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Run Wrap Up


Workout – cross training day.  killer stairmaster workout.  45 minutes speed intervals.  I actually tried not holding on to the handles the entire time.  it is killer.  it was also killer because it was 90 degrees today and 1167% humidity.  that’s right.  hot.  I was going to throw in a sexy little post workout ab ripper photo, but when I went to take it, my I feel completely bloated feelings were confirmed.  no need to post scary things like that.  so I give you a picture of my super sexy, sleek, un-bloated stairmaster.  she’s a beauty.

iphone pics 893

I’m tired.  just gonna get that out there in the open.  I’m not sure exactly why, because I got to sleep in this morning until 6am.  by 6:15am we were doing this…

iphone pics 888

and shortly thereafter, that progressed to this

iphone pics 889

I am not one to dash the hopes of a little boy who wants to ‘go pee pee on the potty mama, peeeeaaaasse!!!’  no sir.  not me.  whether it be in the bathroom or on the front step for all to see, I let the boy do his thing.  and that continued for most of the day.  aside from a trip to the grocery store and other tuesday things.

and that has left me tired.  the boy thought otherwise of taking a nap today.  leaving his room rearranged and me even more tired.  no, I would not like some cheese with my whine, I try to limit dairy, but thanks for asking.  let me continue….the crazy pollen is making my head miserable and now making my body feel achy.  my arm kind of just hurts constantly.  that’s a little exhausting.  we topped off the stellar day in the highschool auditorium with tons of little ballerinas dress rehearsing for the big show on saturday.

iphone pics 896

naturally Luke sat like a darling little child and watched the whole thing hopped every row, ran up and down the aisles and screamed his bloody head off.  I’m tired.  and it was 90 degrees today.

I’m recruiting more little self talks lately about being in the moment and really cherishing my little cherubs and the crazy that they bring.  all the time.  and the love that they bring.  all the time.  it’s hitting me that my two baby girls are going to be gone all day at school next fall.  just like that.  and I don’t know how or when that happened.  because I swore it was just yesterday that I was sending my Alexandra girl to her first day of preschool.  cliche.  but true.  the days are long right now, but the years seem to have flown.  so I’m trying to say ‘yes’ to them more and less ‘not right now, in a minute’.  sometimes it’s easy.  sometimes it’s not.

So.  the objective of this post was to chat about information in regards to something that might enlighten you about running, fitness, health, or anything remotely related.  that’s not going to happen.  not in any coherent manner anyway. because I’m tired, as I mentioned.  all I can do right now it talk about me.  and my running.  and hope that you don’t get more stupid as a result.  or wonder why you are still reading this ‘running’ blog.  my running seems interesting enough.  probably just as interesting as looking at my wedding pictures.  don’t worry.  I won’t take it that far.  back to running.  I get out and run and am happy to be out.  yes, I get anxious about my speed.  when will it be time to get back into speedwork and speed training and tempo runs.  and yes, I get anxious about how much endurance I’ve lost.  but I think about what I have now.  I have healthy legs.  I have a bum arm.  awesome.  I have strength.  I have the knowledge of what I can do.  I have the ability to grow.  and learn.  and I keep learning more about running and myself.  good stuff.

so I decided to do a little speed test on my Sunday 7 miler, just to see.  I was running 5:30-40’s for mile repeats back at the track in March.  that seems so far off right now, but I know it’s in me and I will find it again.  so I had no expecations with this run, it was to bring on the challenge a little bit with the pace, but keep it short and sweet with the faster pace.

It looked like: 10 minutes fast, 3 minutes jog, 10 minutes fast, 3 minutes jog…and then just run a slow comfortable pace back home.  I did an out and back.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t warm up.  I went right into the 10 minutes fast.  I never learn.  I miss those injuries I guess.  anyway, I was pretty happy with it.  I didn’t push it all out and my 10 minutes fast were right at 6:30 and my jogs were between 7:30-8.  and looking back at the pace, for the last few miles of the run, I progressed from 8:20 mile to sub 7.  and it was about 88 degrees.  it was not my best run ever, but it didn’t have to be.  I used to get in a constant competition where each run had to get better and better.  not so my friendly friends.  each run has a purpose.  I ran in my brooks pureflow for this one.  love them.

iphone pics 886

Monday’s 10 mile was a perfectly pieced together run.  I ran with my baby boy in the jogger for 2 miles, to the coffee shop and back.  I then ran 3.6 with my neighbor, who was jogging by and I tagged along.  I don’t know that she will ever run with me again.  I think I stress people out.  they think I want to be going faster and they are never going fast enough, when in reality – like I mentioned, most of my speed is lost somewhere back in the month of March, so all is A OK with a slower pace!  and then to complete the run, I did a 4.6 mile out and back.  another hot run.  which I think is great training.  10.2 miles total.  in this snazzy outfit.

iphone pics 885

I’m not sure how many good running decisions I make.  wearing all black on an 88 degree run in the sun day.

and my mizuno precisions.  great sneaks.

iphone pics 887

I generally choose these over the waverider 15’s lately, just because I’m a snob for the lighter weight shoe. and this one is perfect for me now – not too light and not too heavy.  i’m goldilocks the runner.

and I felt a well deserved cross training day today.  as I’m getting back into running and getting my mileage up, I’m trying not to run more than 2 days in a row.  and I think it will do my body good.  I am hoping for 40 miles this week.  and I think it’s doable.  by the end of june, I would like to be up to 50 a week and hang there for awhile to see how it feels.  I guess my marathon training will really start end of june/beginning of july.  excited.  the goal now is to keep running as stress free, happy go lucky, fun and exciting as possible.  and I think it’s going well.  that means lots of runs without the garmin. no prob.

oh, here’s something healthy I can throw in here!  My lunch…

I switched it up a bit today from my usual flatout wrap that I have everyday.  I went for an open faced sammy on sprouted grain bread with hummus, salsa, eggwhites and avocado.

iphone pics 892

looks delish.  yes? no?  it would probably turn your stomach to actually witness the consumption.  it’s not a clean meal.  maybe if it had a top, but that would have been too much for me.  I try to eat an avocado a day.  not a whole avocado, more like a serving.  and I love that mango salsa.  this was a tasty non sandwich my friends.

get out there and run.  for fun.  for fast, or slow.  for however you are feeling today.  take the pressure off.  and you might surprise yourself with a pretty decent experience.  and have an avocado while you’re at it.  they’re healthy.  believe me.  and go do something intelligent to make up for the brain cells you may have lost as a result of reading this all over the place post.  there’s always a point.  its up to you to find it.