Making it Work



Run. 10 miles total. broken up as follows:
5 miles on the hateful/grateful treadmill (@7:30 pace), 5 miles with sleepy jogger stroller boy.
Trying to prevent overheating. too bad he woke up about 5 minutes later. my two hour afternoon little peice of heaven naptime just got turned into a 20 minute stroller nap. sad.  for me. 


Run. back in the jogger. 7 miles, 55:52.  with my little love bug.
he wasn’t loving it so much. he was hating it. and letting me know it for 3 miles. so. much. fun. I promised him a ferry ride later. I will try to deliver. but you and I both know it probably won’t happen. over promise, under deliver.
It is a hateful machine, that treadmill.  I don’t care what anyone says. but I am truly grateful for it, for otherwise I would have missed half my run yesterday. oh, what a love/hate, can’t live without you but cant stand to look at you relationship we have.
Yesterday was all about making things work. on many levels. some levels were not totally successful, but it’s always a work in progress. so I consider the day a success. because I tried and gave it my best shot. let’s take a look.
Make it work – Running

Running in general is tough, on a good day. finding the motivation is tough.  finding and actually putting the right lululemon skirt is tough.  choosing the perfect pair of sneaks to wear can be tough. it can just get so complicated. then, add 3 kids. that makes it even tougher. add 3 kids who are all very little. tough. then, add a husband. ok, that’s not tough, that’s helpful and delightful – add a husband who trains for crazy races, another element of tough. two peeps, one home, 3 kids, two schedules, lots of miles, too much training, 3 meals a day, lots of snacks, countless activities, twenty four hours, little sleep, 37 trips to the geocery store, kids up at 5am.  make it happen. and that’s what has to happen – you just have to make it work. knowing that it will not flow like honey for quite a few years. if ever. embracing every crazy moment of it.
My husband had long bike rides planned for yesterday and today, meaning the morning slot was occupado for any running activities for me. last night was booked too. which meant somewhere between the 5am wake up and bedtime, with 3 kids and activities, I had to fit in 10 miles. how does that work.
1. Commit to the miles

More than I needed to get 10 miles in, like it was a chore, I wanted to get 10 miles in. I was looking forward to it. I committed to getting the miles in and it was going to happen. I knew that it was going to take some more thinking than just go out and get my run in, so it did require some planning.  and it required me to use the machine that I was not thrilled about using.   I have a plan. a marathon training plan. to get me to my goal. that accountability gets me on the treadmill, and gets me getting those miles in. instead of sleeping until 10 am not running because I have negative feelings about my treadmill.

2.  Make a plan, Commit to the plan

If you fail to plan, than you plan to fail

Someone very wise said that and I don’t know who. but it’s true. and please don’t sue me for saying it.

Apparently I plan to fail in a lot of things. because I rarely have a plan. working on it. look ahead. plan. see what needs to be done. my life would flow a lot more smoothly if I planned things. like meals, and activities, and schedules. I’m well aware of this. admitting I have a planning problem is the first step, right?  let’s work on it.
I made a plan for yesterday, in regards to running, because I knew that it would be tough to get it in. 5 treadmill miles early am, 5 miles with the boy while the girls are at camp. done. put it in the day and get it done. planned, success. no stress. I could have planned a rest day as well, but I knew that I needed that day to run.

3.  Make it a priority

If it happens, it happens mindset doesn’t really work for me with certain things – like running, eating healthy, loving my family and taking care of my kids. these things have to be a priority. running is certainly one of them in the grand scheme of life. then, in just my day to day, sometimes running has to be a priority in the schedule over other things. sometimes it’s cleaning. sometimes cleaning takes priority over running. rare, but it does happen.  it all depends on the day. in terms of making a workout happen when the schedule is crunched, the workout has to become more of a priority than I’ll fit it in if I get a chance – more than likely, that chance won’t happen.

4.  Know what you are up against. and be ok with it

Life.  Do your best and leave the rest. I have become much better at going with the flow and realizing that as much as I try to make something happen, my schedule is not the only one I am working around. kids, life, stuff happens. some days, as much as I schedule, plan, commit, offer up my firstborn child in return for a run, it just won’t happen. that is ok. not a deal breaker.  life goes on and there is tomorrow and next week and next month. live and learn.

5.  Use what you’ve got, even if you don’t love it

Treadmill, jogger stroller, stair master, elliptical, whatever it is. Every situatiom is not going to be ideal.  move on.  do your best with what you have. If its raining cats and dogs and you don’t want to run outside, and you only have workout DVDs, do it. or get on your treadmill. no excuses.

Make it work – Living
I don’t always want to just get through the day, which is sometiems my mentality.  I want to enjoy the day. But sometimes, I’m just exhausted and exerting any extra energy to do anything outside of hang around the house and let the kids have a free for all is just too much. Luke’s little stroller nap actually opened up the afternoon time yesterday, when he normally would be sleeping and Anna and I would be stuck at home. let’s go play, mama says, and make it happen.
Let’s go tear the Whole Foods dining area apart!!  Yay!!!
Kids ate pizza and played a bit, I snacked on some sushi and calamari.
Luke singlehandedly emptied the hand sanitizing machine. he’s clean. so is the floor around the hand sanitizer.
up next was GNC. I needed a couple things.  to be quite honest, the man that works at GNC gives me the creeps and I hate going in there. I used my kids as a shield and a diversion so I could get in and out without giving him my entire summer recap thus far. my little helpers.

What a good boy. helping his mama. protecting from the GNC man.
I promised a trip to Sweet Frog for an outing well done.
I don’t know where my children came from, but they get the absolute WORST combo of flavors and toppings. Luke used to have no preference, and I could make his how I wanted it and steal bites. Somewhere in the last two weeks he has a very strong preference for pomegranate and mango with captain crunch and sour worms and chocolate sauce.  putrid. Anna’s is even worse. where’s all the chocolate and cookie dough?!?!
we made it through with only one yogurt spill. I won’t tell you that we were also there the day before and made quite the scene. thankful that we are friends with the owners. although, after we come in they are probably not so thankful they are friends with us.

Make it Work – Parenting

My 5 year old is in day camp. 9-3. they do day trips. when I signed her up I said there was no way I was sending her on the day trips an hour away to the amusement/water park. my hubs kinda thought I was crazy. but could kind of see where I was coming from. She desperately wanted to go. In my world, I would keep her in a bubble and be at her side every minute.   She’s my firstborn.  She’s my baby.  I knew she would be in good hands, but she wouldn’t be in my hands. And that’s kinda the way it’s going to be. She wont always be in my hands.  The older she gets, the more she’s going to experience. and I need to start building in her the confidence that she can do things without me. or maybe I need to build that confidence in myself. I want her to be strong and independent, secure and capable. So she went. And she had a BLAST. and I’m glad she had that experience. I’m glad I let her go.
Even with CRAZY grocery store meltdowns causing me to bribe them with a movie and checkout line pez dispensers to let me get out of the store in one piece, it was a great day.   #1 survived camp, #2 had fun with #3 and I had fun with them all. until 6pm. then it was deemed early to bed night because I was done with the day

We made it work.

Make it work – Blogging

I spent far too much time last night attempting to beautify this silly little blog and make it easier to use, easier to work with. and look – its just as stupid looking as it was before I spent 2 hours trying to make it nice. I know what I’m not good at, and it’s anything technology related. I’m still trying to figure out my major issue with the commenting. What I know is that I need it to be self hosted so that I can do simple things like reply to your comments. That’s the direction I’m going in. Soon. I’m going to make that happen. Until then, if you comment, I try to respond, but you still have check back. Please email me directly if you really want a response and do not want to look back through posts because I don’t always comment back right away.
I have no questions for you today. Because quite frankly I’m exhausted. And I don’t care to think about questions for you lovelies.  my brain wants to take a nap. How about you ask me some questions. And I’ll respond, and you won’t get an email because my blog is super cool, but you can check back in at my thoughtful response. Fun.
Have a super night.

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I am a 29 year old stay at home, hardworking mom to my three little loves! My oldest little darling is 5, little sis is 4 and baby brother is almost 2. I have been married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 7 years (ahhh!). My faith and my family is my rock, and I have a newfound LOVE for running. Maybe it's more of a necessity at this point - to maintain household peace and my own sanity, but whatever it is, it's working for me and I'm loving the racing. The vegan world has been calling my name, so I am testing out those waters as well! That's a tough one with three little picky eaters at home, but I am having fun coming up with new recipes and trying out new things. Follow along as I chronicle this crazy running life, and ALL the craziness that goes with it!

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    • Still working on the move! The whole “1 click install” didn’t exactly work for me, and it’s still the same site – no plugins able to be added:-/ working on it!!

  1. I loved reading this post today….loved your comments about making fitness a priority. I love your go with the flow attitude….such an inspiration for this mother of five.

  2. With the commenting bit – you have to install a widget, and you can do that by searching the WordPress database for it. They’ll provide it, but you have to do it yourself. I haven’t done it because I’m the least technical person on Earth and can’t expend the energy to figure it out. Its one of those things I’ll do eventually 🙂

    Good luck at the grocery store tomorrow! Should I pray? Lol!!! Great 10 miler – you are so speedy. I seriously won’t ever stop saying it because I can’t fathom your speed.

    • You are so funny. That 10 felt slow but hard to me, but it was with the jogger, so it makes me feel a little better! Yes, please pray for any and all grocery store trips!!;-)

  3. Wow! This is another great post. It makes me realize that with no children and house to take care of, I really don’t have many excuses for getting out there for a nice hard run. You are Superwoman, I tell ya!

    • Thanks!! Life is life and it’s always hard to fit in “extras”, but as long as you put out the effort, kids or no kids, all that counts:) its kind of selfish – I have to run for my sanity;-)

  4. Great post… and sounds like a great day! Ups and downs like normal, but still making it through, making it work, and enjoying (most of) it along the way. Inspiring!

    And your blog looks great as is. Don’t worry about it! Just keep being your awesome–momma–runner–blogger self.

  5. I did my longest treadmill run in a while today (8mi). Honestly, I really just wanted the extended break from my two little loves. And we also had a grocery store meltdown today, had to feed them half the grapes before checkout. Such joys those two. Speaking of joy…that would be the gym nursery. I love your blog. I need more of it, and your mentality, in my life. Have a good weekend, hope you get another awesome run in (who am I kidding, you will!) and maybe a little sleep.

  6. Oh man, I hate when the 2 hour nap turns into 20 minutes. We haven’t done an afternoon stroller reason for a long time because of me fear of it. But sounds like you made the best of it!
    Having a husband who is also training would be really tough. Mine does some swimming and raquetball at work and calls that good. Nice job getting it all in! And good luck on the blog switch- I switched mine too, and it ate up a lot of time, but I’m glad I did it. I’ve learned a lot a long the way and am happy to help if you get stumped!

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