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Let Me Shed Some Light – question and answer


5 mile planned, turned 6.55 mile outdoor run.  hoping for a few more this evening.  fingers crossed.
what a beauty.  greasy haired, mascara smudged beauty.  some days I just take a ridiculous amount of pictures of myself. and make you look at them. my apologies. 
Lululemon cool racer back top. lululemon black speed skirt. Mizuno wave elixir sneaks
the treadmill run of yesterday left me pretty scarred. just couldn’t do it again today. I just don’t like that thing. but the hubs had a long bike ride plan for the early am, so I was leaving my run to chance. hoping by some miracle that it would fit in before 7pm tonight. because I just don’t like to run at night either.  I’m pooped by then. so high maintenance.  turns out good things happen to tired moms. I got up with little dumpling at 5. did the usual play outside routine. thank God for perfect weather. Hubs hit up the gym and I ran when he got home. and all was right with the world.  I didn’t even wear my watch. I wanted to do an easy 8ish mile pace. It ended up being more like a 7:35-40ish mile pace according to my clock checking. This is my garmin catch 22. I kind of need it to force myself to do the slower runs. but when I see the slower pace that I set out to do, it starts getting me anxious to run faster. my enjoyable easy run is no longer as enjoyable. for now, I run by feel – comfortable/easy and try to learn my pace. I felt like I was running 8ish. I need some fine tuning. better luck next time. 
We ran some errands early. I needed wipes and half and half. and this is what I walked out of the store with. 
no wipes. how does that happen. blah. as long as the luker doesn’t do a pooper in the next few hours, there’s no real emergency.  I also needed flatout wraps but didn’t know it. I thought I had another package in the fridge. It was a sad moment at lunch when I had to prepare it on regular bread. world class problems happening over here. 
just not the same.  Live and learn. Always keep three extra flatout packages at all times. this can never happen again. I made flatout pizzas on the grill awhile ago for the kids. loved them. so versatile.
We got home and did some educating.  
My Alexandra girl hates it. I have to set the timer for 10 minute increments and then she needs a break. and lots of different kinds of activities.  all she can think about are lemonade stands and horses.  she’s a mind wanderer.  Anna, on the other hand, asks me if she has to stop at ten minutes or if she can please keep doing more work. show off.  so different. Luke is a lost cause right now. I’ll figure something out for him at some point. 
I’ve gotten a bunch of emails with questions from you cool cats out there. and because there were mulitples of similar questions and because I’m having an issue sitting down and responding to each email individually (I can’t imagine where big girl gets her inability to sit still from), I’m going to devote the rest of this post to answering your questions. let’s go. 
1.  What do compression socks do for you and what kind do you wear?  

Please remember, I generally do not know what I am talking about. I pretend though.  and I do read enough to get an idea of why I do certain things like wear compression socks, but this is not based on much of anything else other than it works for me.  to answer the question – I had shin splints in the early spring. they helped a great deal with them, along with rolling, to make them feel better and support the muscles that might have been causing the shin splints. I also took a lot of time off running. I also wear them because as I have mentioned, the vascularity in my legs can be slightly painful and somewhat vomit inducing. If you ask me. I am my worst critic.  my husband would say otherwise, but he has to be nice to me.  and tell me I’m beautiful 5,287 times a day.  Kind of like emily with her suitors on the bachelorette. The compression socks help support the blood flow in my lower legs.  I also have compression shorts – that I intended to wear for recovery after my marathons. again, helping to support muscles and blood flow for quicker, less painful recovery from strenuous things.
I love these Pro Compression socks. They fit amazingly and do not make your legs feel like they are going to fall off. 
They come in a varity of colors and I just got an email that says you can get 40% OFF their orange marathon sock!  use coupon code SOM612 at checkout.  which brings it to like $30 for a pair.  and free shipping.  great deal. if orange is your thing, go stock up asap.  expires july 10th and inventory is limited, so get on it! The only downside for me is that it is a sock, and not a sleeve. when I run, I like to wear my own socks. I have worn them for running, and they are great.  super fabulous for after a run.  I was told they are coming out or have possibly already made a calf sleeve. for high maintenance peeps like yours truly. the compression sleeve I LOVE are the CEP brand.  perfect.  
worn in style at this race. I’ve also been known to sleep in them. because I’m sexy like that. compression sleeves. You’ll be seeing them in your next Victoria’s secret catalogue. my hubs is a lucky guy. 
2.  When you started running, how fast were you and how do you go about increasing your speed?

I did a post awhile back about HOW TO GET FASTER.  again, based on nothing but personal experience. which, isn’t actually true, because I had never technically done speed work or anything to get faster. so really just suggestions on what I theorized would work to help get the speed ball rolling. 
I don’t know how fast I was when I started running. I didn’t wear a watch of any sort and I didn’t ever think about time. I ran my first marathon without a clue about pacing and didn’t pay attention to pacing in training. I took so many breaks from running between having kids.  I didn’t really get into running on any consistent basis until after I had my son in 2010. For reference – I ran my first race in fall of 2008 – 3:37 marathon, about 8:17 pace.  I pushed it really hard in that race and I hurt more than I have ever hurt after. I also had IT band issues in that one.  I ran this past fall marathon in 3:11 with the worst ITband pain I’d ever had, leg buckling debilitating, leading me to believe I was strong enough and in shape enough to run closer to sub 3:05-3:10 had I zero knee pain.  I’ll find out this fall. I work hard when I’m training for something. Speed and strength comes from a huge variety of different workouts and mental gusto – slow runs are just as important as fast runs – also depending on what kind of speed you are training for. short distance speed or long distance speed and endurance. the mental game is equally if not more important in your ability to run fast. and strong. believe. and try. and keep trying. and keep working. and keep consistent. 
3.  You mentioned that you have hashimotos hypothyroid – I’ve read that gluten should be eliminated, do you have any experience or suggestions with diet/food intake?

I talked a little bit about this in THIS POST – part of a marathon recap. Hashimotos is a super annoying, very inconvenient, autoimmune hypothyroid (under active) condition. mine is regulated with synthroid, but always changing and completely unpredictable.  My body does not like my thyroid gland and does not think it is necessary. but it is very necessary and effects a lot of very necessary functions, one being metabolism and many other hormonal feedback systems. I have read a lot about it and am always left confused and wondering what the next thing is that I should add or eliminate from my diet. I have also read about the gluten connection with autoimmune thyroid problems, but do not know enough about it to make any diet changes. I do not experience any gluten issues, and have not even explored that. yet. I have also read that going gluten free when there is no intolerance to it can be equally harmful. Like anything, I think balance is key. I think our society is pretty easily influenced and when something is said to be “good” for you, we go crazy overloading on that good thing.  then it all of a sudden becomes bad because we’ve “overdosed” on it. Then if something is said to possibly be bad for some people with an allergy, like gluten, we go overboard and eliminate it – which could also be harmful. there are people that can not tolerate it. but it’s not the entire population. everything in moderation for me. all about my comfort with certain things.  and balance.
I am NOT a dietician, nutritionist, or anything remotely associated with knowing anything about nutrition for the general public. I know what works for me. doing my best to eat minimally processed, no white sugar, whole foods, cleaner eating always leaves me feeling best. and I know I feel better and my body can function better when I’m putting food into it that it knows what to do with it.  I know I don’t handle dairy very well. I also stay away from soy products, simply because I have read about soy and effects on thyroid.  probably from dr. google or some totally reliable source like that. enough proof for me. THAT’S JUST ME. I have been told by doctors and read in Jackie Warner’s book that tap water can interfere with thyroid function because of certain minerals in it and the fluoride they oput in it. so it is best to drink filtered water. 
4.  I can’t seem to get past running 3 or so miles. I just want to stop after that. How do you learn to run longer?

Even after all of the long runs and countless miles I’ve put in over the past couple years, there are runs where the first 3 miles are just torturous. depending on the day, I just don’t want to go further. then, I get passed 3, and I could go for a long time. It takes your body a good couple miles to warmup. and if you are just not having an on day, it can be hard to ever get passed that first chunk of warmup miles. here are some tricks I’ve thought of, that can be useful for any distance:
Tell yourself to just go to the next street light, mailbox or landmark. When you get there, do it again. and keep doing it. It takes your mind off the running and gives you something to run to, rather than a mile mark in your mind. 

Think in terms of time instead of miles. Instead of saying I’m going to run 5 miles, say I’m going to run for 30 minutes. Then 35 minutes the next time. then 40 minutes. pretty soon, you will be running further and further and thinking about time, not miles

Don’t put pressure on yourself to run farther at every run. Plan out your runs. have a shorter run, a comfortable run and a longer than you are used to run. one that is harder to achieve. this way, you won’t come home from every run feeling like you’ve failed because you couldn’t get over the hump of 3 miles, or whatever distance you are stuck on.

Give the run a purpose. a run will fly by if you do a progression run, a tempo run, a fartlek or speedplay.  You won’t be thinking about distance, but about shorter time intervals and paces. 

Take a walk break of a set time while you are in the process of trying to make your runs longer and build endurance 

Music. I don’t run with music, but some people swear by it to get through a run. 

Run with a buddy, a spouse, a pet. some good company can keep a run from nosediving before its over. or start by yourself and have someone meet up with you when you know it’s going to get hard

Make sure you are fueled properly. if you haven’t eaten anything in 6 hours and you want to go out and do any run – its probably going to be very tough – physically and mentally. 

Likewise – hydrate!! make sure you have been drinking water. I am the queen of hydrating. I always have a full bottle of something with me to sip on or guzzle down. depending on my mood. 

Be nice to yourself. positive can do affirmations go a long way

There were more questions, and I obviously have a lot more of know it all, when I don’t really know it all answers. however, as does usually happen with these little blog posts of mine – this is becoming a marathon distance post and I must end it before I really start talking out of my bum. and before I start getting lactic acid buildup and need to start fueling.  we’ll finish it up in another post. so exciting.
Feel free to add anything to my answers in the comments!
Don’t forget to get your COMPRESSION SOCKS, use code SOM612 at checkout for the best deal ever on some super cool orange marathon socks.


The Day I Climbed Kilimanjaro and SpeedWork


Well, hello Monday afternoon.  How the heck did we get back here so fast?!?  I hit ‘publish’ on Friday’s post and have been going nonstop since…including a little mountain climbing action on Saturday morning…

iphone pics 546

It was a tough one.  All in a day’s work.  That was only part of the workout.  I did a repeat of the wannabe Saturday long run that’s nothing like a long run but mentally makes me feel an eency weency teency bit more prepared for what’s coming in less than 12 days, and the fact that I am not going to be running until then.  that kind of long run.  my last non long run before Gansett. 

So I climbed Kilimanjaro, because it looked rough and tough.  I came out on the other side.  unscathed.  I survived.  Here’s what my whole workout looked like on Saturday…

iphone pics 547  

Happy to report that I had ZERO shin pain.  granted, I did not set foot on a treadmill, or even think about running for fear of my little shins getting upset.  but, last weeks non long run cardio hop did bother my shinnikins just a tad.  so it was reassuring that I had NO PAIN at all on Saturday doing those blasted cardio machines.  and I’m pretty sure I am now labeled at the gym as the girl who escaped from the loony bin and does 2 and a 1/2 hours of cardio on a Saturday morning.  what, 2 and a 1/2 hours of cardio doesn’t sound like a rockin’ good time to you?  you’re crazy.  it’s a rager.  It actually wasn’t that bad.  I really could have used another 45 minutes to get in a few more “miles” and get some strength training in, but this silly thing called my family needed me to participate in Saturday’s activities, such as birthday party pickups and child rearing.

This would be why my shin pain lingers, all in the name of being a mom….because I go straight from a workout to running around all over creation and chasing little people and not icing or stretching or rolling.  there’s just not time for the workout and the TLC to happen all at once.  I put off the important stuff until that evening.  this is better than nothing, but all I wanted to do was immediately throw some ice on those bad boys.  not in the plan.

Happy day, the hubs and I ditched those kids for a night.  what a treat.  My preggo sister and her hubs dutifully took care of the kidlings so we could go down to the shore for the evening.  We got a deal on a bed and breakfast.  We literally get 24 hours from start to finish. that’s about all anyone can handle of those little cherubs.  and we kind of do start missing those little crazies.  we hightailed it outta the house Saturday afternoon and headed down to the B&B.  Hubs picked out a restaurant called Liv’s Oyster Bar, and it was FANTASTIC.  we are both big seafood lovers, so this was perfect.  I really didn’t pay much attention when I was packing, so it was a surprise to me what I was wearing.  I put on whatever ended up in my bag.  some sort of completely uninspiring sweater/wrap thing, but the shoes were cute.

iphone pics 556

I actually took some pics of the tasty food that was consumed, for your drooling pleasure.  and the tasty drink that I consumed.  if there is any sort of peartini on the drink list, it’s mine.  this was delish.

iphone pics 548    

anything fried is a homerun in my book.  I don’t really care what’s inside.  pretty sure it was oysters.  but who really knows.

iphone pics 549

shrimp cocktail is also a favorite.  I think each shrimp only cost about $5.  what a bargain.

iphone pics 550


Some fish and gnocchi (love that doughy, potato goodness), and scallop pasta.  all of my favorite things in one meal.  does life get better than that.

iphone pics 551

oh, it does.  dessert.  yum.

iphone pics 552

Because we really know how to party and wanted to cram in as much fun as possible on our night away, we were on our phones at dinner finding out when the next showing of ‘Hunger Games’ was.  We wanted to make sure we got there in plenty of time to catch all of the trailers and to get the best seats in the house.  we got there approximately 37 minutes early.  in case you are wondering, that’s plenty of time to get the best seats and not miss any trailers.

That’s how you have a fancy fun evening out without any kids.  done and back home by 1pm on Sunday.

Just in time for me to have some bonding time with Jillian.  it’s been awhile Jillian.  I was taking Sunday as a rest day, and thought Ripped in 30 would be the perfect complement to a rest day.  she kicked my booty.  I did week 3 and half of week 4.  hurt so good.  I’m not a huge fan of the pump you up inspirational mumbo jumbo she shouts at you the whole time – but she said one thing at the end, that made me feel like, oh, Jillian, you are speaking right to me, aren’t you?  I get you now, Jillian.

I would like to share this little tidbit that spoke my running love language…

When you think you don’t have more, that’s when you need to fight’

so true J girl, so true.  and this is what I need to keep remembering.  in everything.  especially with this upcoming race.  pretty darn sure I tell myself at the end that I don’t have more.  instead of stopping there and getting defeated – I’ve gotta find the fight.  and that’s exactly what my hubs tells me I’m lacking in the end (in the nicest, you are so fast and strong and capable and beautiful, kind of way).  the fight.  I’m going to find it.  good stuff JM.  that is why she makes the big bucks.  and why I do not.

This is one little exercise that I was excited to see in Runner’s World that I am going to incorporate into my next round of training.  It’s called a Float Workout.  It helps you find the fight and keep it. 

iphone pics 572

If someone passes me, I tend to lose it.  and the gap grows between me and that person.  and I can’t get it back.  this speedwork is designed to help you get that surge of energy to push it faster when you are already going race pace, to shorten that distance between you and whoever is trying to take your spot.  yes, they are trying to take your spot.  I am highly competitive.  I don’t want to let them take my spot anymore.  

In the speedwork – your ‘recovery’ jog is not really a jog, it’s just slightly slower than the speed interval.  very interesting.  It teaches your body to move the lactate out of your muscles, so that during the real deal, you aren’t fatigued when you need to give it an extra push to get ahead or lessen the gap.  here are a couple versions of this…

 iphone pics 568

sounds kind of grueling in a fun and challenging way.  can’t wait.

iphone pics 569

go do it.  have fun. 

And here we are.  today.  still no running.  still holding off until Wednesday.  even though I feel really good.  I think I am growing up.  doing responsible things like making smart decisions about running so that I don’t destroy my legs and any chance of continuing to do this thing I love.  I have run 3 times in the past 2 weeks.  crazy.  and I’m ok

I did hang out on the stairmaster this morning for 45 minutes (7 miles, it tells me) with my girls Carrie and Ali.   

iphone pics 557

While my little A girl couldn’t decide whether she wanted to go swimming or play soccer.  when in doubt, don’t make decisions.  do both.

iphone pics 558

I must say, Ali looks pretty fantastic.  and she just ran a marathon and that’s what she says got her in great shape and got rid of 20 extra pounds!  go her.  I just love Carrie.  I do.  I actually bought that Self because I wanted to see what she had to say for herself.  I’ve got country in my bones.  can’t help it.  and the SHAPE came in the mail.  they just can’t quit me.  they told me in many a piece of mail for months that they were cancelling my subscription if I didn’t pay.  and look, there it still came.  they must know it’s my birthday month and are being extra nice to me, because I celebrate all month.  I’m so special. 

My mom knows I celebrate all month too.  and she brought me some fun little presents.  she’s actually a day late, because today is the second day of the month, but I will forgive her – because one of the little presents was in the form of a cute little Lululemon gift card.  there’s nothing better.  I’m not kidding.  not even chocolate.  blasphemy, I know, but it’s true.  

What a long, fun filled, short weekend – so much to chat about.  much more to come that needs to be chatted about.  new sneaks.  that chicken chili recipe that I need to share with you.  more fun running workouts.  how it’s officially ok now to be tapering for a marathon, but the fact that I’ve been un-officially tapering for over a week stresses me out a bit, even though I know it was the best only thing to do.  how sometimes decisions are made not because they want to be made but because they have to be made.  and you hope that it all turns out ok in the end.  that kind of stuff.

Now, I want to hear about YOU!

How were the races, friends?!?!

Any fun dining experiences?

Any fun workouts?

Any country music fans?

Colchester 1/2 Race Day Recap


Official stats –

30th overall out of 625

3rd female out of 221


6:46 pace


My stellar husband got up with tweedle dee at 5am, so I could sleep. 

iphone pics 338

I slept until 6:30 when little cherub #3 came looking for me, and got to it.  Of course I was not prepared and did not have coffee.  Once again, aforementioned husband comes to the rescue with an iced coffee from the best little coffee shop this side of the Mississippi.  or the Connecticut River.  either one.  This ensures things move on out smoothly before the race.  That, combined with my staple pre-race breakfast. 

iphone pics 327

quaker instant, flax, peanut butter.  stick to your ribs breakfast

I usually add a little protein powder to the mix as well.  I’ve been trying to get away from the pre-packaged oatmeal, and have been doing well with eating the real oats.  but this was a special occasion.  This is what I eat before any race.  I was not going to mix it up today in the name of clean-er eating. 

Typical morning followed – made breakfast for the crew – scrambled eggs, cereal, whatever else they demanded ordered asked for.  I got myself ready.  showered, makeup’d – I absolutely put on complete makeup before a race.  it just so happens that I ran out of just about all of my makeup, and I have yet to replace most of it.  the makeup today wasn’t super nice.  but then again, I wasn’t going to walk the red carpet, so it wasn’t the end of the world. 

This was the original wardrobe plan for the race:

iphone pics 328

decked out in lulu.  those are the wunder under legging pants.  not made for running specifically, but phenomenal.  did not budge.  and the only pants that go to my ankles.  in love.  will talk more about them in a lulu post.  I may have bought some other things.  that I could not live without. 

I really liked the 10am start time.  We didn’t leave the house until about 8:45, and we were still there pretty early.  another thing I get crazy about – getting to the race with PLENTY of time.  We were parked and unloaded by 9:15.  I like to be on the early side.  This gave me plenty of time to get myself to the little ladies room, and make sure my laces were tied and my pants were on.  Last minute, I grabbed a long sleeve shirt and decided to change into it.  It was REALLY windy out.  the weatherman did not lie.  the wind definitely came out to play today.  I think it was about 40 degrees, but felt a lot colder because of the wind.  I was happy I grabbed the shirt, but I would have been ok if I stuck with the short sleeve.  I actually wished I had kept the short sleeve on about half way through, and then when the wind almost blew me sideways off the road, I was glad I had longsleeve. 

iphone pics 333

don’t mind me.  just digging in my goodie bag for my sport beans and my gu. 

The night before the race, my husbands cousin decided he would run with me.  This made me really happy.  FYI- he runs a 2:50’s marathon and a sub 7hour, 50 mile ultramarathon.  He has put in 90 miles this week, before the race.  no big deal.  and I also met up with another friend of mine that I didn’t know was running.  happy day. 

iphone pics 331

The race started right on time.  10am sharp.  straight into the wind.  I think it was about 25mph.  no exaggeration.  and the wind continued head on for probably about 75% of the race.  The course was a big loop.  Let me refresh you one more time on the elevation map of this course.  because you have only seen it twice this week. 


The hills definitely joined the half marathon party today.  I could not imagine them away.  I wasn’t even able to downplay them into smaller hills.  They were every bit as horrible as they look in that map.  I really try not to exaggerate, but I would dare say they were worse than they look.  They were steep and there were a lot of them.  Hills within hills.  The race ended on a 2 mile climb with a significantly strong headwind.  That many hills should not be allowed in one race.

I took my first powerade gel, I think it was tangerine, at mile 5.  I’m surprised I didn’t gag it back up.  I usually can’t do gu.  This wasn’t horrible, but I try not to let it touch my tongue so that I don’t really have to taste it.  I took sport beans around mile 11 – this was hard because they are just hard to chew and swallow without aspirating them into a lung.  especially while I was chugging up a hill. 

I was definitely the idiot who stopped running before I actually crossed the finish line.  everybody was yelling at me to keep running the 15 feet to cross.  I could have sworn that the mat I ran over 10 feet back was the finish line.  apparently not. 

The race was very well run, but very boring.  and I don’t need to tell you again it was hilly.  to put it mildly.  there were no spectators and it was basically running on roads through the woods.  there was a bit of it on dirt/rock roads.  back country. 

We bolted right after the race.  There were no medals, no t-shirts, no rewards.  Nothing.  This was great.  I really don’t need another race tshirt that I wont wear, or a medal that my kids will fight over.  Unless I’m going to get 3 medals to pass out to the littles, I don’t really need it.  It only cost $12 to run it, and it’s a not-for-profit race.  I think there was a lot of food for those who stuck around, but after running and my husband trucking the kids around, we were ready to go -after a nice little shot with my cheering crew.  It took a few to get a half decent one.  no one wants to look at the camera at the same time.

iphone pics 330 

this is just a hot mess. and get a load of that forehead vein.  in full force today. 


iphone pics 332       

missing Alex.  hello again vein. 



iphone pics 334   iphone pics 335


as good as it gets 


The nice thing about a half, is that you still have the rest of the day.  to not relax, go to birthday parties, play with children and go to the 99 for dinner.  My first choice was Red Robin, but the 99 was closer.  99 won. 

iphone pics 336

I got a nice cobb salad, hold the bacon dressing on the side.  good stuff.  I really don’t have too much of an appetite after a long run. 

and now I am replenishing the muscles with a nice big bag of these.  and some dark chocolate. 

iphone pics 337



Race Reflections

After the race, my husband asked me, “So, what did you learn???”  I like this question.  As with anything we do in life, there are things to be learned.  About life, about the particular thing we are doing at the time.  About ourselves.  Growth can happen.  growing is good.  I love to run.  I love the introspection and life reflection that comes with it.  I love how it allows me to dig in and figure out what drives me or what doesn’t drive me.  I love the physical challenge of it.  I love the results, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.  This run kind of kicked off my racing for the year.  I was excited about this.  I have 49 days until my first marathon.  I have A LOT of work to do to get sub 3.  This is good to delve into my thoughts and figure out what’s going on with me.  Here is what I have come up with so far, to answer my husbands question. 

Physical – hills are hard.  I respect the hill.  I am going to run a lot more hills.  Physically, I conquered the hills today.  I took the challenge of this hilly race, and finished it.  Physically, I am capable of a lot more than my mind lets me believe.  I felt great at the end of the run.  My legs felt good, my breathing was good.  I had no knee pain, or pain anywhere.  This made me very happy.  I think one of my underlying concerns is always injury.  I’m always afraid that the next run or the next race will end in injury.  Physically, I am strong.  I want to get stronger to help prevent injury, and I can put that fear to rest.  I have also put on about 10 lbs since my last race in the fall.  10lbs fell from the sky and landed on my hips.  I am a female and my body kind of does what it wants.  I call it my winter weight and my I’m almost 30, I have little control over my weight, weight.  I was probably about 3-5 lbs under an ideal racing weight this past fall, but I felt good.  Now, I feel I am about 5 lbs above an ideal racing weight, for me, and was having anxiety leading up to this run about how it would effect my running.  I got rid of the scale.  Out of the house.  I have plans to do a post on this topic on it’s own, but this was something I was holding onto leading up to this run.  Regardless of the 5 or 10 extra lbs, physically, I felt great today. 

Mental – I have a great respect for the power of the mind over the body.  My husband said that my biggest challenge is not running a certain time, but overcoming the mental boundaries that I let determine my physical capabilities.  I wanted to win today.  I also wanted to PR.  My last marathon PR was a totally flat, fast, ideal weather race.  I thought it would have been a challenge to PR today.  It also would have been a challenge to win.  I wanted to win more.  Today, at mile 5, a woman passed me.  She was no more than 10 seconds ahead of me at any given time.  She won.  In the last half mile, another girl passed me up the last hill.  She got 2nd place.  I got 3rd.  14 seconds behind her.  At some point between starting the race and mile 11, I let my desire to win go.  Getting a PR was enough.  And I am beyond happy that I took over 1 minute off my previous flat half, on an unbelievable hilly, cold, windy race course.  That is a success.  But I still let something else go that was within reach because my mind was stronger than what I knew I could physically accomplish.  I do this over and over – I am ok with 2nd, or 3rd.  I don’t want to be.  I look at the results and grow increasingly aggravated that I didn’t push it harder at the end.  26 seconds between me and first place.  That’s less than 1/10 of a mile.  I let my mind settle for something less than I am capable of doing.  Last year, I wanted to run a sub 1:30 half.  So I ran a 1:29:36.  For the race today, I wanted to PR, by running less than a 1:29.  I ran a 1:28:26.  I let my mind limit my body.  Those are the results below for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place women.  I’m on the bottom.  I don’t want to be that close and be at the bottom.  I want to be on the top.  I can do it.  I need to stop letting my mind get in the way.     

27 1007 Katie Libby F 1/35    F3034   1/221  33       1:28:00.19   6:44

29 378 Molly Evak F 1/30    F2529   2/221  29          1:28:12.12   6:44

30 187 Katie Edwards F 2/30    F2529   3/221  29   1:28:26.59   6:46


Emotional – there is a process to everything.  I guess I still kind of consider myself a ‘new’ runner, just starting to move out of the ‘new’ stage.  I didn’t seriously start running until after I had Luke.  I ran before, but I didn’t put the time into it like I have in the past 2 years.  I have run more races in the past 6 or 7 months than I think I have run in the previous 3 years total.  I am still figuring out how to run and what works for me.  I definitely go into races, especially these smaller ones, wanting to win, or at least win age group.  I think it is going to take a certain amount of time and some races under my belt until I figure out how to really want it.  Like I said above, I tend to settle into certain goals, play it safe and let certain goals go when someone passes me on a race, and default to the next best while the first one is right within reach.  It’s going to take a certain number of 2nd, 3rd and 4th places until I’ve had enough of that and find the push to take more.  I’m in the process.  I think we are all in the process of something.  whether it’s actually the running, or the working out, or the job, or the family – whatever it is.  We are always figuring it out and getting ready to take it to the next step.  I have 49 days to keep training for the next race, physically and mentally.  running is not my life, but it makes up part of my life, and it is important to me.  Running certainly helps balance the other parts of what makes me move and groove.   

I’m always happy with the race.  satisfied.  on a runner’s high all day from running well.  As the day goes on after a race, and I reflect on how it went, I quickly realize there was more to give.  satisfied is not enough for me.  This is why I run.  It’s always a challenge – in many ways.  After I finished today, my daughter runs up to me and says, ‘Mom, you won!’  I said well, I got 3rd place for the women, and that’s great.  She said, ‘yeah, you won, you got 3rd place!’  and she’s right.  I ran.  I finished.  I won.  It’s always a win when you run, and you finish.  no matter what the place.  It’s always a win when you get out there and do something.  find in yourself what your winning something is and make it happen. 


I would love to hear about your race stories and personal wins!  Race season is coming up and I’m sure a lot of you have races coming.  Feel free to share, and I would love to mention you on the blog!  Also, feel free to email if you would like to read about a certain topic or have questions you want answered. 


What is your biggest challenge in running? 


Stick a fork in me



16 miles on the treadmill.  1 hr 58 minutes.  varying speed and incline.  this run was so all over the place, I don’t even know where to begin.  I made the bright decision to take it to the tread today.  the weather was just atrocious for outdoor running.  sunny, beautiful, 45 degrees.  CT in January.  my goodness.  who the heck wants to run outside in that?  not me.  that’s for darn sure.  that sounds like pure torture.  running inside on the treadmill for 16 miles is a MUCH smarter, funner (it is a word when you live with little people), happier way to run. 

ok.  I did have good reason to run on the treadmill.  it was a little bit chilly outside.  not buying that one?  how about this.  I had already put it in my head that I was going to do the 16 on the treadmill.  then the weather decided to cooperate.  but my mind was set.  and it’s hard to change this lady’s mind once it’s set on something.  another reason…I’ve been doing most of my running on the treadmill.  switching gears for me is a very hard thing to do.  keeping it on the treadmill gear was just fine.  #3 reason was that I wanted to listen to music.  I’m just starting to enjoy some country pandora while I run, and I’m not comfortable actually holding the iPhone while I run outside, when I can just put it on the treadmill, inside.  (after listening to country for 2 hours – I’ve learned you can solve all the world’s problems with an ice cold beer, and an old pickup truck.  maybe a girl in a red dress.  easy peasy)  #4, same thing with my agua.  I wanted to drink it while I ran, but did not want to actually hold the bottle.  treadmill is good for something again.  treadmill it was.

Miles 1-6, 8mph, 1% incline and alternated 4%, 5%, 6% incline for the last 1/4 mile of every mile. 

Miles 7-16, 8mph-8.5mph, 1-2% incline.

For reference, running 16 miles on a treadmill is about as boring as watching paint dry.  or copying the dictionary.  take that back.  copying the dictionary is way more fun and entertaining.  

no smiles. get me outta this gym.

My stoic look after running for 2 hours on the treadmill.  where am I?  how did I get here?  how do I get home? 

I’m pretty sure people were looking at me funny.  The treadmill only goes for 60 minutes.  then I switched treadmills and started her up again.  Has anyone done a really long run on a treadmill and felt like people were staring like get this girl a doctor she has clearly lost her mind.  can’t wait until I do 20 on the treadmill and have to restart it twice:-) that’ll be fun. 

I actually felt great, physically.  my legs were good.  my knees were good.  the only thing that wasn’t great was my stomach.  whatever I had eaten way too close to my run beforehand was definitley not digested and kept trying to make an appearance for the first 10 miles.  then is finally settled.  like a rock in my colon.  that was equally not fun. and I just decided I do not like that word colon.  kind of like the word moist.  won’t use that again. weird.  moving on.    

I was most excited to see these two things when I got home – my red sweatshirt, nice and clean.  and my iced coffee.  awwwww.  so good.  I’m always excited to jump into my sweats when I get home.  but I’m super flipping excited to do it after a long workout.  and a nice shower. 

somehow I lost my pointer finger. not sure what happened to it. nothing easy about taking a picture AND holding a cup. casualties happen.

the tough thing about coming home to 3 kids after running 16 miles, is that you are coming home to 3 kids after running 16 miles.  I guess ideally, I would love to make myself some nice food, like a salad or something, and sit for a minute.  or at least think for a minute about what I would like to do.  nope.  those 3 kids need to eat IMMEDIATELY.  and they need a diaper change IMMEDIATELY.  and they need to cut and glue and staple every piece of paper IMMEDIATELY, and put on a ballet show and sing and dance as soon as I walk in the door.  I grab wildly at whatever food I can find.  don’t care if it’s crusty pb&j from lunch 3 hours ago.  just feed me.  something.  then I get the shower and the nice cozy clothes.  ahhhhh.

I took the girls on a no boys allowed they have cooties dinner (Luke was sleeping and Davey was more than happy to watch a movie in a quiet house for an hour) to Chipotle.  I had an intense craving for Chipotle and heads would roll if I didn’t get there.  we got there and I made the poor decision of adding carnitas to my burrito bowl.  why would I do that?  I don’t even know what carnitas is.  I would have been perfectly happy with my usual beans and rice veggie bowl.  It must have been all that protein talk earlier in the day the got me all confused and feeling like I had to add meat to my veggie bowl.  I had to ask the guy what it was at the checkout. turns out it’s some sort of pulled pork.  maybe I should have asked before I requested it for dinner.  not going to do that again.  veggies please. 

those carnitas are hiding under there waiting to disappoint my Chipotle meal. I will eat you anyway and pretend to enjoy it.

The girls were happy with their bean, rice, quesedilla dinner.  they were happier with their “spicy water” – aka club soda to normal folk. 

will you please stop taking pictures of me and let me just eat my rice and beans. please. mom. gosh. so annoying.

she always looks guilty. I think she's smuggling chips. or spicy water. can't be sure.

And I thought it would be fun and exciting to sugar the kids up before bed.  WHO WANTS TO GO TO TCBY?!?!  ok ok.  we’ll go.

sorry, Alex. only part of your face was cool enough to be a part of this picture. catch ya next time.

that's my spoon in the cup. I thought he would share with me. it's not very fun to share with a 2 year old. getting my own next time.

Luke went after that froyo like it was the last cup of froyo on earth.  Not even sure what ended up in that cup.  trying to get 3 kids through a self serve froyo line – not as easy peasy lemon squeezy as you think.  I apologize to everyone who was behind us in line.  I did my best to keep their precious little fingers out of the cookie dough and strawberries.  I’m confident they didn’t sneeze or cough on the goods.  that I can tell you.  but I’m only human. 

and that’s all she wrote!  ’twas a  good day.  any day that ends with frozen yogurt must be a good day.  Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.  yeehaw. 

What’s  your favorite frozen yogurt place/and topping?

I like TCBY, but it’s not the same as when I was a kid.  I’m so excited friends of ours are opening a new FroYo place in my town called SweetFrogs – anyone heard of that?  I got the cake batter tonight – did not enjoy it.  So I kept steeling bites of Anna’s chocolate.  she didn’t like that.    

What is your favorite food after a long run/hard workout?

Is everyone relaxing on Sunday, or is it a long run/workout kind of a day? 



Music to my ears on a snowy day


Workout – long run, took it to the treadmill because this is what the scary outdoors looks like –

I don’t do cold.  I most definitely don’t do cold and snow.  13.1 treadmill miles, 1-2% incline.  92 min.  The plan was to run 14  – but I had to be home by 9am.  I figured I would make it a half marathon and maybe get the other .9 in later today.  right.   😉   

It is official.  I do have the best husband in the world.  I did marry the right person.  6:15 this morning, first words out of his mouth when we both got up – it just started snowing, go to the gym now and get your 14 miles in!! NOW!!!be still my heart, I love this man.  there are no othe words I want to hear at that hour

I scootched my hiney out the door and got my butt to the gym.  didn’t even think twice about how I was about to run 14 miles on an empty stomach and that might not be a great idea.  hubs texted me about 1/2 an hour into my run to see if I could be home by 9 so he could out and plow snow.  no problemo.  I’m the happiest girl in the world right now running on the treadmill.  I picked up my pace, but knew I wasn’t going to make 14 miles.  I’m usually all about round numbers, but I also like 13.1 because it’s a half marathon.  so I stopped at 13.1.  job done.  on with the day. 

Post run.  happy endorphins flowing. 

asics speedstar sneakers. might be my new favorites. shhhh. don't tell the kinvaras 😦

had this waiting for me in my car.  I’ve never had these, but they were on sale.  pretty good for an on the go, post run snack.  I like to stuff my face immediately after I run.  especially a long run.  and then again about 30 minutes later.  and every hour thereafter.  works for me. 

Lots happened in the 2 hours I was gone…

Luke ate half a bag of fiber one cereal – about 250% his daily value of fiber.  this should be interesting. 

fiber child also broke my camera.  looking on the bright side, it didn’t take the most quality of pictures ( it was NOT my horrible photography skills that made every picture blurry), so now I have to buy a new one.

I made pumpkin pancakes when I got home.  I found them on THIS BLOG– the kidlings seemed to like them.  I thought they were delightful.  I also thought standing at the stove for an hour sounded delightful, too because I doubled the recipe.  lotsa batter.  not gonna do that again.   

I don’t know what it is about snowy days that make me want to bake every type of delicious cookie and brownie that comes to mind.  was hoping the pumpkin pancakes would satisfy my need to create.  they didn’t.  too bad I don’t have any ingredients for anything except a 2/3 gone back of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  that’s not gonna  get me very far. might have to take a trip to the store.  in the snow.  desperate times call for desperate measures.   I’ll let you know if I come up with anything good.  don’t hold your breath. 

We have a birthday party to go to this afternoon and hopefully a nice quiet night of foam rolling and maybe some icing.  One of my favorite things is spontaneous get togethers with friends that force me out of making dinner.  such a thing happened last night.  beautiful.  our neighbors came over and we ordered Thai food.  I’m hoping for such a thing to happen again tonight.  if not – pumpkin pancakes for dinner.  I have about 40 of them. 

What is your favorite post run snack/meal?

Do you like pancakes?

What is the best news you could hear on a Saturday morning? 


Saturday Runs


Workout:  8 mile treadmill run, 1.5% incline, 6:45 min/mile avg pace + 2 miles on elliptical = 10 miles

I get VERY excited for my Saturday workout.  Like really really excited.  Pathetic, I know.  D man goes hunting early and I shoot out the door as soon as he walks in.  My weekday workouts are usually shorter and rushed because I don’t have the time.  I don’t always get to do the workout I want, just what I have time for.  But Saturday.  I look forward to it alllllll week.  I can take my time.  Do what I want.  Glorious.

Some weekends, such as this one, if I’m REALLY lucky, I get TWO good workouts.  No church tomorrow=nothing going on ALL day=me and the gym have another HOT date.  Life does not get better than that my friends.   

Gym gear for the day - I like pink

On Saturdays, I rarely do the workout I have in mind – but not because I don’t have time.  The plan today was to get in at least 12 miles.  The issue again was the knee.  Really does seem to have a mind of its own.  Lets name it.  We’ll call it “lefty”.  I’m cruising along just fine and dandy –  BAM.  Mile 6, lefty has had enough.  Made it to 8 miles and called it.  Gave it a little stretching TLC.  Threw in a quick strength circuit, then jumped on the elliptical to make it a 10 mile day.

Close up of the pink sneaks for your viewing pleasure.  I get at least 3 compliments every time I wear them to the gym.  Totally worth the $48 I spent on them.  Even if I am cheating on my Kinvara’s.

I’ll fill you in on all of my new years resolutions that I’ve made and already broken tomorrow.  Until then, this is probably what my New Year’s Eve will look like…

We spare NO expense ringing in the New Year

sitting on the couch watching “Inception” or “Bridesmaids” for the 18th time.  As long as the chickadees are soundly sleeping – I’m a happy girl:)