Mizuno Loves Me. A Giveaway

Ok, they love me and approximately 600 other people. and anyone who purchases their shoes. but we’re going to talk about me and Mizuno.  and then we’re going to talk about how that can benefit you.  before all of this crazy running talk commences, we are going to talk about the
Very uneventful. cross training day.  I’ll give you 3 guesses what I did.  It starts with stair and ends with master and lives in my basement. We got cozy for about an hour doing the speed interval setting. Love.  add on 10 minutes of strength in the driveway while my crazies harassed each other and covered themselves in chalk at 6:30am. Happy Tuesday morning.
Back to Mizuno.  Remember I said I might have an opportunity for you to get some sneaks?  Well, it all started with this…
Mizuno sent me this very personal, thought out, hand written invitation….along with 599 other people. It still felt personal.
The Mezamashii Project

Mezamashii means brilliant in Japanese.
According to their invitation, Mizuno is
‘on a quest to deliver more Mezamashii — more ecstatic, electric, wind  in your heart running.
More brilliant running  

Man, who doesn’t want THAT kind of running?!?!?

They continue on in the invite by saying,
‘Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to talk about our shoes, we’re putting our money where your feet are — by giving you a free pair.’

Mizuno, you are so smart. I could not agree more with your marketing logic.

See.  They do love me. And I love them putting their money where my feet are.
I am going to share the Mizuno love by putting their money where YOUR feet are.
Every one deserves some more Mezamashii in their run.  Everyone needs a little more brilliance in their training. Mizuno wants to make that happen for you.
Mizuno was my first real pair of sneakers. I wore them for my first marathon. I loved them. After over three years, I’ve come back to them.
I’ve since started running in a more minimal shoe. I LOVE the Musha for that.
Musha to the right. Precision to the left.  
I am also currently loving the Wave Presicion and the Wave Rider 15. 

Wave rider

Wave rider pre run
I might also have just gotten the Wave elixir.
 Those are pretty sweet too.  Mizuno has definitely figured out how to make a brilliant shoe in performance and appearance.
I want you to experience the brilliance.
Here’s the deal my friends…
2 lucky readers will be chosen to each win any pair of Mizuno sneakers up to a $149.99 value

To Enter:

1.  Mandatory- Leave a comment telling me you want a brilliant run:) you don’t have to say that exactly, just tell me you want some Mizuno money where your feet are for a fantastic running experience. Or something like that. You can really impress me if you tell me which Mizuno sneaks you want and write a short excerpt explaining why.  Kidding on the excerpt part. You can tell me which ones you want though.
Extra Entries – Leave a SEPARATE comment for each and every extra entry on this post:
1.  Follow me on twitter, msfitrunner, and Tweet about this giveaway and/or shout it from the rooftops of your blog and send your friends over here. one extra entry.  Leave one extra comment
2. Follow @mizunorunning on twitter. Leave another comment telling me so
3. “like” Mizuno on Facebook and tell me. In yet another comment
4. Subscribe to my blog – over yonder on the right side of the page – you’ll get a nice little email letting you know when some juicy new reading material is up.  Not only would this make me oh so happy, you get an extra entry for doing so. Leave another comment. 

Let’s do the math my friends – that’s a total of up to 5 separate entries to win some sneaks. TWO winners will be chosen. 

This giveaway will run through next Wednesday June 20th at midnight. I will pick two winners through random.org
You will have until Friday the 22nd to get back to me so I can hook you up with some free sneaks – if I do not hear from the winners by Friday, backup winners will be chosen
Have at it my friends!!!
*edited to add – because I’m so tech savvy, this posted twice, don’t ask why – comments are closed on the first post, but comments that are on there will be counted in the giveaway, not to worry:) they will be counted in the same order they were made, but all comments will now be posted on THIS post.  Thanks!!

About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

332 responses »

  1. Oh man I sooooo want the Wave Musha 4’s!!!!! They will most definitely help me run brilliantly especially across the finish line of my next half!

  2. Oh and of course I subscribed to your blog! Also….side note…my birthday is June 21 so this would be the perfect bday present!!!!! 🙂 Just saying…….

  3. I would love a brillant wonderful run! I am just starting to become a runner and am so excited about the summer to be able to devote more time to running, would love a new pair of awesome shoes to go along with that!! It would be such a blessing

  4. I would love to try out some Mizunos. I have heard great things about them, because my husband isn’t quite as into buying running shoes as I am.

  5. I’m looking for a new pair of sneakers and haven’t been able to decide on what brand, a free pair of Mizunos would certainly help my decision! (I’ve been running in cheap-o no name sneakers, lame and bad for my feet I know)

  6. I am in need of a brilliant run. I would love a new pair of miz’s. I have only had one pair, they are my current shoes. Not sure what kind they are? They are red and they are super-dope. Got a nice lil’ 5K PR and AG win in these kicks in April, so I’m a fan of the miz’s.

  7. …and i subscribe to your blog. i sound like a crazy person. but it’s worth it for some new kicks. my current mizunos are shot.

  8. I’ve just recently fallen in LOVE with this thing called Running! I would love love love to try the Mizuno Wave Riders! My runs would most definitely become more Brilliant 🙂 with these on my feet!

  9. I really, really want some Waveriders. I am in need of new running shoes but the budget is very tight, and I’d be so so so happy if I won some : )

  10. I love me some brilliant running. I haven’t ran in 1 week since I have been having pains in my ankle. I am currently going through withdrawls. I need a brilliant running so badly!!

  11. Wellllllll…..I’d like to try something besides Brooks (even though I love me some Brooks) and I just entered into the world of “minimalist” (kicking and screaming) but I LOVE it and I NEED MORE. I’d love to try the Musha or the Elixir. Super sexy, hehe.

  12. I love the Mizuno Wave Precisions I have and have heard great things about the Wave Riders. I would love to try them!

  13. I love all of my runs, there is always something special about each one. I would love for them to also be considered brilliant! This giveaway is Brillian!

  14. I would love to win a pair of free Mizuno’s. I’ve been a Brooks girl for years. But, with you and Skinny Runner being able to race so fast in your Mizuno’s, maybe they’ll make me a faster runner as well. Just kidding (sort of). Anyway, I’d love try them out and see for myself how amazing these shoes really are.

  15. I have two pair of Wave Rider 15s and love them – every run feels brilliant! I did the Precision Fit Online and would love to try the recommendation – Creations.

  16. I love my mizuno wave creation but have been dying to try the prophecys. I would probabley get another pair of creations or use the money and add some to it to get the prophecys.

  17. I can ONLY run in Mizuno Alchemy. I am a flat-footer who gets injured in any other brand’s stability shoe! I would love a new pair for the summer season!

  18. My last “brilliant” run was actually in my Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s for a gorgeous 8.5 miles through the redwoods!

  19. Who doesn’t want to run brilliantly? 🙂 I have been eyeing Mizunos for a little while now….I love your new ones!

  20. I would love to try Mizuno Wave Rider line. I have been a die hard asic wearer but want to branch out a little. I don’t think I could do any minimalist shoe though, I have high arches and need the support.

  21. I get the emails about the juicy reading material! I love your blog–I stalk you . . . in a non-creepy way. I love your outlook on life, running and mothering. All important things in my life.

  22. Glad to have found your blog! I’m just re-entering the world of running (with a pair of very very old shoes from a very very slow marathon five years ago)…..would love to put some miles on a new pair of shoes!

  23. I have never ran in Mizuno’s and I am curious to give them a try. Still trying to find that “perfect” shoe that will make my runs more brilliant! 🙂 Also, love your blog!

  24. I love my Mizuno Wave Alchemys. I’m on my sixth pair! They’ve seen me through four marathons and countless half, 10k, and 5ks. When I got my first pair, I felt like a real runner 🙂

  25. I would love to wear Mizunos to add more brilliance to my runs. I know those shoes would make my legs look fast!

  26. Now you KNOW I never truly enjoyed running but I loved how quickly it got me in shape. Well…I have recently started trail running and crazy enough, I LOVE IT! Yay for me:) My more than 10 year old sneakers are not hacking it anymore and I need a trail sneaker. Hello Mizuna Wave Ascend 6 Trail sneaker for women. I can’t wait to win them! Momma needs a new pair of sneaks BAD!

  27. My last brilliant run was a 16 miler on the treadmill! Say what?! I love running on the treadmill! It’s the perfect place for me to catch up on my DVRed tv and new movies OnDemand.

    I’ve never work Mizunos before (Crazy, right?) but I really want to expand my running shoe collection so I can alternate shoes. I think a minimalist pair…

  28. I would love a new pair of Mizuno’s. Here is a brief life story for your entertainment! I recently got into running about a year and a half ago. I started small (?) and trained for a half marathon. I was such a novice runner. I bought some Nike running shoes and matchy-matchy outfits and completed training and my first race. Yay me. Then in January of this year I decided that I should run a marathon! I have a treadmill in my basement, found a plan, and ran my little heart out. I considered myself a “runner” and bought some new Brooks and all the “proper” equipment (Garmin, shot blocks, Lululemon attire!).. I also read on blogs that Mizuno’s were great running shoes. So I naturally needed some since I was a “runner.” So I found some and showed my husband and he told me I looked like a volleyball player. Rude. Bubble shattered. So I did not buy them and ran in my Brooks (love them too btw). Long story short, I found a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders at TJ Maxx and bought them. Now I use them as my treadmill shoes. SO I would like a pair of real ones!! Then I can run brillantly. duh.

  29. I am in the market for new shoes especially after coming back from a foot injury after running Boston! Mizunos are on my list of shoes to try!!!!!

  30. I have run in Mizunos in the past. I’m running in Nikes now and they just dont hold up to Mizunos. I’d love to get some more of the Wave model shoes to try out for my next half marathon.

  31. Okay, not only do the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s totally rock with supersupport, but the design is screamingly brilliant! Totally inspiring to put these babies on in the morning, and sure thing they would inspire other runners too, I’d love to win a pair so I could spread a little of the Mezamashii magic! Thanks!

  32. Pingback: Long Runs and Trail Races « msfitrunner

  33. I would love some new Mizunos! I’m am already totally converted to them, but am also always a model behind so it would be super fantastic to have the new Wave Elixirs to add to the mix! Although I am seriously interested in trying the Mushas as well….

  34. I want to enjoy an amazing run in my first full Marathon at the women’s Nike marathon with Team in Training! Probably would love to enjoy any neutral colorful shoe!

  35. I NEED to win the Women’s Wave Ronin 4 for the following reason: I need to be FAST, really Fast. Two years ago I placed 3rd overall female at a local tri. Last year I placed 2nd overall female (by 90 seconds). I have been training, and getting faster, but ANY edge may be the difference between 1st and 2nd. The Wave Ronin 4 along with my desire to win may just do the trick.

  36. I am so in love with mizunos!! I wear inspires and love them..I am actually about due for a new pair 🙂 free ones would be sooo awesome!

  37. I recently switched from Brooks to Mizunos and LOVE them!!! And would LOVE a free pair to try out one of their other styles (I currently wear the Wave Inspire)

  38. As a newer runner, and mother of two – a new pair of shoes would be like Christmas! I have heard great reviews about the Wave Runners from skinny runner … would love to give them a shot! 🙂

  39. Awesome giveaway! I would LOVEEEE a new pair of running sneaks, esp. mizuno’s for free!!? AWESOME! I’m kinda new to the running game…finally worked my way up to 5 miles and unsure how much longer I will get…but would love to try a new running shoe brand, love me some asics…but should prob branch out and def need new shoes…so my knees tell me!

  40. I am also now following your blog…found ya through SkinnyRunner….you girls are SO motivational! Will def get a 5+ run in tomorrow am. (right now its 101+ degrees so I think saving it for tomorrow is a smart idea)

  41. I’ve heard amazeballs things about Misunos and I’m dying to give them a try. I definitely need a new pair of running shoes and I hate spending the $

  42. I wear Mizunos to begin with and who wouldn’t love a free pair! I prefer the Inspire’s or the Elixir, they make my feet so happy!

  43. I wore waveriders for a few years, but I’ve recently (last week) made the switch to stability shoes. I would love to try out a Mizuno stability shoe!

  44. I am hoping for a brilliant run on Saturday, when I’m signed up for a half marathon. Unfortunately, nasty shin splints have made me dread this run instead of look forward to it. Maybe some Mizuno Wave Inspires will help? 🙂

  45. I would love to win because I am trying to get re-inspired in my working out and these shoes could help me feel confident and brilliant 🙂

  46. I ran my first half marathon in Mizuno.. have since switched over to Brooks for marathons, but I do miss my Mizunos.. Would love another pair. 🙂

  47. I have heard great things about Mizunos and I am pretty close to needing a new pair of running shoes based on my mileage so this would be perfect timing! Also, the bright colors that they make are so fun 🙂

  48. i ran my first half marathon in mizuno so I hold mizuno running shoes close to my heart! I would love to try the mushos!!!

  49. After being sick for 3 weeks- I need a brilliant run! And I have heard nothing but good things about the Mizuno wave riders.

  50. Following you on twitter! And tweeted about the giveaway but since I’m private, you’ll have to follow me to see it. My twitter is @fitbecca.

  51. I love my Mizuno Wave Riders, but I’ve also started to run in a more minimal shoe so it would be great to try out the Musha’s.

  52. I’D LOVE ME A GOOD RUN! … i’m just getting back into running now that my little one is 3 months old. and i could definitely use a new pair of shoes. the end.

  53. Hey msfitrunner, I’d like a Mezamashii run, too, in a nice new pair of Wave Inspires. It looks like I’m the only guy that’s commented here, so that’s got to count for something!

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