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Whirlwind, cont. and Mind Power

I do not know which way is up with my workouts. my ever steady workout schedule is not so steady this week. cross training days got confused with run days, and longer run days became shorter stroller run days. and it’s only tuesday. my normal schedule is run SU-M-W-TH-S, Tuesday cross train, Friday off, or just strength. 
Here’s what we have so far…
Sunday – 9 miles

Monday – 5 jogger miles, 30 stair master speed intervals (wanted 10 miles.  no go.  couldn’t bring myself to unearth the TREADMILL to finish the run)
Tuesday – 9 total, 3 jogger stroller miles + 6 speedy miles later. 
The jogger miles are usually in the 8-8:20 pace range because my little bundle likes to throw things overboard like shoes, snacks, his special lovey…so we spend a lot of time rescuing such things. By the end of my 3 jogger stroller miles today, I needed some speed. what better way for speed than a nice progression run. it’s a plan. The plan was to start off around 7:30 and finish the 5th mile around 6:25, feeling like this would be very challenging to do, then cool down with a mile. Here’s what happened per mile…






Yeah. that mile 2 threw me for a loop too. big pace jump.  I thought I failed at my progression run and was going to have to do a reverse progression run.  no such a thing.  completely illogical in training, I think.  no one ever says, wouldnt it be great to positive split in a race??? Lets do our best to run the second half slower! Yeah!!  Let’s train for that!  I think not. That mile 2 was supposed to be mile 4 time, if I even felt that good by mile four. I felt like I was even holding back just to make sure I didn’t push the pace too hard and screw up my progression.  Mile 2 beeped, I thought this sucks, I can’t hold this pace or even think about doing the next 3 miles FASTER.  blah. but then, why not?  Its funny how easy it is to give up, tell yourself you can’t do something, settle for lesser than what you set out to do, and not even try to push through. Reverse that can’t do attitude and grasp the power of positive thinking.  so I tried. I held onto 6:31 and then tried to pick up the pace. Mile 4 had two very small hills.  but a hill is a hill is a hill.  I dont really agree with that, but an incline is an incline and it can hurt a speedy pace.  if you let it.  again, I immediately thought this mile is doomed to the hills. reverse. I changed my mindset and thought, don’t break this pace, it’s one little hill and one more little hill. take it. run it. well, I ran it. and the watch beeped 6:21, and what do you know, I ran it harder than I thought I could.  just because I was telling myself that I CAN do it. that meant the next had to be faster than that. make it happen. It’s one more mile. this last mile had about 1/3 mile downhill, and that was helpful. then it flattened out. and I cruised. I was happy with the finish. I like to finish the last mile the strongest, whatever the pace may be. it just goes to show how much power your mind has over your body. you tell yourself you can’t, and you won’t.  without even a chance to try. You tell yourself you can, and you at least give it a good effort so that if you fall short, you have tried. and you feel good that you have tried. and that trying has made you stronger.
I wore my new Mizuno Wave Elixirs. love. love. love. 
Lululemon marathon skirt. all black. all amazing.
I will admit. I did not love them at first. and I put them away. I gave them another shot. they are now broken in and they are great. slightly lighter than the precision, but heavier and more supportive than the musha. 
My whirlwind weekend continued into a whirlwind week. the whirlwind kind that brought a very best friend down from VT to visit and have a slumber party with on Monday night.  A whirlwind that brought a kitchen turned upside down from doing a little “facelift” action, that will be turned upside down for a bit longer. 
The whirlwind week started when I thought of the brilliant idea to make a dentist appointment for my #2 little beauty at 8:30am on Monday morning. who does that?  I do.  Little darling had to get a cavity filled. the horror. major mom guilt. you know, that unnecessary guilt us moms take on for the most riduculous things that we usually have no control over, oh my gosh, anna had a hangnail last week, how could I possibly be so neglectful. the horror.  this, on top of my normal dentist anxiety.  I would rather have 10 babies with no medication than go to the dentist.  for myself or my kids.  say the word dentist and I begin hyperventilating.  how does a 4 year old get a cavity.  Probably that choking hazard gumball she ate or the twice weekly trips for froyo.  a hypothesis.  Dr. Dentist assured me it didnt look so much like a cavity as a tooth defect, or just a little piece of enamel chipped off.  Oh, Dr. Dentist, I’ve worked through my mom guilt over this one, if it looks like a cavity and acts like a cavity, let’s just call it what it is, a cavity, and get on with our lives.  
Anyway, I must have done something to piss someone off, because not only did it torrential downpour the second I had to walk out of the house with all three kids, but I couldn’t find anyone’s shoes, I had no booster seats for the girls and we couldn’t find big A’s umbrella. God forbid only 2 of the 3 kids have an umbrella.  I stress about being late for things. thank goodness I have a husband. a good husband. he chauffeured us to get the boosters and held onto Luke so that the dentists office was still in tact when we left.  
I think the dentist did something wrong, because she came out looking like this…
now you see why I fear the dentist. it’s just not right. she used to be so cute. 
Today was a good whirlwind. hanging with the bf and her amazingly adorable, flipping intelligent little two year old. we had deep conversations about politics and religion.  then she sang the abc’s to me and recited the united states constitution.  she makes Luke look like a caveman. I like little cavemen. 
My very dearest friend has recently found the joy and love of running. this is exciting. is there anything better in life than a best friend that has seen the light of running?  pretty sure there is, but that is one thing that is definitely at the top of the good things in life list. right next to designer jeans that fit like a glove and children that know how to sleep past 5am. I know nothing about the latter.
She requested a killer backyard workout whilst (probably one of my all time favorite words) the kidlings nicely frolicked in the yard around us. I gave her a killer workout and sent her on a run. We geeked out for a bit with running talk and looked up training plans. She’s a trail runner, and has a trail half coming up. pretty soon I’ll have her talking tempos, progressions and fartleks. not fartleks. probably one of my least favorite words and running activities. they don’t need to exist.  darn good times. 
All of this whirwinding has left my house sorely neglected in the cleaning and laundry and housekeeping department. but that’s ok. I put Luke on mopping duty.  little baby cavemen are good at those activities.
the driveway was getting a little dirty. 
and that concludes the festivities of this whirlwind.   hubs and I are having a little movie night. 21 jump street. we like movie nights. hoping the whirlwind dies down by tomorrow. it’s hard to get ahead of yourself sometimes when the day starts at an obnoxiously early hour with a small child running circles around you. I wouldn’t have it any other way. we are thoroughly enjoying our morning runs in the jogger. tossing things overboard and all.   I’m going to work on the constitution with him tomorrow. 
word to the wise. don’t give up on your hard work when it looks like it might actually get hard. You never know what you are capable of until you try. Strength come from success and failure, but not so much from settling for less or quitting. just stating the obvious. one of my many talents. 
Who has seen 21 jump street?  

When was the last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?  Running or not running. asks therapist Katie. 

What was the last movie you saw?  Like or dislike?

Day 5 and going strong


Maybe what I’m about to tell you has something to do with the fact that I have gotten more than 5 hours of sleep the past two nights.  or maybe it’s because I actually am a more well-adjusted person than I thought I was.  (I don’t cope well with change.  creature of habit and consistency.) 

I have been consistently going to the gym at least 4 days a week to sweat my buns off at 5am for the past few months –  but I am alive and well and I haven’t seen the inside of my gym since SATURDAY – 5 days people!  I might have a treadmill and stairmaster at home to ease the pain (and gammy might have rescued me one day when I went for an hour – but that’s it!).   lets see how long this lasts.  ok it’s only going to last through this weekend.  I know that.  I only gave my husband the gift of the a.m. gym session for one week.   that’s all the kindness I have in me.  then we have to go back to sharing.  sharing is caring.  I can’t have the gym all to myself.  says he.  life’s not fair.  that’s my overused line for my 4 and 5 year old.  I’ll use it on me.  see if it works.

I think it’s good to mix things up a bit.  like not go to the gym every single day and do the exact same thing.  I think it’s good for our bodies too.  I have to force myself to mix things up.  food, exercise, my wardrobe (we all know that’s a tough one red target sweatshirt and running leggings) it doesn’t come naturally to me. 

proof. no sweatshirt. just leggings. it's possible to change. out of stinky clothes.

For example, I have decided it is healthy and ok for me to not go to tj maxx every other day, but once a week would be fine and acceptable.  actually, I haven’t been since my good find over a week ago.  pat on the back for muah.  I also would have no problem eating the same thing every day for every meal.  just to be consistent.  and if those meals included chocolate. sushi.  salmon burgers.  bagels and peanut butter.  I think I could do it.  but I’m trying to include some veggies.  makes the world go round.  I’m trying to clean up my eating.  less processed.  less “box-y” I don’t know where you really came from or what’s in you kind of food

since I’ve had kids I’m much more aware of what goes into their precious little growing bodies, and in turn much more aware of what I put in my body – I just don’t care as much if it’s full of crap for me;-) 

So I made steel cut oats this morning for breakfast.  instead of my usual pre-packaged oatmeal deliciousness.

timesaver - make enough for 4 days, then you get to look at it ALLLLL week in your fridge. mmmmmm.

you’re not missing anything.  believe me.  I prefer the processed shtuff.  but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. 

so…. got this as a backup because I was pretty sure I still don’t like steel cut oats and it will take me a good 3 weeks to figure out how to make them taste tolerable.  still in a box.  minimal ingredients.  and I know what they all are. 

And then there’s this beauty – does it get any more processed than that. actually yes. it does.  scary.  but this container is starting to scare me.  it just doesn’t look nice and friendly.


what’s really scary is that I will default to that stuff in the container, throw it in with some almond milk and call it a meal because it’s so quick.  and easy.  and probably not too good for you either. 

I just want my food to look friendly and nice, like these little cuties.  even if it does come in a box.  I’m all about the protein drinks.  I think it just needs to be more of an every now and then thing. rather than an everyday thing.  for me.  

I will eat more of this

I already scarfed the other 2/3 before I took the pic. I was hungry.

and my cute little petite brussel sprouts. 

I even get in a rut with races.  For the past couple years, the only races I did were the same marathon and the same half marathon.  nothing else.  did I mention I don’t like change.  I will run the same running loop like a crazy person.  so I have signed up for at least 3, possibly 4 marathons that I have never done before.  I might even throw a trail run in there, ahhhh!  another pat on the back.  well done. 

In other news – I have a zit the size of mars forming on my forehead that you should ALL be aware of.  the kind that hurts when you laugh or make a funny face.  it hasn’t even surfaced yet.  watch out. 

the red sweatshirt isn't clean yet. stickin with grey. and the big shnozz. great angle.

So there.  Get outta your comfort zone.  switch it up.  change your clothes for once  🙂  try a new exercise.  or maybe I’m the only one that sticks myself in a rut. 

Who’s excited for the WEEKEND?!?! 

Favorite vegetable?

What have you done lately to get out of any sort of “rut”?