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Morning Swim


4 mile ‘run’ 
And bath time tonight.  that was kind of a workout. 
And the two hours before that we’re pretty intense. kids were off the wall. 
let’s just say from 4:30am on made for a pretty un-restful, crazy day. workin’ it all day long. 

What else do you do when little insomniac is up at 4:30am and the rest of the house is doing what they should be doing at that hour.  run. buh bye rest day.  Its better not to commit to things like, tomorrow will be a rest day, because life is wildly unpredictable with kids and you just never know when 4 extra miles might sneak in.  really, not so much a crazy run.  more like kill some time and get out of the house to let my sleeping beauties sleep run
I stuck my handsome devil in the stroller and took him on a run date.  happy to be alive, not so happy to be stuck in the stroller.
he insisted on wearing the hat. too cool for school, that boy. 
we ran.  and he hates the jogger.  so I had to keep it wildly interesting by excitingly shouting things at him like, DID YOU SEE THAT SPARROW FLY INTO THAT TREE?!?!  and, HOLY MOLY LOOK HOW FAST THAT CHIPMUNK CAN RUN!!!  or, LOOK AT THAT BIG WHITE CHURCH, ISN’T IT AMAZING?!?  we tried to sing songs, but he gets very angry when I start singing abc’s.  maybe because he doesn’t know them yet and he’s a little sensitive about that. pandora it is. Taylor Swift has a slightly better voice than me anyway. yes, I like t. swift and I made my son listen to her. I’m ok with that.
we passed the barns and headed down to the ferry. 

the longest continuously running ferry in the U.S. of A. fun fact

we had a lovely time by the CT river. 

Luke is “petting” the water. because thats what you do, you “pet” water.  precious child. 

I had to ruin the nice pictures by sticking my head in there. just for proof that I was there.  bonding with my son. 

until daredevil decided to make our run date exciting and go for a swim. 

then he was a little pissy pants.  

When pandora failed to entertain, I had to bribe him with his own run. as soon as we got to the corner of my street, it was his turn. nakey butt and all. 

that completes the long drawn out four mile non run day adventure. but not quite. we had chores to do when we got home. 

put ’em to work. get that trash can securely put away my little man. and do it quickly, there is weeding to be done. 

and it is finally 6:20 am. now what. 

Day 1 of summer break. 

Last night, I’m all, this is fantastic, I’m so excited to spend every waking moment with my three precious little cherubs, what a blessing to have ALL summer with them. me and the kids. the kids and me. la dee da. happy summer. 

Day 1 of summer. 

me and the kids.  the kids and me.  I am truly blessed to spend the summer with and always be at home with my kids. I am excited to spend many moments with my children.  perhaps not every waking moment from 4:30am on. let’s find some balance.  and we’ll all make it past this first day of summer just fine and dandy.

This summer will be about priorities and keeping them in line. and about having fun. lots of fun.

One priority for me would be sleeping past 5am, but I don’t think little bundle of energy is on board with that one. 

Here are some other priorities, in the form of a list!

1.  Be patient. I know I won’t make it through the whole summer if I can’t muster up a decent amount of patience. it’s in there somewhere.  now would be a good time to harness it.

2.  Quality kid time. with each kid. it could just be reading a book or sitting outside folding laundry while they play whilst we all melt in the summer heat. thats special time. they don’t need a lot. just a little love and water to grow. 

3.  Quality hubs time. which will be happening tonight, thank the good Lord. it’s been one long summer day and this is a well deserved night out. mama can decompress. and have a nice cocktail. yum. 

4.  Run. given. 

5. Go with the flow. don’t be a crazy schedule stickler. it’s summer. there technically is no schedule. it’s like one big revolving day. it never ends. 

6. Eat healthy. so easy to do in the summer. fresh produce abounds everywhere. 

7.   Get organized so I can stop doing things like going to the grocery store three days in a row. I don’t know, I could probably thing of a few better things to do with my time than spend it at the store. everyday. 

8. Spend time doing educational things with the girls. Luke can fend for himself. #1 is going into first grade, big kid stuff now. I have to get in touch with my inner teacher and make sure she can still read and write by the time this summer deal is over. maybe I’ll try to teach her some new tricks too, if I’m really feeling inspired.  

This one is well underway. let’s see how long it lasts. kids nicely educating themselves under the tent. we keep a big circus tent setup in the backyard. because its like a circus around here. not really. it’s the grandparents’ 80th bday this weekend, big festivities. requiring some tent action. 

9.  God. church every sunday is great and lovely, but the personal side of faith is easily neglected as a mom, or just as a human being.  I get in this downward spiral where life stuff consumes me and I spend less time in devotion, or prayer, or just spiritual, faith filled things.  gotta be brought back up to the top. pray more. done. 

That gives a general priority list – then I have to set some goals to make those priorities happen. Hopefully I will do that by the end of the summer. and all these things will carry forward like habit. they are pretty much always priorities, I just want to pay better attention to them. give them the care they deserve and require.  

Bring on the summer and many happy days. and lots of miles. and lots of smiles. and no broken bones or anything like that

What’s on tap for the weekend, my friends???

I’ll fill you in on my exciting weekend on Monday! 

Tweet Me Nicely


Workout – 30 minutes easy elliptical (this is taper time) and 20 minutes of leg strength:

Seated adductors/abductors

Seated squats

Plie squats with shoulders

I don’t think I’ve been this excited to go to the gym at 5:30 am in quite awhile.  what could this be?  the stellar terrific run I had yesterday?  the run that quite possibly still has me high on endorphins and loving every little miniscule part of life?  even butterflies.  and poopy diapers.  ok not poopy diapers.  dislike.  or my two year old who is trying to eat me alive today with terrible screaming fits.  I love him.  but dislike the very inconvenient meltdown tantrums in the middle of whole foods.  pretty sure I could live without that.  but loving every other part of life. 

I am really very excited that I ran yesterday and am walking to tell about it today.  I absolutely don’t feel perfect.  My right leg is tight, but not ‘splinty’.  that makes me want to sing and dance.  especially considering I ran a marathon just over a week ago.  if there was ‘splinty leg’ to be had, it would for sure be happening right now.  that’s my theory.  so the fact that it just feels tight and not holy crap I can’t walk without it hurting, makes me feel pretty darn good.  REST DOES A BODY GOOD! 

I could use more rest for that leg, for sure.  and I will rest it until Saturday.  then I will continue to rest it for a bit after that.  but then I have a half marathon one month later that I LOVE TO RUN.  my favorite half marathon.  not because it’s the only half I have run besides the horrid colchester hills this past february.  my heart belongs to Ironhorse.  there is nothing spectacular or exciting about this half.  just that it works well for me.  and I want to rock it this year.  back when I was planning my races and the projected outcome of each one for the year, this was going to be a big half PR race.  BUT, lesson learned from my personal Gansett nightmare – I will definitely adjust my goals accordingly depending on how I feel leading up to it.  I don’t need to have another complete meltdown half way through the race and start hyperventilating in a sobbing mess.  what?  that didn’t happen at gansett.  you’re crazy.

that’s all there is to it.  I love to run.  I love to challenge myself.  I love to push the line.  I have lost my mental edge a little bit these past couple months.  and I felt it big time in my last race.  maybe it’s because the running has been lacking in a major way.  maybe it’s because I haven’t been pushing myself everyday.  whatever it is, my little run yesterday gave me a taste again for running hard.  I want to, need to, hold on to that.  especially this weekend.  big goals, or little goals, make it work.  push it hard.  make it happen.  give it your best everytime.  and everytime it will get easier.  i think.  that’s my plan anyway.  feel free to join me.



Alright all of you Twitter Tweeple.  tweeple.  I’m so witty.  and so original.  i’m sure NO ONE has every used that word before.  anyway you lovely tweeps tweeting out there – I’m in.  I did it for you, FitFluential.  They told me I could let you peeps know this, I have been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador!  Yay! 

Ok, I’m not exactly 100% certain yet what that means, but hopefully it means some very good things for YOU and ME in the future.  I’m still crossing my T’s and dotting my i’s with them, but this should be fun.

That is why you will see the little “follow me on twitter” button over yonder in the sidebar.  nothing fancy because nothing on this free blogspace of mine is fancy.  yet.  and I am pretty clueless about the in’s and out’s of twitter, so please bear with me as I learn.  so if you ‘follow’ me, be kind to any silly ‘tweets’ that make their way out into the twitter world.  It’s a big big world out there, all that Twitter stuff.  kinda crazy.  kinda funny.



I am in the countdown mode to Nashville.  This is going to be a lot more work to ‘prep’ for this race – in more than just getting myself ready to run.  I think it will be good for me to run COMPLETELY 100% outside of my comfort zone. 

I’m bringing my two little girls with me.  and my mom.  I need backup.  and leaving the boys at home.  the little girls don’t know about the trip yet.  this was more self-preservation of my sanity than anything.  I do want them to be surprised, but I really didn’t want them packing for a month and asking me every 5 minutes for 3 weeks, when are we going to nashville???  so, they won’t know where we are going until 5:00am on Friday morning when they are pulled from their slumber to get to the airport.  so fun. 

Lots of prep for this.  like I said.  make sure the boys are all set.  make sure the girls are all set with a gazillion activities to keep them busy on the plane. 

This is going to be a busy week.  especially since I am still busy with bday celebrations – tonight, tomorrow and Thursday night.  quite the social calendar I have this week.  and evenings are really when most of my ‘stuff’ gets done because the days are pretty shot with kid stuff. 

my getting to bed by 9pm everynight this week plan might not pan out so well.  I will do my best.

I will also do my best to stay away from Lululemon this week and avoid the I must buy a new marathon outfit crazy talk.  I promise.  I will do my best.

I will also do my best to keep up on the blog this week.  it may be tough.  but, now you can keep up with me on twitter!  as soon as I figure out how to do that.

I will also do my best not to go crazy figuring out pace calculations and other pre-race mental stuff I do.  this is going to be a nice race.  nice.

I will also do my best to ice, compress, roll.  ice, compress, roll.  repeat. 

and I will do my best to keep my happy/life is good/go with the flow/anything is possible/dream big work hard attitude.  and you should too.  go for a run if you can’t find it.  it might be out on the road somewhere.  or hiding behind a bush, so don’t be afraid to take a potty break if you need to. 

that’s it for me.

Luke is outside somewhere.  maybe trying to find his happiness.  I hope he finds it.  for my sake.  and I need to go find him.  and I must feed the children.  doing my job.


Who’s on Twitter???

Who has run a Rock and Roll marathon before? 

When do you get most of your busy/housework stuff done? 


Music to my ears on a snowy day


Workout – long run, took it to the treadmill because this is what the scary outdoors looks like –

I don’t do cold.  I most definitely don’t do cold and snow.  13.1 treadmill miles, 1-2% incline.  92 min.  The plan was to run 14  – but I had to be home by 9am.  I figured I would make it a half marathon and maybe get the other .9 in later today.  right.   😉   

It is official.  I do have the best husband in the world.  I did marry the right person.  6:15 this morning, first words out of his mouth when we both got up – it just started snowing, go to the gym now and get your 14 miles in!! NOW!!!be still my heart, I love this man.  there are no othe words I want to hear at that hour

I scootched my hiney out the door and got my butt to the gym.  didn’t even think twice about how I was about to run 14 miles on an empty stomach and that might not be a great idea.  hubs texted me about 1/2 an hour into my run to see if I could be home by 9 so he could out and plow snow.  no problemo.  I’m the happiest girl in the world right now running on the treadmill.  I picked up my pace, but knew I wasn’t going to make 14 miles.  I’m usually all about round numbers, but I also like 13.1 because it’s a half marathon.  so I stopped at 13.1.  job done.  on with the day. 

Post run.  happy endorphins flowing. 

asics speedstar sneakers. might be my new favorites. shhhh. don't tell the kinvaras 😦

had this waiting for me in my car.  I’ve never had these, but they were on sale.  pretty good for an on the go, post run snack.  I like to stuff my face immediately after I run.  especially a long run.  and then again about 30 minutes later.  and every hour thereafter.  works for me. 

Lots happened in the 2 hours I was gone…

Luke ate half a bag of fiber one cereal – about 250% his daily value of fiber.  this should be interesting. 

fiber child also broke my camera.  looking on the bright side, it didn’t take the most quality of pictures ( it was NOT my horrible photography skills that made every picture blurry), so now I have to buy a new one.

I made pumpkin pancakes when I got home.  I found them on THIS BLOG– the kidlings seemed to like them.  I thought they were delightful.  I also thought standing at the stove for an hour sounded delightful, too because I doubled the recipe.  lotsa batter.  not gonna do that again.   

I don’t know what it is about snowy days that make me want to bake every type of delicious cookie and brownie that comes to mind.  was hoping the pumpkin pancakes would satisfy my need to create.  they didn’t.  too bad I don’t have any ingredients for anything except a 2/3 gone back of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  that’s not gonna  get me very far. might have to take a trip to the store.  in the snow.  desperate times call for desperate measures.   I’ll let you know if I come up with anything good.  don’t hold your breath. 

We have a birthday party to go to this afternoon and hopefully a nice quiet night of foam rolling and maybe some icing.  One of my favorite things is spontaneous get togethers with friends that force me out of making dinner.  such a thing happened last night.  beautiful.  our neighbors came over and we ordered Thai food.  I’m hoping for such a thing to happen again tonight.  if not – pumpkin pancakes for dinner.  I have about 40 of them. 

What is your favorite post run snack/meal?

Do you like pancakes?

What is the best news you could hear on a Saturday morning? 


Are you having a baby?


Workout – Treadmill 7 mile tempo run. 1 mile warmup, 5 mi @ 6:25, 1 mile cooldown – 47 min total.  please don’t ask me what “tempo” run means.  I was told, very intelligently, last week and I can’t be expected to remember it this week.  i have to make room for more important things like 2+2=4, my name is Katie, and don’t forget to pick your daughter up from school. 

I did my workout today on the gym treadmill.  My treadmill at home can’t be trusted with that kind of precise pace requirement.  That treadmill is reserved only for the i don’t care if my pace increases or decreases at any random moment run.  A few things clued me in that this probably wasn’t going to be running through a field of daisies kind of fun running. 

#1 – the pace for the day was 6:25, for 5 miles.  need I say more

#2 – I made the bad decision of going to bed later than 10:45 but earlier than 11

#3 – I had an evening workout yesterday.  meaning it had been less than 10 hours since my previous workout.  double trouble

#4 – my little person alarm clock had me up at 4am.  couldn’t snooze button that one away.  sad. 

way too happy to be alive

#5 – I’m not 100% sure how I got from my house to the gym at 5am, but I ended up there and had to peel myself out of my car once I got there. 

#6 – my 1 mile warmup felt like a full blown speedworkout run. 

I muscled through and made it 7 miles.  I was tempted to walk the cooldown, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what the plan meant by cooldown.  that smartcoach thing should really come with an instruction manual. 

in my most favorite running shorts. saved for special occasions. they don't end up at my armpits after a run. they stay on the hips like good shorts. must be my good birthing hips that keeps every running short from staying in place. except these. love.

Funny thing, when it was all done – I felt pretty good.  actually kind of felt like I had more energy to burn.  that’s why I love just going and getting the workout in, even when I am bone tired.  If I didn’t workout every time I was tired, I’d be 250 lbs depressed on my couch.  true.  I can think of a few people who wouldn’t be happy with that.  those endorphins really have the same effect as some sort of super strong antidepressants.  when used appropriately.  at least that’s what the doc tells me.

To top off my stellar morning, my little cherub greets me on my way in the door with, “your belly is big.  are you having a BABY or something???”  why no, my darling, I’m not having a baby.  but thank you for that wonderful observation you just made.  truth be told, it’s opposite day here today.  what she really meant was “mother, you look stunningly fit and fabulous.  how do you do it???”  that’s what she meant to say.  I know it.  I get free encouragement like that all the time.  kids are so cute.  But who would trust anything coming out of this mouth anyway? 

More later, my friends – on running, on goals, on life, on whatever I feel like talking about at the moment. 


Eggs anyone?


Workout (so far) :  Treadmill, 5 miles 1%-1.5% incline  33:50

T’was my glorious morning to get up with little monkey #3.  4:45 wakeup.  Tantrums began immediately!  He got up on the wrong side of the bed and nothing I did made it any better.  Maybe I should stick him on the treadmill and get him some endorphins pumping.  just a thought.  I was prepared though.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to the gym this am:(  it is a very sad thing.  enter super husband!  Lucky for me, the kids only want their daddy in the morning.  could it be because they are tired of seeing me all day everyday??  heck, I get tired of this lovely face by the end of the day.

scary how good looking I am

 So he took over a little before 6.  AM.  and rushed me out the door to the gymbo.  I flew out of their like a pack of wild lions were chasing me.  leaving a trail of screaming kids behind me.  little cherub #1 was screaming for a waffle – I haven’t eaten in like 12 hours, I’m going to starve!!! How could you leave me?!?!  I’m POSITIVE your very capable father can feed you while I am gone.  6amand little cherub #3 smacking his lips for gum, screaming.  6am.  thankfully my #2 angel was still having sugarplum dreams.  because it’s 6am and that’s what children should be doing!!!:)

I had exactly 40 minutes from the moment my foot hit the treadmill until I had to walk back out the gym door.  It was going to have to be a speedy run.  bring on the endorphins.  thank God my husband knows how important it is for the sanity of our family for me to be properly exercised:)

made it out of the house. happiest looking face you get at 6am.

But, I am a rare breed of phenomenal wife/mother/breakfast cooker- I got to cooking as soon as I got home.  Mommy’s in a good mood – breakfast for everyone today!  (and every other day of my life:)) as soon as I walked back in the door the little monkeys started climbing all over me.  My “don’t shower and stay stinky and sweaty as long as possible so the kids won’t want to come near me” trick stopped working.  They don’t care anymore how stinky I am.  They always want something.  happy to oblige.  This morning it was eggs.  and waffles of course.  from the freezer.

need eggs? I think I need to get some chickens

After breakfast, still rocking the post workout stink glow.  Breakfast has been served. 

And lest you think I live in workout gear – I do own normal clothes!  Off to a playdate with the kiddos!

actually just had to document that I got showered and dressed. it's rare. like bigfoot sighting rare.

Last thing!  Thanks to HungryRunnerGirl at (one of my most fave blogs to read), I am smarter!  I now know exactly what tempo runs are.  Until I forget again tomorrow.  and I have to google it.  again.
Hope you made it through this SUPER long post without poking your eyes out or falling asleep.  so much to talk about.  more later peeps.   
Do YOU know what a tempo run is? Fartleks?  Repeats?   I didn’t know until not too long ago.   
What was for breakfast?
What time did you get up today?  and out of your bed:)