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The Plan


Workout – “Better than Nothing workout” Pretty self explanatory.  email me if you need an explanation.  but here’s a hint – it was better than doing nothing.   OUTSIDE run (yay for no treadmill today!), hilly,  5 miles – 34 min. 

The plan is to make a plan.  for training.  Like I’ve said before, this is new territory for me.  not so much a planner.  great procrastinator.  in all things I do.  basically my life revolves around my kids.  and my husband.  and then my running, and me.  I gave up 99% of my freedom (not in a bad way.  I don’t think;)) when I had my first child.  then came 2, then came 3.  So I’m probably at 99.9% freedom-less by now.  I don’t sleep when I want to sleep.  I don’t eat when I want to eat.  I don’t go to the bathroom by myself. I rarely take a peaceful shower without a child breaking into the bathroom, or jumping in the shower with me.  Naturally, I don’t always get the run/workouts in when and how I want to get them in.  Then add the hubs.  He wants to run too.  The nerve.  really.    

The best way to fix this, in my mind, is to actually make a plan for once.  novel ideas.  I might have an allergic reaction to this at first, but I think my body and mind will get used to it if I can stick with it.  So that instead of doing this in the evening,

one for each hand. super healthy snack choice.

I will be doing a little bit more of this

not making weird hand signals. running.

So that’s what I am going to try to do this week.  Make the plan.  I will work on sticking to it sometime in the future.  If there is to be a plan, procrastination will surely find it’s way in there somehow.  maybe I should make a plan to not procrastinate.  that’s way to much planning going on.  lets stick with training plan.  more effective.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.  It’s gonna be great.  Really great:)

And then I found this little guy on my back….I can’t seem to get him off.  He won’t leave me alone.  He must really like me or something.  maybe because I gave him a little thing called LIFE. 

he's a little green goblin. watch out. he'll wake you up at 4:45 and eat you alive. that super-sized forehead will eat you alive too.

Any good plans for the week??