra miles. 😉
    You are so dedicated! Your saturday “long run” sounds insanely tough. Great job!

    • I agree, I would think the miles would be less on those machines, but they are tough! I tried to google how many floors equals a mile and I gave up because I couldn’t find a straight answer. It’s a good workout though!

  4. Quick question:.what is the difference between a stepmill and a stairmaster? I thought they were the same machine…

    • I call the one where the stairs are like a revolving staircase the stepmill, and the stairmaster is the one with just the two platform steps that you just keep stepping up and down on- if that makes any sense:) there’s probably a different name for them, but that’s what I’ve come to call them. My gym only has one of the revolving staircase machines and a bunch of stairmaster ones.

      • Thanks! My gym has a bunch of stepmills and only a couple of stairmasters. I think that I read in Runners World that a stepmill is most similar to running and the best crosstraining machine (don’t quote me on that though!)

      • Yes, I actually read that too, and it made me feel a bit better…the only thing I didn’t understand was that it said you are using your arms on the stepmill like you do when running. I don’t use my arms at all on that. Thanks for the info:)

  5. waaahhh Aries babies unite!! I’m April 13! 🙂
    I found the shoes of my dreams and can’t wait to do some speed work around the track in them tomorrow…(Mizuno wave Precision’s) <–I think you would love them too, because we are basically tall & gangly twins!…I bet our closets look very similar! (SHOES, jeans, Lulu!)
    I'm soooo excited about your upcoming marathon, I know you are going to kick major booty…you are ready for a huge PR! I was talking to a man this weekend about marathon's and he brought up Gansett!?! I didn't think anything about it until I read this post of yours!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

    • I wanted the precisions!! That would have been my marathon shoe if the running store I go to carried it, but they don’t. My friend runs in them and loves them. I just got the brooks pure flow, and I think they might be my favorite shoes yet. They are very similar to the kinvaras, with a bit more support for the long runs and I think they will be much better for my shins. I love shoes of all kinds, and can’t get enough LULU in my life;) and yay for April!!! I have quite a few years on you though;) Have a great week!!:)

  6. I am jealous you got to watch Hunger Games! I am hoping to see it this weekend as long as the hubby and I can find a sitter for our little one. Keep taking of those shins!

  7. What’s that dessert?? Looks soooo good.. I ❤ anything with ice cream and sugary sauces. No interesting workouts for me. I'm too scared to workout this week and trying to save all my energy for my race this Saturday 🙂

  8. So glad you enjoyed your weekend. I’m looking into buying Pureflows…Keely at Brooksrunning pretty much convinced me because of my slight overpronation and flat feet (that I never knew I had)..don’t wanna discuss it 😦 ! Anyhoo, let me know how they work or if you are even liking them still. Totes on Mt. Kilamanjaro!! I passed up a 5K(they hurt so much) for CrossFit..that ended up hurting more than the 5K would’ve I think! Very light speedwork today..I’m not good at pushing myself for speedwork..I don’t much better with my hubs who is a Coach for a reason..yelling at me the whole time!
    Get this last thing..Hubs offered Hunger Games movie night tonight because the girls weren’t home..and I declined..I have no desire to watch the movie or read the book..can anyone convince me otherwise!!

    • I’m really excited to run in the Pureflows, I think they are going to be great – you should try them! Don’t give up on the speedwork! It’s so rewarding, especially when you see yourself getting faster (if that’s your goal:-)) I only wanted to see hunger games because of all the rage about it, and there was nothing else I wanted to see! It was a good movie. We like movies though, you should see it:)

  9. So glad you got away! Sounds like it was a fun getaway. I’ve been mixing it up with doing 1 day on the elliptical instead of on the roads. Amazing how just 1 day of x-training makes a difference in my leg pains. Anyway, I break it up into 5-minute easy/hard segments & it flies by. LOVE country music. LOVE IT. I think I was born in CT by mistake…shoulda been born in Nashville. Have a great day & happy Birthday month (can’t wait to hear/see what you get at LULU) and happy taper:-)

  10. I love me some Shape magazine on the Elliptical! No fun dining experiences for me as I had food poisoning and was left to crackers and flat soda for 3 days. I see that as an excuse to eat extra dessert this week 😉


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