Must get worse before it gets better??


Ok, so quick update…gansett was phenomenal compared to this race. And if you read my gansett recap, you can only imagine how bad this was. But, mentally, I held on. I was in a better place mentally – my body was not on track.
I will do a full review, but I don’t have access to my computer now and this is from my phone. I just wanted to say “hi” from Nashville!!! Hi!!! I’ve missed you guys!! As I’m sure you have missed me dearly as well. I know it.
I have A LOT to recap here, as I’m not exactly sure what has happened to my running, other than to clue me in that I need to take a little sabbatical from the long distance thing and refocus my plan and the way I do things. A lot to think about.
My finish time was 3:43. don’t throw up. I did. Not because of the time, but because that’s what my body decided it wanted to do at every fuel station from mile 16 to the finish and for about 20 minutes after the finish, whenever I tried to take fluids. But, I stopped my garmin every time I had to hit a porta potty to let it out, and my garmin time was 3:32. I know that means absolutely nothing. but I’m just gonna go with it today. Thank you very much. (and I’m just gonna put this TMI out there, I woke up with my period. not necessarily a good or bad thing, just a fact that may or may not have impacted the tummy issues) ** edited to add- to give you an idea of how it went, my first half was 1:35, and I was staying conservative. Do the math. 2nd half was unreal. Or don’t do the math. Might be better that way.
Much more to come. Much. Stay tuned. And don’t even think about disowning my blog because I seemingly forgot how to run. I apparently have his crazy new talent of negative pr’ing with EVERY race. I’m going to quit while I’m ahead until I figure this little training body of mine out. By the second little puke fest at mile 18, I decided I really just wanted to come in under 4. I’m REALLY happy I finished. Another 26.2 done. More lessons, life and running, learned. That is all for now.
I hope every one racing and running had much more success than I!!! πŸ™‚
And I keep trying to put pics on here, but my phone isn’t cooperating with me either. At least my girls are being good. And my sweaty band didn’t budge, yet again. Good stuff. So you get a kind of boring, picture-less post about my less than stellar race. I guess I give you permission to disown my blog now πŸ˜‰ don’t you dare.


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  1. Sorry to hear that. If it is any consolation I am a MESS that first day of that “time”. I’m basically worthless then so the fact that you pulled off a marathon that fast is amazing. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Hey girl! A couple of things: 1. I’ve had my period for all 4 races I’ve run this year. My husband things it’s “good luck.” Yeah, right.
    2. I didn’t bother texting you when I finished because I knew you’d still be running.
    3. The race sucked for me too, if it makes you feel any better. And based on the people I talked to …and the people who I saw laying on the ground with the medical team … I’d say it’s safe to say it sucked for A LOT of other people, too. I wanted a PR so badly, but that didn’t happen. It was way too hot, way too crowded, and there were way too many hills! But it’s over, thank goodness!

    • Yes!! So many hills!! And it was really hot, I couldn’t keep up with myself and need for water. My sister had a pretty bad half marathon too. I actually went into the med tent to get ice and Gatorade and the guy next to me did worse than me and was shooting for 3:10, it was an off day. Live and learn! I dont know what your plans are, but maybe we can meetup for froyo or something today or tomorrow. Are you staying with friends? I can txt you later, or shoot me a txt if you are up for it:)

      • Um major bummer that I am just now seeing this message!!!!! I so wish you had texted. I would have loved to meet up. 😦 Of course, I was still delerious from the race, so I probably wouldn’t have been very good company!

  3. I can’t believe that you stuck it out and finished it while throwing-up! You are one tough lady!!

    On another note, I just read “Advanced Marathoning” in hopes of getting my fall marathon in the 3-3:05 range. Have you read the book? Any thoughts??

    • I have not read it, but have some serious work to do between now and NYCM, because I WILL get in that range too;) It’s crazy to have run a 3:11 in the fall and struggle now to get a 3:43, after implementing speedwork!?! I will look into that book though. I’ve got some revamping of the training to do!!:) I hope your running and training is going GREAT!!!

      • The book was recommended to me by tons of runners that routinely knock-out sub-3s. Very interested read… and most people say that the plan(s) work as long as you stick to them (and not run the training runs too fast). I might use one of the plans for MCM this fall.

        I am doing a full in 3 weeks and am hoping for a 3:15 (running with a friend at her pace).

  4. Oh my goodness girl! I am so sorry to hear about your awful race. Hey, you were still a trooper and DIDN’T give up! You are amazing for that!!!! You still did awesome and that’s all that matters!!!

  5. Had a race like that last September – I started throwing up at mile 14 and kept it up until the end. Not fun! But hey, you finished, so good for you!
    This year I’ve had “day before PMS” for every marathon, and four out of seven were in the 80’s. I am bad luck. Do not run a race I run. I can promise bad weather. Ha.

  6. Wow that sounds rough, but must be a testament to how tough you are that you finished. I don’t know that others would. I have run Nashville and i agree it is so hilly and the TN heat and mugginess can really get you. Sometimes it’s like trying to breathe underwater.
    I for one wouldn’t dream of jumping ship – I love your blog and not just for your fast race times.
    P.S. When you are saying hi from nashville, you are totally allowed a “hey y’all”. πŸ™‚

    • That’s the best way to put it- like breathing under water!! It was so difficult to breathe and really hot. I’m never coming back to TN!;) I hope your running is going great!!:)

  7. Whoa! To come in far below 4 hours while your body is rejecting any fluids/electrolytes? That is pretty amazing! Glad you still have a very positive outlook on future races (I’m sure many things were learned/realized through this race?). I won’t disown your blog this time any time soon, hehe.

  8. I think you’ve already proved that you are a wonderful runner. As much as we as runners like to see progressive improvement, I think we are also allowed to slack and give ourselves credit for even running the distance. I think you did great! Hope you get to feeling better πŸ™‚

  9. ughhh the throwing up while racing is terrible, last June I ran the San Diego RnR half (doing it again this year) and threw up every darn mile from mile 5 on…I was in a weirdo daze and just told myself the faster I ran= the faster I would stop barfing…I can’t imagine how awful another 21-miles would have been.
    You are one tough girl!! It’s time for you to come run a race in California!! a short and fast 10k!? YES! we could even match-match in our badass skirts!
    ENJOY the rest of your trip in Nashville…drink and refuel tons! And don’t stress too much about this race, a sabbatical before NYCM would refresh you, running will always be there no matter how long a break you need…you are an amazing athlete!

  10. Hi! So I’m a relatively new reader and stumbled across your blog a while back…which I’m now hooked on btw! I’m Abby, a mother of 9 month old twin boys and a runner (kind of)… er, trying to be? ;). I’ve always loved running but recently have taken it to a new level– probably because I keep telling myself that I WILL beat my husband (who is ten times crazier than I am)!

    Anywho… he shared an article w/ me the other day when I came home from a no good, terrible run and I was moody and defeated. It’s by Ryan Hall and I thought it might cheer you up and help you in the same way it did me.

    You are a rockstar and super speedy and I pretty much aim to be at your level… so just remember that! You’ll come back with some serious gumption in no time. Can’t wait to read all about it~!


    • Hi Abby!! Thank you so much for your comment and the link the that article, I really appreciate it:) It has definitely been an ‘off’ couple of months for me, so I am looking forward to just taking it easy for a bit and getting back on track.
      Have a great day!

  11. Welcome to TN, girl. The weather here is tough…and in April you just never know what it’s gonna be like. Could be tornadic weather, snowing, or 60 and sunny. And the humidity?! Don’t get me started. I can only run late at night in the summers due to heat and humidity. Plus, Nashville is a tough course with all the hills. I’m sure you will do much better next time!

  12. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a bit, but haven’t commented before. I just wanted to say first off congrats on running a tough race! Again. Only a few weeks after you ran a tough marathon! I think you’ve got a ton of potential and have run some very impressive times in your short time as a runner… congrats to you. Just a little on my background..I’ve been a long time competitive runner, high school, D1 college, and still now. I never got injured much when I was younger but it seems ever since graduating (about 8 years ago at this point! wow) I’ve struggled with injury. I like to run often, and run hard and feel like I’m always pushing myself. Well a lot of times that gets me somewhere for a little while but eventually leads nowhere..or injury..or burnout. I’m still struggling with this and have just recently done it again..too many 50 mile weeks in a row with workouts and long runs on weekends = injury a few days before my goal half..and I didn’t get to race and had to take a week off. It’s like I never learn.

    I guess my point is, I have a few suggestions for you based on my own running experiences. First, one of the most important things I’ve learned and probably the main reason I got to the line of my first marathon healthy and allowed me to meet my goal of 3:10 was to run fast for workouts and run slow for most other runs. This was VERY hard. I was told time and time again (by my peers who have run fast marathons) that when I started marathon training that I have to do this or I’d end up hurt (based on my history..). It was hard at first but I finally made my 7:15-7:30 paces into 7:45-8:00 paces on days that weren’t workouts…and long weekend runs. I ran a bunch of marathon paced long runs and of course those were faster too, but I’m referring to those as workouts. I followed Pfitz’s advanced marathoning and I think if I hadn’t followed the advice of keeping that slower pace I would have been hurt for sure. It’s a challenging schedule but definitely prepares you. But you have to respect the pace. The book is a great read too, explains the importance of this and more. I recommend it. Back in college every run seemed fast except prerace day and I guess when I was younger I could do it..but I also didn’t run as fast of races as I did post-college. I wish I had learned that sooner….

    Second, I commend you on doing so, but I would never have had the guts to run a second marathon especially with already feeling hurt for your first one. It’s a race that requires not just preparation, but also adequate recovery. Even if you’re not taking it as seriously. I might suggest taking a look at this.. It’s worth reading. I know people do back to back marathons and perhaps it works for you and for others, but just in my own opinion I wouldn’t think it’s a good idea especially when you’re not feeling close to 100%. I hope this doesn’t come off harsh or anything, I’m just trying to give something to think about πŸ™‚ I know how much it sucks to be hurt and not feel 100% whether you’re overtrained, injured or both..but you need to try to listen to your body. I’ve had to learn that the hard way too. I can’t run 7 days a week anymore. I need that day off. I should probably take more, but I just can’t. And I know you do a lot of x-training which is great and something that I should do more of…but perhaps if you’re just a bit overworked, then that isn’t helping either? You might need to just take a good solid week (two) off of no running, no cross training, etc and just give your body the rest it might need. You’ll get a good recharge and then you can go back to training and building your base back for your next goal race.
    Phew, sorry this is a novel, but I have a hard time being concise. Overall you didn’t have the best race and perhaps that’s all that happened. The heat/weather combined with whatever was going on that made your body reject fluids, etc. during the race might have just been an unlucky race day. And again you’re super tough for getting through and finishing it in a very respectable time!! Everyone has a bad day and it’s only normal to have one. But since I can hear in your posts that you’re feeling a bit negative about running, racing, etc.. I think it’s a good idea to consider stepping back a bit and like I said get a “recharge”. It might be a fluke race or it might be a warning sign that you need a break. Just my 2cents.

    So sorry this is so long! I’m not even sure how much it will help…but hopefully it gives you some reassurance that all is not lost and you’re still an amazing runner. Listen to your body and it will thank you. Again, I’m learning too, verrry slowly.

    Hope you’re resting and recovering!


      • Thank you! I was afraid my ramblings were off putting…I’m glad if it was somewhat helpful!

    • Hi Ali!
      Ok, so I read your comment and wrote one back right away because I was so appreciative of your insight and the time you took to respond, and now I’m seeing that it didn’t post?!?! So frustrating!! Anyway, I just said thank you so much for all of the information – I had a long comment written out and I will just email you at this point, if that’s ok, so that I don’t write a huge comment here. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote and just want to say thank you so much, I truly appreciate it – I was not put off by it or offended in anyway!
      I hope you are healing up and getting back to running as well:)
      Have a great day, and I will probably shoot you an email;)

  13. So sorry about how you felt, but congrats on pushing through it and finishing. Seriously…I think that’s a greater indicator of how strong of a runner you are (physically and mentally) than a fast time run under ideal circumstances.

    When I ran CIM last year, my stomach started turning on my around mile 20. Luckily I was able (barely) to keep it in until the end. Then as soon as I crossed the finish line, with my bf, sister and her friend all cheering and watching me (unbeknownst to me at the time) I started puking : ( I didn’t realize they had seen it until my sister was like, “I’m not getting near you until you brush your teeth!”

    Later that day, I started my period. So maybe our hormones do play a bigger role than we think!

  14. You’re such an inspiration! Seriously! Although I can imagine how dreadful it must have been for you to go through that but it’s not the same until you experience it yourself. From now on, every time I think of quiting, I will try to ask myself ” What would Katie do?”.
    Rest well and can’t wait for the race recap.

  15. Oh Katie, this is a bummer. I was going to say a lot of what Ali said above – given the injuries and last 6 weeks or so, I wouldn’t take this performance as a measure of what kind of runner you are. I think your training was great for shorter races, but with the marathon, you just can’t “fake it,” no matter how tough, strong, or determined you are. You have to do the long runs, the long MP runs, and then the easy other runs.

    Hang in there, get healthy, don’t despair — and then come up with your next plan. Seems like focusing on 5K-10K, knocking out some awesome times and gaining confidence and knowledge about training for the next year or so makes sense — and then if the marathon continues to call to you, you’ll have that much more strength under your belt. And maybe by then your kids will be of an age that gives you slightly more flexibility?

    Take care-

  16. This was my first full and I was about an hour off my goal time. i was dry heaving the entire second half–the heat really killed me. But I finished nevertheless πŸ™‚ Good to know even a FAST marathoner like you had a hard time with the heat…. gives me comfort that I can kill my fall marathon. πŸ™‚


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