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Quickie and a long run


Not that kind of quickie – this is a quickie post folks.  super busy day here in family land.  so this is a quick post, minus ANY fun pictures.  maybe a couple boring fun ones at the end.  will do a weekend recap tomorrow – because you know lots of fun is happening here that you need to know about.   

Workout – long run.  17.75 miles.  totally fragmented run and it was awesome.  somewhere in the 2hr 10-15min range.  hard to tell.  I had to make it faster than it was supposed to be for time purposes.  and I psyched myself up so much for below freezing temps that never were even in the forecast, that it really wasn’t that bad.  so if you don’t like to run in the cold, just gear up for zero degree weather, and then the nose biting stabbing ear pain 30 degree still freezing cold weather doesn’t feel so bad.

I always sometimes wonder what I would do without my amazing husband and his brilliant ideas.  I persuaded my brave friend to run with me for the last stretch of my run.  so last night I’m trying to figure out the perfect route to get to her for the last part.  and really stressing about it.  and still not wanting to run 18 miles in the arctic temps.  and slightly stressing about liquid/food intake.  I’m good at stressing over things that really don’t matter in the long run.  genious hubs says to me, “Katie, my beautiful smart funny amazing perfect wife who is a fantastic mother to our three children, why don’t you run to the gym, run a little at the gym, and then go back outside and run some more.”  Best of all worlds.  little outdoor.  little indoor.  little fun.  it did make the run go by quickly. 

So I only made it 17.75 because the bowels hit me that last 1/4 mile.  that might be T.M.I.  but it’s what happened.  so that last 1/4 mile run became a cheek clenching, keep it together, if a toilet showed up in the middle of the road I would absolutely use it power walk instead of a run.  that’s fine. 

I am VERY thankful for a hubster that works with me and holds down the fort so I can get these long runs in.  It takes up a good portion of the Saturday morning.  especially when he has to hang with this goofball.  

balloon head daughter. she is not normal.

The girls and I had a date night last night.  we went for pizza and then to a high school gymnastics meet.  they are very into gymnastics.  lotta fun. 

little more normal. balloon must still be in the pic. great picture of the three of them.

Today we have family visiting, friends over for dinner and same old same old Sunday happenings tomorrow.  It’s a good thing we are still “cleansing”, otherwise I would make some nasty, greasy food to have in spirit of Superbowl, even though we don’t really get into the football.  or baseball.  or soccer.  or any other sport on television.  shameful.  I know.  someone needs to adopt my family and teach us how to get insanely involved in cheering for the appropriate sports teams.  catch ya later peeps.  HAPPY SATURDAY AND ALL FUN AND RELAXING THINGS THAT GO WITH IT!!!!

Hows the weather doing where you are?  any snow reports?

What is your favorite pizza topping?

Any fun Saturday night plans?  Let me hear about it!