Whirlwind Weekend

Let’s just start where it makes the most sense. running. 

Saturday – 11 miles. about 7:16 pace. this run started with no plan.  no plan for miles, other than at least 10, hopefully.  no plan for pace.  the only thing that was planned was my outfit.  the important stuff. 
Friendly reader reminded me I had a lululemon purchase to share with you. there she is. the newest addition to my running skirt family. the marathon skirt. 
Up close…

paired with the purple cool racer back tank. simply stunning. this is the same skirt I wore for my two marathons, but in the flash color….skirt held up great for those races, I didn’t fare so well. trying out the all black marathon skirt now. 

one more picture in case you missed the first one. your welcome. 
back to the run. the garmin didn’t pick up the signal right away, which solidified the no plan, just run plan for the day. It picked up the signal about half a mile in, so I paid attention. from that point, the run evolved into every different form of run known to man. I was being a bit indecisive. fast/slow, easy/hard, skip/crawl.  at one point I was going to just crank out 16 miles and then 2 minutes later I didn’t want to run past 7. then I find myself behind a tree using the “bathroom”.  fun.  so funny how your mind can mess with a run so much. this is one of the most important parts of marathon training, for me – figuring out how to trick your mind into not being miserable, getting overwhelmed or feeling scatterbrained when you are running. but some days are just those kind of days. I was pleasantly surprised with the pace. and the distance. 
45 miles total for the week. 

Sunday – 9 miles total. 4 with little man in the jogger, 1 with little girl in the jogger (who had to run half a mile herself)
she doesn’t look happy because she wanted to stop running, but I made her let me take a picture first. bad mommy. I also tried to make her push me in the jogger, but she wouldn’t do it. I don’t get it. 
 and 4 by myself. no watch, no pace. the garmin is sneaking back into my runs.  I’m really trying to keep our relationship distanced a bit, but man, he’s a charmer that garmin. progress has been made.  I used to not leave the house without it, now I have at least 2 runs a week garmin free. a good thing.  for me and my running. I will be starting a garmin anonymous group soon if anyone else is trying to quit it and would like to join. 
We kicked off our wild and crazy weekend with a lovely last minute date night out at our favorite little local establishment. being the classy lady that I am, I grabbed my snazzy forever 21 dance club inspired tank and tried my best to transform it into suburban housewife mother of three nice dinner and drinks night out shirt.
I think I pulled it off.  but I can’t be certain. I just wore it like I knew what I was doing. 
Laughs and good food followed.  we went to bed far too late and Luke got up far too early. I’m onto his 4:45 am games. we snuggled and cuddled and did what anyone would do at 5am. played outside. scratch that. It was pouring rain. panic set infor half a second because #1, I couldn’t quarantine Luke in the driveway and #2, I was slightly concerned at the fate of my morning run. I quickly began making mental plans to run on the treadmill. assuring my mind that we would make it through a 10+ mile treadmill run. thank the good Lord the sun came out. there is a time and place for treadmill running. it wasn’t this day. 
is it bad that I can barely remember what happened pre-noon time yesterday?  I need some ginkgo biloba. or a nap. that would be nice. but not really. naps stress me out a little. no naps. just keep moving.  I think it involved hanging out under our circus tent, but can’t be sure.  
skip the rest of the morning. moving onto afternoon. we celebrated the lives of my grandparents who turn 80 this year!! 
We made them share a celebration because it’s just too much work to get the whole fam together twice in one year. and then for holidays and what not.  I would probably throw a little hissy fit if someone made me share a birthday, but they’ve probably matured a little more than that in their 80 years. maybe I will by then as well.
thank god for that tent. It was blazing hot and my backyard is 100% sun. I would’ve probably throw a hissy fit about the heat too. I made a delicious little quinoa/wheat berry salad, that I will share the recipe for sometime in the future. 
however, if you ask my sister in law, she would say it tastes like something she foraged in the woods for. I said, thats perfect, because thats exactly the flavor I was going for. lies. but she’s pregnant and I love her and my unborn niece, so I have to be nice.  and she can’t be trusted anyway with food opinions. 
We partied into the night and got up today and did it again. My sister and sister in law are each giving me a nephew and a niece, respectively. so thoughtful of them. I’m excited for new babies. and I’m excited that I’m not the one having them. this shop is closed.  today, we showered little baby girl with lots of love and food. and gifts. pretty fun. 
party dress. 

Little sister. 

Party girls. mom and littler sister. 

auntie and baby girl. 

Good times. 
Busy weekend. gearing up for another summer week. fun.
Tell me about your running/racing weekend?

What do you consider a low mileage week, for yourself? A high mileage week for yourself?

Do you often go on a run with or without a plan?  Does it change mid run?

Random OLD POST for your viewing pleasure. not so old because this blog isn’t so old.  read it. 

About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. That is a whirlwind! I hit up my first race post-injury and was somewhat happy with the results. We’ll see how the ol’ groin holds up this week after that. And i don’t care if it tasted like it was foraged in the forest, that salad looks fab! Forage away!

  2. I stayed home while the husband ran his first marathon; a newborn and crazy toddler aren’t conducive to cheering on 35,000 runners… definitely a low mileage week for me, getting a schedule down in a little rough right now.

    LOVE, love, love running ‘naked’ sans Garmin. I like knowing my pace/distance just as much as the next numbers nerd but its like a mental vacation not having it.

    You have a gorgeous family – yay all around for celebrating life!!

    I need that skirt…

    • The skirt is on the “we made too much” part of the site, or on sale as most people call it:) yay for your hubs! I followed my hubs around his 100 mile race with a 2.5 and 1.5 year old. I joked that I would rather be running the 100 mile race!:) Thank you for your super sweet words:) have a great night!!!

  3. I love that skirt; so cute!

    The main event of my weekend was a marathon, which was pretty ugly. I had problems with my right hip and my leg was buckling from about mile 12; total mental battle to just get myself over the finish line.

    A low milage week, for me would be about 30 miles; a high would probably be anything over 60, which I try not to do very often.

    When I am in training, I do tend to stick to a plan, but in my ‘off’ season I will just head out and do whatever I feel inspired/ bothered to do; those are my favorite runs.

    • Every run has a purpose! Making you stronger for the next one:) but congrats on finishing!!! Finishing a marathon is no small thing, especially with a bum leg – I’ve had that experience and it’s not fun! I hope you are recovering:)

  4. “this is one of the most important parts of marathon training, for me – figuring out how to trick your mind into not being miserable, getting overwhelmed or feeling scatterbrained when you are running.”

    Ugh, so true!! You sound like you’re doing way better at it than me. I abso-freakin-lutely HATE summer running. I swear my body just wasn’t made to run when it’s above 75F. Of course I live where it’s 90+ all summer, so every time I step out for a run I swear I’m dying. Anyway, I’ve been completely failing at tricking my mind lately, and it makes such a big difference in the run. When I head out expecting to feel like crap, guess what? I feel like crap! Reading your blog always makes me simultaneously motivated and depressed because your bad days are better than my best days! Congrats on being awesome, you super speedy girl, you!

    • Oh no! I hope I don’t depress you too much!;) it’s so hard not to compare, but I do the same thing reading other blogs about people that are way faster than me or running more miles than me. I quickly get back into my own head that I am a running work in progress and am proud of what I can do right now. I couldn’t always run like this, and I hope I keep getting better. The mental thing is tricky, always trying to figure that one out!!

  5. 7am and in sitting here reading a bunch of your posts laughing (in my head, so I don’t wake up the sleeping beauty beside me. Aka: my husband). Reading your posts I’m thinking, is she always this hyper? You are hysterical.
    Too bad u dont live in Oregon bc a night out with you and Amanda (runninghood) at the same time would fill MoRE than my need for peeing my pants kind of laughs I need these days.

    • Ha! I guess I am generally a little spastic, my husband would call it high strung or rigid:) I LOVE Amanda’s blog – I’ve never met her, but she just seems like one of those people that you feel like you know, or want to know in real life – I can imagine we would have some fun:) how about you two come out east and run some races with me!!!;)

      • WELL….2 to 1 in Oregon so you lose:) Oregon it is!! ha. yes my husband calls me High strung and OCD:) those are all love words I think. Amanda is amazing. NO filter! SUPER FUNNY …LOVE HER! so what month do you want to come?;)

      • As soon as I come up with a better reason to tell my hubs than “I’m going to go out west to hang with these two bloggers that I think are really cool but have never met”, I’ll be there!!;-)

  6. Yesterday I managed to get in a bike, really short run, and a swim, all in one day. Fun times! A low mileage week for me is about 30 and high is 50, wish I could hit that 50 more often. I’ll be working towards that with upcoming training for NYC!

  7. Love the running skirts! So adorable. I may have to buy some and and try it out. I love reading your blog–you’re like super mom!

  8. I just realized that I forgot to write to you about my marathon last weekend! I ran a 3:25::08…. exactly what I wanted. [Well, I wanted a 3:10 at the beginning of the training cycle last November, but then injury and HOT weather screwed my other two races]. I adjusted my goal by 15 minutes and ran it on the nose 🙂

    Now, I am debating if I should run MCM in the fall or bib transfer to another runner. For sure, I will be at Boston in 2013! Yay! Now I am just doing base miles and cross training until I am recharged enough for another training cycle.

    • I’m so glad to hear you adjusted your goal – that is an AMAZING time! Are you nervous about injury and doing a fall marathon? I think you should go for it! I’m debating Boston next year, I might do it. So happy to hear you had a great race and thanks for telling me about it:) xo


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