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HOT Runs and Family Fun


Workout(s) – Friday/Saturday, forced rest days.

Sunday – 7 miles.  and about 100 driveway lunges.  I wish that was an exaggeration.  my burning legs are telling me otherwise.

Today(monday) – 10.2 miles

Hello my long lost blog loving friends!!!  It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here.  That’s what a 3 day weekend with beautiful weather and a family will do – keep you outside, eating lots of fro yo and having lots of family fun.  we know how to have fun.  we run.  we play.  we play.  we run.  we have baby showers and last minute date nights – the best kind.  we try not to injure ourselves, but activities like this make that a crapshoot.

iphone pics 884

Although, running seems like a pretty low risk ‘sport’, I’ve learned that can leave you in the doctors office pretty quickly.

This is just a quick check in post to say I’m having much to much of an entirely good weekend to spend too much time inside at the computer.  But I’ve had some pretty good post elbow injury runs that I will expound upon in an in depth report tomorrow.  Suspense.  so for now, I will give you picture overload, so you know we are alive and well and kickin’.  but for this weekend, my precious little children like to be outside at the crack of dawn and don’t go in till the sun goes down.  so we do things like ride to the coffee shop with the kidlings every morning and harass the poor unsuspecting patrons.  we think our kids are cute, but I’m pretty sure by this morning, they are going to put a ban on children under 5 in a one mile radius of the coffee shop.

This is how we ride…

Luke in the jogger with me running…

iphone pics 881

don’t be fooled by the smile.  he hates this thing with a passion, which makes me sad because I can’t really run too much with him.  he makes everything about running miserable in this.

Alex on her bike because she’s a big two wheel rider…

iphone pics 882

and Anna on daddy’s back because she’s my little non two wheel rider and has too much fun riding like this to make her ride the little tricycle.  totally safe.  they are wearing imaginary helmets.  the best kind.

iphone pics 883

she’s our little monkey.  along for the ride.

The elbow is hanging in there.  pretty tight, stiff, not wanting to straighten out without popping, but all things I can live with.

my forearm is pretty sore.  not much swelling.  a little swollen, but not that anyone could see by looking at it.  see…

iphone pics 878

nice lighting.  makes it look like there are more problems with my arm than just the elbow. a little disappearing shoulder action.

just some minor repercussions of the face plant that put me in this situation.  I can’t put any pressure on that arm.  well, I can, it’s just uncomfortable.  but running works just fine.

We had my sisters baby shower on Saturday and I sported my pink pumps.

iphone pics 873

super uncomfortable.  I don’t know why I make certain decisions like this sometimes.  just wear the flats.  don’t be all lets get cute and trendy when you are already not feeling so hot because your arm is throbbing because you have a hard time running in a straight line without falling.

I was a little nervous running on Sunday, first run since I blasted my arm.  I made it through.  I even ran the same exact route.  facing my fears head on.  way to be.  nothing took me down this time.  but we’ll talk about that run tomorrow.

I made a better wardrobe decision last night when we had a last minute night out with our friends at my fave local restaurant.  I stuck with the flats.  go me.  one good decision at a time.

iphone pics 880

i’m sorry.  that mirror is just a lost cause.  I actually did try to peel those brown stickers off.  but the windex continues to elude me.  It will get cleaned at some point.

and that brings you up to speed my friends, in a nutshell, on all things except the running that is going on.  that needs a post of it’s own.  details details.  I love running details.  and I can only assume that you do too, because this is technically a running blog.  but I’m beginning to wonder.  so tomorrow I will make it a running blog and talk about running things.  and how the running is going.  and maybe even offer some running words of wisdom, or just some wisdom in general.  because now that I have hit 30, I can offer general wisdom because as one woman said to me this weekend, ‘wow, you’re 30!  you’re an adult woman now!’  I guess I am.  I guess before this I was just a baby woman.  my how I’ve grown.  so I feel more entitled to offer adult woman advice.  like how to not pee your running skirt on a hot run.  and how not to trip and fall on your face while you run.  that’s a work in progress, but really important things like that.  I might try to branch out to things like how to pick the perfect running shoe.  or how to pick the perfect post run meal.  I’ll think about it.  that’s real running talk.  not sure I’m ready for that.

Happy Memorial day, my friends!  I hope you are all having a lovely hot weekend.  I’m pretty sure I am in need of some sweet frog fro yo today.  we’ve only been there 3 times this weekend.  that’s definitely not enough.

How is your weekend?  Is it a long one?

Racing weekend?

Long run weekend?

Traveling weekend?

Ridiculously uncomfortable heel wearing weekend?

Tell me all about it