Did I Tell You About The Time I Dislocated My Elbow?


Yesterday morning.

During my thoughtful, planned run on my smartly planned out week that was going swimmingly as I just recently mentioned.  not so swimmingly now.  more like swimmingly in shark infested water.  I think I need to live in a bubble.

Instead of talking about the downside, lets talk about the upside.  because the whole incident is obviously the ‘downside’.  and it’s better to focus on how this little bumpety bump in my running road might not be so bad.  it is so bad.  painful bad.  but for arguments sake let’s say it’s not bad and come up with some good things.  of which they are bountiful.

One bountifully good thing is that I got 6.75 out of my 8 mile run in.  and those 6.75 miles were run at a 7:29 pace.  good for me.  I wasn’t going to run with the watch, but I didn’t have a route and was just doing an out and back and needed to know where to turn around.  once again I was a good girl and did not obsess over the pace.  I actually made a very conscious effort to slow it down for the last 3 miles, of which I only completed 1.75 before the fall.

Here’s how it went down.  literally down.  to the ground.  I think I was booby trapped.  that’s what it felt like – I was running on a very Main St part of Main St with a very decent amount of morning traffic.  Cruising along and feeling so happy to be alive and running and taking it easy, and before I knew it, I had kicked up this metal ring thing that was on the side of the road with my left foot.  Being oh so talented, I managed to get it flipped up and caught on my right heal, creating a sort of lasso effect and propelling me forward.  all in seconds.  didn’t even know what was happening.  until I was on the ground.  for all to see.  hands out.  my right arm extended, took the entire force of the fall.  which is interesting because my left hand is cut up.  nothing on my right.

iphone pics 859

don’t worry mom.  I hydrogen peroxided the heck out of that asap.  no flesh eating bacteria happening over here.

Nothing really hurt too bad immediately after. I was just going to walk the 1.5 miles home.  But thank goodness for neighbors that are on their way to work and witness the entire circus act go down.  She turned around and offered me a ride home.  there are good people out there.  within an hour of getting home and being pissy about the whole stupid thing, I could not move my right arm.  trying to chalk it up to the fact that it just took the brunt of a 138lb running person fall and that it would be sore, but it felt like something was wrong.  I got in to see the orthopedist.

He said judging by the x-ray and my movement or lack thereof, I dislocated it and relocated it.  dislocated when I hit and popped it back in place probably when I got up.  good news.  I didn’t break it in 37 places like I thought and felt.  and I didn’t need emergency surgery like I was sure I would need.  and he said I could go finish my run.  I kid.  I did ask if I could run today.  he laughed.  I said I’m not really kidding, but I get it.

Here are some more bountifully good and exciting things that an incident like this bring about in my comical life.

1.   I got to sport around this lovely new accessory for the day.  I’ve always wanted one of these sexy little black slings.  just what I’ve been missing in my wardrobe.

iphone pics 866


2.  Along with that, I was kind of forced to wear my ever loving red Target sweatshirt all day.  comfy clothes all day.  I could not move my arm enough to get it off.  ok by me.  not really.  even I was getting nauseated by the stink.

iphone pics 867

3.  Plethora of homemade little gifts and ‘books’ from my thoughtful children just steal my heart and bring sunshine into my life.  within about 5 minutes of walking in the door all beat up, I had about 18 “I love you mom”, “you are the best” books from the girls.  here’s just a sampling:

iphone pics 862

I AM the ‘spashest’ mom.  I fall a lot.  that would be pronounced ‘spesh – a – lest’, or spelled ‘specialis’ to you non kindergartners.

iphone pics 863

I am also ‘sweet’ and ‘fun’.  very good to know I have some redeeming qualities.

iphone pics 864

4.  My husband is also a very thoughtful gift giver.  always thinking of me, even when he goes for a run…bringing back my nemesis…someone was out to get me

iphone pics 869

figure that one out.  I’m really not sure.  all I know is that it took me down.

5.  Hello Kitty bandaids really do make all of the world’s troubles go away.  no wonder my girls practically throw themselves off their bikes in hopes of an injury.  they want hello kitty.  my little loves, haven’t you learned I hand out bandaids like they are candy.  you don’t need to hurt yourselves.  a simple hangnail will suffice as reason for a bandaid.

iphone pics 860

6.  I had the best iced coffee I have ever made yesterday.  that has nothing to do with anything, except that it made my day brighter and you have to take note of the little things during the day that make it better.  the coffee made it better.  so much better that I had two large iced coffees.  that’s a real treat.  you never know with iced coffee how it’s going to be until you take the first sip.  this was utterly delightful.

7.  Painkillers.  they do work.  but they also make a mama sleepy.  so I was thinking if I double up on the coffee and have a diet coke I will be all jazzed up on caffeine and the pain killers won’t knock me out.  either that or the combo of caffeine and hydrocodone will kill me.  it was a risk.

8.  An unfortunate circumstance that puts the mom in an unpleasant condition is certainly means for a little lululemon sympathy shopping.  ok.  if I must.  I’ve been eyeing this jacket.  in finally went on ‘we made too much’.  score.  my lucky day.

iphone pics 871

and if you want a view that doesn’t involve a fingerprinted, stickered mirror so you can actually see the jacket, here you go.

lulu jacket

9.  A nice morning breakfast with my girlies at the coffee shop.  always makes life smiley.  and sunshiny.  hubs took the 4:30am riser on a hike today.  and out of my hair for the better part of the day.  is it Christmas???

iphone pics 870

10.  I have gained much knowledge about the elbow.

iphone pics 861

nice looking elbow if I do say so myself.

knowledge is always a good thing people.  I now know about sail sites, and fat pads.  This is what Dr. Orthopedist says (actually the PA, but whatever): ‘Well, if you look here, you can see the fat pads clearly around your olecranon are very visible and enlarged…..’  Oh my, dr. orthopedist. talking about my fat pads in such a manner and we’ve only just met.  lets slow this relationship down please.  apparently fat pads are only visible if you’ve done some silly thing like trip on your run and dislocate your elbow. or something like that.  normal thing to do.  now I know about my fat pads.  good stuff.

11.  Not so much a good thing, but a thing.  a learning thing.  I’m directed not to run until at least next week.  bye bye long saturday run:(  see you next week.  I could run.  my arm is pretty sore, but not in the running position.  😉  BUT, docs orders are not to.  and I am learning to listen.  no running.  that’s funny.  I was just ‘not running’ for quite some time.  what’s another little break.  no one said anything about stepping.  hello stairmaster.  with my one functioning arm.

12.  In all of this, I realized when I got home, that my legs, particularly my right one, feel completely and utterly 100% fantastic!!!  This is the first time I have been able to say that in over 2 months.  not a single, slightest twinge of anything funky or ‘off’ or tight or uncomfortable.  shins are great.  so happy.  now if I can just learn how to run on pavement without killing myself, we should be good.

13.  A very helpful husband that got the fam through the day is something to be thankful for.  a one armed mother makes the activities of daily momming and driving and waiting on everyone hand and foot and such impossible.  too bad for me.  I had to sit and direct the hubs around all day.  actually not a bad gig.  I rather enjoyed myself.  icing and ‘healing’ whilst he tends to the kidlings and their many needs.  thank you hubs.  lets do this again next week.  I’m sure I could find something to trip over and break my hand or something very inconvenient but not debilitating.

14.  And that’s just what this is.  super inconvenient.  super frustrating.  kind of super funny.  we laughed a lot about it yesterday.  it’s life.  and things totally jump out at you on the road when you don’t expect them.  literally.  and metaphorically.  and they throw a little wrench in your seemingly perfect week, month, year, life.  and life goes on and you keep doing your best not to fall flat on your face too often.  and you do your best to learn what the point of that ‘thing’ was.  and to not get too beat up over it.  because there will certainly be more ‘things’ that come up and it ALL makes a part of your story and your journey on the way to whatever it is that is your purpose in life.  so as soon as I started getting a tad dramatic about this silly little inconvenience right after it happened, waiting to hear the worst and picturing my arms getting all emaciated and losing all strength because I surely would never be able to lift a weight again after this tragedy, and then taking more time off of running on top of it all – I think, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.  this is a tiny example, but after you let your head drag in misery for a bit, pick it up and find SOMETHING good and try to find the big picture, or the new picture.  that is all.  then go shopping and buy yourself a pity present and really move on.

Have you ever dislocated anything?  Broken anything?

Have you ever fallen flat on your face when you are running with lots of people watching?  embarassing.

And….who’s racing this weekend?!?!?  And….happy memorial day weekend!  Fun plans?  Tell me about them!

About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. I have never dislocated or broken anything but I have had a few pretty nasty falls. The most memorable one was when I was at mile 16 of a 20 mile long run in torrential downpour and crazy winds. I was getting a little tired and more focussed on getting out of the cold and wet that I didn’t see pothole. I fell over it, ripped my tights, sprained my ankle and locked my right hip. There were a few cars out but no-one stopped to help me unfortunately so I those last 4 miles were the longest of my life. Hope your elbow comes right!!

    • That sounds completely awful!!! But, makes me feel a little better about my fall – although, I don’t have wind and rain to blame. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right??;-)

  2. OH I have dislocated my elbow (and relocated it like you!) and it hurt like a mother. Unfortunately during that time I also happened to pinch my ulnar nerve (the funny bone one) in addition to sporting a super adorbs quasi-cast I also didn’t feel my hand for about 6 months. Sweet! And yes I bit it running a few months ago as well – on my first “running date” with a friend. Uber embarrassing – especially since it was raining and I ended up in the mud. I blogged about it awhile ago…not my finest moment 🙂

    • Wow, you really did some damage! It was and is a pretty painful and annoying experience. There is really nothing graceful about falling on a run, but I think it’s something all runners experience at some point!

  3. Love the jacket and the boo boo lip while you are sporting that ever so sexy sling! Man I’ve fallen more times while running then you can imagine, even broke my thumb and pointer finger once. Funny that your hubby brought home the weapon!

    I thought that first love letter from your kids meant that you were spazistic.

  4. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon! Yes to broken bones… broke my big toe doing gymnastics, collarbone playing soccer, and my hand biking…that was one of the worst. I was recovering from a pelvic stress fracture from running and it just wasn’t healing well so I decided to give it more time (it had already been 6 months! of healing…) so I took up biking as part of my workout schedule. I did it at 4:30 am before work… I ran head on into a garbage can at 18 mph…the big garbage cans, not a dinky Rubbermaid one. I flew off my bike laterally into the middle of the road that thankfully had no cars on it! Broke my hand, needed surgery to fix it, also had tons of stitches/staples in my head + road rash galore. How stupid I felt every time I had to tell the story of the garbage can….so don’t feel bad at all! Be glad it’s not broken! Take care and you’ll be back strong soon! Great to hear your legs are ready at least!

  5. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your arm! And your leg looks pretty rough too. Ouch. I fell on ice during a run this winter- I hit black ice and fell flat-as-a-pancake onto my back. I had a nasty bruise on my tailbone (where my phone was in the zip pocket) but otherwise I was fine.

    Very cute jacket. Love love love that store 🙂

    • I remember reading about your fall!! Kind of thankfully, my arm took the whole fall and the knee just scraped, I have no knee pain or swelling now, but my elbow is still pretty swollen. I was told 4-6 weeks for complete recovery, ahhh!:-/ glad your knee is starting to heal!

  6. awww I am so sorry about the fall!! I hope your arm is feeling A LOT better today, and heals ASAP!
    I fall ALL the time while running, thankfully I’m usually on the trail so the dirt (and my fat pads!!) 🙂 cushion me from injury. In February I rolled my ankle real bad, but hadn’t had a severe injury beforehand…
    LOVE the LULU jacket on you! you could definitely be a LULU-model because you are outshining the model-pic!!! so pretty!
    have a great weekend Katie!!!

  7. For the 2nd time last month, I tripped on some track equipment at the local university, slammed the top of my head into a pole, scraped my face on the track and gave myself whiplash. All just 2 days before leaving on a business trip with my husband. I now run wearing a catcher’s mask.
    I’m glad you’re OK and have a great long weekend.

  8. Yikes! Scary! Anything involving the elbow always hurts so much. I’ve never dislocated anything (knock on wood). Love the pics your kids drew. So cute. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  9. So sorry about your fall! Ugh!! The pictures from your girls are too sweet for words, though.

    In the second grade I broke my left arm, which is the hand I write with. I learned how to write with my right hand and still can! But I can remember sitting on the playground feeling super bummed.

    Also, I once got the toe of my running shoe caught in the loop of the shoelace of my other shoe. I went down hard and bloodied both of my knees. I had to run 5 miles back home and got some very strange looks. It was my first 10 mile run ever and secretly I felt really tough.

  10. So sorry that happened to you! But… It does make a great story…possibly too soon for you to enjoy tho 😉
    I’ve had so many embarrassing accidents it’s not funny! I tore my acl, lcl, and mcl a week before college graduation on a trampoline… Not doing a fancy trick- just jumping with the kids I babysat for… In high school we had a HUGE dog and I had the brilliant idea to take him for a run – unfortunately he took ME for a run – literally dragged me on my chest and stomach down a busy road!!! I had scrapes from neck to feet and there was so little left of my shredded shirt that I was thankful for my sportsbra!!
    2 years ago… When my son was about 3 months old in my tired stupper… I poured a cup of tea and missed entirely – pouring the BOILING water down my leg!!! My skin was destroyed from my hips to my ankles… I still have a scar shaped like africa on my left leg – I’m just thankful none of the boiling water touched Levi in the bouncy seat a few inches away!!!
    We all have our battle wounds…. Hope you heal quickly!!!

    • Oh my goodness!! Yes, I guess this is one for the books, and I’m sure I’ll have more!! Your son is just about the same age as mine- its a crazy fun age:) hope you are having a great long weekend!

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