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Running? What is Running?


Workout – stairmaster.  40 minutes.  I don’t care how many miles it says it was because it was not running.  or anything resembling running.  or anything resembling what I felt like was preparing me to run a marathon.  might as well have not happened.  but it did.  and it is important that it happened, because it’s important to cross train and keep your body moving towards a goal.  even if it feels like you are moving backwards.  or just stepping in place and not moving anywhere.  it’s the doing something that matters.  and making choices everyday to do that thing that is not doing nothing.  moving on.

Sooooo.  I’ve been pretty positive the past couple weeks about the non-running and excessive cross-training as of late.  but it hit me today.  I really miss running.  I’m getting a little concerned about the impending marathon and lack of running.  this is the longest I’ve gone without it.  in the past 5 months.  this time last year, I was really still just getting into running and figuring it out.  this winter was the first that I actually ran through the whole winter.  I’m pretty stuck on it now.  we work well together, aside from this minor shin malfunction due to over-wearing kinvara’s and under-stretching my leggies.  it is so not the end of the world.  But I let myself have a sad moment today that it’s beautiful and sunny out and I’m not cruising along the pavement letting life’s worries go with the wind.  or doing the real training that is part of the plan.  I’m starting to forget what that running feels like.  the stairmaster in the hot sweaty basement does not have the same effect.  not even close.

Sooooo.   Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.  It is the day I told myself, self, you can run on Wednesday.  you can test out those legs and see how they are healing up.  you can run to your little hearts content.  you can be reunited with your beloved track.  and then no more until next Tuesday’s little tempo pre-race run.  that’s all I get.  two measly little runs, maybe 3 if I’m a good girl, before the big one. 


Sooooo.  here are a few things that are making me feel better about the lack of running in my life.  and other things coming up that will make me feel better.

1.  As green and environmentally friendly as I try to be by not washing my hair every day and recycling the same three outfits – sometimes, you just need get rid of the greasy hair and pull it all together.  my mom did a double take and almost called 911 when she saw me actually wearing real clothes and not sweaty workout wear.  what happened to me that it became acceptable to go out in public looking like I had been run over by an eighteen wheeler.  oh.  kids.  right.  clean hair just doesn’t matter as much when it means the 2 year old will be playing in traffic if I stay in the shower 5 more minutes.   but, today, it was necessary.  I was beginning to forget what color my hair really was. 

iphone pics 575

cleaning my closet is not on the list of things that make me feel better when I’m not running – so it’s gonna stay messy for a bit.


2.  Making an effort to think positive and trust in the work I’ve done.  Today especially, I really started questioning how the heck I was going to run a marathon next week.  simply because the past two weeks of training have been non existent.  and I start thinking of all the training I didn’t do.  while, when I was running strong, I could picture myself flying through the finish line with a massive PR and feeling capable of anything – running or not running related.  Enter those negative, self defeating, this sucks kind of thinking when I’m out of the groove, and it can really suck the life out of me.  so I’m making an effort to TRUST in the training that I did do, where that can take me, and what I can learn from it for next time.  whether it’s a massive PR or not, that’s TBD.  and it honestly doesn’t matter – as long as I can remember that I’ve truly done the best I can, and that thinking needs to come before this sucks and I might as well walk the 26.2.  that would be silly. 

3.  Lululemon.  you would think they pay me to say this stuff – but lulu really does brighten a blue mood.  what is lululemon anyway and where did that name come from? 

iphone pics 576

anyway – this little cool racerback makes me happy.  it’s like it was made for me.  pretty sure I will wear it for the marathon.  prints do me well.  they cover the fact that the female parts that belong on my chest didn’t get the memo to grow during adolescence.  or to stay after I had kids.  solid colors only exaggerate the fact that something is missing.  I don’t need that.

4.  Enjoying the stuff that I’m doing more of than I ever have before.  Rolling.  Stretching.  Icing.  Compressing.  Massage sticking.  not stairmastering.  over that.  but it really feels good to take the time to stretch and roll and beat the crap out of my calfs with that horrible massage stick.  it hurts.  I don’t like it at all.  but it works.  so I do it with a smile.   

I also found some great stretches for runners on Runner’s World website.  most of them I do and feel great.  all about injury prevention my friends. 

View them HERE.  and HERE

5.  New sneakers make me happy.  and excited to run.  I’m ditching the Kinvara’s for this race.  not because I don’t love them.  I love you saucony kinvara.  but because I’m not sure my feeble little legs can handle them this time around.  I’m also not sure I want to run in something as heavy as the mizuno wave rider 15 that I have been wearing and loving.  after two running warehouse shipments came and went, still searching for the perfect race shoe – I went to my local running store looking for these…

iphone pics 545

these are the ones.  the Kinvara’s are no support, minimalist shoes.  they’ve worked well for me.  The wave riders are full on stability shoes with lots of support.  the running shoe guru that helped me said that would be way too much for a marathon when I’m used to running in minimalist shoes.  these Brooks PureFlow are just a notch above the Kinvaras with a bit more support for my hurting legs.  I’m excited to really try them out on the track tomorrow.  

Until now, these are two of my favorite running sneakers….

iphone pics 559

The kinvara is, well, the Kinvara.  And those Asics Speedstar I just happened upon and I LOVE them.  and now I can’t find them.  I’ve often thought, the best shoe would be a blend of the two.  Let me tell you, if Kinvara and Speedstar got together and had a little lovechild, it might look like those Brooks Pureflow – the best of both shoe worlds to my feet.  Putting them on makes me excited to run the marathon.  so that’s what I do, until I run tomorrow.  I put them on.  have a happy moment.  and take them off.  good times.

6.  Chocolate always makes its way in to the day when trying to brighten the spirits.  Dare I say I have never had a cadbury egg.  I haven’t.  being that they were on sale, I had to try one.

not impressed.  it did not make me happy.  I want my money back.  and my calories, too.

7.  I get to see my little sister twice this month.  this is exciting.  this makes me happy. 

December 2011 boston, skating 005

she is coming home for Easter this weekend.  then in 3 weeks I will be going down to Nashville to see her and run the RNR Country Music Marathon with her.  if my legs are still attached to my body.  She is running the half.  I am planning on doing the full.

8.  I finally registered for the NYC Marathon.


It’s on my list of marathons I’m doing this year – but before today, I hadn’t actually registered for it.  it’s not happening until you’re registered.  I’m registered.  Its going to happen.  So there’s another one in the books, for sure, that I can train for and stress about and lose my mind over.  all of the fun things that I do when getting ready for a race.

8.  Then, if all else fails, and the grumps can’t be avoided and negativity and unhappy thoughts about not running ensue – I take a cue from the little guy and throw a blanket over my head and call it a day. 

iphone pics 573

after rearranging the bedroom furniture.

My husband would prefer it if I did not get to that point.  he says it alarms the children.  ok.  I’ll try to pull myself together.


What do you do to get yourself out of a negative mood?

Who is running NYCM?

How are the workouts going this week?  Getting some good running in?  Tell me about it!

Who is a big fan of Cadbury cream eggs?  Maybe I just tried the wrong one.  didn’t enjoy it.


Run, Run, Run


Workout – stairmaster, at home, 52 minutes – 7.5 miles

I’m not actually running.  at all.  and I have no plans to run for the better part of the next two weeks until I’m feeling 100% confident that my shins are not going to snap in half.  because that could really happen.  I’m sure of it.  but I am running.  it’s one of those weeks, where I am running non stop.  go go go.  my day is broken up into two chunks of time – morning kindergarten and afternoon preschool.  everyday.  I have two little chunks of time to do “things” that need doing before I need to be at home to greet a child off the bus or pick a child up from school.  generally, child #3 takes a nap in the afternoon chunk of time, and homebound we stay.  today there were too many things to do, so the morning and afternoon chunks were filled to the brim with non-stop, non-exciting, and very uneventful action.  but action nonetheless.  no time for words today.  so I’m giving you a mostly picture post.  of the less than exhilarating “things” that we did.  all of which I will expound upon at a later date.  most likely Monday because I can already forsee the weekend being gobbled up by many other “things” in the calendar – like replacement long runs, birthday parties and a little overnight getaway with the hubs.

Here is the day in mostly pictures.  some words. 

Today was technically a rest day – but I’m not feeling like I’ve really “earned” the rest day, because I really haven’t been running this week.  and cross training is kind of like resting, and I’m feeling the need to get in as much cross training as I can in the next two weeks to make up for not running ….so I skipped the gym….but the basement stairmaster was calling my name….and so the day begins….

iphone pics 538

 living in compression socks…


iphone pics 539

Multi-tasking on the stairmaster….and here’s a little tidbit courtesy of Runner’s World that I couldn’t agree more on…because running is so mental…

iphone pics 542


breakfast all around…

iphone pics 536


trying not to procrastinate anymore on this tiny little important thing….taxes are so fun

tax pic


wearing bathing suits last week….hot chocolate this week…

iphone pics 540


iphone pics 541




iphone pics 537

then real shopping….(no, I did not make Luke skip his nap to go here.  he insisted that we go.  begged me to go.)

iphone pics 544


iphone pics 545


I think I’ve found ‘the pair’….it’s like finding the PERFECT pair of jeans….tough….

and more fun stuff….

iphone pics 543

would someone please reassure me that that vein is not going to eat me alive…just frightening….the ‘stick’ and I are very excited to work together.

snacking…sorry, almond milk, you didn’t make the picture…

iphone pics 524


and here we are.  Friday afternoon.  I have used up my allotted sit on my bum and waste time time, and best get to being a productive member of this family.  I think my HOW TO FRIDAY’S are going to be sporadic and sparse, until I start planning ahead and actually have them set up before hand.  I’ve got a few ideas, but for the most part my creative juices are all dried up.  actually, they were never really overflowing in the first place.  I’m more of a math and science kind of girl.  not sure I have a creative bone in my body.  until then, friday’s posts will probably be no different in nature than any of my other rambling but thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking, who ever let this girl ever get near blog world and how does she possibly make it through life, kind of post.  they will be that good.  I promise.

For any newer readers, here are a few older How To Fridays…





Race prep



Talk to me People!!!

What’s going on this weekend??

Tell me about upcoming races?

Tell me about how you injured your shins too, and they healed so nicely and quickly and you went on to have a massive PR in a race– that would make ME feel really good

Then I’ll tell you that you are a fantastic person and if you are just getting your feet wet in the fitness and healthy living world, running, working out, thinking about working out, or if you are a speedster already and are training hard to kick it up a notch – then you are a superstar and you are headed in the right direction.  and that will make YOU feel really good.  happy words make happy people.  be happy. 

win win for everyone. 

have a fantastic weekend.