Wednesday Fun Facts


5 mile run. 15 min stair master. 10 min weight. bases covered.
I ran on the treadmill. and lived to tell about it. I had to go on a reconnaissance mission to find the treadmill. I knew I left it in the basement, but lost track of it. easy to do when it serves as a junk holder.
come out come out wherever you are, you rickety old treadmill.

I have to strategically place it so that when my head is bobbing up and down it doesn’t hit the drop cielings that aren’t there or get tangled in electrical wire. what I get for being a supermodel tall.
In theory, I was going to bust out my 10 mile run on this beast. Bachelorette Emily got me through the first 5 miles, then I just couldn’t hang anymore. the iPad couldn’t decide which way it wanted to be oriented and kept turning the screen horizontal and vertical. Emily kept kissing everyone and i just couldnt take it anymore. she also kept buffering instead of playing straight through. enough. ended at 5, hopped on stairmaster. for a hot second I started getting down on myself for not pushing through, being mentally tough or digging deep to crank out those last five miles. I let that hot second pass and remembered what I’ve learned about training. and about training right. and about how I work. I’m not technically training yet for my fall marathon. therefore, there is no need to wipe myself out, burn myself out or stress myself out about miles. I do my best. my best is always enough and it’s always what it needs to be at that moment. there will be plenty of time for digging deep, finding the fight, being mentally tough and cranking out countless miles on the treadmill. when it’s time to really train. right now, each day of running brings what it may, and the plan is that it generally brings feel good, stress free endorphins that give me some good base miles.
happy runner. 5 miles short.
I had no idea about training plans and training cycles before these spring marathons I ran. I ran my november marathon and was on fire to get prepped for an April marathon. I didn’t stop. I didn’t break. I thought if I am running and working out anyway, I might as well make it count and make it tough. all the time. not so. you make it count by taking a break. taking time off. taking it easy so that you can take it hard when it’s time to start the 12, 14, 18 week training. it gives the training a purpose and a beginning and an end. it also gives the break time purpose; a beginning and an end.
My break time is nearing its end. and I will be ready to train hard and dig deep because I have kept this time off very stress free and perfect. for me. no burn out this time. famous last words.
Let’s chat about some Fun Facts Wednesday.
First, I should note there is nothing necessarily fun about these facts. reader be warned. It just sounds better than facts Wednesday. on with it.
1. The only reason I had to dig out the treadmill was because I chose not to get up early and run outside. my bad. will I ever learn. I would have been just as tired at this moment if I got up 45 minutes earlier and got my run in as if I slept the extra 45. that is a fact.
2. This box came yesterday from vitacost.
and that is about how I felt by the end of today. slightly beat up. if you consider the end of the day 4pm. by 7:30, I was near comatose. I kindly said to my oldest that my day had expired about 2 hours ago, and it would be safer to deal with the father of the house. Luke was out to get me today. I think we had 6 outfit changes by 9am between all the kids. I’m going to start dressing them in plastic wrap. I’m full of practical solutions like that.
3. In that box, among other things, was this protein powder.
My favorite protein powder is this plant fusion, but it gets pricey. I like optimum nutrition products, so I do half a scoop of each. with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. it is mighty tasty. actually satisfies a sweet tooth. sometimes.
4. I will never turn down a trip to sweet frog froyo. #1 because very good friends of ours own it. friends in high places. #2 because it’s frozen yogurt. nuff said.
I rarely get my own when I take the kids because I do not have that many hands to handle that much yogurt and that many kids. instead I make Luke’s how I want it and steal from him. maybe that’s why he’s mean to me sometimes. he’s dealing it’s some pent up froyo aggression. Grammy joined us today. we love gammy. and an extra set of hands.
5. I am on my own personal running streak, day 8. this does not jive with my self made rule of not running more than 3 days in a row to prevent injury. my schedule just got a little wonky and before I knew it, I had more than 3 days of running under my belt. I will admit, my shins are feeling the tiniest bit of tightness, but nothing to worry about. I have also not stretched or rolled in at least 4 weeks. naughty runner. I’m over stretching. foam rolling, on the other hand is just a smart thing to do. I couldn’t do it for awhile because of my elbow/arm situation. but now I have no excuse. gotta get back on that roller.
6. My little entrepreneur had her first lemonade stand of the season.
her “stind”. In her world, she hears and “i” in “stand”. fine by me.
she has big plans. she’s already scoping out neighbors’ yards for the most prime lemonade selling location. she made $2. and gammy supplied the lemonade. no overhead. $2 profit. I didn’t charge rent. she and her bro and sis drank most of that half gallon of lemonade. yuck.
7. Situations like this do not phase me in the least.
pink bink. nakey boy. playing in the dirt. by the recycling bin. have at it my little friend. you’re only 2 once. and mama is too tired to fight the please don’t play in the dirt by the garbage fight. that’s what baths are for.
8. My lunch today.
flatout wrap. avocado, spicy brown, egg whites, tomatoes, pickles. more mustard. s&p. yum.
I don’t know why I love it so much. I think because it’s really just a vehicle to get an avocado into my belly. and flatout wraps are pretty amazing. and I’m easily impressed by many things. I’m totally one of those people that will eat something just because it’s healthy. like quinoa. I try my best to like it and find ways to make it that will make me eat it. I don’t like avocados unless they are wrapped up with lots of mustard and other things. or in guac. but I crave them. daily. and this little wrap tastes so delicious with my little avocado tucked nicely inside.
9. These ended up in my pantry.
and didn’t stay there for very long. might be my all time favorite. maybe because it brings me back to my childhood. a lovely chocolate treat.
10. I want my own chickens. we go through about half a dozen eggs daily.
I want to grow my own. eggs. but chickens probably wouldn’t survive luke. or me. so I will keep buying those little suckers. Anna wanted to know how the egg got like that, all put back together and perfect after the chicken was hatched. so innocent. I told her that was the chicken. she had no words.
11. I was going to stop at ten, but thought I could make this more obnoxiously long and wanted to share this with you – I was introduced to this non meat, meat and have been on a hunt for it at whole foods since. I finally found it. In the non meat, meat section – right by the tofurky and smart dogs. of course.
I like to try out non meat, meats, but only ones that are not soy based. I really liked these. I had tried this other non chicken, chicken one and it was so gross. it was made with mycoprotein or something. this has the protein derived from vital wheat gluten. no idea what that is.

Can anyone fill me in on vital wheat gluten? Stead clear or ok in moderation? I will of coursebe consulting the almighty google to see what juicy info I can come up with on this food substance called vital wheat gluten.
I’ll let you go now and move on with your night. after a few questions.

Do you have a favorite non meat, meat that is not soy based protein that you can share with me?

Charleston chew or gag on a spoon? It is a particular kind of candy.

Tell me a fun fact about your day. please.

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  1. Dude. Your avocado wrap looks awesome. Make some quinoa in a rice cooker, throw in lime juice, corn, black beans and chill overnight – then when you’re ready to eat it, throw in the avocado. Hands down, my favorite recipe for avocado. Or broiled. Mmmm…

    I know nothing about vital wheat gluten aside from the fact that is very well could kill me. Intolerant over here.

    I’ve never had a Charleston chew. I’m more of an Airheads or Sour Gummy kind of gal.

    Fun fact about my day – I’m cutting back on ice cream. Lord help me. I also just found out I’ll be running on the Nike campus on Friday – YAY!!!!

  2. Fun fact for the day: it’s raining in Brisbane. Our winters are normally dry and sunny, so I’m not coping with it being cold and wet!

    Your son playing outside in the nude is hilarious – I think that’s a vital part of any childhood!

  3. Yes to Charleston Chew, but frozen. Fun fact: today I somehow went from Mom to Mother. Now I really need to go to Sweet Frog. They have been asking since it opened a few weeks ago.

  4. FROZEN Charleston Chew. I used to love those at the pool when I was a kid. Ah, the joys of childhood… 🙂

    I don’t use any meat substitues, but we do eat a lot of vegetarian dishes. My husband and I love stews, soups, and ethnic foods (Ethiopian and Indian) with homemade bread. We are really trying to eat less meat this year, and we only eat it once or twice a week.

    Yes- you should run Boston too!! I am definitely planning on it (…unless I get pregnant with baby number three…. haha 😉 )

    • Oh! That’s exactly where charleston chews bring me back to – childhood summers swimming! So funny. I’m not a big fan of them frozen, I like them melty:) Run Boston, then have baby #3!!:)

  5. Charleston chews are okay. I’m more of a snickers or reese’s cup gal. Non-meat meat: not really my style. For sausages and bacon, I try to sub chicken or turkey.

    Fun fact about my day: Polar bears work in my office. Even though it is 90 degrees outside, I’m all wrapped up because the office is freezing.

  6. I don’t eat meat, but I do eat a lot of fish. I have never found a good meat subsitute 😦 though I do use the myco protein mince(their chicken substitute is disgusting), I think the mince is really not bad, I don’t do soya products either.
    If I’m gonna eat chocolate, then it has to be dark, at least 70% too, can’t get enough of it, have it on a daily basis, maybe that’s the real reason I run.
    Fun fact: I’ve officially started training for a triathlon. Just a little worried because it is one week after my next half, do you think one week is enough recovery after a half to race again?

  7. My favourite vehicle to consume avocado? (besides the obvious chips & guac – duh!) is a cold mexican type quinoa salad. Make the quinoa (I always use chicken broth and put a clove of chopped garlic in to cook it so it has some flavour) and chill it in the fridge. Once it’s cooled down add some chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, grilled corn, avocado – anything else you have on hand that you love – and then add some lime juice (I usually use the juice of 2 limes) and a little bit of olive oil, salt & pepper. Sometimes I add cumin or some other spices (depending on whether the hubby is home or not) If I want to make it a meal I’ll shred some chicken and mix that in with it. Easy and so, so yummy!! 🙂

    • I made up a dish almost exactly like that! Except I didn’t cook it in broth, I will try that next time. I overdosed on it a little bit, but I might be ready to make it again soon:)

  8. I’ve never eaten non meat meant but I did see a recipe the other day for 2 bean burgers and they looked delicious. I think I’m going to try them out! I only like avocado when it’s all mashed….together with some other stuff….or as a topping. Your sandwich looks good and I don’t even like mustard!


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