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Running Seasons


Workout(s) – and a couple of fantastic ones at that.  Run.  run.  run.  Someone asked me the other day if I really loved to run.  just with my past races and my big disappointments and what not, she said, ‘do you love to run?’  without hesitation, I said why yes I do.  funny question to a runner, but a good one.  I do love to run.  and I do love it more now than I did 3 months ago.  3 months ago when I was running faster and farther and with more confidence.  then, I was broken down with a little shin splint action and a couple spirit crushing races and a little mental/running burnout that called for a little break time.  and that is what I needed.  sometimes you need to be broken down a little bit to appreciate what you love.  sometimes you need to lose a little bit to figure out what you want.  take a step back and realize how something really fits into your life.  and to come back with a different, better attitude.  and sometimes you appreciate it more when you come back with less and have to work your way back to your best.  so yes, I love to run.  and I will really love to run when my legs are moving even faster.  working on that.  slowly.

Yesterday – 6 miles.  no pace.  no stress.  no watch.  no clue how I was running.  I can’t believe I am admitting it, but I am a garmin-less running convert.  It’s a funny thing.  somehow, back in the ancient of days, before the running with a gps idea came about, people were running, and they were running fast.  baffling how they did it without guidance from a gps, but they did.  amazing.  I am getting on the boat.  I will run with my garmin, but I am hoping to run more without it than with it and use it more as a check in.  ditch the watch once in awhile.  it will probably do you good.  I ran 2.5 miles to meet my girlfriend and dragged her along with me for the last 3.5.  perfectly humid, sweaty, early morning run.

and I had energy to burn after that.  so I hopped on the stairmaster for 30 minutes.  even more perfect.

and then my little anna bam had a hankering for Jillian.

iphone pics 905

happy to oblige little lady.  get on your gear and get moving.

iphone pics 904

she could do more of the workouts than I could with my withering right arm that still can’t lift things.  except little boys named luke because he doesn’t understand that it hurts mommy’s arm when he throws a tantrum in the coffee shop and I have to peel him off the floor and out to the car, kicking and flailing or when he tries to climb the counter at Sweet Frog to get into the toppings and I have to hold him back with a death grip.  love.  where was I.  Jillian.  I sat there and did ab work while she worked it out with J-dog.  and then she ran a mile with the hubs later.  my little athlete.

so that completes the workouts for that day.  no it doesn’t.  the day ended with me sitting on the couch watching a movie that I can’t pronounce, eating these…

iphone pics 909

they were 2 for $3.  which means I could have just gotten 1 package for $1.50, but I felt the need to buy 2 packages.  I only had two.  I LOVE anything mint chocolate.  junior mints go down like water.  I have a decent amount of self control when things are individually wrapped.  not so much with a bag of m&m’s, which is why I don’t buy them, or these….

iphone pics 910

but I did buy those  because they were buy 2 get one free, so I had to get 3.  I obviously got a discount for that one that is opened.  I actually have pretty good self control with these suckers as well.  My sweet tooth has really tamed down a lot and I only need a little bit to keep me happy.  it’s really only the bag of m&m’s that get me.  again, that’s why they are never in my house.  that was my evening workout.

Today – 7.25 miles.  and still very humid and sweaty.  I love CT weather.  this was my first early outdoor run – feet on the pavement at 5:15am.  regretting going to bed at 10:30pm.  happy I pulled my bum out of bed anyway.  and thanking the good Lord for the early sunrise so I could get it done pre-children rising and attacking lovingly adorning me with their presence and allowing me to cook for and dress them.  I’m going to take full advantage of early days.  7 min/mile avg pace.  rolling hills throughout.  fine.  I did wear the garmin.  and I did push it a little at the end.  6:25 min mile for the last mile.  actually very happy I pulled that one out of nowhere.  I will not feel badly about pushing the pace today.  or about wearing the garmin.  it was the kind of run I wanted to do.  nevermind what coach B said about running easy paces for a few more weeks (technically that should be an easy pace consistently for me.  in time)  but he also said run how you feel.  some days will be great and some days will be not so great, and slow.  today was good.  tomorrow will be slow/easy, sans garmin.

so I thought it would be fun to make this post SUPER long and see how long you can stick with me.  I’m going to continue talking about running, and ‘run’ through a little bit of Katie running history for you newer peeps that are braving my blog.  Get your pens and paper out.  there will be  test at the end.  I am finding that a lot of runner’s go through A LOT of different phases in running.  I honestly used to think that all runners just ran and it was always happy and rainbows and lululemon filled dreams.  not so my friends.  It is rare that things go pretty smoothly all the time where nothing changes, la dee da everything is always perfect in running world.  even with elite runners and olympic athletes, a lot of them have their share of seasons and ups and downs.  Runners go through different training plans, styles, phases.  Runners go through different injury and recovery processes that slow down the running and decrease the mileage a ton.  Runners go through a lot of different seasons of emotion about running, how they feel about it, what their goals are and how and when they want to reach those goals.

I know for me, my running perspectives and feelings have changed a lot over the past 6 months and they continue to change and to teach me about myself.  So here’s a little timeline of ME.

Summer 2011

I wanted to do the VT50 in September 2011.  Was starting to train for it.  not really sure how to train for it.  and probably wouldn’t have been prepared had I gotten in to run it.  Registration was closed, couldn’t run it.  Plan B.  Run a marathon instead.  total gear change from running a 50.  My 50 plan was to run VERY slow, steady, and probably walk a lot.  I just wanted to experience it.  any training I did reflected that mentality.  Marathons were not on my radar at all.

October 2011 – I like to run.  but I’m bummed about the 50.  I’ll just do a marathon for fun.

Plan B marathon.  Hartford Marathon.  shooting for 3:15 finish that I very arbitrarily pulled out of my bum.  decided to run with a pace group.  worst decision I made for that race.  It wasn’t MY run.  I will never run with a pace group again.  I was running the pacers run.  horrible race for me physically.  Finished in 3:17.  fine.  I think I never want to run another marathon again.  I was so miserable.  3 hours later….just kidding. I want to run MY marathon now.  not the pacers. signed up for Harrisburg 4 weeks later.

hartford marathon luke

November 2011 – I just love to run phase.  kind of a newbie runner.  I love running.  and I think I could be fast.

Harrisburg Marathon.  Ran my run.  excruciating ITBand pain started at mile 14.  quitting wasn’t an option.  just had to figure out how to finish.  I finished.  painfully.  3:11.  on cloud 9.  Now I want to hit 3 hours.  and I dove right into training for the next one because I am an all or nothing. I want it and I want it now and I’m going to start working for it now.  Big mistake.  I should have taken much more time off from running.  solely to avoid what happened before my next April Marathon.  total burnout.  and injury.  and I realize the competetive in me takes over the ‘I love to run because I love to run’ in me.  and I need to find a balance.

February 2012

Ran a hilly half marathon in the middle of marathon training.  good in theory, but looking back, it threw off my long run schedule, and I missed out on more long miles than I should have for my marathon training.  Got a new half marathon PR.  1:28.  still running good.  injury free.

Speedwork continues.  loving it.  feeling fast.  feeling confident.  injury creeps in…

March 2012

Last minute, innocent little 5k.  gave me a new PR.  18:42.  and it gave me pretty rough shin splints 6 weeks out from my marathon and a handful of long runs and tempo/speedwork to do.  tough place to be.  I was only able to run a handful of times before the marathon.  I should have ADJUSTED MY MARATHON GOALS, to mentally keep me in the game.  but I was a stubborn invincible runner.  and I didn’t.

iphone pics 463

April 2012

Gansett Marathon.  3:21 finish.  a debacle.  I lost it mentally.  My shin started acting up as well as my IT Band, but I think I made the pain worse by my really poor attitude during the run.  I could have run a better race, but let myself check out when I realized I wasn’t going to hit my unrealistic goal.  and that was a HUGE lesson for me.  I needed this race to LEARN a lot about who I am as a runner and a person.  it was meant to be this way as a little part of what will make me the runner I am.  Running is not all of me.  I love it.  and I want to be good at it.  but a bad race doesn’t define me.  nor does a good one.  it’s a hobby.  and I will enjoy it first.

iphone pics 652

End of April 2012

Nashville Rock and Roll Marathon.  Mentally a better race, physically not so much.  3:42.  you can just read about here, here, and here.  I say I had zero expectation of this race.  but I always go in with some expectation.  and I really need to learn how and when to tone that high expectation of myself down and really just have fun, no pressure races.


And all of that put me in to a two week complete running hiatus.  A good friend is going to coach me, more my mind than my running because he says, ‘you’ve got the running part down.  a marathon is 90% mental.  we need to get you back in the mental game of running’  aye aye captain!

and I’m back to LOVING running.  without any pain.  with or without the garmin.  fast or slow.  long or short.  I want to get out and run.  and June is my month of just running.  because before my fall 2011 marathons, that’s what I was doing.  I never did speedwork.  I never did a tempo run.  I never followed a plan.  I never hit more than 40 miles in a week.  and I did a couple pretty decent marathons.  and now I find the balance of running how I know to run, and training to get faster and stronger while keeping the whole experience happy and fun.  while learning how to apply just enough pressure to keep me on my toes, but not so much that I want to lose my mind.  and attempt to remain injury free.  and replace words like ‘doubt’ and ‘I can’t do that’ with ‘I am strong’ and ‘I am capable’ and ‘I can do whatever I set my mind to’.  that’s the season I’m in now.

and that should be it for now.  I can’t type anymore.  and I’m pretty sure you have left the computer by now.  I will chat with you cool kids tomorrow about my ever loving stairmaster.  I’ve gotten a few inquiries as to why I love it so much and what kind it is.  I’ll give you the 411.  but this post can’t handle any more info.

What ‘season’ of running do you feel like you are in?

Who is getting ready for a race this weekend?

What is your favorite chocolate/other flavor combo?

Run Wrap Up


Workout – cross training day.  killer stairmaster workout.  45 minutes speed intervals.  I actually tried not holding on to the handles the entire time.  it is killer.  it was also killer because it was 90 degrees today and 1167% humidity.  that’s right.  hot.  I was going to throw in a sexy little post workout ab ripper photo, but when I went to take it, my I feel completely bloated feelings were confirmed.  no need to post scary things like that.  so I give you a picture of my super sexy, sleek, un-bloated stairmaster.  she’s a beauty.

iphone pics 893

I’m tired.  just gonna get that out there in the open.  I’m not sure exactly why, because I got to sleep in this morning until 6am.  by 6:15am we were doing this…

iphone pics 888

and shortly thereafter, that progressed to this

iphone pics 889

I am not one to dash the hopes of a little boy who wants to ‘go pee pee on the potty mama, peeeeaaaasse!!!’  no sir.  not me.  whether it be in the bathroom or on the front step for all to see, I let the boy do his thing.  and that continued for most of the day.  aside from a trip to the grocery store and other tuesday things.

and that has left me tired.  the boy thought otherwise of taking a nap today.  leaving his room rearranged and me even more tired.  no, I would not like some cheese with my whine, I try to limit dairy, but thanks for asking.  let me continue….the crazy pollen is making my head miserable and now making my body feel achy.  my arm kind of just hurts constantly.  that’s a little exhausting.  we topped off the stellar day in the highschool auditorium with tons of little ballerinas dress rehearsing for the big show on saturday.

iphone pics 896

naturally Luke sat like a darling little child and watched the whole thing hopped every row, ran up and down the aisles and screamed his bloody head off.  I’m tired.  and it was 90 degrees today.

I’m recruiting more little self talks lately about being in the moment and really cherishing my little cherubs and the crazy that they bring.  all the time.  and the love that they bring.  all the time.  it’s hitting me that my two baby girls are going to be gone all day at school next fall.  just like that.  and I don’t know how or when that happened.  because I swore it was just yesterday that I was sending my Alexandra girl to her first day of preschool.  cliche.  but true.  the days are long right now, but the years seem to have flown.  so I’m trying to say ‘yes’ to them more and less ‘not right now, in a minute’.  sometimes it’s easy.  sometimes it’s not.

So.  the objective of this post was to chat about information in regards to something that might enlighten you about running, fitness, health, or anything remotely related.  that’s not going to happen.  not in any coherent manner anyway. because I’m tired, as I mentioned.  all I can do right now it talk about me.  and my running.  and hope that you don’t get more stupid as a result.  or wonder why you are still reading this ‘running’ blog.  my running seems interesting enough.  probably just as interesting as looking at my wedding pictures.  don’t worry.  I won’t take it that far.  back to running.  I get out and run and am happy to be out.  yes, I get anxious about my speed.  when will it be time to get back into speedwork and speed training and tempo runs.  and yes, I get anxious about how much endurance I’ve lost.  but I think about what I have now.  I have healthy legs.  I have a bum arm.  awesome.  I have strength.  I have the knowledge of what I can do.  I have the ability to grow.  and learn.  and I keep learning more about running and myself.  good stuff.

so I decided to do a little speed test on my Sunday 7 miler, just to see.  I was running 5:30-40’s for mile repeats back at the track in March.  that seems so far off right now, but I know it’s in me and I will find it again.  so I had no expecations with this run, it was to bring on the challenge a little bit with the pace, but keep it short and sweet with the faster pace.

It looked like: 10 minutes fast, 3 minutes jog, 10 minutes fast, 3 minutes jog…and then just run a slow comfortable pace back home.  I did an out and back.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t warm up.  I went right into the 10 minutes fast.  I never learn.  I miss those injuries I guess.  anyway, I was pretty happy with it.  I didn’t push it all out and my 10 minutes fast were right at 6:30 and my jogs were between 7:30-8.  and looking back at the pace, for the last few miles of the run, I progressed from 8:20 mile to sub 7.  and it was about 88 degrees.  it was not my best run ever, but it didn’t have to be.  I used to get in a constant competition where each run had to get better and better.  not so my friendly friends.  each run has a purpose.  I ran in my brooks pureflow for this one.  love them.

iphone pics 886

Monday’s 10 mile was a perfectly pieced together run.  I ran with my baby boy in the jogger for 2 miles, to the coffee shop and back.  I then ran 3.6 with my neighbor, who was jogging by and I tagged along.  I don’t know that she will ever run with me again.  I think I stress people out.  they think I want to be going faster and they are never going fast enough, when in reality – like I mentioned, most of my speed is lost somewhere back in the month of March, so all is A OK with a slower pace!  and then to complete the run, I did a 4.6 mile out and back.  another hot run.  which I think is great training.  10.2 miles total.  in this snazzy outfit.

iphone pics 885

I’m not sure how many good running decisions I make.  wearing all black on an 88 degree run in the sun day.

and my mizuno precisions.  great sneaks.

iphone pics 887

I generally choose these over the waverider 15’s lately, just because I’m a snob for the lighter weight shoe. and this one is perfect for me now – not too light and not too heavy.  i’m goldilocks the runner.

and I felt a well deserved cross training day today.  as I’m getting back into running and getting my mileage up, I’m trying not to run more than 2 days in a row.  and I think it will do my body good.  I am hoping for 40 miles this week.  and I think it’s doable.  by the end of june, I would like to be up to 50 a week and hang there for awhile to see how it feels.  I guess my marathon training will really start end of june/beginning of july.  excited.  the goal now is to keep running as stress free, happy go lucky, fun and exciting as possible.  and I think it’s going well.  that means lots of runs without the garmin. no prob.

oh, here’s something healthy I can throw in here!  My lunch…

I switched it up a bit today from my usual flatout wrap that I have everyday.  I went for an open faced sammy on sprouted grain bread with hummus, salsa, eggwhites and avocado.

iphone pics 892

looks delish.  yes? no?  it would probably turn your stomach to actually witness the consumption.  it’s not a clean meal.  maybe if it had a top, but that would have been too much for me.  I try to eat an avocado a day.  not a whole avocado, more like a serving.  and I love that mango salsa.  this was a tasty non sandwich my friends.

get out there and run.  for fun.  for fast, or slow.  for however you are feeling today.  take the pressure off.  and you might surprise yourself with a pretty decent experience.  and have an avocado while you’re at it.  they’re healthy.  believe me.  and go do something intelligent to make up for the brain cells you may have lost as a result of reading this all over the place post.  there’s always a point.  its up to you to find it.

HOT Runs and Family Fun


Workout(s) – Friday/Saturday, forced rest days.

Sunday – 7 miles.  and about 100 driveway lunges.  I wish that was an exaggeration.  my burning legs are telling me otherwise.

Today(monday) – 10.2 miles

Hello my long lost blog loving friends!!!  It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here.  That’s what a 3 day weekend with beautiful weather and a family will do – keep you outside, eating lots of fro yo and having lots of family fun.  we know how to have fun.  we run.  we play.  we play.  we run.  we have baby showers and last minute date nights – the best kind.  we try not to injure ourselves, but activities like this make that a crapshoot.

iphone pics 884

Although, running seems like a pretty low risk ‘sport’, I’ve learned that can leave you in the doctors office pretty quickly.

This is just a quick check in post to say I’m having much to much of an entirely good weekend to spend too much time inside at the computer.  But I’ve had some pretty good post elbow injury runs that I will expound upon in an in depth report tomorrow.  Suspense.  so for now, I will give you picture overload, so you know we are alive and well and kickin’.  but for this weekend, my precious little children like to be outside at the crack of dawn and don’t go in till the sun goes down.  so we do things like ride to the coffee shop with the kidlings every morning and harass the poor unsuspecting patrons.  we think our kids are cute, but I’m pretty sure by this morning, they are going to put a ban on children under 5 in a one mile radius of the coffee shop.

This is how we ride…

Luke in the jogger with me running…

iphone pics 881

don’t be fooled by the smile.  he hates this thing with a passion, which makes me sad because I can’t really run too much with him.  he makes everything about running miserable in this.

Alex on her bike because she’s a big two wheel rider…

iphone pics 882

and Anna on daddy’s back because she’s my little non two wheel rider and has too much fun riding like this to make her ride the little tricycle.  totally safe.  they are wearing imaginary helmets.  the best kind.

iphone pics 883

she’s our little monkey.  along for the ride.

The elbow is hanging in there.  pretty tight, stiff, not wanting to straighten out without popping, but all things I can live with.

my forearm is pretty sore.  not much swelling.  a little swollen, but not that anyone could see by looking at it.  see…

iphone pics 878

nice lighting.  makes it look like there are more problems with my arm than just the elbow. a little disappearing shoulder action.

just some minor repercussions of the face plant that put me in this situation.  I can’t put any pressure on that arm.  well, I can, it’s just uncomfortable.  but running works just fine.

We had my sisters baby shower on Saturday and I sported my pink pumps.

iphone pics 873

super uncomfortable.  I don’t know why I make certain decisions like this sometimes.  just wear the flats.  don’t be all lets get cute and trendy when you are already not feeling so hot because your arm is throbbing because you have a hard time running in a straight line without falling.

I was a little nervous running on Sunday, first run since I blasted my arm.  I made it through.  I even ran the same exact route.  facing my fears head on.  way to be.  nothing took me down this time.  but we’ll talk about that run tomorrow.

I made a better wardrobe decision last night when we had a last minute night out with our friends at my fave local restaurant.  I stuck with the flats.  go me.  one good decision at a time.

iphone pics 880

i’m sorry.  that mirror is just a lost cause.  I actually did try to peel those brown stickers off.  but the windex continues to elude me.  It will get cleaned at some point.

and that brings you up to speed my friends, in a nutshell, on all things except the running that is going on.  that needs a post of it’s own.  details details.  I love running details.  and I can only assume that you do too, because this is technically a running blog.  but I’m beginning to wonder.  so tomorrow I will make it a running blog and talk about running things.  and how the running is going.  and maybe even offer some running words of wisdom, or just some wisdom in general.  because now that I have hit 30, I can offer general wisdom because as one woman said to me this weekend, ‘wow, you’re 30!  you’re an adult woman now!’  I guess I am.  I guess before this I was just a baby woman.  my how I’ve grown.  so I feel more entitled to offer adult woman advice.  like how to not pee your running skirt on a hot run.  and how not to trip and fall on your face while you run.  that’s a work in progress, but really important things like that.  I might try to branch out to things like how to pick the perfect running shoe.  or how to pick the perfect post run meal.  I’ll think about it.  that’s real running talk.  not sure I’m ready for that.

Happy Memorial day, my friends!  I hope you are all having a lovely hot weekend.  I’m pretty sure I am in need of some sweet frog fro yo today.  we’ve only been there 3 times this weekend.  that’s definitely not enough.

How is your weekend?  Is it a long one?

Racing weekend?

Long run weekend?

Traveling weekend?

Ridiculously uncomfortable heel wearing weekend?

Tell me all about it

Did I Tell You About The Time I Dislocated My Elbow?


Yesterday morning.

During my thoughtful, planned run on my smartly planned out week that was going swimmingly as I just recently mentioned.  not so swimmingly now.  more like swimmingly in shark infested water.  I think I need to live in a bubble.

Instead of talking about the downside, lets talk about the upside.  because the whole incident is obviously the ‘downside’.  and it’s better to focus on how this little bumpety bump in my running road might not be so bad.  it is so bad.  painful bad.  but for arguments sake let’s say it’s not bad and come up with some good things.  of which they are bountiful.

One bountifully good thing is that I got 6.75 out of my 8 mile run in.  and those 6.75 miles were run at a 7:29 pace.  good for me.  I wasn’t going to run with the watch, but I didn’t have a route and was just doing an out and back and needed to know where to turn around.  once again I was a good girl and did not obsess over the pace.  I actually made a very conscious effort to slow it down for the last 3 miles, of which I only completed 1.75 before the fall.

Here’s how it went down.  literally down.  to the ground.  I think I was booby trapped.  that’s what it felt like – I was running on a very Main St part of Main St with a very decent amount of morning traffic.  Cruising along and feeling so happy to be alive and running and taking it easy, and before I knew it, I had kicked up this metal ring thing that was on the side of the road with my left foot.  Being oh so talented, I managed to get it flipped up and caught on my right heal, creating a sort of lasso effect and propelling me forward.  all in seconds.  didn’t even know what was happening.  until I was on the ground.  for all to see.  hands out.  my right arm extended, took the entire force of the fall.  which is interesting because my left hand is cut up.  nothing on my right.

iphone pics 859

don’t worry mom.  I hydrogen peroxided the heck out of that asap.  no flesh eating bacteria happening over here.

Nothing really hurt too bad immediately after. I was just going to walk the 1.5 miles home.  But thank goodness for neighbors that are on their way to work and witness the entire circus act go down.  She turned around and offered me a ride home.  there are good people out there.  within an hour of getting home and being pissy about the whole stupid thing, I could not move my right arm.  trying to chalk it up to the fact that it just took the brunt of a 138lb running person fall and that it would be sore, but it felt like something was wrong.  I got in to see the orthopedist.

He said judging by the x-ray and my movement or lack thereof, I dislocated it and relocated it.  dislocated when I hit and popped it back in place probably when I got up.  good news.  I didn’t break it in 37 places like I thought and felt.  and I didn’t need emergency surgery like I was sure I would need.  and he said I could go finish my run.  I kid.  I did ask if I could run today.  he laughed.  I said I’m not really kidding, but I get it.

Here are some more bountifully good and exciting things that an incident like this bring about in my comical life.

1.   I got to sport around this lovely new accessory for the day.  I’ve always wanted one of these sexy little black slings.  just what I’ve been missing in my wardrobe.

iphone pics 866


2.  Along with that, I was kind of forced to wear my ever loving red Target sweatshirt all day.  comfy clothes all day.  I could not move my arm enough to get it off.  ok by me.  not really.  even I was getting nauseated by the stink.

iphone pics 867

3.  Plethora of homemade little gifts and ‘books’ from my thoughtful children just steal my heart and bring sunshine into my life.  within about 5 minutes of walking in the door all beat up, I had about 18 “I love you mom”, “you are the best” books from the girls.  here’s just a sampling:

iphone pics 862

I AM the ‘spashest’ mom.  I fall a lot.  that would be pronounced ‘spesh – a – lest’, or spelled ‘specialis’ to you non kindergartners.

iphone pics 863

I am also ‘sweet’ and ‘fun’.  very good to know I have some redeeming qualities.

iphone pics 864

4.  My husband is also a very thoughtful gift giver.  always thinking of me, even when he goes for a run…bringing back my nemesis…someone was out to get me

iphone pics 869

figure that one out.  I’m really not sure.  all I know is that it took me down.

5.  Hello Kitty bandaids really do make all of the world’s troubles go away.  no wonder my girls practically throw themselves off their bikes in hopes of an injury.  they want hello kitty.  my little loves, haven’t you learned I hand out bandaids like they are candy.  you don’t need to hurt yourselves.  a simple hangnail will suffice as reason for a bandaid.

iphone pics 860

6.  I had the best iced coffee I have ever made yesterday.  that has nothing to do with anything, except that it made my day brighter and you have to take note of the little things during the day that make it better.  the coffee made it better.  so much better that I had two large iced coffees.  that’s a real treat.  you never know with iced coffee how it’s going to be until you take the first sip.  this was utterly delightful.

7.  Painkillers.  they do work.  but they also make a mama sleepy.  so I was thinking if I double up on the coffee and have a diet coke I will be all jazzed up on caffeine and the pain killers won’t knock me out.  either that or the combo of caffeine and hydrocodone will kill me.  it was a risk.

8.  An unfortunate circumstance that puts the mom in an unpleasant condition is certainly means for a little lululemon sympathy shopping.  ok.  if I must.  I’ve been eyeing this jacket.  in finally went on ‘we made too much’.  score.  my lucky day.

iphone pics 871

and if you want a view that doesn’t involve a fingerprinted, stickered mirror so you can actually see the jacket, here you go.

lulu jacket

9.  A nice morning breakfast with my girlies at the coffee shop.  always makes life smiley.  and sunshiny.  hubs took the 4:30am riser on a hike today.  and out of my hair for the better part of the day.  is it Christmas???

iphone pics 870

10.  I have gained much knowledge about the elbow.

iphone pics 861

nice looking elbow if I do say so myself.

knowledge is always a good thing people.  I now know about sail sites, and fat pads.  This is what Dr. Orthopedist says (actually the PA, but whatever): ‘Well, if you look here, you can see the fat pads clearly around your olecranon are very visible and enlarged…..’  Oh my, dr. orthopedist. talking about my fat pads in such a manner and we’ve only just met.  lets slow this relationship down please.  apparently fat pads are only visible if you’ve done some silly thing like trip on your run and dislocate your elbow. or something like that.  normal thing to do.  now I know about my fat pads.  good stuff.

11.  Not so much a good thing, but a thing.  a learning thing.  I’m directed not to run until at least next week.  bye bye long saturday run:(  see you next week.  I could run.  my arm is pretty sore, but not in the running position.  😉  BUT, docs orders are not to.  and I am learning to listen.  no running.  that’s funny.  I was just ‘not running’ for quite some time.  what’s another little break.  no one said anything about stepping.  hello stairmaster.  with my one functioning arm.

12.  In all of this, I realized when I got home, that my legs, particularly my right one, feel completely and utterly 100% fantastic!!!  This is the first time I have been able to say that in over 2 months.  not a single, slightest twinge of anything funky or ‘off’ or tight or uncomfortable.  shins are great.  so happy.  now if I can just learn how to run on pavement without killing myself, we should be good.

13.  A very helpful husband that got the fam through the day is something to be thankful for.  a one armed mother makes the activities of daily momming and driving and waiting on everyone hand and foot and such impossible.  too bad for me.  I had to sit and direct the hubs around all day.  actually not a bad gig.  I rather enjoyed myself.  icing and ‘healing’ whilst he tends to the kidlings and their many needs.  thank you hubs.  lets do this again next week.  I’m sure I could find something to trip over and break my hand or something very inconvenient but not debilitating.

14.  And that’s just what this is.  super inconvenient.  super frustrating.  kind of super funny.  we laughed a lot about it yesterday.  it’s life.  and things totally jump out at you on the road when you don’t expect them.  literally.  and metaphorically.  and they throw a little wrench in your seemingly perfect week, month, year, life.  and life goes on and you keep doing your best not to fall flat on your face too often.  and you do your best to learn what the point of that ‘thing’ was.  and to not get too beat up over it.  because there will certainly be more ‘things’ that come up and it ALL makes a part of your story and your journey on the way to whatever it is that is your purpose in life.  so as soon as I started getting a tad dramatic about this silly little inconvenience right after it happened, waiting to hear the worst and picturing my arms getting all emaciated and losing all strength because I surely would never be able to lift a weight again after this tragedy, and then taking more time off of running on top of it all – I think, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.  this is a tiny example, but after you let your head drag in misery for a bit, pick it up and find SOMETHING good and try to find the big picture, or the new picture.  that is all.  then go shopping and buy yourself a pity present and really move on.

Have you ever dislocated anything?  Broken anything?

Have you ever fallen flat on your face when you are running with lots of people watching?  embarassing.

And….who’s racing this weekend?!?!?  And….happy memorial day weekend!  Fun plans?  Tell me about them!

Let’s Be Honest


Workout – yesterday, 8 miles as promised.  fantastic.  on the treadmill.  at the gym.  I haven’t seen the inside of the gym in probably a month.  treadmill running has not become any more fun in the time of my absence.  unfortunately.  it’s still utterly and completely boring.  too bad.  here’s how it looked:

A repetitive progression of sorts I suppose, but kind of just all over the place…

8:00, 7:30, 6:58, 8:00, 7:30, 6:58, 8:00, 7:15

I had to do that last one at 7:15 pace to get it in before the 60 minute turn off.  success.  all of my body parts were a go on this run.  all happy.  all did their job.  It is kind of strange to be running but not training for anything.  which means I don’t have any real direction with my pace when I run, except not to push it too hard right now.  I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve run to run and not had a race on the horizon.  people really do that.  hmmmm.  it’s nice.

Today, 45 minute stairmaster, fairly intense.  25 minutes of strength.  loved every minute of it.  especially when my little devil came down at 5:30 to join me.

iphone pics 853

blurry little devil. my camera skills are lacking while I’m stepping.  he’s making sure we are properly ‘dehumidified’

always makes it a very special time of entertaining and having a little sweatfest of my own.

Like I’ve said before, I generally come up with my own full body circuit to do when I workout at home.  It usually includes anywhere from 4-6 moves rotated through 3-4 times.  They generally work multiple body parts (legs shoulders) at the same time and I never get too concerned with getting my heart rate up because I do cardio separately.  although there are times when I’m huffing and puffing my way through a strength session.  This morning was just a good mix of strength that left me feeling strong.  go figure.  it works.  I find the benefits and the ‘good’ feeling from a decent strength circuit sticks with me throughout the entire day as opposed to the endorphin rush from cardio that usually only lasts until my 3 little birds have their mouths open for breakfast an hour later.  yet I still opt for cardio or a run if time only allows for one or the other.  muy interesante.

Let’s be honest today.  I’m always honest.  but for the sake of this post, let’s be honest.  today.  because that’s the most catchy title I could come up with and I am now seamlessly segway-ing it into the body of my ramblings.  lets itemize the honest feelings…

Item 1 – does anyone really jump out of bed at 4:50 am ready to get some heart pumping cardio on?  I know there are morning people.  I like to think I am a morning person.  and I go to bed looking forward to and excited for my early morning sweat sessions.  but early morning comes and I have a decent amount of self talk going on to actually make myself get out of bed and get moving.  I do get out of bed and am eternally greatful that I made that decision.  but that time between alarm ringing and getting my bum moving are painstakingly difficult moments.  that’s my thought on that.  if you are that special breed of people that jump out of bed ready to move at 4:45am, than you must go to bed at like 6pm.  not so sure about that.

Item 2 – I want to hate the bachelorette, for no good reason, but she’s so stinkin’ adorable and I totally got sucked into the whole drama/reality on Monday night, I think I’m hooked.  we’ll know for sure when next monday rolls around.  I don’t really want to be that reality show watcher person.  but I’m afraid I am for this bachelorette season.  and of all shows, it’s the bachelorette.  it’s like reality soap opera.  I need mindless entertainment in my life.

Item 3 – I am feeling really good about running this week.  and I guess I’m really suprised my plan of only running every other day is doing this body good.  I’m glad I made that plan, otherwise I would have probably stressed about running everyday and I would not be as happy with the week.  I might have started getting a bit hysterical in my mind this past weekend that I would never really run again without some sort of discomfort in my right leg because it’s just been off a bit still.  thinking possible amputation, torn ligaments requiring life threatening surgery, tendonitis in my hamstring that would leave me immobile, you know, very reasonable thinking that was going through my brain.  but after 8 miles yesterday, my legs are really loosening up and feeling more like themselves.  perfect.  lets stay on this track.  hysterics be gone.

Item 4 – I’m not stretching or rolling.  so bad.  probably why I am thinking crazy thoughts.  because I will have good reason to if I don’t start coddling my legs.  I am going to.

Item 5 – I have the cutest little boy in the world.  just thought I would throw that one out there.  feel free to agree, or keep your mouth shut if you have a cute little boy at home.

iphone pics 855

Item 6 – I went to Target yesterday.  without a plan.  going to target with a plan is dangerous.  going without a plan is darn near shopping suicide.  I came out fairly unscathed. target may be a little worse for the wear as we may have spilled a bag of popcorn and a bag of goldfish.  oops.  as it turns out, the plan was to get a little bit of summer clothes shopping done for the kidlings.  deals all around.

iphone pics 850

Item 7 – I don’t know if this is just me, or a general ‘mom’ thing, but if ever I have delightful plans for an evening out, the entire day leading up to the evening out is kind of painstakingly slow.  particularly the last hour before I get out of jail the house.  and I might be a little bit irritable as the day comes to a close.  up for debate.

Item 8 – I’m pretty darn happy with the naturopath I went to see and the whole regimen of things he put me on.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference.  I’m glad I dug a little deeper than just what my primary care doctor was telling me.

Item 9 – (no worries, this will end at some point today) we were outside at 6:45am playing in the driveway.  I would have to say that’s not an acceptable time to go outside.  only because it’s very difficult to get the boy back inside to do things like let mommy take a shower.  which is a slightly foreign experience to him I guess as it doesn’t happen as often as it should in the morning.  but little boy loves his little bike.

Item 10 – to make it a nice even number.  I went to Sweet Frog twice yesterday.  it doesn’t hurt that we are friends with the owners and therefore doubles as an excuse to chitty chat and hang out.  with froyo in hand.  I don’t have frozen yogurt problem.  honestly, as good as sweet frog is, frozen yogurt is just not one of those things I crave after having kids.  but, I have three children, on different schedules.  and the 11am sweet frog run would have been bragged about to the morning kindergartner that didn’t get to go for froyo.  naturally, I had to take the morning kindergartner while the afternoon preschooler wasn’t around.  all in order to avoid a disastrous, raging jealous fit of sister got sweet frog and I didn’t meltdown.  rough life.  Luke has the rough life.  lucky dog is always around and got to eat fro yo twice.  but all he wanted to do was makeout and pet the ceramic frog decorations.  and take them all home.  should I be concerned about that?  I told him he had to stop messing with the frogs until he finished his yogurt.  so he promptly took his cup, midbite, and tossed it in the trash.  all done.  and the frog kissing and petting resumed.

All done.  you may get back to your lives now.  and I need to continue counting down the minutes until my escape.  I mean my evening out.  and I will be looking forward to my 8 mile run in the morning, because this week is moving along swimmingly according to plan. it will be even more swimmingly if the run is not on the treadmill.  but that might be asking for too much.  counting my blessings.  of which there are many.

Is your week going swimmingly according to plan?

What do you do when it doesn’t go according to plan?  throw a big tantrum?  scream and yell?  me too, it’s ok.

Are you the type that jumps out of bed at 4:45am ready to go?  please explain in detail how that happens.

Katie vs. Stairmaster


I win

Workout – 1.5 hours on stairmaster.  tried to kill me.  but I provoked it.  and survived.  I’m not sure exactly what’s gotten into me these past couple days with an intense desire to have a killer workout, without actually killing myself or putting in too much running effort, but I’m gonna go with it.  after the 8 sweaty miles yesterday, I wanted a rough and tough crosstraining workout today.  I got what I wanted.  just the way it should be.  I did 45 minutes on the speed intervals this morning and another 45 on the hill program tonight.  perfection.  and I squeezed in some driveway strength training time with pics to prove it…

iphone pics 834


iphone pics 835


iphone pics 836

my children are spectacular photographers.  have I mentioned I love compression socks.  I do.


and Luke keeping tabs on me from the car…

iphone pics 837

Immediately post picture, Alexandra and Luke had the most brilliant idea to give the car a mud bath.  if you are not sure what that is, it is exactly as it sounds.  dump dirt all over the car than fill it all up with water.  so that the car is now full of muddy water.  fantastic.  all in the span of 2 minutes that I went inside to use the bathroom.  this is why moms don’t pee.  until 8pm.

I want to hit 30 – 35 miles this week in 4 days total of running.  I’m planning on getting a short, long run in this weekend.  my first post marathons long run.  10-12 miles.  I know, that’s not in the long run realm, but I’m pretending it is this weekend.  That means tomorrow I HAVE to get to the gym in the early am to get my run in, or run early outside.  crosstrain wednesday, and then run again on Thursday. crosstrain Friday and run on Saturday. I’ve got it all planned out.  and it will most certainly all work out just as I have planned because that’s how life goes as a stay at home mom with 3 little kids.  always according to plan.  lies. 

Lets talk food, because I have some good food stuff to talk about.  actually, none of it is really particularly noteworthy as much as I just want to share with you what is going on in my food world as of late, more precisely, today.  and I think you should care.

I stole this chocolate frosting recipe from this very cool blog called Stuftmama, and tweaked it a tad to make it my own.  remaining completely un-original as are most things I do.  but inspired, nonetheless.  inspired is good too.

iphone pics 839

I certainly do not disappoint with the horrible food pics.  I already ate 2/3 of it.  and then proceeded to lick the bowl clean.  true.  tongue in bowl.  no shame in my game.  waste not want not.  chocolate is a precious commodity in these parts.

Here’s how I did it:

1/4c. unsweetened cocoa

2-3 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 Tbsp honey (I think you probably don’t need this, but I put it in this time)

1.5 tsp truvia/stevia – I did not measure this, just a guess, add more if needed

if I had it, I would have added almond extract

whisk it up and eat!  You can also freeze it.  tasty chocolate treat.  you can also smear it all over my peanut butter protein bar.  amazing.

iphone pics 845

and you can see my split peas soaking in the background.  which brings me to my next food item of the day….preparing my split peas to be made into split pea snacks.  they need to soak for an eternity and then they will be ready to turn into delightful little savory treats.  hopefully I’ll get to that part or I’ve just wasted 3 cups of split peas.

and food item #3, grocery store finds.  before we get into that – I have to say that I have decided today that grocery shopping is currently my least favorite chore/activity/way to spend 2 hours of my day including getting there and unloading.  no like.  ok.  glad I got that off my itty bitty chest.  these are two things I came home with – one of which I can’t live without and another of which I have never bought.

iphone pics 838

we could easily plow through those avocados in two days.  love them.  but I have never bought a 5lb bag of golden potatoes.  don’t know what possessed me.  maybe the same strange feeling that is making me want to do endless hours of stairmaster workouts and run in the hot hot sun.  I don’t know.  but I had to buy them.  now I have to figure out what to do with them.  we just aren’t really potato people.  but I kind of want to be.  I think potatoes have gotten a bad rap in the not so distant past, and they need to be redeemed.  there are many good qualities about potatoes.  google it and you can find out for yourself. 

which brings me to food item #4 of the day.  dinner.  unlike last week, I was feeling completely uninspired for the meals this week.  I still somehow managed to spend a crapload of money at the store without any specific meals to show for it.  hate that.  looks like we’ll be having eggs, avocados and almond milk all week.  when in doubt for a meal, resort to vegetables.  of the frozen kind that are always in abundance in my freezer.  when in further doubt, resort to something in a jar that you can add to vegetables to make them like a super tasty favorite indian dish that you don’t know the name of but won’t cost you $50 for takeout.  more like $3.99.  much more budget friendly.  I LOVE indian food.  and sushi.  it’s a toss up for most favorite.  probably sushi.

iphone pics 840

Throw it all in a pan and let it simmer and cook. 

iphone pics 842

it does not get easier than that.  until you have a little aha moment and remember the 5lb bag of beautiful golden potatoes you just bought.  but they aren’t cooked.  and everything else is.  solutions for everything.  I can think of nothing healthier than wrapping the little spud in plastic and sticking it in the microwave.

iphone pics 843

not thinking about it.  chop it up and toss it in.  throw a couple runny eggs over the top and voila.  perfect meal.

Here’s how I did it, in case you care…

1/2 of a 16oz bag each of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sugar snap peas. 

1 can of chick peas

1 red pepper

Microwave frozen veggies together according to directions.  they don’t have to be all the way cooked, just not completely frozen.

While they are microwaving, sautee drained chick peas and pepper in 1Tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper.

Add in veggies.  stir it up and add in Tikka sauce, or whatever sauce you get.  simmer and cook until done.  if you cook your potatoes the super fancy way in the microwave like I do, add them in at the end.  If you don’t know how to do potatoes the super fancy way, wrap in plastic (sounds so bad to me), microwave for 2 minutes, turn over and microwave 2 more minutes, or more depending on how big they are.

You can add meat to this as well.  but you are smart people and can probably figure out that you can add or take away whatever the heck you want.  the homemade indian dinner police won’t come arrest you for making it differently.  no worries.  get some naan to really make it authentically worth your money saving time.  your welcome.

There you have it.  some recipes.  some nonsense.  some horrible pictures of me doing some strange workout thing.  just what you need to be reading on a monday night.  have fun.


What is your favorite way to eat a potato?

Do you like Indian cuisine?

What does your running week look like?  Do you try to plan it out, or take it day by day?

Word. To the Wise. and the 840 calorie cupcake.


edit* – this post was written yesterday and lazy bones didn’t finish it.  all of the “today’s” are really “yesterday’s”.  and lazy bones certainly isn’t going to change the whole post.  read on.

Workout – yesterday, walked LOTS of city blocks.  fun.  but not as fun as today….RAN 8 miles.  outside.  in approximately 80 something degree weather.  that’s fun. 

I really do like running in the heat.  running all summer in the hot temps is great preparation for a nice cool fall race.  looking forward to that.  I like training in the heat better when I am prepared.  I was not really prepared today.  the large iced coffee that I had this morning didn’t serve too well to keep me hydrated in those temps.  and in my simple minded running brain, I never feel the need to bring water on runs less than 10 miles.  whether it be 30 degrees or 85 degrees.  silly.  that needs to change.  Here’s what I came up with after today’s run – some wisdom from Katie after my first HOT run of the season…

Word to the Wise #1:  How to make a run hard.  I wanted a HARD run today.  I wanted to have to take myself out of my mental comfort zone a bit.  I wanted a run that would make me want to be all can’t this just end right now, I’m kind of not enjoying this at all, but kind of loving it at the same time because I CAN run and I feel good except for that really tight spot at the top of my hamstring that is kind of becoming nice company.  that kind of run.  I needed the kind that is hard without having to push the pace because I’m not at the push the pace point.  all of my runs are nice and relaxed, no pace worries at all.  so how do you make a run hard without ever having to push the pace?  Let me tell you.  Run in 85 degree weather.  Run a distance longer than you have in the past 3 weeks.  Run without water (which is actually not advisable, but that’s what I did and it made me want to jump in the river and drink it).  Run a bit of a hilly route.  and don’t go to the bathroom before you hit the road.  an added bonus that makes it really challenging.  Success.  It was just tough enough in every aspect but the pace.

Average Pace: 7:37

Confession.  I ran with my garmin today.  garmin and I are in a really good spot right now.  after a one week separation, I have learned how to say no to garmin checking every 3.2 seconds.  I think.  at least for today.  I wore it with the promise that it would not dictate my pace. one. bit.  The purpose of breaking out the Garmin – I wanted a nice, easy run.  one that felt comfortable, not forced and not pushing it.  and I wanted to know what that pace was at this point in my running.  I needed a little check in.  I checked the pace, but not obsessively.  when I saw the pace slow down, I had no response.  I remained emotionally detached from the garmin pace.  It did not effect my attitude or my run.  I continued to run how I felt.  and it turns out I was feeling about a 7:37 average pace for 8 miles.  with the heat.  and lack of water.  and hills.  and intense need to find a bathroom for the last 3 miles (read on).  I am happy with all that.

Word to the Wise #2:  With all that being said about making a run hard – don’t run without water when it’s really hot.  common sense to most.  not to me.  or at least hydrate properly beforehand.  the truth is, I am usually very well hydrated and had I been well hydrated today, I still wouldn’t have taken water with me on an 8 miler and I would have been fine, despite the heat.  but today, I was dying of thirst by mile 4.

Word to the Wise #3:  always act like a 4 year old and go to the bathroom, whether you actually have to or not, before you embark on your run.  you will be thankful you did at mile 5.  especially if you have had 3 children and your bladder control is kind of like that of a 90 year old when you are running.  it’s not pretty.  and you must know this because running isn’t always pretty.  another good reason to wear black shorts or running skirts – accidents happen people.  I’m not saying it happened to me, just saying they happen.  black hides them better.  but I wouldn’t really know that because it’s never happened to me.  the need to pee only made the end of my run a little more challenging trying to hold it all together and run at the same time.  I daresay my pace at the end would have been slightly faster if I was not so consumed with trying not to pee.

Word to the Wise #4:  Don’t use last years sunscreen.  it probably won’t work.  tan lines.  I’m going to have an angry dermatologist next month.  #1 thing on my grocery list is new sunscreen.

Here’s how the run looked today

iphone pics 830


iphone pics 831 

Not really impressed with the splits, but happy with the overall.

iphone pics 829



Backtrack to Saturday.  I go to NYC with my girlfriend every year.  We went on Saturday and it was a beautiful day of walking around, eating, shopping and just enjoying being away from the kids having some girl time.  Every year we pass CRUMBS cupcakes on the way to and from Grand Central, and every year I say I am going to get one of their amazing cupcakes.  I FINALLY got one three.  two for the girls and luke and one for the hubs and I.  I found it kind of strange that they put the calorie count for each cupcake under the name.  840 calories.  in one cupcake.  how is that even possible?  most of them were around 400-500, but this one was 840 calories.  and I got it.

iphone pics 827

I don’t know if they injected pure lard into this little gem, but that calorie count was up there.  and it was mighty tasty.  can you guess which one would give you a heart attack as soon as you ate it?  fyi, there are only 2 kinds in there, two of them are the same.  birthday cupcake and grasshopper pie.  they all have some sort of decadent filling inside.     

  A Little Weekend Wrap up…

My daughter sleeps with sunglasses on.  true.  she must have them every night.  and this is what I found when I went to check on her before I went to bed…10pm.  sound asleep.

iphone pics 826


We saw a turtle in the road on the way home from church yesterday.  naturally, the only thing to do is grab it and put it in the car to 1) scare the bejesus out of Alex and 2) Have Anna torment Alex with how “cool” it is and try to make her touch it.

iphone pics 828

Friends of ours opened up a new fro yo place in town – Sweet Frog.  so yummy.  all the cousins enjoying their sugar high.

iphone pics 825


Happy Monday, friends.  I started my week by skipping my 5am gym session because a certain 5 year old that I won’t name was in my bed kicking me all night and another certain 2 year old that I won’t name was up with a low fever not wanting to sleep.  while Monday morning gym sessions are almost crucial to my sanity for the week, I let it go.  remaining confident that some sort of workout will fit its way into my day.

I know some of you experienced the running heat this weekend in races – brutal!!!  I hope you are resting and recovering and planning the next one.  😉

Fill me in on the weekend races/fun activities???

Do you prefer running in hot or cold?

Do you have a Sweet Frog near you?