Race Decisions


Workout – rest day.  come on people.  we all know how hard I have been working these past 10 days.  this was a much deserved rest day.  I’m going to give it no further thought.  done.  3 days until my run date.  with myself.  and not my garmin.

I do believe there comes a point in a runner’s life, in terms of racing, where you have to make a decision as to what kind of racer/runner you are.  If only for a season, the decision has to be made.  and then you may change that at any given time.  but for a period, you are that kind of runner.

What kind of runner can I be, you ask???

Let me share.

You can be short distance

You can be mid distance

You can be a marathoner

You can be an ultramarathoner

You can be all of these things, but it is hard to be all of them at the same time.  Especially when you have certain goals for certain races and want to excel in them.  my opinion.

Here is why it is my opinion.  and how RACE DECISION #1 is made…

I have been wanting to do the VT50 since last spring.  ultramarathon.  50 mile trail run.  it’s been in the lineup and on the brain for over a year.  it seems intriguing to me.  I want to experience it.  and because I am not a patient person when it comes to running, I wanted to experience it like yesterday.  I didn’t get in last year.  I might have cried.  I did cry.  so what.  I’ve become very emotional in my old age.  so now the registration date is in my calendar for this year.  May 25th.  enter Coach.  who is going to assist me in getting my sub 3 marathon.  that goal marathon is November 4th.  I’m reaching.  for the stars.  if I miss, I’m planning on landing squarely in the 3:05 star range.  I heard it’s fabulous there too, not quite as fabulous as the sub 3, but much prettier than the 3:42.  The VT50 is September 28th or something like that.  5 weeks pre marathon.  in my mind, running 50 miles 5 weeks before a goal marathon is perfectly acceptable.  and that is why I need a coach.  a conservative coach.  because my mind is crazy sometimes.

ME: Can I run the VT50 in September?

COACH: Sure you can.  if you want to run a 3:08 marathon in November. 

Ok silly.  a 3:08 marathon would actually be phenomenal.  but not when I am shooting for a 2:59:59.  yep.  I’m just gonna keep throwing that crazy number out there.  I used to have a hard time vocalizing my goals, because it made them real and kind of scary and seemingly more difficult to get.  but it’s out there.  as crazy as it may be, there it is.  and my mind is going to get used to it.  and start believing that I have it.  and training like I will get it.  decision made.  I can not do both marathon and ultra this year.  50 miler out.  I am not an ultramarathoner this year.  I am a marathoner.  that is where my energy and training is going to focus.  a byproduct of that might possibly be some improved 5K – half marathon times.  but my focus is on the marathon.  If my focus were on the 5k or half marathon, they would probably get even faster.  And at some point I think I would like to shift my focus to those races and see what’s possible with training.


With all of that being said about focusing on my marathon and coming off of a slight injury/overtraining/running hysterics mental moment, I am easing into running again.  but my patience still needs some work.  There is a 5k I wanted to do this weekend.  I talk myself into it.  I talk myself out of it.  The logical flowchart would be to NOT run it.  Run fast 5K —-> hurt shins —-> more time off running after 2 weeks off —-> very unhappy Katie, which translates to, Run Fast 5k —-> very unhappy Katie.  We want to avoid that at all costs.  I know my husband wants to avoid that at all costs.  you want to avoid it because you will have to read an incessant number of posts about non running unhappy Katie.  not pretty when Katie’s unhappy about running.  Then, the impatient ME wants to just go run it.  I’ve done my time off, and I should run.  enter once again, coach.  Here’s the convo…

iphone pics 791


iphone pics 792

no fast 5k this weekend.  totally fine.  of course I could just go run it and run it nicely.  but I don’t see the logic in paying $30 to run a nice, slow 3 miles.  other than the $ goes to a good cause.  that is a reason why I might run it slow.  that would be hard for me to do.  but a good thing to do.


No June 3rd half marathon.  This one might make me the most sad of them all.  I just really enjoy this half marathon.  Really, the only reason I am not running it is because it was my goal half marathon to get a shiny new PR.  I’m not saying that’s not possible, but I am saying I don’t feel prepared to push my body to run that hard in 3 weeks.  I actually did consult coach on this one to keep me on track – of course the little devil sitting on my shoulder is telling me to just run it.  such devilish things I think, like run a half marathon, just do it.  horrible thoughts.  coach laughed when I asked.  there’s my answer.  devil be gone.  no half.  and that’s ok.  because last I checked, there will be half marathons until the end of time.


It’s not all bad.  I’m going to run shorter races throughout my training during the summer.  That will be fun.  To pick them out and to run them.  There are plenty of races in my future.  I love training for a fall race.  lots of training race opportunities.  the summer days are longer.  more time for a family with both parentals running to get the runs in.  it’s hot.  it’s perfect running weather.  stay tuned for the summer schedule.  it will be upon us in no time!


ps.  remember that picture from yesterday?  one word.  photoshop.  I have very talented friends.  but you can still think of me as basically a celebrity.

pps.  i am having severe lululemon withdrawals.  it’s been over 3 weeks.  do you feel me?  look out for some possible new purchase(s) in the next few days.  I have justification for them.  just wait.

ppps.  who has races this weekend???  slightly jealous of you.  Good luck!!!


About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. Props to you for making some smart decisions! Runners are great at taking on too much and expecting too much at the same time 🙂
    A little bummed that you’re not doing the VT50 but I’m sure you’ll rock the marathon. Are you still pacing your hubby at Leadville??

    • I am bummed about the 50 as well, but decisions had to be made…there will definitely be ultra’s in the near future, like hopefully within the year – after I get this next marathon out of my system:)
      As of right now I am not pacing the hubs at leadville because of the logistics with the kids, etc. Anything could change though!

  2. Seems like you have a wise coach!

    Uh- Lululemon… my new obsession also. And there is a huge Lululemon only 10 minutes away from me! I now own two pairs of speed shorts, a cute tank that I forgot the name, and a jacket. With Mothers Day and my birthday coming up, my [daily] wardrobe of cute workout gear is going to explode. Exciting!

    I am enjoying my taper, but I am already researching training plans for MCM in the fall. Haha!!

    • Live it up girl, with the lulu!!! You can never have too much;-) I’m itching to get there, until then I will continue to stalk the website plotting out my next purchase. Glad you are enjoying the taper, can’t wait to hear how you do. Is that Marine Corps Marathon you are running?


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