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Some Winners and Multitasking


10 mile run. finally. I’ve been wanting a 10 miler since Sunday. thursday pulled through and gave me such a run. I can’t really classify this run as anything.  it wasn’t a progression, or speed work, or slow work, really. it could be called the slightly disappointing run that felt a lot faster than it was but when reviewing the garmin splits doesnt seem as impressive as when it was happening. that’s fine by me.  7:17 pace. A for effort. I just wanted 10 miles.  greedy runner.  the humidity made it a bit intense. but I really do love running in the heat and the feeling of a great, sweaty, leave it all on the pavement run.  the only intention I had was not to run this fast or with too much effort.  the first few miles cruised by at a good pace, a hill killed my legs.  I slowed down to around 8min/mile for the last couple and picked it back up for the last one home. a nice assortment of paces going on.  often times, my pace is determined by how many miles I want to get in and how much time I have.  I rarerly go out and say I’m going to just go run 10 miles, and I’ll get back whenever.  the faster i run, the quicker I get home and the more miles I can fit in.  30 miles for the week.  one more running day.  and onto a complete rest day tomorrow. no stair master. no run.
By 7:45, when I got home, the day was well underway.
10 sweaty miles in for me
Lawn mowed by hubs
Dog sprayed by a skunk. or he rolled in dead skunk. we haven’t officially determined.
Dog bathed by hubs.
Little lady has gone through three outfit changes. because they like to play in dirt. and they secretly like to punish me with copious amounts of laundry.
Little buddy has fire trucked and made many a disaster since his 5:15am rising.
I had a moment of panic this morning, when for some reason I noticed the bottle of honey mustard dressing…near empty. this is my new favorite condiment and must be on my flat out wrap everyday. we had to get to the grocery store anyway because I was in danger of stretching Luke’s last diaper for far longer than it should be on his little bum, but now it became an emergency. I had grand plans of errand running with 2 kids this am when #1 was at school, but I decided I would rather waste the morning getting absolutely nothing done at all and tote 3 kids all over town in 100 degree weather this afternoon. the joys of procrastination. thank God there was enough honey mustard left for my lunchtime wrap.
My day revolves around Luke’s midday nap. where I try to cram as much as possible in to that possible 1.5 hour window where he is not brushing the window sills with his toothbrush or sitting in the bathroom sink covering himself in band aids. I’ve tried babyproofing. no go. he’s not a baby. he’s an adorable freak of toddlerhood nature. one that should have 12 eyes on him at all times. anyway, I try to get stuff done while he slumbers. Anna desperately wanted me to enjoy the misery of the outdoors with her, but I had this enormously neglected pile of laundry that needed to be folded. mostly because I was on a rescue mission for a lost compression sock and running skirt that were in there somewhere. little brighty suggested I bring the laundry outside. such a problem solver. that’s what I did.
To maximize the 1.5 hour maximum reprieve, my plan was to fold laundry, rescue my sock, get a little strength training in and perhaps do a little blogger, and hang with the kids – all at the same time. multitasking. making it happen. getting things done.  laundry outside, little QT with my baby girl, little tlc for the muscles and a little catch up on the pesky house chores.  kind of.
sweltering. as soon as I made a dent in the pile and resurrected my long lost running necessities, I moved onto a tiny, little lunge/core session.  I also ALWAYS multitask with my workouts. legs/arms/core, whatever I can fit into one exercise, I cram it in there. I do a little shoulder press when I come out of the lunge. fancy pants. I also like the curtsy lunges – I feel like they target the inner thigh a bit better.  I’m no trainer, so I’m not really qualified for that kind of fancy trainer talk. just my experience.
my personal photographer.
This was the first, very short, strength workout where my bum elbow wasn’t feeling so bum. the first time I could hold the weight like that in almost a month. I still can’t do quite a bit of strength training because it hurts, but there’s progress.  and a lot more sweat. the air was suffocating. that’s why it was a pretty short one.  Better than nothing.  if you don’t want to do a workout, at least do something and call it your better than nothing. something is always better than nothing, unless it has to do with dishes, laundry or perhaps jail time.
I like doing the leg strength workouts on the harder run days – after the harder run – so that by the time the next real hard workout comes, my legs are recovered and back to fresh.
as always, lots more fun and exciting things went down this afternoon, as I’m sure you can only imagine, all of which the details I will torture you with.  beginning now. three kids and an unshowered, slightly haggard looking mama really know how to have a good time on a Thursday afternoon. although, I did put on my athletic best.
oh my. it is possible to be 30 with a training bra sized chest after having 3 kids. proof. fantastic. wouldn’t really have it any other way. ok, maybe an A cup way, but you gotta love and work with what you’ve got. all I got.
if you consider a little Barnes and Noble/TJ Maxx/Super Stop and Shop too much fun to handle, then we had too. much. fun. BN was the first stop.
we left it in only slightly worse condition then when we entered
Then we ventured on to Tj’s, where you get the Maxx for the minimum, so catchy, only to make a return.  Luke was a ticking time bomb.
we finished off the fanatics with the grocery store. it only took one cookie and two lollipops to keep Luke in his seat. and then he ran laps around the house.  awesome.
Luke has a fresh diaper.  I have my mustard. mission accomplished.
Ok, fine.  you want winners??? I’VE GOT WINNERS!!!
randomly selected, here are the two winners of the Mizuno mezamashii giveaway:
I REALLY would love to get you ALL free sneaks, but my hubs wouldnt like that and Mizuno doesn’t love me that much.  I loved all of the comments and the great reasons you should win, like it’s my birthday, that would be the best present ever!!! I think I could think of a few better things than free sneaks.  but I’m high maintenance sometimes. I love how many NEW runners there are out there, definitely check out the Mizuno line of sneakers – there is something for everyone. really, I’m sorry you can’t all get free shoes.  but, to try to make up for it, I selected ONE MORE RANDOM WINNER!!!  the third winner is…
Pretty please email me ASAP so that I can get you all Mezamashii’d out and hooked up with some sweet mizunos!
I will choose backup winners if I do not hear from the selected winners by Saturday. I said Friday, but I’m late getting this post up, so I’ll give you lovelies an extra day. because I’m nice like that.
Business – I got quite a few emails yesterday and I promise I will email you back!!!  be patient with me, I’m now officially on summer break and I’m a little frightened. but I will get back to you.
What is your favorite ‘discount’ clothing store to shop at?

What is your favorite condiment?

How many ‘rest’ days do you take a week?  I’m really curious about this one. It’s hard for me to take a rest day. 

Superwoman and Smart Choices

We have some workouts to talk about. get ready.
Wednesday – I mentioned I wanted to do 10 miles. What I want and what actually happens are rarely the same.  I want to pull together a nice non workout outfit, but I just can’t seem to get out of my comfy running clothes.  I’m ok with that. I did 6 that morning and went back out for a short and slllloooooowwwww 3. really slow. but it made 9 miles for the day
Thursday – is usually a running day. sleep trumped running and I got to sleep in until 6am.  be still my heart. 6 am is so much nicer than 5 am.  it’s still 6 am. and that’s still in the too early to be functioning category. my kids don’t care.  that meant no run. I will admit, I moped for approximately 37 minutes.  then I put my game face on, readjusted my attitude and my day and had a slice of get over it for breakfast. and I used and abused the stair master during nap time. my saving grace.  50 minutes speed intervals/hills. tells me I did 8 miles. probably not accurate. but I looked like this after, so it did kick my booty
Friday – hello 5 am. I really don’t like you.  like, I wish you didn’t exist.  thursday claimed the non running day.  friday, tag you’re it for the run.  not a bone in my body wants to be out on the road at this ungodly hour. The alternative is chasing around testy two year old. I’ll run.  about 6.75 miles, about 50 min, about 7:24 ish pace, just about a pretty good run if I ever saw one . I didn’t have the watch on.  Just checked the clock. kitchen clock tells me it was about 50 mins. I was pleasantly surprised because this run felt a lot slower than that. go me. good pace. glad I hit the road.
I love running without the garmin on non super hard, run your heart out training days. I’ve learned I’ve got enough push of my own without the watch barking at me that I’m going too slow.  Running watch-less puts the i love to run back in running.  Love it.
36.5 miles for the week. one more running day. Good stuff.

Every now and then, I’ve been known to make some smart decisions. sometimes I don’t. Let’s talk about some of the smarter ones and how I’m kind of like superwoman today.
1.  It is not always an easy task to get three children fed, dressed, ready for school, as well as myself and my husband. he needs help sometimes too. my 4th child. It must be noted that today, June 15th, I ran my almost 7 miles, made a nice breakfast for everyone (myself included – super crank comes out if mama doesn’t eat ASAP after the run), had everyone dressed and ready for school, got myself showered and dressed in my Friday best – I call it shamrock glam
Not everyone can rock the old 5k race tshirt and pull off this shamrock glam look.  I can. I was in comfort mode today.

All of this morning craziness was accomplished by 8:15 am. be impressed. not sure that has ever happened. call me shera. Or superwoman.  either one will do. So, it was a smart choice to get my bum moving at 5 am. it always is a smart choice.
2. I cooked a nice meal for my family. I have been in a total I don’t want to cook or think about what to cook for dinner funk.  big time. surprisingly, the children are alive and well and no one is starving, but meals have been less than impressive. think french toast and lots of grilling.  I kind of pulled it together Wednesday night. And made this little creation. 
The unfortunate thing is that friends of ours came over. Visiting friends are not unfortunate, but being unaware that we would be dining with them and one of them is gluten free, that’s unfortunate.  wasted energy cooking a meal.  bummer. we ended up doing sushi takeout. and this is lunch for the rest of the week.
3.  Strength training is a pretty smart decision. My weak little arms are just easing back into strength training after the elbow incident a few weeks ago. little righty is still pretty sore and can’t do most things, but we are working on some stuff. One exercise that I love in particular is doing upper body strength moves while doing a wall sit.  intense. 
I have a few personal photographers. this one happened to be 5 years old and impatient. hence the blur.
Multitasking at its finest. multiple body parts at once.  Kids play, I get strong.  win win all around.  this is great for runners because it strengthens those quads pretty nicely.  runners tend to have a plethora of knee problems, one of which is appropriately called runners knee. You can help your sweet and very necessary to running knees avoid this by having strong quads.  I did a lot of shoulder work in the wall sit position.  keep your core nice and tight and you’re getting a good workout.  that’s about all I can do. biceps hurt my baby arm. in good time it’ll be ready to work hard again.  much of my “extras” – strength training, massage sticking, rolling activities happen wherever the kids are.  there tend to be walls most places, so this is a good one.  pull up a wall, grab some weights, have a seat and start pumping out those arm workouts.
4.  We have a new familey pet.
 her name is Shelby the hermit crab.  right now she lives in a plastic cup. right now, I’m not sure if she is a he or a she. I’m not even sure how you tell the sex of a hermit crab.   I’m not quite sure that hermit crabs are male or female.  I’m not really sure I care.  I’m going to call this a good parenting decision. my daughter loves animals. she desperately wanted the class hermit crab for the summer. the lucky child to bring it home was to be randomly drawn from a hat from whatever children brought in the little paper saying they were allowed to take it if they were selected. how could I say no to her.  It was either a horse or a hermit crab.  Call me crazy but I think crabs are a little bit lower maintenance than horses.  sure. put your name in my sweet animal loving child. meanwhile I’m thinking she won’t get it. she got it. and we have Shelby. I can only imagine Shelby will be getting some fishy friends.
5.  Lululemon is always a smart choice.  
kids in tow, off to lulu we went. shopping with kids is kind of good and bad.  I take that back – given the opportunity, it would generally be without children, but that’s generally not the case, so- they can serve as damage control because you, meaning me, has to get in and out ASAP before crazy man knocks down every mannequin. Bad because that speed shopping could potentially lead to impulse buying. there was none of that impulse stuff happening today. I practiced good self control and we were super speedy in the store.  the jet engine hand dryer in the bathroom rocked Luke to the core of fear and we had to ditch pretty quickly. thank you Luke. I will divulge the contents of the bag at a later time. I will note that the item I purchased was on sale. And I do think it’s comical to speak of lululemon and sale in the same paragraph.
Baby girl #2 graduated from pre-k today. oh my, world. here she comes. she’s a big kindergartner now. 
She actually has two more days of school and big girl still has 4 days. then I am the mother of a first grader and a kindergartner.  and another little crazy person that doesn’t fit anywhere yet.  I don’t know how that could be seeing as I’m not a day over 21. I love those precious little people of mine. crazy how much a child can melt your heart.  enough of that. getting sentimental stuff.
Longish run on the agenda for tomorrow and who knows what other shenanigans we will come up with.
What are your weekend plans?

Who is racing and what are you doing?  GOOD LUCK!!!

Who has had a pet hermit crab?  it’s very exciting. Ours has already turned from a female to a male.  Just because. 

HOT Runs and Family Fun


Workout(s) – Friday/Saturday, forced rest days.

Sunday – 7 miles.  and about 100 driveway lunges.  I wish that was an exaggeration.  my burning legs are telling me otherwise.

Today(monday) – 10.2 miles

Hello my long lost blog loving friends!!!  It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here.  That’s what a 3 day weekend with beautiful weather and a family will do – keep you outside, eating lots of fro yo and having lots of family fun.  we know how to have fun.  we run.  we play.  we play.  we run.  we have baby showers and last minute date nights – the best kind.  we try not to injure ourselves, but activities like this make that a crapshoot.

iphone pics 884

Although, running seems like a pretty low risk ‘sport’, I’ve learned that can leave you in the doctors office pretty quickly.

This is just a quick check in post to say I’m having much to much of an entirely good weekend to spend too much time inside at the computer.  But I’ve had some pretty good post elbow injury runs that I will expound upon in an in depth report tomorrow.  Suspense.  so for now, I will give you picture overload, so you know we are alive and well and kickin’.  but for this weekend, my precious little children like to be outside at the crack of dawn and don’t go in till the sun goes down.  so we do things like ride to the coffee shop with the kidlings every morning and harass the poor unsuspecting patrons.  we think our kids are cute, but I’m pretty sure by this morning, they are going to put a ban on children under 5 in a one mile radius of the coffee shop.

This is how we ride…

Luke in the jogger with me running…

iphone pics 881

don’t be fooled by the smile.  he hates this thing with a passion, which makes me sad because I can’t really run too much with him.  he makes everything about running miserable in this.

Alex on her bike because she’s a big two wheel rider…

iphone pics 882

and Anna on daddy’s back because she’s my little non two wheel rider and has too much fun riding like this to make her ride the little tricycle.  totally safe.  they are wearing imaginary helmets.  the best kind.

iphone pics 883

she’s our little monkey.  along for the ride.

The elbow is hanging in there.  pretty tight, stiff, not wanting to straighten out without popping, but all things I can live with.

my forearm is pretty sore.  not much swelling.  a little swollen, but not that anyone could see by looking at it.  see…

iphone pics 878

nice lighting.  makes it look like there are more problems with my arm than just the elbow. a little disappearing shoulder action.

just some minor repercussions of the face plant that put me in this situation.  I can’t put any pressure on that arm.  well, I can, it’s just uncomfortable.  but running works just fine.

We had my sisters baby shower on Saturday and I sported my pink pumps.

iphone pics 873

super uncomfortable.  I don’t know why I make certain decisions like this sometimes.  just wear the flats.  don’t be all lets get cute and trendy when you are already not feeling so hot because your arm is throbbing because you have a hard time running in a straight line without falling.

I was a little nervous running on Sunday, first run since I blasted my arm.  I made it through.  I even ran the same exact route.  facing my fears head on.  way to be.  nothing took me down this time.  but we’ll talk about that run tomorrow.

I made a better wardrobe decision last night when we had a last minute night out with our friends at my fave local restaurant.  I stuck with the flats.  go me.  one good decision at a time.

iphone pics 880

i’m sorry.  that mirror is just a lost cause.  I actually did try to peel those brown stickers off.  but the windex continues to elude me.  It will get cleaned at some point.

and that brings you up to speed my friends, in a nutshell, on all things except the running that is going on.  that needs a post of it’s own.  details details.  I love running details.  and I can only assume that you do too, because this is technically a running blog.  but I’m beginning to wonder.  so tomorrow I will make it a running blog and talk about running things.  and how the running is going.  and maybe even offer some running words of wisdom, or just some wisdom in general.  because now that I have hit 30, I can offer general wisdom because as one woman said to me this weekend, ‘wow, you’re 30!  you’re an adult woman now!’  I guess I am.  I guess before this I was just a baby woman.  my how I’ve grown.  so I feel more entitled to offer adult woman advice.  like how to not pee your running skirt on a hot run.  and how not to trip and fall on your face while you run.  that’s a work in progress, but really important things like that.  I might try to branch out to things like how to pick the perfect running shoe.  or how to pick the perfect post run meal.  I’ll think about it.  that’s real running talk.  not sure I’m ready for that.

Happy Memorial day, my friends!  I hope you are all having a lovely hot weekend.  I’m pretty sure I am in need of some sweet frog fro yo today.  we’ve only been there 3 times this weekend.  that’s definitely not enough.

How is your weekend?  Is it a long one?

Racing weekend?

Long run weekend?

Traveling weekend?

Ridiculously uncomfortable heel wearing weekend?

Tell me all about it

Did I Tell You About The Time I Dislocated My Elbow?


Yesterday morning.

During my thoughtful, planned run on my smartly planned out week that was going swimmingly as I just recently mentioned.  not so swimmingly now.  more like swimmingly in shark infested water.  I think I need to live in a bubble.

Instead of talking about the downside, lets talk about the upside.  because the whole incident is obviously the ‘downside’.  and it’s better to focus on how this little bumpety bump in my running road might not be so bad.  it is so bad.  painful bad.  but for arguments sake let’s say it’s not bad and come up with some good things.  of which they are bountiful.

One bountifully good thing is that I got 6.75 out of my 8 mile run in.  and those 6.75 miles were run at a 7:29 pace.  good for me.  I wasn’t going to run with the watch, but I didn’t have a route and was just doing an out and back and needed to know where to turn around.  once again I was a good girl and did not obsess over the pace.  I actually made a very conscious effort to slow it down for the last 3 miles, of which I only completed 1.75 before the fall.

Here’s how it went down.  literally down.  to the ground.  I think I was booby trapped.  that’s what it felt like – I was running on a very Main St part of Main St with a very decent amount of morning traffic.  Cruising along and feeling so happy to be alive and running and taking it easy, and before I knew it, I had kicked up this metal ring thing that was on the side of the road with my left foot.  Being oh so talented, I managed to get it flipped up and caught on my right heal, creating a sort of lasso effect and propelling me forward.  all in seconds.  didn’t even know what was happening.  until I was on the ground.  for all to see.  hands out.  my right arm extended, took the entire force of the fall.  which is interesting because my left hand is cut up.  nothing on my right.

iphone pics 859

don’t worry mom.  I hydrogen peroxided the heck out of that asap.  no flesh eating bacteria happening over here.

Nothing really hurt too bad immediately after. I was just going to walk the 1.5 miles home.  But thank goodness for neighbors that are on their way to work and witness the entire circus act go down.  She turned around and offered me a ride home.  there are good people out there.  within an hour of getting home and being pissy about the whole stupid thing, I could not move my right arm.  trying to chalk it up to the fact that it just took the brunt of a 138lb running person fall and that it would be sore, but it felt like something was wrong.  I got in to see the orthopedist.

He said judging by the x-ray and my movement or lack thereof, I dislocated it and relocated it.  dislocated when I hit and popped it back in place probably when I got up.  good news.  I didn’t break it in 37 places like I thought and felt.  and I didn’t need emergency surgery like I was sure I would need.  and he said I could go finish my run.  I kid.  I did ask if I could run today.  he laughed.  I said I’m not really kidding, but I get it.

Here are some more bountifully good and exciting things that an incident like this bring about in my comical life.

1.   I got to sport around this lovely new accessory for the day.  I’ve always wanted one of these sexy little black slings.  just what I’ve been missing in my wardrobe.

iphone pics 866


2.  Along with that, I was kind of forced to wear my ever loving red Target sweatshirt all day.  comfy clothes all day.  I could not move my arm enough to get it off.  ok by me.  not really.  even I was getting nauseated by the stink.

iphone pics 867

3.  Plethora of homemade little gifts and ‘books’ from my thoughtful children just steal my heart and bring sunshine into my life.  within about 5 minutes of walking in the door all beat up, I had about 18 “I love you mom”, “you are the best” books from the girls.  here’s just a sampling:

iphone pics 862

I AM the ‘spashest’ mom.  I fall a lot.  that would be pronounced ‘spesh – a – lest’, or spelled ‘specialis’ to you non kindergartners.

iphone pics 863

I am also ‘sweet’ and ‘fun’.  very good to know I have some redeeming qualities.

iphone pics 864

4.  My husband is also a very thoughtful gift giver.  always thinking of me, even when he goes for a run…bringing back my nemesis…someone was out to get me

iphone pics 869

figure that one out.  I’m really not sure.  all I know is that it took me down.

5.  Hello Kitty bandaids really do make all of the world’s troubles go away.  no wonder my girls practically throw themselves off their bikes in hopes of an injury.  they want hello kitty.  my little loves, haven’t you learned I hand out bandaids like they are candy.  you don’t need to hurt yourselves.  a simple hangnail will suffice as reason for a bandaid.

iphone pics 860

6.  I had the best iced coffee I have ever made yesterday.  that has nothing to do with anything, except that it made my day brighter and you have to take note of the little things during the day that make it better.  the coffee made it better.  so much better that I had two large iced coffees.  that’s a real treat.  you never know with iced coffee how it’s going to be until you take the first sip.  this was utterly delightful.

7.  Painkillers.  they do work.  but they also make a mama sleepy.  so I was thinking if I double up on the coffee and have a diet coke I will be all jazzed up on caffeine and the pain killers won’t knock me out.  either that or the combo of caffeine and hydrocodone will kill me.  it was a risk.

8.  An unfortunate circumstance that puts the mom in an unpleasant condition is certainly means for a little lululemon sympathy shopping.  ok.  if I must.  I’ve been eyeing this jacket.  in finally went on ‘we made too much’.  score.  my lucky day.

iphone pics 871

and if you want a view that doesn’t involve a fingerprinted, stickered mirror so you can actually see the jacket, here you go.

lulu jacket

9.  A nice morning breakfast with my girlies at the coffee shop.  always makes life smiley.  and sunshiny.  hubs took the 4:30am riser on a hike today.  and out of my hair for the better part of the day.  is it Christmas???

iphone pics 870

10.  I have gained much knowledge about the elbow.

iphone pics 861

nice looking elbow if I do say so myself.

knowledge is always a good thing people.  I now know about sail sites, and fat pads.  This is what Dr. Orthopedist says (actually the PA, but whatever): ‘Well, if you look here, you can see the fat pads clearly around your olecranon are very visible and enlarged…..’  Oh my, dr. orthopedist. talking about my fat pads in such a manner and we’ve only just met.  lets slow this relationship down please.  apparently fat pads are only visible if you’ve done some silly thing like trip on your run and dislocate your elbow. or something like that.  normal thing to do.  now I know about my fat pads.  good stuff.

11.  Not so much a good thing, but a thing.  a learning thing.  I’m directed not to run until at least next week.  bye bye long saturday run:(  see you next week.  I could run.  my arm is pretty sore, but not in the running position.  😉  BUT, docs orders are not to.  and I am learning to listen.  no running.  that’s funny.  I was just ‘not running’ for quite some time.  what’s another little break.  no one said anything about stepping.  hello stairmaster.  with my one functioning arm.

12.  In all of this, I realized when I got home, that my legs, particularly my right one, feel completely and utterly 100% fantastic!!!  This is the first time I have been able to say that in over 2 months.  not a single, slightest twinge of anything funky or ‘off’ or tight or uncomfortable.  shins are great.  so happy.  now if I can just learn how to run on pavement without killing myself, we should be good.

13.  A very helpful husband that got the fam through the day is something to be thankful for.  a one armed mother makes the activities of daily momming and driving and waiting on everyone hand and foot and such impossible.  too bad for me.  I had to sit and direct the hubs around all day.  actually not a bad gig.  I rather enjoyed myself.  icing and ‘healing’ whilst he tends to the kidlings and their many needs.  thank you hubs.  lets do this again next week.  I’m sure I could find something to trip over and break my hand or something very inconvenient but not debilitating.

14.  And that’s just what this is.  super inconvenient.  super frustrating.  kind of super funny.  we laughed a lot about it yesterday.  it’s life.  and things totally jump out at you on the road when you don’t expect them.  literally.  and metaphorically.  and they throw a little wrench in your seemingly perfect week, month, year, life.  and life goes on and you keep doing your best not to fall flat on your face too often.  and you do your best to learn what the point of that ‘thing’ was.  and to not get too beat up over it.  because there will certainly be more ‘things’ that come up and it ALL makes a part of your story and your journey on the way to whatever it is that is your purpose in life.  so as soon as I started getting a tad dramatic about this silly little inconvenience right after it happened, waiting to hear the worst and picturing my arms getting all emaciated and losing all strength because I surely would never be able to lift a weight again after this tragedy, and then taking more time off of running on top of it all – I think, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.  this is a tiny example, but after you let your head drag in misery for a bit, pick it up and find SOMETHING good and try to find the big picture, or the new picture.  that is all.  then go shopping and buy yourself a pity present and really move on.

Have you ever dislocated anything?  Broken anything?

Have you ever fallen flat on your face when you are running with lots of people watching?  embarassing.

And….who’s racing this weekend?!?!?  And….happy memorial day weekend!  Fun plans?  Tell me about them!

A Recipe! Peanut Butter Protein Bars


Workout – hmmmmm.  nothing.

I had grand plans to hit up the gym this morning.  I convinced myself that cross training was totally acceptable and it was going to happen.  then I convinced myself that I agreed not to do anything until this weekend.  and I went with that notion.  blar.  no fun.  but that’s the dealio I made with myself.  truthfully, I haven’t been stretching and rolling and my leg kind of hurts.  the whole general area that is my right leg.  so it could use a few more days.  I did run 4 marathons in 6 months.  that’s a lot for this little msfitrunner girl.  I think I am going to have the most fantastic run this weekend.  and I fully expect the weather to completely cooperate and give me nothing but sunshine, 65 degrees and no wind.  thank you very much.


I’ve got one down with what seems to be a fever.

iphone pics 786

sad face.

that puts a little wrench in my day.  but a cute little wrench, because there is really nothing better than being forced to cuddle with a CALM 2 year old boy.  and then having to do everything while holding him.  this is his first fever in his short little 27 month old life.  slowing him down.  kind of a good thing. 


and I’ve got one round of dance recital rehearsal done.  one to go tomorrow and then the real deal in a couple weeks. 

iphone pics 785

she will be on a new episode of ‘toddlers and tiaras’.  look out. 

there might be nothing cuter than a class of 5 and 6 year old little princesses dancing to “I love Getting Dressed for Tea”.  none of them are on the same page and it’s darling.


If I didn’t have a little sickly needing his mama, I would talk more about some of the little bits I mentioned yesterday, like running and why it happened this past weekend and why certain races aren’t happening.  but I’m actually needed today, and I give you a quickie recipe instead.  So here it is, a recipe for you people!!!

These are so yummy.  and they are no bake.  because I can’t bake anything.  oven malfunction.

Here’s how it goes peeps:

Peanut Butter Protein Fiberlicious Bars

1c. natural peanut butter

1/2 c. agave nectar

5 scoops whey protein powder (give or take, whatever floats your boat)

2c Nature’s Path Smartbran

 iphone pics 783

Almond extract, optional

Microwave peanut butter and agave in bowl for 90 seconds.  Stir well.  Mix in protein powder.  Stir in Smartbran cereal.  It should be very thick.  Put into 9×13 pan.  Spread with spoon.  Cover with wax paper and mat down, smooth out.  Refrigerate. 

Seriously.  It does not get easier than that.

Possible Subs – other sweeteners, honey, or another syrupy sweetener.  I’m not well versed in all of the sweeteners the cool kids use.  You can use other cereals as well, I like the smartbran because it’s really high in fiber.  you can use any crunchy cereal though.  for the kids, I used those Koala Crisps. It was like peanut butter rice krispie treats, but not so bad for you.  You could probably also use kamut puffs, brown rice cereal, anything like that.  You can also use old fashioned oats in replace of cereal.  that’s how this recipe started out once upon a time ago. 

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Protein powder – you can use different kinds, you may just have to experiment with the sweetener and the consistency.  I find the whey protein blends the best and gives the best flavor.  The plantfusion works ok as well, but some other vegan powders may not mix as well.  test it out though. 

Here’s the nutrition 411:

iphone pics 784


Plugged it into MyFitnessPal, and voila.  this is for a 9×13 pan cut into 24 pieces.  easy peasy.


And I’m off to do this mothering thing and take care of little sicky. 

stay healthy, my friends.  go make some peanut butter bars!

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Workout – 30 minutes easy elliptical (this is taper time) and 20 minutes of leg strength:

Seated adductors/abductors

Seated squats

Plie squats with shoulders

I don’t think I’ve been this excited to go to the gym at 5:30 am in quite awhile.  what could this be?  the stellar terrific run I had yesterday?  the run that quite possibly still has me high on endorphins and loving every little miniscule part of life?  even butterflies.  and poopy diapers.  ok not poopy diapers.  dislike.  or my two year old who is trying to eat me alive today with terrible screaming fits.  I love him.  but dislike the very inconvenient meltdown tantrums in the middle of whole foods.  pretty sure I could live without that.  but loving every other part of life. 

I am really very excited that I ran yesterday and am walking to tell about it today.  I absolutely don’t feel perfect.  My right leg is tight, but not ‘splinty’.  that makes me want to sing and dance.  especially considering I ran a marathon just over a week ago.  if there was ‘splinty leg’ to be had, it would for sure be happening right now.  that’s my theory.  so the fact that it just feels tight and not holy crap I can’t walk without it hurting, makes me feel pretty darn good.  REST DOES A BODY GOOD! 

I could use more rest for that leg, for sure.  and I will rest it until Saturday.  then I will continue to rest it for a bit after that.  but then I have a half marathon one month later that I LOVE TO RUN.  my favorite half marathon.  not because it’s the only half I have run besides the horrid colchester hills this past february.  my heart belongs to Ironhorse.  there is nothing spectacular or exciting about this half.  just that it works well for me.  and I want to rock it this year.  back when I was planning my races and the projected outcome of each one for the year, this was going to be a big half PR race.  BUT, lesson learned from my personal Gansett nightmare – I will definitely adjust my goals accordingly depending on how I feel leading up to it.  I don’t need to have another complete meltdown half way through the race and start hyperventilating in a sobbing mess.  what?  that didn’t happen at gansett.  you’re crazy.

that’s all there is to it.  I love to run.  I love to challenge myself.  I love to push the line.  I have lost my mental edge a little bit these past couple months.  and I felt it big time in my last race.  maybe it’s because the running has been lacking in a major way.  maybe it’s because I haven’t been pushing myself everyday.  whatever it is, my little run yesterday gave me a taste again for running hard.  I want to, need to, hold on to that.  especially this weekend.  big goals, or little goals, make it work.  push it hard.  make it happen.  give it your best everytime.  and everytime it will get easier.  i think.  that’s my plan anyway.  feel free to join me.



Alright all of you Twitter Tweeple.  tweeple.  I’m so witty.  and so original.  i’m sure NO ONE has every used that word before.  anyway you lovely tweeps tweeting out there – I’m in.  I did it for you, FitFluential.  They told me I could let you peeps know this, I have been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador!  Yay! 

Ok, I’m not exactly 100% certain yet what that means, but hopefully it means some very good things for YOU and ME in the future.  I’m still crossing my T’s and dotting my i’s with them, but this should be fun.

That is why you will see the little “follow me on twitter” button over yonder in the sidebar.  nothing fancy because nothing on this free blogspace of mine is fancy.  yet.  and I am pretty clueless about the in’s and out’s of twitter, so please bear with me as I learn.  so if you ‘follow’ me, be kind to any silly ‘tweets’ that make their way out into the twitter world.  It’s a big big world out there, all that Twitter stuff.  kinda crazy.  kinda funny.



I am in the countdown mode to Nashville.  This is going to be a lot more work to ‘prep’ for this race – in more than just getting myself ready to run.  I think it will be good for me to run COMPLETELY 100% outside of my comfort zone. 

I’m bringing my two little girls with me.  and my mom.  I need backup.  and leaving the boys at home.  the little girls don’t know about the trip yet.  this was more self-preservation of my sanity than anything.  I do want them to be surprised, but I really didn’t want them packing for a month and asking me every 5 minutes for 3 weeks, when are we going to nashville???  so, they won’t know where we are going until 5:00am on Friday morning when they are pulled from their slumber to get to the airport.  so fun. 

Lots of prep for this.  like I said.  make sure the boys are all set.  make sure the girls are all set with a gazillion activities to keep them busy on the plane. 

This is going to be a busy week.  especially since I am still busy with bday celebrations – tonight, tomorrow and Thursday night.  quite the social calendar I have this week.  and evenings are really when most of my ‘stuff’ gets done because the days are pretty shot with kid stuff. 

my getting to bed by 9pm everynight this week plan might not pan out so well.  I will do my best.

I will also do my best to stay away from Lululemon this week and avoid the I must buy a new marathon outfit crazy talk.  I promise.  I will do my best.

I will also do my best to keep up on the blog this week.  it may be tough.  but, now you can keep up with me on twitter!  as soon as I figure out how to do that.

I will also do my best not to go crazy figuring out pace calculations and other pre-race mental stuff I do.  this is going to be a nice race.  nice.

I will also do my best to ice, compress, roll.  ice, compress, roll.  repeat. 

and I will do my best to keep my happy/life is good/go with the flow/anything is possible/dream big work hard attitude.  and you should too.  go for a run if you can’t find it.  it might be out on the road somewhere.  or hiding behind a bush, so don’t be afraid to take a potty break if you need to. 

that’s it for me.

Luke is outside somewhere.  maybe trying to find his happiness.  I hope he finds it.  for my sake.  and I need to go find him.  and I must feed the children.  doing my job.


Who’s on Twitter???

Who has run a Rock and Roll marathon before? 

When do you get most of your busy/housework stuff done? 


Irresistible Rain


Workout – RUN.  7 miles.  YES!!!!!  you read that right.  I just couldn’t resist this weather…


what a beautiful day.  somehow, I managed to NOT run all week in the unbelievably beautifully gorgeous wonderful amazing April weather.  but the cold rain hits and I just cave.  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  into the rain I went. 

I’ve been such a good ‘rester’ lately, I deserved this run.  I’ve been craving a good run all week.  and all week I resisted (aside from the little track workout)  today, I had to give into the craving.  I had to give into what my body was telling me to do.  I especially like it when it says to me, go for it Katie, run, enjoy, be happy.  I oblige.  happy to.  It’s like when you have a food craving, they say it’s because your body is telling you it needs whatever nutrition that food can give you.  whether that is true or not, I do not know.  but go with me for a second…so I feel like after resting from running for so long and then this week I have this need to run that I can’t get rid of, it’s like my body is telling me to just run.  I am really good at over thinking and analyzing things, when sometimes it’s just better to step back, relax and go with with what your mind/body is ‘telling’ you to do, even when the logical, over thinking side is telling you to think twice.  think twice and listen to your body sometimes.  mine was ready for a little go at running on the roads today.  it was fantastic.  puddles, wind, soppy wet shoes and all.   

no, my right leg did not feel 100%

no, I did not feel fast or super strong

no, my shin did not hurt while I was running.  happy day.  and it didn’t hurt after.  and it still doesn’t hurt.  super happy day.

yes, my knee was a little angry

yes, my right leg was SUPER tight from my tush to my ankle.  all the way down the back

yes, I have an appointment for a massage tomorrow and that’s one reason I felt comfortable running today.

yes, it’s possible that I have an ear to ear grin that I ran 7 miles, didn’t feel great, but didn’t have a pity party that I didn’t feel perfect or run super fast.  I’m working with what I’ve got right now.  I’ve got my whole life quite a few years ahead of me to hone in on my running skills.

I didn’t really have a plan for this run.  I’m totally out of my element with running.  I’m not sure which way is up lately when I put my sneaks on.  which would be these as of late, even at the gym, mizuno wave rider 15’s…


this is a totally random picture I found on my phone.  looks like anna really likes my shoes too.

they are the most supportive shoes I own and I am planning on wearing them for the marathon next weekend.  which is another reason I wanted to get out today.  I wanted to get another run in with them before we team up for the long one.

I decided right before I hit the pavement that I wanted to have an easy warmup mile and a couple miles to push it a bit with easier miles in between.  So it was a little all over the place, but I was happy with it.


I was happy with the warmup, mile 2 felt good, mile 3 was nice and easy, mile 4 included a little wind, puddle jumping and car dodging.  then I just wanted to keep it steady for a few.  good stuff.

rolling hills.



(ps, while on garmin connect, I peeked at my gansett splits.  and almost vomited.  big mistake.  you will never know)

I think today’s run would have been completely 100% rainbows and butterflies (not butterflies, I don’t like butterflies, maybe tulips or orchids, I like those) and I would have had splits like this girl if I was wearing these two snazzy items…

lulu jacket

Hi lululemon.  will you be my friend?

lulu top


While we are on the topic of things that will make me happy and things that I think I need, here are a couple more


here’s why I need these.  i wear flip flops a lot.  and I’m starting to think that they are really bad for your feet, legs, etc.  this may be a completely ridiculous justification to purchase a new pair of shoes.  but this is the one I am using to possibly purchase these this week.  for my feet.  my body is telling me that my feet are not happy and they need these.  I must listen.

and these…Hudsons…they are on sale…I will not say for how much…


and here is why I need these…I don’t wear jeans enough and my body is telling me that it is because a lot of the jeans that I own are too tight and my legs and hips want more comfortable fitting jeans.  the only way to do that is to buy designer fitting jeans.  I should listen to the bod.  true.

other things that made me happy this weekend…

this adorable little guy got a haircut…and he just gets cuter.  didn’t think it was possible. 

luke haircut

and now we are sending him off to marine bootcamp.  he’s got the cut.  he’s ready.  he’s pretty tough and strong.

and these little ladies…all smiles


they were loving each other at the moment.  then it’s possible that the big one was choking the little one the next moment.  not for sure though.

it was one of those Sundays where my husband and I looked at each other and kept saying, wow, this is just a really nice day with the family.  it flowed almost seamlessly.  I guess that’s kind of a rare thing with three little kids and schedules and training for races and birthday parties and busy weekend plans.  but everything jived today.  and it was pleasant.  there is light and the end of the crazy tunnel of really small children not sleeping very well and flying in all different directions at all times.  really good days, within good days.  

another happy note for Sunday – I found a lentil I like.  edit: I do not like lentils or ever plan on liking lentils but am one of those people that won’t give up on a food that is really good for you that I can make more palatable with a lot of salt and other seasonings as well as hiding it in another food like quinoa.  or chocolate.  there must be a lentil chocolate recipe that is to die for somewhere out there.  I need it.


anyway, I found a lentil that I did not destroy while trying to cook it.  it did not turn to mush.  it was not crunchy after it had been boiling for 25 minutes.  I daresay it cooked perfectly.  and it looked nice and rustic too.  thank you bob’s red mill for making a lentil that I could salt and pepper up and toss with quinoa and hopefully chocolate someday.

lentils 2


What a great Sunday.  I was really starting to get down that I have not been running.  and just when I needed it, I had a good run.  put a little pep in my step.  a little hip hip in my hooray.  a little assurance that my leg won’t have to be amputated below the knee.  yet.  a little confidence for another marathon next weekend.  a little bit of endorphins that this endorphin lacking, elliptacling, stairmastering, resting mama needed.  a little hope that all hope is not lost in the world.  good things happen and little families of five have fabulously fantastic Sunday afternoons.  and the children are going back to school tomorrow.  that helps too.

Give me YOUR weekend recap?!?


Long runs?

Injuries healing?

Lentils cooking properly? 

How do you feel about flip flops?  I wish I could wear them all year ‘round.  generally if it is above 30 degrees, they are on my feet.