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Friday Family Fun and Body Types

I did it. I got in my extra little run last night for a total of 12.2 yesterday. 40 + a tad, miles for the week.  one day to go.
Today – scheduled rest day. while I FULLY respect and understand the importance of rest days, I knew today was not a good day to take a complete rest day. I just knew I needed a little sweat. a little hard work. a little heart rate soaring action. I would consider it more of an active rest/strength training/keep the peace kind of workout
25 min strength circuit/15 minute stair master.  during nap and girls at gymnastics camp for 3 hours time. wonderful time of day. 

I usually have to make my strength workout interesting to make it effective, to make it last more than 5 minutes and to keep it exciting. I did one circuit, then hopped on the stairmaster for a high intensity cardio blast. I did it three times and ended with strength. short and sweet and not running. I do consider cross training an appropriate rest day activity. My rest days are to give my running legs a break. and if I am motivated to do more than complete rest, than I take advantage of that. I had to make a deal with myself today. I desperately needed to get some cleaning done, but I also desperately wanted to hit the weights. This leaves me slightly incapable of concentrating on doing anything. I said Katie, clean for one hour solid and then you may work your little booty after. self, it’s a deal.  and everything got done. 
One thing that had to get done was this pile of laundry. 
frightening amount of laundry

Turns out if you leave it there long enough…it won’t go anywhere.  it will still be there. no one will take care of it. but me. some people say I workout too much. I say I fold too much. it’s excessive. and I think it’s unhealthy. I’m going to try to get the doc to right me a prescription for a housekeeper.  or just a laundry do-er.  I’m sure there are people out there who enjoy it. 
We also had to venture to target. oh lovely target. this is why I need my active rest day.  because of target trips.  with three monkeys in tow.  I had a long list of not exciting things to get. and we had to abandon ship shortly after we arrived. because some one was having a rough morning. no, not the two year old cranker, not even the four year old know it all. why yes, it was my passionately emotional 5 year old that couldn’t get her act together. we had to exit before started throwing a tantrum at her. somehow I managed to get a couple things for myself before the meltdown happened. here’s one I wore for the workout. 
Camouflage sports bra. it’s amazing. It totally hides my voluptuous chesticles. you can barely see them overflowing. they almost look non existent.  wow. 
score for mommy. not so much for the kidlings. or the list of things I needed. I tired to salvage the lovely summer Friday morning and suggested we harrass the library. because its a very smart thing to take three cranky kids into a very quiet establishment. taking chances everyday.  we survived and got a huge stack of books. I even let them get a couple movies. they’ve never seen lady and the tramp or lion king. I put one on in the car for them on the way home. they liked. 
Luke is about to jailbreak and Anna got hungry for some paper. all in all, a successful trip. aside from the target tantrum.
We took a family trip back to target this evening and made a night out if it. we hit up Red Robin for dinner.  Endless baskets of steak fries, does it get better?  love that place. great to bring kids to for a family fun night. I think Luke was an infant the last time we came here. that also may have been the last time we went out to dinner as a family. Luke doesn’t like to sit still. and I dont think tranquilizers are an appropriate remedy for that. 
I got this Avo-Cobb-O salad. so so clever. 
 avocados and olives, can’t get enough of these healthy fats. except that Luke devoured my olives and the girls polished off the avocados. I took off most of the bacon and cheese. boring. good in theory.  thank God for the steak fries. This is how often we go out to eat: we got up to leave and Alexandra looks at me panicked and said don’t we have to take care of this mess?!? Who is going to pick up??? Oh my child. we need to get you out more. 
I’m a big Jackie Warner fan. I read her book, This is why you’re fat…, and loved it and even did a little giveaway with it. I just got her new book, 10 pounds in 10 days, and I’m learning some interesting things. I get her books, not for the weight loss, but for her knowledge of the human body and nutrition and how simply she puts it. very basic, easy to understand.  I also love her workouts. I have one of her DVDs, and while it’s not the speed of Jillian, I want to make you gurgle your heart in your throat kind of talk, her workouts are very effective.  I found this one particular page interesting and wanted to share it with you. 
There are essentially three different body types:

Ectomorphs tend to be scrawny and have a harder time putting on muscle. a slight build, smaller bone structure. 
Endomorphs gain fat easily, have a hard time losing fat and are a little softer
Mesomorphs are athletic build, large bone structure.  They have an easier time gaining and losing weight. 
She is saying we are all born with a genetic makeup that puts us in one of these categories, more or less. and that instead of trying to be one of these things that we may not be, it’s better to put the effort into being the best body type that you are. you can’t change bone structure but you can change muscle and you can help do that by what you eat. To further that, be the best you that you can be. in everything. I try to be the best mom that I can be. but I can easily look at other moms and think I should be like that or I should do that kind of activity with my kids or I should be more organized. absolutley. be inspired by other people. be better. but be better at being you and what you are good at, not what someone else is good at. know your strengths. know your weaknesses. work on your weaknesses and embrace your strengths and be you.

Have you heard about these body types before?

What body type do you think you are?  


I’m pretty sure I’m officially starting my marathon training this coming week. oh boy. Entering a new phase. I’m very excited to be training for something. we’ll talk more about this next week. I haven’t a clue as to what my plan is. yet. NYC Marathon, here I come. let’s get speedy. and strong. and relaxed as a runner. stress free training will commence this weekend.


Let’s go on some tangents….


It will be fun.  Mondays are kind of scatterbrained all over the place wacky for me.  I don’t know why.  It takes me a whole day to get my act together.  I embrace it.  So lets have a post that’s kind of all over the place, tangential (is that a word?  I like it) with no rhyme or reason to it.  sound good?  good. 

Workout – based on having to do 8 “easy” miles.  I rebelled.  I didn’t want to run 8 miles at home.  I didn’t want to run 8 miles at the gym either.  I did 3 miles at about 8.1ish mph on the treadmill. I can’t be certain about anything on my basement dwelling mill, especially the pace.  hoping it really was 3 miles.  then I hopped on the stairmaster for 10 minutes of level 20 speed interval, back to tread for the same 3 again and back to stairmaster for same speed interval. did you follow?  all over the place.  just like my Monday.   I tell myself the stairmaster speed interval at that level will be good hill training.  really.  I make that kind of logical jump all the time.  I also tell myself that I would be a superstar model if I wanted to be. I just make a daily choice to be a stay at home mom.  for real.  who wouldn’t want this sweaty mess. 

the beauty of working out at home = no top. and I had to break out the shorts today. I was dripping sweat from my eyeballs after this run. that's how crazy this monday is.

I’m sure crazy day Monday has something to do with the fact that Mondays are not nearly as fun as Sundays.  What is fun about starting your day with a huge load of this

hmmm. where are my little folding leprechauns when I need them?

I chose to let it sit there over night.  If I had folded it Sunday night – it would have ruined the perfection of the lazy day that Sunday is.  I let Monday take that one.  But, Monday also has lots of time with this little cutie

She obviously didn’t read my “how to do eye makeup post“.  but she looks darn cute.  I might start doing my eyes like that.  the shadow on the brow.  special. 

and then this little banana.  we can’t seem to stop dressing Luke up and making him wear funny things.  too much fun to torment a 2 year old.  You should try it.  but get your own 2 year old.  this ones taken. 

of course it's organic. nothing less.

Monday also has mail.  sunday does not.  In the mail today came some fun things for this mama.  I ordered some running books last week.  I thought I should maybe start educating myself a little bit on a “sport” that I seem to enjoy.  enjoy seems like a funny way to put it.  “sport” also seems like a funny way to refer to running.  either way.  I guess I enjoy the sport. 

I don’t know which one to read first.  life is full of tough decisions.  I’ve been wanting to get “the Runner’s Body” for awhile.  I’ll be happy to have that as a reference, I think.  “Mile Markers” and “The Mind Body Method of Running by Feel” were recommended by a couple of other blogs I had read.  There are so many running books out there.  It’s hard to know where to start and what to read.  I think this should get me going.  I have no idea when I am going to read them.  I think I might just sleep on them for now and see what I can absord. 

More tomorrow on a detox/cleanse/get rid of all the toxins in the bod, that the hubs and I are doing and an out of this world dessert. you must make.  and I will leave you hanging so that you can’t make it until I tell you about it.  hehehe.  not nice.  but that’s what’s gonna happen.  my apologies. 

And what do we think about this….I took a picture of the picture in my mag.  fancy shmancy. 

I saw this in the back of MY Runner’s World mag.  I actually had to look to see who it was.  Took me a minute to realize it was Kate Gosselin.  I don’t get it.  I don’t get her.  NOT her biggest fan – couldn’t really stand watching her on TV, but she doesn’t even look the same now…I guess she looks kind of fantastic.  good for her.  and she runs a lot.  very good for her.  and I kind of like her sneaks.  a lot.  guess I was just surprised to see her in the running mag?!  more power to her.

Are Mondays a little whacky for you?  Or do you get right into your weekly routine?

Do you like to eat bananas?   

Did/do you like Kate plus 8? 

How was everyones weekend?!?!

The PLAN – take two


Workout – in the lineup is 8 easy miles.  I’m going to botch that.  I’m only going to do 3, maybe 5 miles if I’m feeling sassy, and my Jillian dvd.  that’s it.  My mom, aka Gammy if you ask the girls, or mimi if you ask the boy, is taking thing 2 and thing 3 so that I can go to the gym.  I will report back later on the workout and if I stick to my botched up plan.   

The snow we got on Saturday turned out to be great play snow.  Yesterday the hubs gave me an hour and took the kids outside for fun and adventures only they will know.  

davey. and mini davey. scary. on many levels.


way too much going on here - anna is having a caniption of some sort. my big finger wanted to join the party. can't even take pics on a phone. and this is totally safe - what they meant when they put the capacity label as "1 passenger" was, "1 adult + 3 children is also acceptable". true.

I got to shop online and eat chocolate truffles clean bathrooms and make some lunch.  really fun. 

don't let that little bag of Target rice fool you. it also has lots of other good stuff like quinoa, barley...and other grainy things. very good.

I may not have cooked dinner for the past three nights, but I still made breakfast and lunch.  I have not completely neglected my family.  they are not begging the neighbors for food.  yet. 

put it in a wrap. everything is better with salsa. call it a lunch.

Sunday funday would not be complete without painting little brother’s nails.  he just wants to be like his sisters.  can’t blame him.  he’ll be well adjusted.   

4 year olds are very good at painting nails. really.

and he was oh so proud of those purple beauties. 

when the tongue comes out - he means serious business. one happy dude.

I found these babies stuffed in the back of the fridge.  popped those suckers right in the oven.  don’t care if the “best by” date was last week.  how accurate are those dates, really?

never too late for Christmas cookies.  I guess that kind of satisfied my need to bake this weekend. 

I actually took a complete rest day and did NO workout at all.  Luke slept until 7:15!!!!  This is crazy.  If you just started reading, my youngest, almost 2 year old, had been getting up at 4 am for what seemed like eternity.  making everyone miserable.  We are on day 6 of him sleeping until at least 6 am.  this is heaven.

Here are my thoughts.  brace yourselves.  I had a little convo with the brain.  it was trying to get all realistic and logical on me about running and my training this far. and I’ve been ignoring it.  I finally gave in and thought I should listen to myself.  It was saying something like this – if I heard correctly –  you have completely, 100,000% ignored the 10% rule in increasing your weekly mileage.  going from maybe 20  miles a week to 45-50, doesn’t work for me.  and if I do the math correctly, that’s over 100% increase.  go ahead and keep it up, but I will give you the worst shin, knee, ankle and every other kind of pain and injury I can think of.  and you won’t be able to run in your marathons. and you won’t be happy. go for it.  or take it easy and I’ll try to be nice to you. 

I think it sounded something like that.  I have started to have a little anxiety that I am doing too much.  While the plan that I found is telling me to do that many miles – I need to be smart about it.  It may not be healthy for me at this exact point.   I really don’t want injuries.  I know Runner’s World is a smarty pants when it comes to running, but it doesn’t know me and my body. I do.  and I need to remember what works for me and what I’ve done in the past.  and try a little better to mesh it with the plan that I found (run, run, run) what my body is telling me to do (take it down a notch for now) and what my mind wants to do (run a lot of miles). 

My past 2 fall marathons I did without a plan.  without speed work.  without a lot of miles and without any idea of what I was doing.  and I did pretty well.  I want to give myself more credit for what I can do.  I also want to blend it with a true plan so that I can do better this year.  I’ve got TWO marathons coming up in April.  that I would actually like to run in.  I’ve got big goals for my races this year.  But I NEED to also remember that I have to be healthy in order to achieve those goals.  or it’s not worth it. 

That is why I am “botching” up the plan a little this week.  and next week.  I’m scaling back the miles.  I will do my long run on Saturday.  In between now and then, I’m going to mostly focus on strength and maybe getting in a few short runs.  not 8-9 milers.  Next week, I will slowly pick it back up.  and by the following week maybe get back into the 9-10 mile runs, depending on how the body feels.  I’ve got ALL year to hit my goals.  I tend to rush things and want to reach my goals ASAP.  or yesterday ASAP.  doesn’t work. 

That’s the plan chickadees!  taking a chill pill and listening to my body a little more.  I think it will be good in the long run.  Stay tuned!

How was your weekend??  Did you do anything fun?

Do you have a hard time listening to what your body is telling you vs. what you want to do?

Global warming and all that Jazz


We were supposed to get a wintry mix of snow, and ice today.  Thanks to global warming we get rain.  really.  thank you.  I’d much prefer this than the 5 feet of snow we were under last year.  except that I was kind of excited to test out these boots I got on clearance.  so I wore them anyway.  to the bank and back home.  livin on the edge. 

again, please don't look to me for fashion advice. ever. i do my best.

The rain kept us inside and having oh so much fun.  I knew it was going to be a 2 cups of iced coffee kind of day – I was prepared.  made enough to hydrate an army.  after my sweatfest this morning, I needed it. 

 We had a visit from Gammy, who brought me my very own homemade subliminal message plate – she’s so sweet.  guess who’s eating off of that tonight.  ha.

she MIGHT be a bigger dork than me. up for debate.


and the angry toddler had to unleash his pent up frustration with life on her.   

so much love

Then I got this terrifying piece of mail.  this is why I don’t like to check the mailbox.  scary things might be waiting for me. 

in case you can't read small, blurry print - it says suspension of service pending. they wouldn't dare. checks in the mail!

lots of productivity happening like laundry, cleaning, blah blah blah.  and I noticed a couple things about my house that had passed me by – we were still decorated for Christmas. 

buh bye baby Jesus. see you next year.

and those games look mighty precariously positioned.  they could fall at any moment . and hurt a small child.  there are a few of those around here.  some responsible adult should do something about that. 

I took care of it.  lives saved.  all in a days work. 

I actually have a life tonight and get to out for drinks with some girlfriends.  super exciting.  I don’t get out too much.  I’m also excited that the Olympic marathon trials are on this weekend.  I was reading about Desiree Davila in Runner’s World.  she’s kinda fast.  I wish I could say I watch all these races and running “stuff” on TV.  but I don’t.  I barely have time to take a shower.  and if I did watch all that crazy running stuff, I might actually learn something and that would make me a total running nerd.  I’m already a nerd.  I don’t need running to add to the condition.  I’ll let you nice people fill me in.  it’s still pretty exciting.

I promise.  tomorrow we will talk about goal setting and my ever increasing list of epiphany’s on training plans of all sorts.  it’s on the brain.  gonna happen. 

Any fun plans tonight?  Almost the weekend!

How long do you leave decorations up after the holiday has passed? 

Things I don’t do.


Workout – yet to happen, but so far I’ve gone up and down this flight of stairs about 800 times, does that count???  checking on the kidlings below…

6am is a great time of day for arts and crafts. never too early for that kind of fun.

I know you guys are thinking, “wow, she does everything!  She cleans, and cooks…


Gives birth to adorable children,

look at that cute little nugget. you could just eat her.

looks like a superstar ALL the time…

i'd like to introduce you to the vein on my forehead and the nose that didn't get the memo that I stopped growing about 10 years ago. watch out people. this look will be hitting the red carpet soon. complete with bed hair and yesterdays makeup smudged all over the face. classy.

I’ll make you feel better.  Let me share with you what I don’t do.  Little secret.  Iron clothes. 

this wrinkle resistant is a scam. they were only sitting in the laundry basket piled in a ball for two days.

I really feel bad for my husband who keeps buying the wrinkle resistan/iron free shirts thinking they will actually be that way when they come out of the dryer.  When he finds one that really does, maybe he can find a bathroom that actually cleans itself too. 

I knew that would make you feel better. 

On to more important things.  Why did I just sign up for TWO more marathons.  this year.  bringing the total count now to 4.  that’s a lot.  for me. 

My sister instigated the country music marathon.  Ok, well I instigated her to do it and she instigated me to join her.  twist my arm.  now I must go to nashville.  to run.  and listen to country music.  I LOVE country music.  Love it.  Love it.  Get the picture. 

Next we have NYC marathon.  Which really is a must do for a marathoner.  That’s what I hear anyway.  I supposedly have guaranteed entry this year based on my marathon times.  I’ll believe it when I see it in April.  So I better do it, right???   That’s what I thought.  Very good logic.  If I can do, I must do. 

Now I guess I better get some sort of training plan together.  This scares me.  I’ve never done a training plan, but with all this running coming up, I think it might be a necessity. 

So, if anyone has any input on good training plans – PLEASE, DO SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE!!!:)

Do you follow a formal training plan for races?

Do you like to iron your clothes?  I know, crazy question, but I think some people actually DO like to iron.  I don’t get it. 

What’s on tap for the workout today?