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Yesterday, 10 miles, early. no watch, but nailed just about exactly an 8min/mile. perfect. I was tired from life in general, not to mention the 10 hot miles the day before. 11pm bedtimes dont agree with 5am runs.  no more of that.  slow was necessary. so was a 5am start on a Sunday morning. for one, it was already really humid, for two, we had lots of family fun planned for the day. more like lots of time in the car, but if we call it family fun – its more fun. 
I snagged a couple things on the fly when I was at target the other night, put them together and called it an outfit. I want a pair of those shorts in every color.  elastic waist.  not only for pregnant women and toddlers.  heaven.  I think it worked. 
Perfect outfit to wear for sitting in the car for a few hours. and it was just about way too hot to be existing yesterday, so tank and comfy shorts it was. 
We had a birthday party to go to in NJ, which was about a 2.5 hour ride. we were crossing everything that the would be no traffic. on a holiday weekend. it worked. we made it. 
pleasant children = happy parents. no one had to be left on the side of the road. when they are not happy children in the car, the hubs and I just tune out…
that wasn’t this trip, but it’s a lovely solution to unruly children. I think it started out as my hubs trying to tune me out. oh no no. share the love. one free ear to hear the little screaming banchies in the background and one ear to be enjoying some tunes. nice. 
I woke up at 5am and had a moment of what kind of person gets up at 5am on a Sunday morning to run. really. 
It would be the kind of person that knows the importance of starting the day doing something active. the kind of person that knows the day will be a better one for doing that active thing. the kind that knows it will ALWAYS be BRUTAL to get out and get moving that early, but 3 strides into the run is feeling fantastic for being out there.  Sweating.  Moving.  It would also be the kind of person that has early rising kidlings so a true sleep in wouldn’t happen anyway. or, the kind of person that has a busy day ahead and was planning accordingly instead of letting the run get lost in it. It would also be the type with a hubs that planned a 20 mile bike ride for 6:30am – meaning the wife had to get ‘er done before that. I was approximately 1.27 minutes late getting home for my hubs to leave on his bike date – to be noted for scheduling next time. 
All in a day – 10 miles for me, 20 mile bike + 3 mile run for the hubs, feed the little monsters which usually ends up being a restaurant style a la carte affair, wash car, get kids pulled together – my little hot mess, where to begin with him…
and beautify myself only to melt in the heat, drive to NJ to party hardy, thank the good lord that Luke slept for 2.5 of the 3 hour, thanks to traffic, drive back. 
tuck the kids in and crash. and finish off what we didn’t start the night before. 
for a long, full day well done. 
I dont have a clue what is on the agenda for the day. now that marathon training has begun, my schedule is a little turned around. I think today is a rest/cross training day, where that is typically Tuesday for me. throw me out of my routine and I get a little crazy. breathe. take it one moment at a time. pretty sure I am not running today. it will probably just be a strength day. and run tomorrow. who knows.  I’m sure I’ll pull through. 
Who has begun training for a fall marathon?  Who is doing NYC??

Friday Family Fun and Body Types

I did it. I got in my extra little run last night for a total of 12.2 yesterday. 40 + a tad, miles for the week.  one day to go.
Today – scheduled rest day. while I FULLY respect and understand the importance of rest days, I knew today was not a good day to take a complete rest day. I just knew I needed a little sweat. a little hard work. a little heart rate soaring action. I would consider it more of an active rest/strength training/keep the peace kind of workout
25 min strength circuit/15 minute stair master.  during nap and girls at gymnastics camp for 3 hours time. wonderful time of day. 

I usually have to make my strength workout interesting to make it effective, to make it last more than 5 minutes and to keep it exciting. I did one circuit, then hopped on the stairmaster for a high intensity cardio blast. I did it three times and ended with strength. short and sweet and not running. I do consider cross training an appropriate rest day activity. My rest days are to give my running legs a break. and if I am motivated to do more than complete rest, than I take advantage of that. I had to make a deal with myself today. I desperately needed to get some cleaning done, but I also desperately wanted to hit the weights. This leaves me slightly incapable of concentrating on doing anything. I said Katie, clean for one hour solid and then you may work your little booty after. self, it’s a deal.  and everything got done. 
One thing that had to get done was this pile of laundry. 
frightening amount of laundry

Turns out if you leave it there long enough…it won’t go anywhere.  it will still be there. no one will take care of it. but me. some people say I workout too much. I say I fold too much. it’s excessive. and I think it’s unhealthy. I’m going to try to get the doc to right me a prescription for a housekeeper.  or just a laundry do-er.  I’m sure there are people out there who enjoy it. 
We also had to venture to target. oh lovely target. this is why I need my active rest day.  because of target trips.  with three monkeys in tow.  I had a long list of not exciting things to get. and we had to abandon ship shortly after we arrived. because some one was having a rough morning. no, not the two year old cranker, not even the four year old know it all. why yes, it was my passionately emotional 5 year old that couldn’t get her act together. we had to exit before started throwing a tantrum at her. somehow I managed to get a couple things for myself before the meltdown happened. here’s one I wore for the workout. 
Camouflage sports bra. it’s amazing. It totally hides my voluptuous chesticles. you can barely see them overflowing. they almost look non existent.  wow. 
score for mommy. not so much for the kidlings. or the list of things I needed. I tired to salvage the lovely summer Friday morning and suggested we harrass the library. because its a very smart thing to take three cranky kids into a very quiet establishment. taking chances everyday.  we survived and got a huge stack of books. I even let them get a couple movies. they’ve never seen lady and the tramp or lion king. I put one on in the car for them on the way home. they liked. 
Luke is about to jailbreak and Anna got hungry for some paper. all in all, a successful trip. aside from the target tantrum.
We took a family trip back to target this evening and made a night out if it. we hit up Red Robin for dinner.  Endless baskets of steak fries, does it get better?  love that place. great to bring kids to for a family fun night. I think Luke was an infant the last time we came here. that also may have been the last time we went out to dinner as a family. Luke doesn’t like to sit still. and I dont think tranquilizers are an appropriate remedy for that. 
I got this Avo-Cobb-O salad. so so clever. 
 avocados and olives, can’t get enough of these healthy fats. except that Luke devoured my olives and the girls polished off the avocados. I took off most of the bacon and cheese. boring. good in theory.  thank God for the steak fries. This is how often we go out to eat: we got up to leave and Alexandra looks at me panicked and said don’t we have to take care of this mess?!? Who is going to pick up??? Oh my child. we need to get you out more. 
I’m a big Jackie Warner fan. I read her book, This is why you’re fat…, and loved it and even did a little giveaway with it. I just got her new book, 10 pounds in 10 days, and I’m learning some interesting things. I get her books, not for the weight loss, but for her knowledge of the human body and nutrition and how simply she puts it. very basic, easy to understand.  I also love her workouts. I have one of her DVDs, and while it’s not the speed of Jillian, I want to make you gurgle your heart in your throat kind of talk, her workouts are very effective.  I found this one particular page interesting and wanted to share it with you. 
There are essentially three different body types:

Ectomorphs tend to be scrawny and have a harder time putting on muscle. a slight build, smaller bone structure. 
Endomorphs gain fat easily, have a hard time losing fat and are a little softer
Mesomorphs are athletic build, large bone structure.  They have an easier time gaining and losing weight. 
She is saying we are all born with a genetic makeup that puts us in one of these categories, more or less. and that instead of trying to be one of these things that we may not be, it’s better to put the effort into being the best body type that you are. you can’t change bone structure but you can change muscle and you can help do that by what you eat. To further that, be the best you that you can be. in everything. I try to be the best mom that I can be. but I can easily look at other moms and think I should be like that or I should do that kind of activity with my kids or I should be more organized. absolutley. be inspired by other people. be better. but be better at being you and what you are good at, not what someone else is good at. know your strengths. know your weaknesses. work on your weaknesses and embrace your strengths and be you.

Have you heard about these body types before?

What body type do you think you are?  


I’m pretty sure I’m officially starting my marathon training this coming week. oh boy. Entering a new phase. I’m very excited to be training for something. we’ll talk more about this next week. I haven’t a clue as to what my plan is. yet. NYC Marathon, here I come. let’s get speedy. and strong. and relaxed as a runner. stress free training will commence this weekend.


The Stairmaster Post


Workout – stairmaster crosstraining day.  45 minutes.  speed intervals.  6 something miles.  which is completely irrelevant, really, because I was not running. I was stepping.  there were no miles involved.  which is exactly why I love my stairmaster.  and why I love my crosstraining.  I get a killer workout.  without the pavement pounding.  that which I also love.  more on that in a minute.

Let’s drag this post on a bit, as usual, before I give you any information that might actually be useful to you in your day to day.

Truth be told, today might have been one of the most uninteresting and uneventful days.  so I will share it with you.

1.  We woke up at 5am.  not to an alarm clock.  to an alarm child.  per the usual.  not exciting.

2.  I was indifferent about working out at that hour because I wasn’t running and I wasn’t sure about my crosstraining plan for the day.  I was in workout twilight zone, neither here nor there, but pretty confident it would happen.  still not exciting.

3.  I did get showered and dressed for the day before leaving the house.  you’re welcome world.  that is not exciting.  in the least.  but it is a generally noteworthy thing because this would be my wardrobe of choice.  everyday.  it’s lululemon head to toe and it is magical.  and it’s hidden behind a sticker covered, fingerprinted mirror.  yay.

iphone pics 935

I’m comfortable in it.  I feel like a rockstar.  a workout rockstar.  there is a reason they charge that much money for workout clothing.  it brings out the magic in the girl.  or guy.  true.  get yourself some wunder unders and see for yourself.  it is also generally noteworthy, but not necessarily exciting, when a female, especially of the ‘stay at home mama’ kind, is having a particularly ‘nicehairday, skinnynotbloated, cuteandsassy, makeuplooksgood’ kind of day.  that was kind of this kind of day.  and I think it was mostly due to the fact that a) I shoved my kids in the basement to play this morning while I stairmastered and b) took a shower as noted above.  like I say – the little things. but not exciting.

4.  We went to Target.  not exciting in the least.  but I got the strict necessities and left without committing grand theft.  somehow, some dollar item usually ends up in Luke’s pocket or some inconspicuous place to be found when we get home.  not so this time.  I made sure to keep this Target trip on the up and up.  all items paid and accounted for.  some nutritious and delicious highlights that are not very exciting…

iphone pics 931

nutella. combined with peanut butter is a deadly combo.

iphone pics 932

these are pretty tasty too.

5.  The hubs got some new FREE mizuno sneaks in the mail, thanks to yours truly.

iphone pics 930

the beautiful little child was certainly not free. she costs a pretty penny.

that is completely not exciting to me because they were not MY free sneaks (mine should be coming tomorrow, which I will surely share that piece of exciting mail with you).  I am working on a fun giveaway that just might have something to do with mizuno.  that would be exciting.  for you and me.  stay tuned.

6.  Not cooking dinner tonight is actually pretty exciting.  Dinner courtesy of whole foods sushi bar is also pretty exciting.

iphone pics 933

this calamari salad I got is very exciting and may warrant a daily trip to whole foods until I grow completely ill of it.  what’s also exciting about this sushi dinner extravaganza is that yours truly has no cleanup after.  just toss in the trash.  easy peasy.  so exciting.  and fantastic.  I can hardly stand it.

7.  Technically, the bachelorette was last night but we are going to include it in the post to enhance the non-excitingness of me today.  the word on the street is that this season is pretty boring, or not exciting.  that’s what I’m hearing through the bachelorette grapevine.  which is interesting because I found this show to be thoroughly entertaining last night.  so if the show is boring and it completely amuses me, it’s safe to say I am pretty boring these days.  or easily amused.  and I’m ok with that.  I’m also ok with being into the bachelorette this season.  mindless, stress free entertainment.  I’m highly amused by all of these grown men swooning over little miss southern bell.  she’s adorable.  and I kind of want her hair.  but that’s all I want. her life seems too exciting for me.  I probably couldn’t keep up with all the action.

That’s all of the non exciting things for now.  We can move on to the stairmaster.  fun stuff.  I LOVE it.  here she is…

iphone pics 894

that’s my view.  no side handrails.

iphone pics 902

that’s the model.

Like I said, I got mine used but in like new condition on ebay 5 1/2 years ago, and it was probably almost half the price of buying it new.  so look around on ebay, craigslist, or whatever other online source that would giveaway offer discounted exercise equipment.  This has done me good through shin splints, running time off and getting back into running without getting injured or losing my running is happy and jolly and fun and not stressful attitude.  it’s giving me good balance.  and a really good workout at the same time.

I like this particularly over the elliptical because it takes up less space.  I don’t have a lot of extra home space to be used up by clunky fitness equipment.  this is clunky enough, but it’s not as long.

I also like it because it gives a very different workout from running.  but very beneficial to running, I think.  as long as you don’t hang all over it like a rag doll.  that’s just lame.  and cheating your workout.  which will only harm you in the long run.  don’t do it.

A lot of people are concerned that it will make your legs huge.  not true.  no further comment.  but doing cardio on this will not make your legs look like a body builder.  It will give you some great tone, definition and butt lift though.  I can assure you that.

And lastly, HERE is a little post I did awhile back on how to get faster.  there have been some inquiries about that.  read with caution.  I’m a stay at home mom.  that’s all I have to say.

What is your favorite form of cross training?

What is your favorite or most used speed workout?

Let’s Be Honest


Workout – yesterday, 8 miles as promised.  fantastic.  on the treadmill.  at the gym.  I haven’t seen the inside of the gym in probably a month.  treadmill running has not become any more fun in the time of my absence.  unfortunately.  it’s still utterly and completely boring.  too bad.  here’s how it looked:

A repetitive progression of sorts I suppose, but kind of just all over the place…

8:00, 7:30, 6:58, 8:00, 7:30, 6:58, 8:00, 7:15

I had to do that last one at 7:15 pace to get it in before the 60 minute turn off.  success.  all of my body parts were a go on this run.  all happy.  all did their job.  It is kind of strange to be running but not training for anything.  which means I don’t have any real direction with my pace when I run, except not to push it too hard right now.  I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve run to run and not had a race on the horizon.  people really do that.  hmmmm.  it’s nice.

Today, 45 minute stairmaster, fairly intense.  25 minutes of strength.  loved every minute of it.  especially when my little devil came down at 5:30 to join me.

iphone pics 853

blurry little devil. my camera skills are lacking while I’m stepping.  he’s making sure we are properly ‘dehumidified’

always makes it a very special time of entertaining and having a little sweatfest of my own.

Like I’ve said before, I generally come up with my own full body circuit to do when I workout at home.  It usually includes anywhere from 4-6 moves rotated through 3-4 times.  They generally work multiple body parts (legs shoulders) at the same time and I never get too concerned with getting my heart rate up because I do cardio separately.  although there are times when I’m huffing and puffing my way through a strength session.  This morning was just a good mix of strength that left me feeling strong.  go figure.  it works.  I find the benefits and the ‘good’ feeling from a decent strength circuit sticks with me throughout the entire day as opposed to the endorphin rush from cardio that usually only lasts until my 3 little birds have their mouths open for breakfast an hour later.  yet I still opt for cardio or a run if time only allows for one or the other.  muy interesante.

Let’s be honest today.  I’m always honest.  but for the sake of this post, let’s be honest.  today.  because that’s the most catchy title I could come up with and I am now seamlessly segway-ing it into the body of my ramblings.  lets itemize the honest feelings…

Item 1 – does anyone really jump out of bed at 4:50 am ready to get some heart pumping cardio on?  I know there are morning people.  I like to think I am a morning person.  and I go to bed looking forward to and excited for my early morning sweat sessions.  but early morning comes and I have a decent amount of self talk going on to actually make myself get out of bed and get moving.  I do get out of bed and am eternally greatful that I made that decision.  but that time between alarm ringing and getting my bum moving are painstakingly difficult moments.  that’s my thought on that.  if you are that special breed of people that jump out of bed ready to move at 4:45am, than you must go to bed at like 6pm.  not so sure about that.

Item 2 – I want to hate the bachelorette, for no good reason, but she’s so stinkin’ adorable and I totally got sucked into the whole drama/reality on Monday night, I think I’m hooked.  we’ll know for sure when next monday rolls around.  I don’t really want to be that reality show watcher person.  but I’m afraid I am for this bachelorette season.  and of all shows, it’s the bachelorette.  it’s like reality soap opera.  I need mindless entertainment in my life.

Item 3 – I am feeling really good about running this week.  and I guess I’m really suprised my plan of only running every other day is doing this body good.  I’m glad I made that plan, otherwise I would have probably stressed about running everyday and I would not be as happy with the week.  I might have started getting a bit hysterical in my mind this past weekend that I would never really run again without some sort of discomfort in my right leg because it’s just been off a bit still.  thinking possible amputation, torn ligaments requiring life threatening surgery, tendonitis in my hamstring that would leave me immobile, you know, very reasonable thinking that was going through my brain.  but after 8 miles yesterday, my legs are really loosening up and feeling more like themselves.  perfect.  lets stay on this track.  hysterics be gone.

Item 4 – I’m not stretching or rolling.  so bad.  probably why I am thinking crazy thoughts.  because I will have good reason to if I don’t start coddling my legs.  I am going to.

Item 5 – I have the cutest little boy in the world.  just thought I would throw that one out there.  feel free to agree, or keep your mouth shut if you have a cute little boy at home.

iphone pics 855

Item 6 – I went to Target yesterday.  without a plan.  going to target with a plan is dangerous.  going without a plan is darn near shopping suicide.  I came out fairly unscathed. target may be a little worse for the wear as we may have spilled a bag of popcorn and a bag of goldfish.  oops.  as it turns out, the plan was to get a little bit of summer clothes shopping done for the kidlings.  deals all around.

iphone pics 850

Item 7 – I don’t know if this is just me, or a general ‘mom’ thing, but if ever I have delightful plans for an evening out, the entire day leading up to the evening out is kind of painstakingly slow.  particularly the last hour before I get out of jail the house.  and I might be a little bit irritable as the day comes to a close.  up for debate.

Item 8 – I’m pretty darn happy with the naturopath I went to see and the whole regimen of things he put me on.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference.  I’m glad I dug a little deeper than just what my primary care doctor was telling me.

Item 9 – (no worries, this will end at some point today) we were outside at 6:45am playing in the driveway.  I would have to say that’s not an acceptable time to go outside.  only because it’s very difficult to get the boy back inside to do things like let mommy take a shower.  which is a slightly foreign experience to him I guess as it doesn’t happen as often as it should in the morning.  but little boy loves his little bike.

Item 10 – to make it a nice even number.  I went to Sweet Frog twice yesterday.  it doesn’t hurt that we are friends with the owners and therefore doubles as an excuse to chitty chat and hang out.  with froyo in hand.  I don’t have frozen yogurt problem.  honestly, as good as sweet frog is, frozen yogurt is just not one of those things I crave after having kids.  but, I have three children, on different schedules.  and the 11am sweet frog run would have been bragged about to the morning kindergartner that didn’t get to go for froyo.  naturally, I had to take the morning kindergartner while the afternoon preschooler wasn’t around.  all in order to avoid a disastrous, raging jealous fit of sister got sweet frog and I didn’t meltdown.  rough life.  Luke has the rough life.  lucky dog is always around and got to eat fro yo twice.  but all he wanted to do was makeout and pet the ceramic frog decorations.  and take them all home.  should I be concerned about that?  I told him he had to stop messing with the frogs until he finished his yogurt.  so he promptly took his cup, midbite, and tossed it in the trash.  all done.  and the frog kissing and petting resumed.

All done.  you may get back to your lives now.  and I need to continue counting down the minutes until my escape.  I mean my evening out.  and I will be looking forward to my 8 mile run in the morning, because this week is moving along swimmingly according to plan. it will be even more swimmingly if the run is not on the treadmill.  but that might be asking for too much.  counting my blessings.  of which there are many.

Is your week going swimmingly according to plan?

What do you do when it doesn’t go according to plan?  throw a big tantrum?  scream and yell?  me too, it’s ok.

Are you the type that jumps out of bed at 4:45am ready to go?  please explain in detail how that happens.

That Was Painlessly Productive…and I saved $20


Workout – 50 minutes stairmaster.  moderate/high intensity.  I’m going to do it.  I’m going to go to the track tonight and run.  you can’t stop me (the lacrosse kids might stop me, but I’m hopeful that they haven’t overtaken the track tonight) It may not be wise.  It may not be beneficial to anything training related.  but I’m going to do it.  and I’m going to have my husband and three kids with me, so it may not even be a productive run, but something will happen.  and my little heart will be singing happy running songs again.  for tonight.  the main reason I pick the track is because it is really easy on the legs.  like super easy.  so much cushion.  and I will wear my mizuno waverider 15’s to make it even more lovely.  definitely staying off the roads for now.

I’ve had a very productive day so far.  let me be clear on one thing.  my definition of productive has changed drastically since I have had children.  I consider any day a productive success if it includes a workout, a shower, a healthilicious and delicious breakfast for the kids (because all other meals tend to go down the crapper as the day goes on, I can generally get them to eat a good breakfast, and snacks.  case in point today – lunch may have been Target popcorn and tcby froyo.  don’t judge), getting laundry done, and utilizing some of the patience I have left for the kids to keep everyone happy.  we are on day 5 of vacation.  the patient tank is getting low. 

I get extra productivity points and my day gets bumped into the super-productive category for things like the following:

+1 point, taking 3 kids to renew my license at AAA.  no need to go to DMV.  this was so much less painful than I thought it would be.  Luke actually sat in the stroller.  no children jumped in the picture.  and the picture didn’t come out too badly.  and I didn’t have to pay the $20 late fee because I actually did it on time.  that counts for another +1 productivity point.

Which one is the new one?  (I was pregnant with #1 in the old one, 6 years ago, I was only 24!!!  I retained every ounce of fluid that entered my body, hence the puffy face.  it only got worse.  not my most shining moment of beauty)

iphone pics 686

iphone pics 687

+3 points, for not only taking a shower but for washing the hair, drying the hair and applying makeup.  I had a AAA photo shoot today, of course I had to look my best.

+15 points, dragging the kids into Target and coming out having spent less than $200, and having avoided the dollar trap on the way in.  I love Target.  where I can get almond milk for $2.99 as well as little frocks for mother and child.  fantastic.  I need to start working on my spring/summer wardrobe.  please don’t comment on your opinion of that little blouse to the right unless you think it’s adorable and trendy.  I’m well aware my fashion skills are lacking.  but I happened to like this one.  whether it’s in style or not, I don’t really care. A for effort.

iphone pics 683 


+1 point, hitting up TCBY for frozen yogurt on the way home to meet Jeannie.  We actually missed each other, but she came back to chat for a minute.  until the 6 kids between the two of us started losing it in the closet sized TCBY.  I kid not.  I think most walk in closets are bigger than this TCBY.  thanks for meeting up for a minute, Jeannie!!!  So nice to actually meet you!

iphone pics 678

that child is far too happy to be eating his froyo.  good times luke.

iphone pics 679

sorry anna.  you didn’t make the cut for this pic.  we’ll catch ya next time.  I think my A girl is sad because I only let her get 15 toppings this time instead of the usual 18.  and it cost me more than I spent at Target.

+500 points, getting it all done before noon.  it’s like there’s a whole ‘nother day left to do so much more productively fun things.

Looks like I fall into the super-productive category for today.  what is my reward?  do it all again tomorrow.  try to rack up the points again.

I’m back in the “there is so much to do around this house, I don’t know where to begin mindset”.  which brings me back to, “just pick one thing to do and if that’s all that gets done – fabulous” frame of mind.  and it makes for a pretty productive week. 

I’m going to make a liar out of myself and talk about the recovery topic that I mentioned in my post yesterday, because I’m doing so much of it lately and I think it’s important, even if you are not injured.  the one I said I probably wouldn’t do until next week, or next month, or anytime soon.  well, it’s that productive kind of day, so here’s a little tidbit about a little TLC for your running body.  courtesy of this little magazine that ended up in my mailbox…

iphone pics 664

if they are trying to sucker me into subscribing to some trail version of their mag, it may have worked.  I enjoyed reading this. I found a lot of good info.  my husband is of the trail running breed – he does the 100 mile trail ultra’s and I have a 50 mile trail race on my agenda for the fall.  I should get acquainted with trail lingo.

This particular article from Runner’s World Trail caught my eye – for trail runners and road runners alike – and I was happy to see that I’ve been doing much of what it talks about…

iphone pics 666

Here is what they say to do to RECOVER the right way:

1.  Compress yourself.  HELLO!  I love to do this.  Here is what they say, “after a workout, metabolic waste begins to pool in your feet and your legs, causing swelling and soreness.  Squeeze the harmful fluids from your extremities by throwing on some compression socks…”  perfect. 

2. Be Kneady.  use a tiger tail or foam roller to massage the muscles.  it helps oxygen rich blood to flow to those areas to help damaged tissue heal faster. 

3. Step it Up.  Particular more to trail runners, hop on the stairmaster to help flush waste from certain muscles that are used and abused more so in trail running.  I also think the stairmaster is a great crosstraining exercise for running in general.  I used it a lot last fall.

4. Don’t stretch, do yoga.  I found this interesting.  They say yoga is great because it engages certain muscles while stretching others.  Static stretching does not produce such reductions in soreness as dynamic stretching or yoga would.   I did a lot of the P90X yoga last fall. I loved it and felt great.

5. Refuel with a Shake.  They say you have a 30 minute window after a run to shut down the stress responses of exercise.  This can be done by refueling with a protein/carb snack.  Something like almond/rice milk with protein powder, dark chocolate powder, dried oats and berries is a great shake.  In addition to sipping on liquids for 3 hours after a run.  Water with a pinch of salt and lemon as you need sodium to properly help your body absorb the water.  Perfect.  I love shakes.  I like to use Plant Fusion protein powder.  It’s awesome.

6. Take a cold bath.  it is believed to decrease inflammation by causing the muscles to contract, which pumps out metabolic waste.  the article says to avoid a hot tub as the hot water will only inflame the muscles more making you sorer and sluggish.

7. Get a good night’s sleep.  The more you sleep, the more the muscles repair.  A study done by University of Chicago’s Eve Van Cauter noted that individuals who get too little sleep metabolize glucose less efficiently, which may impair recovery.


What do you consider a productive day?

Do you do any of those things in the article?

Do you make protein shakes?  With what?


Wacky Wednesday


We went to Target for toilet paper and motrin.  that’s it.  toilet paper and motrin.  two items.  this is what you come home with when you go to Target for toilet paper and motrin.

There is no toilet paper or motrin in that large pile of bags.  it’s still sitting unpurchased on the shelves at Target.  probably because I left my list sitting on my counter.  and anything I needed to get left my little brain as soon as I walked in the store and saw the section of bikini’s that I had to look at. 

Maybe I should start going to Target specifically for clothes, socks, toothbrushes, vitamins, granola bars and lots of other random crappola that I was surviving without just fine before today.  Then maybe I would come home with the toilet paper and motrin that I needed.

I did find a few things that I could not have breathed a moment longer without.  Target is good for that.  You will ALWAYS find something you absolutely needed, but didn’t know it. 


My new favorite rice in a bag.  and take a look at those nutrition facts and list of ingredients – totally doable for this easy to pleasy girl.  It doesn’t have 8,000 mg of sodium per serving.  I’ll take it.  and it doesn’t have a list of ingredients longer than my arm.  I’ll take another.  thank you.  and I’ll eat you for lunch. 

I also got this fun bag of “trail mix” – $2.99!!!  That’s a steal.  

sunny. and cranberry. two very pleasant words. for $2.99. how could you not bring that home with you.

Thank the good Lord I was still on a runner’s high from my treadmill jaunt this morning.  is that possible?  I think I enjoyed this mornings workout so much because I’ve taken the stress out of my training plan this week.  I really like the plan.  I like having one to follow.  but I’m learning about myself that I like it more as a guideline to give me some direction where to go.  Like, Katie, you should run this week if you want to run a marathon in a few months. Ok.  that’s a good start.  and, Katie, you should do a fast run if you want to run a faster marathon.  even better, thank you training plan.  what a great suggestion.  so I think I’m going to let it be kind of loosey goosey like that.  I’m not going to hold myself strictly to the plan.  I’m going to let it flow and let it guide.  get in the miles and do what feels right.  pretty sure I will enjoy the whole experience more that way. 

So the day went on as Wednesdays do – long and wacky because little chick #2 doesn’t have school in the afternoon, but Luke has to take a nap.  so we are stuck home from lunchtime on with everyone going stir crazy.  once he gets up, I have to start dinner.  it takes me at least 3x as long as the suggested “prep” time to actually prep the meal.  I’m slow.  all there is to it.  I don’t cut vegetables very fast.  and I have Luke trying to help me.   

This is what naptime looks like – it’s actually rearrange the room time and empty out the closet time for Luke.

the crib generally doesn't go in the middle of the room. luke needed to move things around a bit.

closet. empty. good job Luke. I've been meaning to clean that out.

meanwhile, knucklehead 2 cut her hand on a drinking glass that she broke and then knucklehead 3 stepped on a picture while cleaning out his closet during “naptime” and cut his foot on glass.  really?  TWO glass cutting accidents in ONE afternoon.  fun. 

I also got suckered into playing to play a wonderful game of memory with my girls.  whoever came up with this particular princess memory should be shot.  or just fired.  that might be more appropriate and less “angry”.  how many cards do we need here.  this game is for 3 and up.  

I think I even threw half of them out.  and I swear they move around on you once you put them back after you don’t get a match.  and then they laugh at you. because you never get a match.  there are too many. you can’t get a match.  I think it’s magic memory.  it wasn’t fun.  there is no reason to have a BIG princess Aurora card, and little princess aurora card, and a princess aurora card with her little princess friends.  princess aurora was my favorite princess, but this was too much for me to handle.  on a wednesday.  a long wednesday.  not my favorite childhood game.  by a long stretch.  tomorrow we will play candyland.  that’s my favorite.       

The girls also made some fabuloso jewelry.  that made up for the craptastic game of memory we had that was less than memorable. 

my little Anna. doing awkward hand signs just like her mother. she's 4. in case you didn't know. she wanted you to know.

All I can say is thank goodness for a good gym session this morning.  the big guy upstairs knew I needed it for today.  Thank you God for little blessings.  and big ones.  like good runs and my three healthy, happy little loves.   

How do you handle deviating from a set plan? 

Do you work better with a laid out plan, or are you more “go with the flow”, “take it as it comes” kind of person?

Did you have a favorite Disney princess?  Do you sometimes pretend you are a Disney princess?;)