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I’m Compressed and the Weather


Workout – so far, it’s a repeat of yesterday.  tough one.  I have a track date planned for tonight.  glory.  My track and I have some catching up to do.  But I’m pretty sure we won’t be alone.  I’m thinking it’s going to be a short and sweet little tempo run.  5 miles total.  including 1 mile warmup and cooldown.  I’ll keep you posted on the actuality of what happens at the sweet little track.  I want to wear the Brooks that I am planning on running the race in, but to be nice to my shins, I feel like I should sport the Mizuno Waverider 15’s for some extra support.  Then I feel like the track is pretty supportive and cushiony and like running on a cloud (because I have indeed done that before and I know what it’s like) and don’t need a ton of extra support from the sneaks.  I’m telling you – big decisions are happening this week, high stress.  much is at stake here.  what IS a girl to do???

Let’s talk about other important pre-race ‘things’ – like the weather. has obviously been on the top of my list of websites visited this week.  You better believe I have been stalking it since April 5th when I could view the 10 day forecast, and praying that rain stays far away.  as well as snow, sleet, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami’s and anything of the like.  weather is unpredictable.  I don’t want any of it in Narragansett this weekend.  except for mild 60’s and partly cloudy.  looks like I get what I want.  Looking mighty fine in the weather department. 

iphone pics 629

Saturday the 14th.  mostly cloudy and 63.  beautiful.


Another pre-race week activity is thinking about all the things I need but don’t have that might be superbeneficial during and after the marathon.

#1 Item – Compression shorts.  I love my compression calf sleeves.  I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of compression shorts for recovery.  I have never worn them.  this is the race to try them out.  I grabbed a pair at the running store – to my surprise they were much cheaper there than at my favorite online running apparel store,  I got home and put them on.

iphone pics 625

CW-X Womens Pro Short.  I’m a pro.

And I will be sporting this sexiness for the next 3 days.   I think I might even sleep in them.  I LOVE them.  If you’ve been reading my blog for more than 5 minutes, you know that I LOVE a lot of things running and non running related.  and I do.  This is the great thing about running – all of the great running ‘support’ items there are, like compression apparel.  and cute skirts.  and great sneakers.  these are shorts are phenomenal.  so comfortable.  so compressed.  However, I was not happy when the sales dude said, sorry miss, we don’t have a medium, which is what you need, why don’t you just try a large because the small definitely won’t fit.  ok sales dude.  I’ll take the small then, and show you that they fit.  they fit.  perfectly.  thank you.  I’ll take the small and you can keep your mouth shut mr. ‘large and in charge’ sales dude.

#2 Item – Socks.  A good pair of socks are pretty key to having a comfortable and successful running experience.  I love the Experia socks.  there goes the ‘L’ word again.  so much love around here.  But, they are pretty thick socks.  and I had mentioned that I think the seam was bothering my little pinky toe when I ran in my new sneaks.  The other running socks I have are too thin.  So I picked up these little babies.


iphone pics 627

Balega Womens Enduro 4

They feel like the perfect in between thickness – not too thick, not too thin – for this little goldilocks runner.  must be perfect.

#3 Item – Fuel.  I talked about fueling a little bit yesterday.  I can tolerate the sport beans, but can only do one per race because they are such a pain in the butt to chew and run and store in a pocket.  not to mention they get sticky and gross by the end of the race.  a mess.  I saw the watermelon flavor and had to have them.  I love anything watermelon flavor.  I still plan on mainly relying on the Gatorade and water on the course, but like to have my ‘back up’ fuel in the pockets 

iphone pics 628

I also saw those honey stinger chews.  I wanted to try them out.  I usually take some sort of gu or energy something or other about 30 minutes before the start.  I am planning on taking these.  unless they taste like crap, then I will throw down some of the sport beans.

#4 Item – Headband.  I always wear a headband and generally wear a braid for the longer runs/races.  I have a couple of bic bands, but I don’t want to wear either of them for this run.  I saw this pretty little one when I was getting my shorts and I liked it.  it has joined the plethora of running apparel in my closet and I think it will be very happy there. 

iphone pics 626

Sweaty Bands  (the big nose shot is complementary)

It is just like the bic bands that I have.  It’s sort of felty on the other side and does not budge.  wonderful.  and the colors are bright and fun.


Weather forecast is good.  Compressing is underway.  I’ve been slacking in doing the stretching, icing, rolling exercises, but will be spending some quality time with the massage stick and ice bag tonight after my run.

Less than 3 Days.

And WHO IS RUNNING BOSTON ON MONDAY?!?!  How is your tapering going?  How are the nerves doing??

Very exciting.  That race is not really on my radar yet.  I’m excited to do NYCM in the fall.  That will be my big city race.  Maybe one day I will do Boston.  maybe.

Do you like to wear your hair a particular way for a race?  I like the braid because it keeps everything pulled back and not flopping around.  I don’t need flopping while I’m running.

Mr. Resourceful and look what came in the mail!!


It is a GOOD thing I did make it to the gym this morning.  It was a LOOOONGGG Wednesday home with the little kidlings.  I even contemplated locking myself in the basement and doing another round on the treadmill.  unfortunately, the staircase is open to the basement, so the whole “locking” myself down there part wouldn’t really pan out.  and I should probably pay attention to my children that are all age 5 and under.  call it instinct. 

The afternoon went on as it usually does.  I prepared a delicious meal for dinner, after I made the kids their a la carte lunches.  I am a short order cook.  breakfast, lunch and dinner these days.  the girls cut up all sorts of paper and taped it all over my house.  that’s what they are into lately.  “kid” scissors and tape.  what about the barbies all over the house and baby dolls?  no no no.  tape and scissors are soooo much more fun.  While the girls were wrapping the inside of my house in paper, Luke decided he was hungry for some mandarin oranges and couldn’t wait for me to open the can for him.  being all of 22 months, surely he can figure out how to do this by himself.  just hop up on the counter, grab the kitchen scissors and have at it!  good luck little guy.  didn’t get too far, but I let him try.  like I said, mr. resourceful.  stimulates the creativity.  no worries – I distracted him with matches to get the scissors away.  toddlers really shouldn’t shouldn’t play with scissors.  I think I learned that in motherhood 101. 

We had mussels ( the little bam, as we affectionately call Anna, begged me to get at the store and was totally grossed out by when they were ready to eat) and these AWESOME salmon burgers.  I want to eat these everyday.  for life.  so so good.  I will post the recipe.  de-lish!!!

steamed mussels!!!


kidlings lovin' (or hating) their mussels


best salmon burgers. ever. no argument. hands down.

And look what I found in the mailbox!  Both on the same day.  time stops when I get these magazines.  the only two I subscribe to.  move over dirty bathrooms and piled up laundry.  I must read about the top 10 marathon contenders for the olympics and find out how and why Molly Sims has such a smokin’ hot body. this instant. everything else must wait. 
Truth be told, and I like to keep it on the honest up and up – I just peruse the issues when I get them.  Try my best to contain my excitement for the fun reads inside and save it for a killer stepmill workout at the gym.  so there they sit on my counter until I get to the gym.  I will savor every minute I am reading them as I step my little legs away.  I am such a loser – I really do get very excited when I get a new issue.  It’s no lie.  
Tell me,
What’s your fave magazine subscription? or do you just go to Barnes and Noble and read them all there?  c’mon, let’s all be honest here???:) 
What’s your fave dinner recipe that you could eat every night for the rest of your life?  Seriously.
We may have finished off the night with some ben and jerry’s chubby hubby…and hangover 2…maybe

The Lineup


I have a slight obsession with running sneaks…and designer jeans…and cute heals…and nice bags…but lets talk about running sneakers now.

Here’s what I’m running in, in order from most LOVED:

Left to right - Saucony Kinvara2, Asics Speedstar, Saucony Mirage


Same deal - with my little creeper Anna at the end

The Saucony Kinvara and I have had a special relationship from the beginning – it was love at first run.  So when I wear the other sneaks, kinda feel like I’m cheating on my Kinvara’s

I ran my first marathon in Mizuno’s.  Not bad shoes.  Not fantastic for what I paid.  When I started running again after my third bundle came, I stumbled upon the Kinvara’s.  For some reason I wanted something superlight.  More of a mental thing – but I like to “feel” light on my feet, while still feeling the cushion.  Perfection.    

Than, I wanted to try a more substantial running shoe just for training.  I got the Mirage – very different from the Kinvara and they run a tad smaller.  I had to buy these in a 10.5.  mammoth feet.   The first 5 mile run in these bad boys left me with two blisters.  I’ve worked out the kinks, but these are the last shoes I reach for. 

The newest addition are the Asics.  Found these on superclearance on (where I buy ALL of my sneakers)  I will NEVER buy a pair of sneakers just because they are cheap.  I spent time reading reviews and found nothing bad.  I like:)  In addition to the already great price, I got a sweet 10% discount from this awesome blog that I stalk follow –  Check it all out people.   

I’ll write more later about my running plans for the day.  right now I have to get my kid away from the outlets.