Why I Run

Today – rest day.  True, complete, rest day. 
Yesterday – 10 miles total. 6.8 am and 3 evening.  so really only 9.8miles, but I am rounding up to 10 for the weeks tally of miles because I am the runner and I can do that. And because Sunday’s 13.2 will be rounded down to 13, so all is in balance in the world of miles run this week. I’m at 37 for the week and I have one day of running to go. exciting? Me thinks so.  I am very close to 40, and that would make me happy.  My first 40 mile week since sometime in early march. THAT is cause for celebration, my friends.  not big miles to some, but its big progress for me.
Wednesday – was a legit, full 7 miles. No hijacked miles from another running day played by the rules. Neither of these two runs were assisted by mr. Garmin. He stayed home. As well he should have.  According to my handy dandy kitchen clock, this run was somewhere in the 7:15-20 pace.  Plus 30 mins stairmaster just for haha’s.  Thursday’s run was right around 7:30 pace.
I wanted no part of my planned 7 miles yesterday am.  the 3 last night was an after thought, reward for completing the 7.  back it up to the first 7- I wanted no part of it at 9:30 the night before when I set my 5am wakeup call.  I really wanted no part of it when my two little cherubs crawled into my bed at 10pm.  My desire to not run in the morning was furthered when I heard my husband up with my 2 year old at 4:45am. for the day.  I don’t care how precious children are, the day should NEVER begin with a 2 year old before the 6 o’clock hour.  Pre 5am is just torture.  It would have been very easy for me to turn over and give up on the run. I did not bail. I gave my run a fair shot.  and I was open to possibilities. I told myself, Katie, wise, smart, talented runner, mother, wife and generally phenomenal person that you are, at least give this run 3 miles and if you still don’t want any part of it- at least you tried.  Those positive self affirmations work wonders.  I gave my run a fair shot.  It deserved at least a chance before being shoved down into the non running abyss.  It was good.  Not sparkly chocolate covered Swedish fish good, but good.  There are a lot of times it’s definitely easy to crawl back into bed, or back into that big bowl of ice cream. Put down the ice cream, take off the covers and give your run or your workout at least a fair shot. and then make it longer for being a big baby about it.

It’s just been crazytown up in here this week.  I’ve only been writing this post for 3 days now and keep getting sidetracked doing super excitingly busy things like mopping my floors, filling big black garbage bags with junk, standing at the counter with a spoon in one hand and nutella in the other, chasing Luke around at field day, raising children, washing mybhair, and doing other domestic wonders.  minor things that take up a small portion of my time. all while attempting to be a functioning human being in society. Hopefully I’ll get this post written before the end of the month so that I can get on to other posts and more exciting things that I need to share with you lovelies.  and so that I can stop re-editing and changing all of the tenses.  It would be a complete travesty if I published this and all of my today’s were really yesterday’s and so forth.  would be shameful.

Apparently Wednesday was national running day and I missed the boat.  What kind of runner am I???  I’ll tell you what kind – the kind with three little crazy kidlings that really only has time to run and not keep up with every single national holiday there is.  I’m still a runner though, and I had a pretty fabulous running week.  In lieu of this national holiday that I missed, I think it’s appropriate to talk about WHY I run. I run a lot. Now I run a lot. A few weeks ago I did not run a lot. Now I run without pain and without a care in the world about a race or a pace or a distance.   For me, running is about balance. It balances out all the craziness and not so craziness in my life. It keeps me sane when my 4:45am waking 2 year old man eating gremlin terrorizes me all day. Climbs into the kitchen sink every time I’m not looking to wash his feet. finds it necessary to lock himself in the upstairs bathroom to which I have no key. And then there are the other 2 angels of mine. he learns his tricks from his sisters.  running is about balance. Physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. 

Physical:  above any other exercise, running keeps me in the best shape. Running makes me feel strong and capable. I love strength training, but even when I let that slide, running does a pretty good job of keeping the bod strong, and I love that. I don’t think there is a time in a runners life where they won’t experience some sort of injury or discomfort- that is par for the course. but, if you work through it wisely and patiently, you come back a stronger, smarter runner.  Running gives me something to work for, to push my body and my boundaries.  and to test my limits.  running also gives very good reason for me to buy these kinds of stylishly athletic clothes…

I would have no reason if I didn’t run. All about convenience – throw on some sneaks and you’re ready to hit the road.  And then hit up the grocery store not looking too hideous after. Or so I tell myself.

Emotional:  people say to me, if you are running so much, you must be running from something. The answer is quite possibly, YES. As a matter of fact, you are quite possibly 100% correct that I am running from something.  And that something might look like this – 

Or this

Or even this

I am a stay atvhome mom.  I am with my children from sun up until sun down everyday.  I love them more than life and am abundantly blessed to be with them 24/7.  willingly and lovingly tending to their every need.  Running gives me a moment in time away from all of that. It refreshes me so that I can keep lovingly and willingly taking care of those little people that I love and adore.  I run from them and then run straight back to them, energized and ready to go.

Spiritual: I am a very spiritual, faith filled person. I know I wouldn’t make it through life without my Christian faith and trust in God. I try to spend some part of the day in my own “quiet” time, in a certain devotional book or whatever it may be. But that doesn’t always happen. Distractions always happen. When my feet are moving and cruising on the pavement, I can easily clear my head and can sometimes use that time for prayer or just quiet.  The physicality of running  just seems to calm the spirit and puts me in a good place.  

Mentally: I need all the help I can get in this department. I am a pretty intelligent person. And then I had kids and I seem to have lost a lot of brain cells. In the July issue of Runner’s World, there was a little blurb on running and mental capacity to learn immediately after. here’s what it said- 
More power to the brain. perfect.

And a little quote from this famous author…

I couldnt agree more, Mr. Thoreau.  I can day dream when I run. The sky is the limit.
And apparantly I can learn a lot of new words after I run, too. bring on the dictionary and sign me up for the next spelling bee. I am fiercely competitive. 

And that is in a nutshell, why I run. It is actually probably a lot more complex than that. and given some time with a therapist, I’m sure many a secret and insight, pulling from childhood experiences and what not, could be divulged as to why I run and why I have such a desire to race and be better and stronger at this kind of strangely odd “sport”.  But that is my quick self analysis.  basic. thoughts on why I hit the road most mornings and am itching to get back out there by the evening.  Running is always a work in progress. and it enables me to balance and tune into all of those aspects mentioned above. then I blog about it and get it all out of my head for you peeps to enjoy.

So, national running day that I missed, I am thankful for this “sport”.  and I guess it deserves it’s own holiday just like every single other thing known to man that has its own special holiday. I will definitely miss this holiday again next year and read about it fist on the 50,000 other running blogs out there. and then I may do a little belated holiday shopping at lululemon to celebrate.  I think that might be a very appropriate thing to do. 

I have a lot more to talk about that got lost in this week and this 3 day long blog.  Stay tuned for more on sneaker talk and fueling talk and obviously running talk, oh and obviously nonsense talk because I’m almost as good at that as I am in coming in 2nd place at races. 

ps – I wrote this entire post on my new iPad (yes, my darling husband, you are wonderful and awesome and I am so thankful you bring me such sweet treats. Next time wrap in in chocolate and candy and I’ll be through the moon). So this was a little first post experiment writing it on this blog writer app and I have 100% no idea what I am doing or what it looks like until it’s posted.  My apologies for the extra abundance of grammatical errors or inability understand anything that was written. Not like that would be so out of the ordinary. 

Bloggers- do you write posts from an iPad? Do you use an app?

Who is racing this weekend?

Tell me, why do YOU run/exercise? Is it a reason beyond just staying in shape?

How often do you ditch the workout just because you don’t feel like it?  That’s naughty. Try not to. Or you’ll go in the timeout chair.

About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. Honestly, I first wanted to run because I wanted to get in shape. Now, I see it as a way to vent or get rid of stress. When I don’t have a good, sweaty run, I easily fall into a cycle of negative thinking and self-pity. Running boosts my confidence and I love competing against myself in races. PR’s are awesome 😀
    Such a great post! Thanks for sharing your many reasons for why your run.

  2. A huge part of why I run is the mental and emotional aspects; hat is actually why I started to . When I was in college my doctor recommended I take up cardiovascular exercise to help with some things I was going through. Now I do it because I just love every aspect of it and I can’t imagine not running. I try not to miss workouts but sometimes I have to change up what I had planned (like skipping the run and doing a strength workout or cross training) to get me out the door.

  3. I started running to lose weight. I GAINED weight! Then it was more of a challenge to see if I could run a 5k, then a half marathon, then a full marathon. I am a SAHM too and running keeps me sane, fit, and healthy. It helps me manage my anxiety and stress.


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