Workout(s) – it’s a little bit frightening how happy it makes me to log my actual running workouts.  really exciting.  really frightening.  I’m ok with it.  makes me happy.  if that’s all I need to make me happy…than I’m pretty boring.  but I’m ok with that too.  ok, add a box of chocolates.  and some snazzy running clothes.  then I’m happy. 

let me fill you in on the last 4 days of running.  I know I already filled you in on Friday’s run, but I’m going to lump it in again today, because that will make me happy too.  it falls into the return to running category.  all of which makes me happy.  happy monday.  talking about running.

(sidenote – if you are every not completely sure if you LOVE to run, take a week or two or six off.  and see how you feel when you finally run again.  pretty sure that will give you an answer.  if you are on cloud 9, dancing through the streets, you LOVE it.  and you’re crazy.  like me.  I did not dance through the streets.  I do have some dignity.  if you would rather continue the hiatus and never look at running shoes again, you probably don’t love it.  or you’re probably really injured and need to take more time off.  if that’s the case, I’m sorry I brought it up.  and life extension – if something you love is turning into a not so fun thing or a burden (not really talking about your spouse or your children, but it’s your call), I’m thinking things more like exercise, eating chocolate, crocheting, shopping at lululemon, taking a ton of pictures of yourself for a ‘blog’ – take a break and come back.  you will probably love it more after.  there’s your life lesson from Dr. Katie)

Friday – 5.1 Miles.

Saturday – smart runner took the day off.  ok.  not a smart runner because I would have made a different choice had I the means to do so.  I had no means.  I was home with the kids all day and no hubs to relieve me.  Actually, I did have the means, but I used up all of my babysitter time at a certain store that begins with Lulu and ends with Lemon.  smart decisions. BUT I got some great strength training in.  It was that PERFECT weather to be outside getting my weighted lunge/plank/pushup/side plank leg raise/core work on with my little lunger by my side. 

iphone pics 793

1/2 lunge, 1/2 static running.  she knows what’s up.  little mermaid. 

I love this little exercise…

iphone pics 796

you can just about ‘stork stance’ anything.  great full body work.  and I know, I look super sexy in this getup.  compression socks are my security blanket.  I don’t go anywhere without them.

Sunday – 6.1 miles.  happy mother’s day.  I guess that’s all I really wanted for mother’s day.  a nice little run.  I got it in before church, which was nice because then I didn’t have to shower twice that day.  who am I kidding.  I wouldn’t have showered again until before I went to bed anyway.  I have no problem being a stinky mom all dayI hope everyone had a fantastic mother’s day and was pampered away by your adoring families!

Monday – 5.1 miles.  I truly was planning on not running today.  I formulated a return to running rule for myself that I will only run every other day for the next two weeks.  silly rules.  made to be broken.  here’s another mom rule in regards to running – if the opportunity presents itself to run, you must run, whether it was in the plan or not.  because there may be another day during the week where you planned to run, but the kidlings have different plans (like getting up at 4 or 5 am or getting sick and not going to school, to name a couple) and it might not fit in.  I had the opportunity today, thanks to gammy for watching the littles and a super speedy trip to the grocery store giving me time to run before my little blessings bombarded me from the heavens upon my return.  even though it wasn’t on the “other day”, I took it. and ran.  glad I did.  tomorrow is never certain.  today was a sure thing.

Those are my miles.  pretty fun.  we’ll see what tomorrow holds.  even more exciting.

I’m not sure what’s up with the extra .1 on my mileage.  I am faithfully running without my garmin.  and am faithfully www.gmap-pedometer.com’ing the route after my run.  that’s where I get the ‘.1’ 

and I’m just thoroughly enjoying running.  that’s all there is to it.  the pace has been between 7:15-7:30.  I’m just running what I feel like running.  The routes are a tad hilly but nothing too major.  I like the hills right now.  they break up the pavement pounding flat running.   

Today I sported the Mizuno Musha.  Love them.  I really love the lightweight shoe.  I knew it would be a good run for it because I was only going 5 miles.  They feel great.  The perfect amount of support and cushion, but light on the feet. 

iphone pics 797

she’s my little elf.  just pops up everywhere.  cute.


and then I sported this little top.  after my glorious run.  they will all be glorious for awhile. 

iphone pics 798

because you haven’t seen enough pics of me in this post

I’ve been eyeing it.  I’m sure you can guess where.  it was on sale.  don’t laugh.  things really do go on sale there.  part of their yoga stuff.  very comfortable.  and yoga’ish.  I feel all limber and stretched just wearing it.  see, it’s totally worth the money.  especially on sale.  this one was sponsored by my nana – happy mother’s day – thanks nana for allowing me to add to my comfortable clothing collection because I don’t have nearly enough of that kind of thing.

So now what.  I’m not really sure.  It’s just nice to be running, and not really training yet.  I’m a broken record with the happy running talk.  I’m guess I’m in that base building zone, getting my solid groundwork in.  Kind of like Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan were just doing for the Olympics.  I’m right on par with those two elites.  I’m all hidden talent.  I was too busy to head to London this summer anyway.  I’ve got kids and things to do.  Maybe next time.

What I am Focusing on NOW

1. Running form.  all I know is that I don’t really have it.  I have this wonky right foot that needs to get in line.

iphone pics 657

case in point.  get with the program, righty.

so I’m really focusing on correcting that in my easy running these next few weeks and probably forever after that. 

2. Stretching.  which I have done a minimal amount of.  I think it needs to be in the form of yoga or pilates, otherwise it just doesn’t really get done.  I never learn.  injury, katie, injury if you don’t stretch!!  buying a yoga shirt at lululemon really doesn’t count.

3. Strength and Core work.  I think CORE work is really important for running.  I let that slack quite a bit recently.  and my core was actually sore for the first time ever after a run after the marathon in Nashville.  A strong core makes a BIG difference. 

4.  Rest.  I’ve got that one down pat.  I was in bed at 7:54 last night.  I know you are jealous.  I didn’t even have to check on the kids before bed – I had just put them down.  It really starts to wear on me if I consistently get less than 7 hours a night.

5.  Getting healthy.  staying healthy.  eating healthy.  listening to my body more.  if I feel like running, run.  if something is feeling a bit sassy, don’t push it.  I’ve recently learned I’m not superwoman (might be up for debate) and I do get injured and my body does have a limit.  and it may be far different from a lot of other runners out there who have the ability to run a ton of miles.  I would like to work up to that.  and that’s the key.  work up to that mileage.  if and when it feels right.  I think if I take care to really take it easy now and just listen to the bod, I will have an easier time when I get really into training and hard workouts.  I will be more than ready for speed.  I won’t feel as ‘stressed’ going into the harder training because I’ve had enough easy time leading up to it.  my theory.

6.  Supporting the hubs.  he is getting more into training for his leadville 100 this summer.  we are two totally different creatures when it come to running and how we train.  but, it’s difficult to get in the training we both need with the kids, etc.  It usually works out well that our races don’t coincide.  so while he’s training, I’m just keeping up with the base miles.  and while I’m training….I don’t know what he’s doing.  hehe. 

On The Homefront

1. Secretly wishing that my precious little boy has an ear infection does not make me a bad mom.  he has been so miserable as of late – his daily tantrums are up from about 237 a day to well over 500 – makes life….impossible.  he had a fever last week, so an ear infection might make sense and it might explain the misery that is luke lately.  somehow he remains to be the cutest little guy on the planet and that’s his only saving grace.  and he’s my son.  that saves him too.

2.  speaking of little boy, if you are ever so lucky to be in my home and I offer you a pb&j sandwich, it is in your best interest to respectfully decline. 

iphone pics 799

licking the peanut butter lid.  you don’t know who has had the pb.  and you probably don’t want to have any part of if after where it’s been.

3.  I bought a little basil plant for $2.99 in hopes that I can stop spending $1.99 on one little package of it every time I need it for dinner.  saving pennies left and right. 

iphone pics 800

4.  It is in your best interest to make this Creamy Avocado Pasta for dinner.  asap.  vegan.  delish.  I added mushrooms tonight.

iphone pics 802

5.  It is also in your best interest to make these peanut butter protein bars if you haven’t already.  I’m on my third batch in about 2 weeks. 

6.  I have the worlds smallest food processor.  perfect for little crazy 2 year old hands to use whilst helping me whip up dinner. 

iphone pics 801

that’s actually not the smallest one.  I have a smaller one.  I like small appliances.  if I had a bigger one, I would probably be forced to be a food blogger.  that is not in anyone’s best interest.  I will stick to running.  and I’m not even completely positive I can do that well.  😉


That is all for now.  It’s only Monday.  Moving on to Tuesday.  Looking forward to Saturday. 


Tell me about your weekend races??

Do you have good running form, or are there things you need to work on?

Do you like to see recipes on the blog?  Probably won’t happen too often.  I had grand plans for that, but it’s not really panning out.  Turns out I don’t really like to write out recipes. 

Do you like to see a ridiculous amount of pictures of me striking the same pose over and over?  Don’t answer that.


About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. Thanks for the ‘or you’re probably really injured and need to take more time off’ 🙂 =me:(. Can’t run a block with baker without spasming two times as much that night. Who knows how long it will be, but I don’t think soon:/. I will buy new running shoes…someday. Until then I will still enjoy the hiatus, and other things I will be able to get done:)

  2. Love me some single leg dead lifts with may be a row/bicep curl/shoulder press/etc. added on. Hurts so good and works that core like no other. So glad that those rest days were a little food for your soul. I’m nearing the end of my cycle and looking forward to a few weeks of yoga, rest, and pressure free workout (or no workout) days.

  3. Yay for your happy runs!! It is the best feeling to fall in love with running again.

    My form goes to he** when I try to run faster and I really have to keep my hips from swiveling. Weird I know. And yes! I love the recipes you post – we are very similar eaters so I think they are great.

    If I can keep the kids healthy (had a little trouble with that lately) I am really looking forward to my half this weekend.

  4. I’ve been struggling to get back into running since the Nashville half. I haven’t had time to run outside (because I need to run in the morning before it gets hot but I’ve been working early mornings) … and running on the treadmill has been incredibly difficult. I don’t want to lose everything I had built up! I’m going to try another run on the treadmill tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes better!

  5. Weekend race was a 10k on Sunday (Mother’s Day) which my mom also ran! She had a blast, as did I. So fun to do that together (although we weren’t in the same corral and there were around 18 thousand other people). The pasta looks so good, I must try this! Lucky you, finding some good Lulu on sale! Hopefully I’ll be as lucky next week when I hit up the store for some b-day shopping!

  6. Congrats on your run! I didn’t have a race in the weekend, but I have a rather average 22 miler. i think my form is pretty decent, but it needs a little tweaking. I really like the recipes you post, i tried out the peanut butter bars and they were awesome 🙂

  7. Pingback: Deal Of The Day Lole Women’s Meditation 2 Tunic and more 45% OFF for SELECT Men’s Yoga Shorts

  8. its great you are back and running…and doing it with dignity! I make creamy avocado pasta pretty often…with peas and tomatoes….my kids are not overly happy, but they never refused a pasta in their life!
    I have CEP compression socks as well…my husband calls me sexy every time i wear them!
    I need to get some serious speedwork fitted in this week, but my chances are pretty slim.

  9. I love to see loads of photos of you. Especially all the lululemon stuff – we can’t get it here in the UK so I love to see it modelled on you, even if it makes me horribly jealous. My running form was terrible a few months back, but I have a husband who is painfully honest and I know what to work on, and as I get stronger, it gets better. No weekend races to look forward to, but we have an excellent thing over here in the UK called parkrun, soon to be coming to the States I believe. It is a 5km timed time trial that takes place every Saturday at 9am at parks all over the country. It would be impossible to not find one close to you, they have sprung up all over the place. All the results are published that same day, and they keep track of all your runs, and inform you of pb’s age gradings, age positions etc. Check it out: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/ it is great. My 9 year old daughter is getting into and runs the 5km every week, she is getting a pb every time she runs at the moment, and is down to 28:35, can’t wait to see what she can do when she actually joins a junior running club, she has the bug already.

  10. So glad you’re back at it and loving the running! I’m forcing myself to take 1.5-2 weeks off, and ohhhh, how badly I wanted to run this morning!!

    Love the pic of your boy licking the PB top, and is it bad that that is something I would probably do at the age of 30? : )

  11. Glad that you are back to running! I love the recipes…. The green smoothie is awesome and my husband makes it almost daily!!!

    Got the full marathon this weekend (Chicagoland Marathon). I was feeling confident until I checked the weather forecast- hot and breezy. Yikes! Hopefully the forecast will change as we get closer to Sunday.

  12. What a great post! Being fair-skinned I am always worried about those past burns and being out in the sun so much running. This is a great reminder to get checked. I finally sucked it up and made an appt. Being ogled by a dermatologist is not my ideal way to spend a tuesday morning but it can literally be a life-saver! Did that mole ever concern you before the dr. mentioned it to you? You hear so many stories about people saying ‘well it didn’t look like those horrible pictures that you see of skin cancer’. Such a great idea to just go ahead a get checked every year. Thanks for sharing this great message!


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