56 Miles

10 miles. in the hot hot sun. no technology. just me, myself, my lululemon flash colored cool racer back, a skirt and some elixirs. 
so serious. so contemplative. I’m probably thinking about that beautiful sidewalk chalk art behind me. lovely interpretation of a flower.

and lots of sweat.  90+ degrees and humid.  one intelligent thing I could have done was bring water with me. I didn’t. I was quite honestly so excited to run in the heat, and I am superwoman, so it should have been completely within my means to run waterless, but I couldnt hang.  I ran by my house at mile 7 and grabbed a water bottle. otherwise I would have been a puddle on the side of the road. I was a pacing dummy again. take it slow Katie, nice and easy today. hang in the 8’s.  Ok. I obviously can’t do that. I felt like i was, but pace ended up in the 7:40 range.
50 miles for the week

I am very happy to be able to run 50 miles in a week and feel great. nothing is hurting and I feel like I have done a good job easily building these miles up so that now that’s it’s go time to start putting this running to work, I’m feeling good. and strong. I take every first stride of every run with caution, almost expecting the worst to happen. for that run to be the one that puts me over. no more. I’m going to start expecting the best of every run. I’m going to bring a humble confidence into every run. I’m going to let every run unfold as it may. My heat loving attitude of today’s run was smashed by mile 3, when from then on I wanted to walk about 37 times. I quickly changed my mindset and realized this run was going to be a mental run. I could not, would not stop to walk.  Somewhere in the past two marathons, it became acceptable for me to take a short walk break, I’m talking 10 seconds, if it got hard. that infuriates me, to a point. that’s not me. I ran the Harrisburg marathon in November with more pain than I’ve ever run with – I DID NOT STOP ONCE. I was stronger. mentally. I need to get that back. mental strength gives you physical strength.  and there will be plenty of practice for mental strength this summer. it’s hot out there. and there are days when I just won’t want to be doing a 14 mile marathon pace run in the middle of an 18 miler. but it will happen. I will do it. and I’m looking forward to it.
I normally get out ASAP on Saturday mornings to run.  enter running hubs. he called dibs on the 3am – 12pm time slot today.  The nerve.  a little greedy if you ask me. 9 hours. He’s doing this little race called the Leadville 100 mile ultra trail run in approximately too soon to even comprehend. he had to get in a 45 to 50 mile run. in one shot. I struggle to do 50 miles in a week and am oh so concerned with over doing it. he pops out and does 46 in a single shot. no big deal. just another Saturday. so I had to take the high noon hot as heck hour of the day. it was actually more like high 2 o’clock by the time he got his 3 hot dogs, with the works, and pulled himself together. I felt bad for about 1/2 a second for leaving him with the kids, but it’s what we do. we are a running family. we run. we run hard and then we run harder keeping up with the kids.  he did 46, I did 10. fifty six total miles between the two of us. I contribute a little. I think my ten in the brutal conditions must be more like 57 or so in ideal conditions – doesn’t that sound about right?  I’m sure there is some mathematical equation to back me up. in that case, I actually worked harder than him.  not true. he definitely worked harder.
This little bundle didn’t get the memo that we were having a brutal little heat wave here in sunny CT.
sure, grab the wool sweater. you never know when a cold front will come through. he also didn’t get the memo that purple isn’t really his color. he can pull off a pink gingham like no other though. 
I guess if you run 46 miles, you can eat, a lot. you can eat, whatever the heck you want. and all hubs wanted was salty, sinful, saucy food. who am I to disagree about another night off from cooking. lips are sealed. so we had a little eastern inspired smorgasbord. little Chinese. little Thai. little seafood.  lotta indigestion. 
I can have about 3 bites of this kind of food and then I want to puke. it just doesn’t sit well. ever. good thing I picked up these beauties to wash it down. 
I blame it on my mom. she was texting me about this mud pie she made. ice cream. chocolate fudge. pie. what was I supposed to do. but get his and hers ice cream. we don’t share this with the kids. I hide it. I often have to hide a treat I am eating or very hurriedly stash it away if I hear those little footsteps coming, lest they snatch it from my hands in a screaming fit.  not pleasant for anyone involved.  I don’t give up chocolate easily.  It’s a rare rare occasion that ice cream is in the house – like 2x a year rare, but I was provoked. and the ice cream is actually still in the freezer. that greasy food did me in. for another night. or morning. whatever strikes my fancy. 
I pulled this book back out. 
I’m going to use this book’s plan as a training guide, as well as the assistance of my “coach”, who is a friend who happens to be REALLY fast and has offered to guide me as well. He ran a 2:40 marathon. He also ran a 3:17 marathon. When he was 11. normal. Between Pfitzinger and fast coach friend, I think I’ll be in good shape. I over analyze. over think things. to my detriment most of the time. I’m going to balance out what I read in this book with what I feel is appropriate for my running body.  that’s the plan. as of this moment in time. I’ve only briefly read through parts of this book. I want to get through the whole thing. but, I wanted to share something with you from the book that stuck out in terms of marathon training and performance…
“we designed the schedules to provide the optimal stimuli…that most determine marathoning success — endurance, lactate threshold and VO2max, in that order of importance. In the long run, so to speak, it’s the long runs and tempo runs that have the most relevance to your performance on marathon day, not how often you’ve churned out a set of half mile repeats

I get caught up in the half mile repeats and such. even mile repeats or 400’s. doesn’t take much speed to get me all amped up let’s run super fast all the time. Reading that made me feel good about my upcoming training because I was looking forward to and planning on more tempo work sprinkled in the long runs. 
What do you think about that little snippet in terms of marathon training?  For those marathoners out there who do speed work, do you put more training weight on speed work or long/tempo runs?  

For your reading pleasure, an OLD POST. Its hot out there.  read on. 

time for nighty night
10 early miles to start off a new week

Who’s running long this weekend?  Running short?  Racing in the heat?  do share

About msfitrunner

I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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  1. I’m having a really hard time mentally with my running. I don’t get it – why stop for 10 seconds. I KNOW I don’t need too. Ugh. It pisses me off.

    Our weather here is about mid 60s and drizzly. Gotta love Washington state. Our house doesn’t even have a/c! They didn’t bother.

    That Mint Chocolate Cookie should come with a warning label – I sat down with some the other night and ate the whole PINT in one sitting. Ridiculous.

    I’m running this weekend. Don’t know what yet. However, there’s a mud run that I WILL NOT be doing… I don’t ‘do’ mud. Mileage tomorrow will be around 4ish. *sigh* I can’t wait to have my body back!

  2. Hello! Haven’t commented in a while, but have been reading religiously! Almost fell off the couch when reading twitter and saw Lululemon tweeted you twice:-) Amazing. Please tell me you are an ambassador by now…you must be! So happy to see all is well with your running and your darling family. Summer is tough for running mothers but you’re handling it like a pro, as always:-) Kevin is running NYC, too. I’ve probab;y already told you that like 100 times. Props to Davey for his long run yesterday. He must be getting excited for Leadville. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • Jeannie!!! I’m so glad you left a message!:) nope, still not an ambassador, and I sent in the “application” for it too! I might ask about it next time I’m in the store. You probably have told me that Kevin is running, and I forgot, so every time you tell me, it’s news to me. Are you going to cheer him on?? I’m trying to figure out a hotel now – so expensive!! What is he shooting for? Very exciting:) I hope you are having a great summer so far!! xoxo

  3. Haha…there was a woman sitting by the pool yesterday knitting a sweater. Mind you, it was 110 yesterday. Weirdo. As far as running, well, I was going to this morning. Until I saw that at 8:30 it was already “feeling like” 102 and I haven’t been the best on hydrating the past couple days. Not chancing it. I did an Insanity workout yesterday though, so I won’t feel too badly… Just reading about your hubby’s run makes me feel pooped! Phew!

  4. Your hubby is a baller! That is freaking amazing and I’m just in disbelief! What a stud!

    With my return to running last week I decided that all runs must be done in the heat so that I’m no longer soft and can actually mentally and physically handle the challenge. It’s been going well, now i just need to hang dry my clothes after every sweatastic run.

    Tempos, LOVE THEM! For the mary and half super important. This cycle for my fall marathon basically all I’ll be doing to prep will be long threshold runs, because in my my experience that’s all that matters.

    Totally normal for an 11 year old to bust out a 3:17…still workin on that myself! Maybe I should have tried in my preteen days??

  5. Your hubs run was impressive, but your’s was just as impressive running in the mid-day heat! I just got back from a morning run and feel like I’m melting, I can’t imagine one in the afternoon sun. Way to go!

    I’m looking forward to NYC marathon training starting too, but first up, I’m running a July 4th marathon, can’t wait! Then I have a 150 mile MS Bike Ride the end of August, so somehow I’ll need to mix in the start of NYC training with all that too.

  6. Running 46 miles is incomprehensible to me but pretty amazing on your hubs part! Running in the heat is brutal, I definitely prefer the cooler weather. I need to get my run in today still and now it’s hot and I’m procrastinating. I always regret when I wake up early but don’t run right away, but I never learn.

  7. Pingback: Roadtrip « msfitrunner

  8. Its been humid at hot as all heck here this week too. Heat index is 110 today so long run is going to be on the “dreadmill” ughh. I am originally from CT! Now a military transplant down south. Great job this week in the heat. Your hubby, also amazing. How do men do that? Mine is similar ran his first half marathon with no training for fun and crushed me, lol. Lululemon stuff is super cute, I can only afford to look 😦 maybe someday.


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