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Getting Ready to Go…


Wardrobe Ready

iphone pics 641

Fueling Up

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looks so yummy…

bagels, bagels and more bagels

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Snacks for Kids…makes for a happy race day

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Snacks for Mama

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magic powders and pills.  they give me super powers.  lets not talk about the amount of horse pills and supplements in that bag….except to say that it’s not for a single serving…and it’s naturopath approved  😉  the little baggy to the left is my breakfast, if I can hunt down some hot water in the morning – oatmeal/chia seeds/protein powder – and Go Lean bar as back up.  I also need to hunt down some iced coffee for the am…I don’t like it hot


iphone pics 642

while trying to look normal.  tough for me.  all hidden under real clothes.  makes for an interesting and long bathroom trip.


I’m going to hunt down the ice machine at the hotel and chill my shins and knees tonight.  and get reacquainted with the massage stick.  and relax.

It’s a run.  It’s a race.  I love to do both.  I’m going to give it all I’ve got, but I’m going to have fun.  I’m going to REALLY love getting out there and running.

Gansett Marathon is a qualifying only race, harder than Boston’s qualifying times.  Running a qualifying time is the only way to get into this race.  It’s small.  It’s fast.  I like small.  I like fast.  as long as I’m fast.


Do you have a particular pre-race meal?

Iced coffee, hot coffee, tea?

I hope everyone has a great running and racing weekend!!! 

Chat with you cool kids on Sunday!