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56 Miles

10 miles. in the hot hot sun. no technology. just me, myself, my lululemon flash colored cool racer back, a skirt and some elixirs. 
so serious. so contemplative. I’m probably thinking about that beautiful sidewalk chalk art behind me. lovely interpretation of a flower.

and lots of sweat.  90+ degrees and humid.  one intelligent thing I could have done was bring water with me. I didn’t. I was quite honestly so excited to run in the heat, and I am superwoman, so it should have been completely within my means to run waterless, but I couldnt hang.  I ran by my house at mile 7 and grabbed a water bottle. otherwise I would have been a puddle on the side of the road. I was a pacing dummy again. take it slow Katie, nice and easy today. hang in the 8’s.  Ok. I obviously can’t do that. I felt like i was, but pace ended up in the 7:40 range.
50 miles for the week

I am very happy to be able to run 50 miles in a week and feel great. nothing is hurting and I feel like I have done a good job easily building these miles up so that now that’s it’s go time to start putting this running to work, I’m feeling good. and strong. I take every first stride of every run with caution, almost expecting the worst to happen. for that run to be the one that puts me over. no more. I’m going to start expecting the best of every run. I’m going to bring a humble confidence into every run. I’m going to let every run unfold as it may. My heat loving attitude of today’s run was smashed by mile 3, when from then on I wanted to walk about 37 times. I quickly changed my mindset and realized this run was going to be a mental run. I could not, would not stop to walk.  Somewhere in the past two marathons, it became acceptable for me to take a short walk break, I’m talking 10 seconds, if it got hard. that infuriates me, to a point. that’s not me. I ran the Harrisburg marathon in November with more pain than I’ve ever run with – I DID NOT STOP ONCE. I was stronger. mentally. I need to get that back. mental strength gives you physical strength.  and there will be plenty of practice for mental strength this summer. it’s hot out there. and there are days when I just won’t want to be doing a 14 mile marathon pace run in the middle of an 18 miler. but it will happen. I will do it. and I’m looking forward to it.
I normally get out ASAP on Saturday mornings to run.  enter running hubs. he called dibs on the 3am – 12pm time slot today.  The nerve.  a little greedy if you ask me. 9 hours. He’s doing this little race called the Leadville 100 mile ultra trail run in approximately too soon to even comprehend. he had to get in a 45 to 50 mile run. in one shot. I struggle to do 50 miles in a week and am oh so concerned with over doing it. he pops out and does 46 in a single shot. no big deal. just another Saturday. so I had to take the high noon hot as heck hour of the day. it was actually more like high 2 o’clock by the time he got his 3 hot dogs, with the works, and pulled himself together. I felt bad for about 1/2 a second for leaving him with the kids, but it’s what we do. we are a running family. we run. we run hard and then we run harder keeping up with the kids.  he did 46, I did 10. fifty six total miles between the two of us. I contribute a little. I think my ten in the brutal conditions must be more like 57 or so in ideal conditions – doesn’t that sound about right?  I’m sure there is some mathematical equation to back me up. in that case, I actually worked harder than him.  not true. he definitely worked harder.
This little bundle didn’t get the memo that we were having a brutal little heat wave here in sunny CT.
sure, grab the wool sweater. you never know when a cold front will come through. he also didn’t get the memo that purple isn’t really his color. he can pull off a pink gingham like no other though. 
I guess if you run 46 miles, you can eat, a lot. you can eat, whatever the heck you want. and all hubs wanted was salty, sinful, saucy food. who am I to disagree about another night off from cooking. lips are sealed. so we had a little eastern inspired smorgasbord. little Chinese. little Thai. little seafood.  lotta indigestion. 
I can have about 3 bites of this kind of food and then I want to puke. it just doesn’t sit well. ever. good thing I picked up these beauties to wash it down. 
I blame it on my mom. she was texting me about this mud pie she made. ice cream. chocolate fudge. pie. what was I supposed to do. but get his and hers ice cream. we don’t share this with the kids. I hide it. I often have to hide a treat I am eating or very hurriedly stash it away if I hear those little footsteps coming, lest they snatch it from my hands in a screaming fit.  not pleasant for anyone involved.  I don’t give up chocolate easily.  It’s a rare rare occasion that ice cream is in the house – like 2x a year rare, but I was provoked. and the ice cream is actually still in the freezer. that greasy food did me in. for another night. or morning. whatever strikes my fancy. 
I pulled this book back out. 
I’m going to use this book’s plan as a training guide, as well as the assistance of my “coach”, who is a friend who happens to be REALLY fast and has offered to guide me as well. He ran a 2:40 marathon. He also ran a 3:17 marathon. When he was 11. normal. Between Pfitzinger and fast coach friend, I think I’ll be in good shape. I over analyze. over think things. to my detriment most of the time. I’m going to balance out what I read in this book with what I feel is appropriate for my running body.  that’s the plan. as of this moment in time. I’ve only briefly read through parts of this book. I want to get through the whole thing. but, I wanted to share something with you from the book that stuck out in terms of marathon training and performance…
“we designed the schedules to provide the optimal stimuli…that most determine marathoning success — endurance, lactate threshold and VO2max, in that order of importance. In the long run, so to speak, it’s the long runs and tempo runs that have the most relevance to your performance on marathon day, not how often you’ve churned out a set of half mile repeats

I get caught up in the half mile repeats and such. even mile repeats or 400’s. doesn’t take much speed to get me all amped up let’s run super fast all the time. Reading that made me feel good about my upcoming training because I was looking forward to and planning on more tempo work sprinkled in the long runs. 
What do you think about that little snippet in terms of marathon training?  For those marathoners out there who do speed work, do you put more training weight on speed work or long/tempo runs?  

For your reading pleasure, an OLD POST. Its hot out there.  read on. 

time for nighty night
10 early miles to start off a new week

Who’s running long this weekend?  Running short?  Racing in the heat?  do share

Morning Swim


4 mile ‘run’ 
And bath time tonight.  that was kind of a workout. 
And the two hours before that we’re pretty intense. kids were off the wall. 
let’s just say from 4:30am on made for a pretty un-restful, crazy day. workin’ it all day long. 

What else do you do when little insomniac is up at 4:30am and the rest of the house is doing what they should be doing at that hour.  run. buh bye rest day.  Its better not to commit to things like, tomorrow will be a rest day, because life is wildly unpredictable with kids and you just never know when 4 extra miles might sneak in.  really, not so much a crazy run.  more like kill some time and get out of the house to let my sleeping beauties sleep run
I stuck my handsome devil in the stroller and took him on a run date.  happy to be alive, not so happy to be stuck in the stroller.
he insisted on wearing the hat. too cool for school, that boy. 
we ran.  and he hates the jogger.  so I had to keep it wildly interesting by excitingly shouting things at him like, DID YOU SEE THAT SPARROW FLY INTO THAT TREE?!?!  and, HOLY MOLY LOOK HOW FAST THAT CHIPMUNK CAN RUN!!!  or, LOOK AT THAT BIG WHITE CHURCH, ISN’T IT AMAZING?!?  we tried to sing songs, but he gets very angry when I start singing abc’s.  maybe because he doesn’t know them yet and he’s a little sensitive about that. pandora it is. Taylor Swift has a slightly better voice than me anyway. yes, I like t. swift and I made my son listen to her. I’m ok with that.
we passed the barns and headed down to the ferry. 

the longest continuously running ferry in the U.S. of A. fun fact

we had a lovely time by the CT river. 

Luke is “petting” the water. because thats what you do, you “pet” water.  precious child. 

I had to ruin the nice pictures by sticking my head in there. just for proof that I was there.  bonding with my son. 

until daredevil decided to make our run date exciting and go for a swim. 

then he was a little pissy pants.  

When pandora failed to entertain, I had to bribe him with his own run. as soon as we got to the corner of my street, it was his turn. nakey butt and all. 

that completes the long drawn out four mile non run day adventure. but not quite. we had chores to do when we got home. 

put ’em to work. get that trash can securely put away my little man. and do it quickly, there is weeding to be done. 

and it is finally 6:20 am. now what. 

Day 1 of summer break. 

Last night, I’m all, this is fantastic, I’m so excited to spend every waking moment with my three precious little cherubs, what a blessing to have ALL summer with them. me and the kids. the kids and me. la dee da. happy summer. 

Day 1 of summer. 

me and the kids.  the kids and me.  I am truly blessed to spend the summer with and always be at home with my kids. I am excited to spend many moments with my children.  perhaps not every waking moment from 4:30am on. let’s find some balance.  and we’ll all make it past this first day of summer just fine and dandy.

This summer will be about priorities and keeping them in line. and about having fun. lots of fun.

One priority for me would be sleeping past 5am, but I don’t think little bundle of energy is on board with that one. 

Here are some other priorities, in the form of a list!

1.  Be patient. I know I won’t make it through the whole summer if I can’t muster up a decent amount of patience. it’s in there somewhere.  now would be a good time to harness it.

2.  Quality kid time. with each kid. it could just be reading a book or sitting outside folding laundry while they play whilst we all melt in the summer heat. thats special time. they don’t need a lot. just a little love and water to grow. 

3.  Quality hubs time. which will be happening tonight, thank the good Lord. it’s been one long summer day and this is a well deserved night out. mama can decompress. and have a nice cocktail. yum. 

4.  Run. given. 

5. Go with the flow. don’t be a crazy schedule stickler. it’s summer. there technically is no schedule. it’s like one big revolving day. it never ends. 

6. Eat healthy. so easy to do in the summer. fresh produce abounds everywhere. 

7.   Get organized so I can stop doing things like going to the grocery store three days in a row. I don’t know, I could probably thing of a few better things to do with my time than spend it at the store. everyday. 

8. Spend time doing educational things with the girls. Luke can fend for himself. #1 is going into first grade, big kid stuff now. I have to get in touch with my inner teacher and make sure she can still read and write by the time this summer deal is over. maybe I’ll try to teach her some new tricks too, if I’m really feeling inspired.  

This one is well underway. let’s see how long it lasts. kids nicely educating themselves under the tent. we keep a big circus tent setup in the backyard. because its like a circus around here. not really. it’s the grandparents’ 80th bday this weekend, big festivities. requiring some tent action. 

9.  God. church every sunday is great and lovely, but the personal side of faith is easily neglected as a mom, or just as a human being.  I get in this downward spiral where life stuff consumes me and I spend less time in devotion, or prayer, or just spiritual, faith filled things.  gotta be brought back up to the top. pray more. done. 

That gives a general priority list – then I have to set some goals to make those priorities happen. Hopefully I will do that by the end of the summer. and all these things will carry forward like habit. they are pretty much always priorities, I just want to pay better attention to them. give them the care they deserve and require.  

Bring on the summer and many happy days. and lots of miles. and lots of smiles. and no broken bones or anything like that

What’s on tap for the weekend, my friends???

I’ll fill you in on my exciting weekend on Monday! 

Some Winners and Multitasking


10 mile run. finally. I’ve been wanting a 10 miler since Sunday. thursday pulled through and gave me such a run. I can’t really classify this run as anything.  it wasn’t a progression, or speed work, or slow work, really. it could be called the slightly disappointing run that felt a lot faster than it was but when reviewing the garmin splits doesnt seem as impressive as when it was happening. that’s fine by me.  7:17 pace. A for effort. I just wanted 10 miles.  greedy runner.  the humidity made it a bit intense. but I really do love running in the heat and the feeling of a great, sweaty, leave it all on the pavement run.  the only intention I had was not to run this fast or with too much effort.  the first few miles cruised by at a good pace, a hill killed my legs.  I slowed down to around 8min/mile for the last couple and picked it back up for the last one home. a nice assortment of paces going on.  often times, my pace is determined by how many miles I want to get in and how much time I have.  I rarerly go out and say I’m going to just go run 10 miles, and I’ll get back whenever.  the faster i run, the quicker I get home and the more miles I can fit in.  30 miles for the week.  one more running day.  and onto a complete rest day tomorrow. no stair master. no run.
By 7:45, when I got home, the day was well underway.
10 sweaty miles in for me
Lawn mowed by hubs
Dog sprayed by a skunk. or he rolled in dead skunk. we haven’t officially determined.
Dog bathed by hubs.
Little lady has gone through three outfit changes. because they like to play in dirt. and they secretly like to punish me with copious amounts of laundry.
Little buddy has fire trucked and made many a disaster since his 5:15am rising.
I had a moment of panic this morning, when for some reason I noticed the bottle of honey mustard dressing…near empty. this is my new favorite condiment and must be on my flat out wrap everyday. we had to get to the grocery store anyway because I was in danger of stretching Luke’s last diaper for far longer than it should be on his little bum, but now it became an emergency. I had grand plans of errand running with 2 kids this am when #1 was at school, but I decided I would rather waste the morning getting absolutely nothing done at all and tote 3 kids all over town in 100 degree weather this afternoon. the joys of procrastination. thank God there was enough honey mustard left for my lunchtime wrap.
My day revolves around Luke’s midday nap. where I try to cram as much as possible in to that possible 1.5 hour window where he is not brushing the window sills with his toothbrush or sitting in the bathroom sink covering himself in band aids. I’ve tried babyproofing. no go. he’s not a baby. he’s an adorable freak of toddlerhood nature. one that should have 12 eyes on him at all times. anyway, I try to get stuff done while he slumbers. Anna desperately wanted me to enjoy the misery of the outdoors with her, but I had this enormously neglected pile of laundry that needed to be folded. mostly because I was on a rescue mission for a lost compression sock and running skirt that were in there somewhere. little brighty suggested I bring the laundry outside. such a problem solver. that’s what I did.
To maximize the 1.5 hour maximum reprieve, my plan was to fold laundry, rescue my sock, get a little strength training in and perhaps do a little blogger, and hang with the kids – all at the same time. multitasking. making it happen. getting things done.  laundry outside, little QT with my baby girl, little tlc for the muscles and a little catch up on the pesky house chores.  kind of.
sweltering. as soon as I made a dent in the pile and resurrected my long lost running necessities, I moved onto a tiny, little lunge/core session.  I also ALWAYS multitask with my workouts. legs/arms/core, whatever I can fit into one exercise, I cram it in there. I do a little shoulder press when I come out of the lunge. fancy pants. I also like the curtsy lunges – I feel like they target the inner thigh a bit better.  I’m no trainer, so I’m not really qualified for that kind of fancy trainer talk. just my experience.
my personal photographer.
This was the first, very short, strength workout where my bum elbow wasn’t feeling so bum. the first time I could hold the weight like that in almost a month. I still can’t do quite a bit of strength training because it hurts, but there’s progress.  and a lot more sweat. the air was suffocating. that’s why it was a pretty short one.  Better than nothing.  if you don’t want to do a workout, at least do something and call it your better than nothing. something is always better than nothing, unless it has to do with dishes, laundry or perhaps jail time.
I like doing the leg strength workouts on the harder run days – after the harder run – so that by the time the next real hard workout comes, my legs are recovered and back to fresh.
as always, lots more fun and exciting things went down this afternoon, as I’m sure you can only imagine, all of which the details I will torture you with.  beginning now. three kids and an unshowered, slightly haggard looking mama really know how to have a good time on a Thursday afternoon. although, I did put on my athletic best.
oh my. it is possible to be 30 with a training bra sized chest after having 3 kids. proof. fantastic. wouldn’t really have it any other way. ok, maybe an A cup way, but you gotta love and work with what you’ve got. all I got.
if you consider a little Barnes and Noble/TJ Maxx/Super Stop and Shop too much fun to handle, then we had too. much. fun. BN was the first stop.
we left it in only slightly worse condition then when we entered
Then we ventured on to Tj’s, where you get the Maxx for the minimum, so catchy, only to make a return.  Luke was a ticking time bomb.
we finished off the fanatics with the grocery store. it only took one cookie and two lollipops to keep Luke in his seat. and then he ran laps around the house.  awesome.
Luke has a fresh diaper.  I have my mustard. mission accomplished.
Ok, fine.  you want winners??? I’VE GOT WINNERS!!!
randomly selected, here are the two winners of the Mizuno mezamashii giveaway:
I REALLY would love to get you ALL free sneaks, but my hubs wouldnt like that and Mizuno doesn’t love me that much.  I loved all of the comments and the great reasons you should win, like it’s my birthday, that would be the best present ever!!! I think I could think of a few better things than free sneaks.  but I’m high maintenance sometimes. I love how many NEW runners there are out there, definitely check out the Mizuno line of sneakers – there is something for everyone. really, I’m sorry you can’t all get free shoes.  but, to try to make up for it, I selected ONE MORE RANDOM WINNER!!!  the third winner is…
Pretty please email me ASAP so that I can get you all Mezamashii’d out and hooked up with some sweet mizunos!
I will choose backup winners if I do not hear from the selected winners by Saturday. I said Friday, but I’m late getting this post up, so I’ll give you lovelies an extra day. because I’m nice like that.
Business – I got quite a few emails yesterday and I promise I will email you back!!!  be patient with me, I’m now officially on summer break and I’m a little frightened. but I will get back to you.
What is your favorite ‘discount’ clothing store to shop at?

What is your favorite condiment?

How many ‘rest’ days do you take a week?  I’m really curious about this one. It’s hard for me to take a rest day. 

Why I Run

Today – rest day.  True, complete, rest day.
Yesterday – 10 miles total. 6.8 am and 3 evening.  so really only 9.8miles, but I am rounding up to 10 for the weeks tally of miles because I am the runner and I can do that. And because Sunday’s 13.2 will be rounded down to 13, so all is in balance in the world of miles run this week. I’m at 37 for the week and I have one day of running to go. exciting? Me thinks so.  I am very close to 40, and that would make me happy.  My first 40 mile week since sometime in early march. THAT is cause for celebration, my friends.  not big miles to some, but its big progress for me.
Wednesday – was a legit, full 7 miles. No hijacked miles from another running day played by the rules. Neither of these two runs were assisted by mr. Garmin. He stayed home. As well he should have.  According to my handy dandy kitchen clock, this run was somewhere in the 7:15-20 pace.  Plus 30 mins stairmaster just for haha’s.  Thursday’s run was right around 7:30 pace.
I wanted no part of my planned 7 miles yesterday am.  the 3 last night was an after thought, reward for completing the 7.  back it up to the first 7- I wanted no part of it at 9:30 the night before when I set my 5am wakeup call.  I really wanted no part of it when my two little cherubs crawled into my bed at 10pm.  My desire to not run in the morning was furthered when I heard my husband up with my 2 year old at 4:45am. for the day.  I don’t care how precious children are, the day should NEVER begin with a 2 year old before the 6 o’clock hour.  Pre 5am is just torture.  It would have been very easy for me to turn over and give up on the run. I did not bail. I gave my run a fair shot.  and I was open to possibilities. I told myself, Katie, wise, smart, talented runner, mother, wife and generally phenomenal person that you are, at least give this run 3 miles and if you still don’t want any part of it- at least you tried.  Those positive self affirmations work wonders.  I gave my run a fair shot.  It deserved at least a chance before being shoved down into the non running abyss.  It was good.  Not sparkly chocolate covered Swedish fish good, but good.  There are a lot of times it’s definitely easy to crawl back into bed, or back into that big bowl of ice cream. Put down the ice cream, take off the covers and give your run or your workout at least a fair shot. and then make it longer for being a big baby about it.

It’s just been crazytown up in here this week.  I’ve only been writing this post for 3 days now and keep getting sidetracked doing super excitingly busy things like mopping my floors, filling big black garbage bags with junk, standing at the counter with a spoon in one hand and nutella in the other, chasing Luke around at field day, raising children, washing mybhair, and doing other domestic wonders.  minor things that take up a small portion of my time. all while attempting to be a functioning human being in society. Hopefully I’ll get this post written before the end of the month so that I can get on to other posts and more exciting things that I need to share with you lovelies.  and so that I can stop re-editing and changing all of the tenses.  It would be a complete travesty if I published this and all of my today’s were really yesterday’s and so forth.  would be shameful.

Apparently Wednesday was national running day and I missed the boat.  What kind of runner am I???  I’ll tell you what kind – the kind with three little crazy kidlings that really only has time to run and not keep up with every single national holiday there is.  I’m still a runner though, and I had a pretty fabulous running week.  In lieu of this national holiday that I missed, I think it’s appropriate to talk about WHY I run. I run a lot. Now I run a lot. A few weeks ago I did not run a lot. Now I run without pain and without a care in the world about a race or a pace or a distance.   For me, running is about balance. It balances out all the craziness and not so craziness in my life. It keeps me sane when my 4:45am waking 2 year old man eating gremlin terrorizes me all day. Climbs into the kitchen sink every time I’m not looking to wash his feet. finds it necessary to lock himself in the upstairs bathroom to which I have no key. And then there are the other 2 angels of mine. he learns his tricks from his sisters.  running is about balance. Physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. 

Physical:  above any other exercise, running keeps me in the best shape. Running makes me feel strong and capable. I love strength training, but even when I let that slide, running does a pretty good job of keeping the bod strong, and I love that. I don’t think there is a time in a runners life where they won’t experience some sort of injury or discomfort- that is par for the course. but, if you work through it wisely and patiently, you come back a stronger, smarter runner.  Running gives me something to work for, to push my body and my boundaries.  and to test my limits.  running also gives very good reason for me to buy these kinds of stylishly athletic clothes…

I would have no reason if I didn’t run. All about convenience – throw on some sneaks and you’re ready to hit the road.  And then hit up the grocery store not looking too hideous after. Or so I tell myself.

Emotional:  people say to me, if you are running so much, you must be running from something. The answer is quite possibly, YES. As a matter of fact, you are quite possibly 100% correct that I am running from something.  And that something might look like this – 

Or this

Or even this

I am a stay atvhome mom.  I am with my children from sun up until sun down everyday.  I love them more than life and am abundantly blessed to be with them 24/7.  willingly and lovingly tending to their every need.  Running gives me a moment in time away from all of that. It refreshes me so that I can keep lovingly and willingly taking care of those little people that I love and adore.  I run from them and then run straight back to them, energized and ready to go.

Spiritual: I am a very spiritual, faith filled person. I know I wouldn’t make it through life without my Christian faith and trust in God. I try to spend some part of the day in my own “quiet” time, in a certain devotional book or whatever it may be. But that doesn’t always happen. Distractions always happen. When my feet are moving and cruising on the pavement, I can easily clear my head and can sometimes use that time for prayer or just quiet.  The physicality of running  just seems to calm the spirit and puts me in a good place.  

Mentally: I need all the help I can get in this department. I am a pretty intelligent person. And then I had kids and I seem to have lost a lot of brain cells. In the July issue of Runner’s World, there was a little blurb on running and mental capacity to learn immediately after. here’s what it said- 
More power to the brain. perfect.

And a little quote from this famous author…

I couldnt agree more, Mr. Thoreau.  I can day dream when I run. The sky is the limit.
And apparantly I can learn a lot of new words after I run, too. bring on the dictionary and sign me up for the next spelling bee. I am fiercely competitive. 

And that is in a nutshell, why I run. It is actually probably a lot more complex than that. and given some time with a therapist, I’m sure many a secret and insight, pulling from childhood experiences and what not, could be divulged as to why I run and why I have such a desire to race and be better and stronger at this kind of strangely odd “sport”.  But that is my quick self analysis.  basic. thoughts on why I hit the road most mornings and am itching to get back out there by the evening.  Running is always a work in progress. and it enables me to balance and tune into all of those aspects mentioned above. then I blog about it and get it all out of my head for you peeps to enjoy.

So, national running day that I missed, I am thankful for this “sport”.  and I guess it deserves it’s own holiday just like every single other thing known to man that has its own special holiday. I will definitely miss this holiday again next year and read about it fist on the 50,000 other running blogs out there. and then I may do a little belated holiday shopping at lululemon to celebrate.  I think that might be a very appropriate thing to do. 

I have a lot more to talk about that got lost in this week and this 3 day long blog.  Stay tuned for more on sneaker talk and fueling talk and obviously running talk, oh and obviously nonsense talk because I’m almost as good at that as I am in coming in 2nd place at races. 

ps – I wrote this entire post on my new iPad (yes, my darling husband, you are wonderful and awesome and I am so thankful you bring me such sweet treats. Next time wrap in in chocolate and candy and I’ll be through the moon). So this was a little first post experiment writing it on this blog writer app and I have 100% no idea what I am doing or what it looks like until it’s posted.  My apologies for the extra abundance of grammatical errors or inability understand anything that was written. Not like that would be so out of the ordinary. 

Bloggers- do you write posts from an iPad? Do you use an app?

Who is racing this weekend?

Tell me, why do YOU run/exercise? Is it a reason beyond just staying in shape?

How often do you ditch the workout just because you don’t feel like it?  That’s naughty. Try not to. Or you’ll go in the timeout chair.

Help Me. Please.


Workout – elliptical easy 30 minutes.  really, too easy if you ask me.  but what am I gonna do.  I’m not running until Saturday.  there is only one stairclimber that is always in use.  my hands are tied.  default to the elliptical these days.  it’s really too bad you can’t do an elliptical marathon.

I need help.  In many ways. 

I need help organizing my schedule, preferably in the form of a full time personal assistant to remind me of things such as: go to your daughter’s kindergarten orientation this morning as well as find childcare for my son so that I am not chasing him up and down the halls at said orientation like I did last year for big sis.  it’s important.  you should probably be there and not miss it.  I missed it.  even though it was in the calendar.  anna will be none the wiser.  she’s just as clueless as I am.  something about the apple and the tree.

truthfully, on Monday I appropriately stressed ahead of time that she had orientation and I needed to figure out that little scheduling snippet of the week.  I promptly pushed it to the back of my mind to be ‘taken care of later’.  It was not taken care of later.  I didn’t know I missed it until I was reminded by a friend and the school secretary who left a message saying what kind of horrible mom are you that you missed your daughters orientation to such a milestone as kindergarten you should be ashamed we’re sorry we missed you today, perhaps you could try to come into our Thursday orientation?  not gonna happen.  still no childcare for my little gremlin and anna is in school.  unless you want to take cutie little gremlin Luke.  I’m in.

I need help folding my laundry.  there’s just too much of it for one person to do.  when I get to heaven, I’m going to ask God why there is so much darn laundry and where the heck does it all come from.  the basket it always full.  there is always a load in the wash.  always a load in the dryer.  always one waiting to be folded.  no matter what.  not nice.

I need help making certain decisions, one of which is what music to put on my new shuffle.  so green.  so friendly looking.  so cool.

iphone pics 721

I decided I wanted to run part of this marathon with music.  preferably the latter part.  I know.  I’m so on top of things and I’m so completely prepared.  I do things so far in advance it’s scary.  2 days before I leave and I have an empty green shuffle that I can’t get to sync with my computer, no music other than carrie underwood, taylor swift (don’t judge my music choice, but I know they are not going to help in the deathly realms of miles 21-26.2) and earphones I have never tried.  fantastic.  the guy at Target told me sometimes the earphones I got tend to hurt your ears after awhile.  I was thinking, dude, I’m not worried about a little ear bud pain.  that pain is nothing compared to the discomfort I am likely to experience at mile 24.  and I’m not paying $30 for the earphones you think I should get.  needless to say, I’m at a loss and don’t know where to begin to find adrenaline pumping heart beating music.  help me.

There is a good article, HERE, from Runner’s world about the pros and cons of running with music.  I think because I NEVER run with music, it could really help me keep my own thoughts out of my head.  I don’t want them there.  kind of a scary place the last few miles of a marathon.

What I don’t need help with is finding ways to make my life a little easier.  that’s a lie.  I need lots of help finding ways to make my day flow like milk chocolate, but I do have a few ways that help me smooth out the day…

1.  When there’s just not time to shower before going to kindergarten orientation to dance class and missing orientation….(be warned – unshowered, makeup-less pictures of me with random products, because it’s been awhile and I thought you should see some unshowered ridiculous pictures of me with products.  fun)

iphone pics 723

neutrogena got beat out by generic.  I bought neutrogena the first time, then this was on sale for like $2 less right next to it.  how could I not?  that’s $2 that could go directly to the lululemon fund kids college savings for goodness sake.


2.  For when there’s not time to put on makeup.  ever.  tinted moisturizer.  inexpensive version.  so that I don’t even have to feel bad about wearing it to the playground.  once again, neutrogena saves the day.

iphone pics 724

3.  For when you turn 30 and the eye wrinkles become a tad more noticeable and the regular stuff just isn’t cutting it…

iphone pics 725

4.  For when you take a sabbatical from protein powder, or just keep forgetting to order it, and need other non-meaty ways to get in protein (I opted out of this pic, egg whites stand alone)….

iphone pics 726

I’m thinking my body is made up mostly of egg whites at this point.  light and fluffy.


5.  For when the little guy only takes a one hour nap after being up at 5am all week and chooses to be a pissy pants crazy kid for the rest of the day…


TOTALLY KIDDING.  I would never.  even think about it.  he’s far too smart and would be out of that thing is seconds.  we use binkies and froggy loves and big sisters and happy words for attitude adjustments instead.  I was told in motherhood 101 that straight jackets were not appropriate.

iphone pics 727

this seems to do the trick.  as does a little good, old fashioned American Tail.  who doesn’t love Fievel.


And the prep continues for long weekend travels with gammy and the little girls.  Trying to figure out my silly little shuffle that doesn’t want to cooperate.  Getting some epsom salt and soaking in the tub.  followed by lots of rolling and icing tonight.  and then some packing.  and folding laundry.  and sleeping.  and making mental lists of all the things I need to do – like NOT forget the garmin or the charger.  very important. 

This will probably be the last post before the race on Saturday, and even then I can’t make promises of too much posting while in Nashville.  And I am already calculating that I am short about 8 hours of time tomorrow with all of the stuff I have to get done.  and a 6am flight on Friday.  joy.  gonna be tight.  I’ll make it work.  sleep is overrated.  among many other things.  I’m off to soak in some epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide.  fingers crossed. 


happy running and racing and spectating and anything else that goes with running this weekend!!!


I’m not sure about you, Mr. McMillan


Workout(s) – yesterday – the replacement long run/2 hour and 15 minute cardio hop at the gym.  in hindsight, this was probably completely ridiculous, crazy and unnecessary in the actual useful training aspect of a marathon- but mentally, it had to be done.  I chose not to do the long run because of some sassy shin stuff going on.  genius Katie decided that my “long run” was going to be the cross-training equivalent.  I say it had to be done for mental reasons, because it was supposed to be one of my last long runs and I need to go into the marathon knowing that I at least put my best effort forward.  The craziness that was yesterday’s workout was : 30 min elliptical(3.75 miles), 50 min stepmill, moving stairs, hell on a revolving staircase…(6miles), 30 min elliptical(3.75 miles, shoot me now), 25 min stepmill(3 miles, if I didn’t get off then, I was going to throw myself off the second level stepmill onto the moving treadmills below) 17 miles equivalent but nothing like running, so it doesn’t really matter anyway and it’s not even close to the 22 I was supposed to do, but let me be happy about it because I did the right thing by not running and protecting my shins from further destruction.  done.

Today – don’t get mad at me.  I ran.  I hadn’t run since Thursday and my legs felt 100%.  but that’s not why I decided to run.  I’m trying not to be the idiot that’s all oh, I didn’t run for like a day and now I feel fabulous and all healed and I’ll go run 18 miles in my old shoes again.  no.  I’m trying to be realistic and smart and I don’t think today’s run was 100% stupid.  I have read and consulted very wise resources (google and webmd do count) that said easy running on softer surfaces with minor shin splints can be helpful.  I’m not going to go into anymore detail, nor am I giving you my sources.  I gave myself a limit of 5 miles total, with 1/2 mile each of warmup and cooldown.  I may have started to get anxious that I have not gotten in enough tempo runs, and I think I have ZERO runs at my marathon goal pace, or MGP for you fancy schmancy acronym people. I was also itching to try out the other pair of racing flats I ordered…

iphone pics 485

those pretty saucony’s type A5. front and center. they have been calling my name for days.  heaven on my feet, they fit like a glove.  in love.  I thoroughly enjoyed the musha experience, but this is going to be a tough one.  they are very different shoes, very different fit.  I might still be a saucony girl at heart.  I think they might trump the kinvara for 5k’s, half marathons.  because I only did 5 miles in them today, I’m not positive on marathon distance, for me.  I am considering it….I haven’t made a final decision yet, but heavily leaning toward the saucony type A5 for the racing flat over the other two there…stay tuned….I did keep the mizuno waverider 15’s for my daily trainer, long run shoe. 

So I may have done those 4 miles at 6:48 pace, few seconds faster than MGP.  and I might have felt wonderful, and giddy and like a little child let loose in a field of daisies – if little children in a field of daisies experience pure bliss and enjoyment.  but I stopped myself in the middle of my sun shiny fantastic run, at my pre-prescribed time of 4 miles.  I might have been hurting a little bit.  and now I will take another couple days off.  I promptly slapped some ice on those poor overworked, under cared for shins. 

iphone pics 513

I might have some skin falling off due to frostbite, but my shins will be feeling great .  blurry children are a common occurrence in our household.

then I wrapped them with some love and they are feeling mighty fine.

iphone pics 514  

compression calf sleeves.  don’t leave home without them.  they are my new bff’s.  they don’t leave my sight.  or my legs.  these are cep brand.  love them.  

Rolling and more icing on the agenda for tonight.  I’m going to keep pumping them full of TLC and take a couple more days off from running.  I finally have a speedwork partner to do track work with, starting this Wednesday, that I am SUPER excited about.  So I want to make sure my legs are ready to go by then.

and there goes the weekend….it’s 8pm and I do believe this might be one of the first moments I have had to stop moving.  in my home.  this is why blog posts generally do not happen on the weekends.  I also do believe I have some new readers taking a gander at my little blogger over here, so hello to you lovely people and thank you for stopping by.  where you will find all sorts of nonsense about the craziness that is being a stay at home mom to three children ages 2-5, running like a madwoman to keep my sanity and so that everyone in this house survives, and trying my hardest the keep the kidlings and the hubs living a healthy, happy, fun-filled life along the way.  don’t be alarmed when you see things like this…

iphone pics 509

when timeouts stopped working, we discovered hanging them from the gutter was a far more effective form of punishment.  I’m kidding.  believe it or not, they love this.  they ask, “will you puhleeeeeeeeeeese let us hang from the gutter!?!?!”  ok.  fine.  one more time.  I’m telling you, they are not human, these children that I gave birth to.  they have no fear.  and they are very strong.  don’t mess.  especially with that little one on the end.

that’s just some of the fun and crazy times that go down in the edwards’ household.  all in a weekend.  let’s list out the rest of the weekend and the thoughts for the upcoming week…

  1. I totally forgot I ordered these little treats, and when they came I was so pleasantly surprised…I’ve been wanting to try them for months, and finally bit the bullet…

iphone pics 511

and then was a tad disappointed when I realized how small they were….

iphone pics 512

fits right in the palm of my hand.  what? they don’t come supersized like everything else in this country??  oh, you don’t need a MASSIVE amount of food to supply the nutrition that you actually need??  got it.  good stuff.  I like the cute little packaging.  these will be stored away for a rainy day/special treat snack.

2.  I got to go out to dinner last night with the hubs and some good neighbor/friends.  this is exciting on so many levels – it gives me an excuse to finally get out of my sweaty gym clothes and shower, and put on REAL clothes…

iphone pics 510

I don’t have to cook, think about cooking, decide what to cook, clean up a big mess from cooking.  wonderful. 

and I get to enjoy a cocktail.  or two.  not three.  that would be ridiculous.  for me.  two is pushing it.  for one short evening out.

3.  I consulted with Mr. McMillan.  I’m not so sure about this dude.  this activity would fall under pre-race anxiety/dealing with a minor “injury” and doubting my training activities.  I punched in my recent numbers, which would be my last 5K and then my last half marathon.  according to him, I’m at least 3 minutes off from reaching my eager beaver super ambitious 2:59:59 marathon time.  I am sure he is a wonderful gentleman, and I’m sure he is very knowledgeable in all things running, and with all due respect, I hope he is wrong about my projection.  I’ve been visioning myself running through the finish with seconds to spare just under 3 hours.  then I start crying because I got my sub 3 hour marathon.  so I guess if I don’t actually get it with this next race, I’ve at least done it in my head during my training runs and speedwork.  no I’m not crazy.  I think visioning yourself achieving your goals is a really important part of making them happen.  it solidifies something in your mind that makes you believe you CAN do it.  whether or not it happens, is another story.  but it gives you the extra push that you need when you need it.  it takes practice, just like the physical training and running.  but I don’t think the vision of me achieving my goal is going to cut it.  I will keep going until I get it.  so bring it on McMillan.  You say I’m off by 3 minutes.  I say you may be right, but you may be wrong.  I’m going to work hard to get rid of those 3 minutes.

4.  I have completely fallen off of my training plan – and decided to take a look at what the next 3 weeks actually look like…

iphone pics 515

I would love to get that 20 miles in on Saturday.  fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed that I am feeling fine to run it.  not so sure about all of the other runs this week.  I see a lot of cross training/strength training in my future.  my basic running goals from here on out are just to get in 2-3 more speed/tempo runs and at least one decent long-ish run.  that is all.  anything above that is icing on the cake.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.  

5.  Every Sunday, I have high hopes of planning out the meals for the week, organizing my life and getting my act together.  none of that happened today.   tomorrow. maybe.  I would love to only go to the grocery store once.  I would even be ok with twice.  but this 5 times a week nonsense has got to stop.  going to the store at 4pm with all three kids, getting stuff for dinner that night is really just poor planning.  I’m going to get back in the groove of planning.  everything.  Maybe I should start by visioning myself going to the store once a week and successfully planning out the weekly meals and daily schedules.  then I will cry when that actually happens. 

6.  In my defense of poor planning, I feel like I have entered a new and changing stage with my kids.  one that has left me in between the old and the what is to come, trying to figure out how to make things work now, because kids and their needs are always changing.  as a stay at home mom, to 3 children, that are very close in age, very different in personality, and always growing and changing behaviors and developmental stages, I find that the way our day goes and the schedules we keep and the flow of daily life changes a lot.  The toddler years are tough, and they require a lot of flexibility because toddlers (especially little boy ones name Luke) require a lot of attention.  that means a lot of best laid plans just don’t happen – like making plans in the first place.  and a lot of energy is willingly and lovingly spent on these delightful little beings.  which means sometimes at the end of the day when a lot of stuff still has to get done – it just can’t get done.  the energy is not there to do it.  or to even think about it.  and that’s ok.  so we go through these different stages all the time and keep adjusting.  and keep figuring it out.  all the while remembering that if it takes me 5 trips to the grocery store a week to get done what could take 1 trip, but I have given my little loves my time and energy in between – it’s all good.  and where someone else may have it all together at one given moment, it doesn’t mean that I have to.  eventually, I’ll have a moment in time when my life is organized.  a work in progress.  and I will practice visualizing it until it gets there 🙂


Now, I know a lot of you out there had races this weekend, and I’m dying to know how they went!!!! 

Leave a comment and brag about your race day!  good or bad:-)

Who has tried Picky Bars?

For those marathoners out there, what is your marathon shoe of choice?



Colchester 1/2 Race Day Recap


Official stats –

30th overall out of 625

3rd female out of 221


6:46 pace


My stellar husband got up with tweedle dee at 5am, so I could sleep. 

iphone pics 338

I slept until 6:30 when little cherub #3 came looking for me, and got to it.  Of course I was not prepared and did not have coffee.  Once again, aforementioned husband comes to the rescue with an iced coffee from the best little coffee shop this side of the Mississippi.  or the Connecticut River.  either one.  This ensures things move on out smoothly before the race.  That, combined with my staple pre-race breakfast. 

iphone pics 327

quaker instant, flax, peanut butter.  stick to your ribs breakfast

I usually add a little protein powder to the mix as well.  I’ve been trying to get away from the pre-packaged oatmeal, and have been doing well with eating the real oats.  but this was a special occasion.  This is what I eat before any race.  I was not going to mix it up today in the name of clean-er eating. 

Typical morning followed – made breakfast for the crew – scrambled eggs, cereal, whatever else they demanded ordered asked for.  I got myself ready.  showered, makeup’d – I absolutely put on complete makeup before a race.  it just so happens that I ran out of just about all of my makeup, and I have yet to replace most of it.  the makeup today wasn’t super nice.  but then again, I wasn’t going to walk the red carpet, so it wasn’t the end of the world. 

This was the original wardrobe plan for the race:

iphone pics 328

decked out in lulu.  those are the wunder under legging pants.  not made for running specifically, but phenomenal.  did not budge.  and the only pants that go to my ankles.  in love.  will talk more about them in a lulu post.  I may have bought some other things.  that I could not live without. 

I really liked the 10am start time.  We didn’t leave the house until about 8:45, and we were still there pretty early.  another thing I get crazy about – getting to the race with PLENTY of time.  We were parked and unloaded by 9:15.  I like to be on the early side.  This gave me plenty of time to get myself to the little ladies room, and make sure my laces were tied and my pants were on.  Last minute, I grabbed a long sleeve shirt and decided to change into it.  It was REALLY windy out.  the weatherman did not lie.  the wind definitely came out to play today.  I think it was about 40 degrees, but felt a lot colder because of the wind.  I was happy I grabbed the shirt, but I would have been ok if I stuck with the short sleeve.  I actually wished I had kept the short sleeve on about half way through, and then when the wind almost blew me sideways off the road, I was glad I had longsleeve. 

iphone pics 333

don’t mind me.  just digging in my goodie bag for my sport beans and my gu. 

The night before the race, my husbands cousin decided he would run with me.  This made me really happy.  FYI- he runs a 2:50’s marathon and a sub 7hour, 50 mile ultramarathon.  He has put in 90 miles this week, before the race.  no big deal.  and I also met up with another friend of mine that I didn’t know was running.  happy day. 

iphone pics 331

The race started right on time.  10am sharp.  straight into the wind.  I think it was about 25mph.  no exaggeration.  and the wind continued head on for probably about 75% of the race.  The course was a big loop.  Let me refresh you one more time on the elevation map of this course.  because you have only seen it twice this week. 


The hills definitely joined the half marathon party today.  I could not imagine them away.  I wasn’t even able to downplay them into smaller hills.  They were every bit as horrible as they look in that map.  I really try not to exaggerate, but I would dare say they were worse than they look.  They were steep and there were a lot of them.  Hills within hills.  The race ended on a 2 mile climb with a significantly strong headwind.  That many hills should not be allowed in one race.

I took my first powerade gel, I think it was tangerine, at mile 5.  I’m surprised I didn’t gag it back up.  I usually can’t do gu.  This wasn’t horrible, but I try not to let it touch my tongue so that I don’t really have to taste it.  I took sport beans around mile 11 – this was hard because they are just hard to chew and swallow without aspirating them into a lung.  especially while I was chugging up a hill. 

I was definitely the idiot who stopped running before I actually crossed the finish line.  everybody was yelling at me to keep running the 15 feet to cross.  I could have sworn that the mat I ran over 10 feet back was the finish line.  apparently not. 

The race was very well run, but very boring.  and I don’t need to tell you again it was hilly.  to put it mildly.  there were no spectators and it was basically running on roads through the woods.  there was a bit of it on dirt/rock roads.  back country. 

We bolted right after the race.  There were no medals, no t-shirts, no rewards.  Nothing.  This was great.  I really don’t need another race tshirt that I wont wear, or a medal that my kids will fight over.  Unless I’m going to get 3 medals to pass out to the littles, I don’t really need it.  It only cost $12 to run it, and it’s a not-for-profit race.  I think there was a lot of food for those who stuck around, but after running and my husband trucking the kids around, we were ready to go -after a nice little shot with my cheering crew.  It took a few to get a half decent one.  no one wants to look at the camera at the same time.

iphone pics 330 

this is just a hot mess. and get a load of that forehead vein.  in full force today. 


iphone pics 332       

missing Alex.  hello again vein. 



iphone pics 334   iphone pics 335


as good as it gets 


The nice thing about a half, is that you still have the rest of the day.  to not relax, go to birthday parties, play with children and go to the 99 for dinner.  My first choice was Red Robin, but the 99 was closer.  99 won. 

iphone pics 336

I got a nice cobb salad, hold the bacon dressing on the side.  good stuff.  I really don’t have too much of an appetite after a long run. 

and now I am replenishing the muscles with a nice big bag of these.  and some dark chocolate. 

iphone pics 337



Race Reflections

After the race, my husband asked me, “So, what did you learn???”  I like this question.  As with anything we do in life, there are things to be learned.  About life, about the particular thing we are doing at the time.  About ourselves.  Growth can happen.  growing is good.  I love to run.  I love the introspection and life reflection that comes with it.  I love how it allows me to dig in and figure out what drives me or what doesn’t drive me.  I love the physical challenge of it.  I love the results, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.  This run kind of kicked off my racing for the year.  I was excited about this.  I have 49 days until my first marathon.  I have A LOT of work to do to get sub 3.  This is good to delve into my thoughts and figure out what’s going on with me.  Here is what I have come up with so far, to answer my husbands question. 

Physical – hills are hard.  I respect the hill.  I am going to run a lot more hills.  Physically, I conquered the hills today.  I took the challenge of this hilly race, and finished it.  Physically, I am capable of a lot more than my mind lets me believe.  I felt great at the end of the run.  My legs felt good, my breathing was good.  I had no knee pain, or pain anywhere.  This made me very happy.  I think one of my underlying concerns is always injury.  I’m always afraid that the next run or the next race will end in injury.  Physically, I am strong.  I want to get stronger to help prevent injury, and I can put that fear to rest.  I have also put on about 10 lbs since my last race in the fall.  10lbs fell from the sky and landed on my hips.  I am a female and my body kind of does what it wants.  I call it my winter weight and my I’m almost 30, I have little control over my weight, weight.  I was probably about 3-5 lbs under an ideal racing weight this past fall, but I felt good.  Now, I feel I am about 5 lbs above an ideal racing weight, for me, and was having anxiety leading up to this run about how it would effect my running.  I got rid of the scale.  Out of the house.  I have plans to do a post on this topic on it’s own, but this was something I was holding onto leading up to this run.  Regardless of the 5 or 10 extra lbs, physically, I felt great today. 

Mental – I have a great respect for the power of the mind over the body.  My husband said that my biggest challenge is not running a certain time, but overcoming the mental boundaries that I let determine my physical capabilities.  I wanted to win today.  I also wanted to PR.  My last marathon PR was a totally flat, fast, ideal weather race.  I thought it would have been a challenge to PR today.  It also would have been a challenge to win.  I wanted to win more.  Today, at mile 5, a woman passed me.  She was no more than 10 seconds ahead of me at any given time.  She won.  In the last half mile, another girl passed me up the last hill.  She got 2nd place.  I got 3rd.  14 seconds behind her.  At some point between starting the race and mile 11, I let my desire to win go.  Getting a PR was enough.  And I am beyond happy that I took over 1 minute off my previous flat half, on an unbelievable hilly, cold, windy race course.  That is a success.  But I still let something else go that was within reach because my mind was stronger than what I knew I could physically accomplish.  I do this over and over – I am ok with 2nd, or 3rd.  I don’t want to be.  I look at the results and grow increasingly aggravated that I didn’t push it harder at the end.  26 seconds between me and first place.  That’s less than 1/10 of a mile.  I let my mind settle for something less than I am capable of doing.  Last year, I wanted to run a sub 1:30 half.  So I ran a 1:29:36.  For the race today, I wanted to PR, by running less than a 1:29.  I ran a 1:28:26.  I let my mind limit my body.  Those are the results below for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place women.  I’m on the bottom.  I don’t want to be that close and be at the bottom.  I want to be on the top.  I can do it.  I need to stop letting my mind get in the way.     

27 1007 Katie Libby F 1/35    F3034   1/221  33       1:28:00.19   6:44

29 378 Molly Evak F 1/30    F2529   2/221  29          1:28:12.12   6:44

30 187 Katie Edwards F 2/30    F2529   3/221  29   1:28:26.59   6:46


Emotional – there is a process to everything.  I guess I still kind of consider myself a ‘new’ runner, just starting to move out of the ‘new’ stage.  I didn’t seriously start running until after I had Luke.  I ran before, but I didn’t put the time into it like I have in the past 2 years.  I have run more races in the past 6 or 7 months than I think I have run in the previous 3 years total.  I am still figuring out how to run and what works for me.  I definitely go into races, especially these smaller ones, wanting to win, or at least win age group.  I think it is going to take a certain amount of time and some races under my belt until I figure out how to really want it.  Like I said above, I tend to settle into certain goals, play it safe and let certain goals go when someone passes me on a race, and default to the next best while the first one is right within reach.  It’s going to take a certain number of 2nd, 3rd and 4th places until I’ve had enough of that and find the push to take more.  I’m in the process.  I think we are all in the process of something.  whether it’s actually the running, or the working out, or the job, or the family – whatever it is.  We are always figuring it out and getting ready to take it to the next step.  I have 49 days to keep training for the next race, physically and mentally.  running is not my life, but it makes up part of my life, and it is important to me.  Running certainly helps balance the other parts of what makes me move and groove.   

I’m always happy with the race.  satisfied.  on a runner’s high all day from running well.  As the day goes on after a race, and I reflect on how it went, I quickly realize there was more to give.  satisfied is not enough for me.  This is why I run.  It’s always a challenge – in many ways.  After I finished today, my daughter runs up to me and says, ‘Mom, you won!’  I said well, I got 3rd place for the women, and that’s great.  She said, ‘yeah, you won, you got 3rd place!’  and she’s right.  I ran.  I finished.  I won.  It’s always a win when you run, and you finish.  no matter what the place.  It’s always a win when you get out there and do something.  find in yourself what your winning something is and make it happen. 


I would love to hear about your race stories and personal wins!  Race season is coming up and I’m sure a lot of you have races coming.  Feel free to share, and I would love to mention you on the blog!  Also, feel free to email if you would like to read about a certain topic or have questions you want answered. 


What is your biggest challenge in running?