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A 5K, A Win, and Base Miles


So much to catch up on. Where the heck to begin, my friends???  Let’s start with Saturday and work our way forward and then back again then forward again. Keep it all over the place exciting.  Because this weekend had a lot going on. Kind of. Don’t get excited. It wasn’t super exciting stuff. It was nice family stuff, but nothing over the top. As always, I’m going to share the juicy details of a typical running family weekend.  weekends tend to revolve around the run when both parentals are running and training for something.
Saturday- 5k race (we will talk about this in a minute) + 5.3 miles later in day = 8.4 for the day
This put me at 45 miles for the week!!!  It truly does not take a lot to make me happy.  give me some running miles, chocolate and perhaps a new workout tank and I’m on cloud 9.  this 45 mile week included two days off from running, one day was stairmaster cross training. I’m very happy with my first 40+ mile week, which also included two good short races.  and is lacking any pain or soreness.
Sunday- 10 miles am before church + 3 miles after church = 13 for the day.  No garmin.  I actually started with the watch on, and it quite honestly was being a little pisser and bringing my run down, so I shut it off. I wanted it to be a nice easy run, no stress, no fuss- but I kept looking at the watch and getting annoyed that my “easy” run pace was not as easy as I wanted it to be. So I turned off the watch and just ran.  Turned out to be a 7:45ish pace, which is what I was shooting for.
Monday (which is today, for those of you in denial that the weekend is over)- 7.75 miles. no assistance from gps watch.  Hence the pesky “.75” at the end instead of a pretty looking figure 8.  Kind of a bummer. This is where taking pushy mr. Garmin works out well- you don’t get stuck with a “.75” at then end of your mileage.  but you also dontnget stuck with a poor attitude about a certain pace.  I don’t really like decimals with the numbers 75 after them when they are under the miles I wanted to hit.  If the .75 followed the 8, it would have been happy day.  So I’m stuck with 7.75 instead of 8.  I do suppose worse things could happen on a Monday.
So there it is. We’re all caught up on the running weekend. Let’s move back to the racing weekend.
Turns out I’m a sucker for 5k’s, or any k for that matter. I had fun at the 10k last weekend too.  I had to help my 5 year old visualize every “k” from 1 to 10 by telling her how far she would have to run from our house to make that distance.  It was a riveting conversation.
5k’s are frightening. They are a fast, scary, slightly torturous breed of race.  I like that. Thrilling. Challenging. Make you hit up the bathroom every 10 minutes kind of anxiety inducing distance. That might be just me. And that might happen to me before any race. but 5k’s especially.  my stomach starts flipping just thinking about it.  while they are short and fast, I think the challenge of them and the training benefits – both mental and physical – are great. You have to go fast from the start, stay fast in the middle and push it harder in the end.
When my friend said she was running the race, I obviously wanted to join.  and therein lies the problem of dual training parents. The hubs had a 26 mile run planned for that morning. Whats a mom to do.  I thought about hiding his sneakers, but didn’t want to play dirty.  So I’m left with three kids. One race. One parent. Find a way to make it happen…by pawning off the children on friend’s husband. perfect.  This is also why a 5k is great, its a quick race. so my children would only be torturing friends husband for approximately 18-20 minutes.
I signed the girls up for the half mile kids race. and stuck my little crazy man in the stroller.  the girls ran the whole thing. of course, I have no pictures of them running it.  I can’t be photographer/runner/mom/coach all at the same time. The race photographer caught some delightful images of them, but i am not tech savvy enough to hijack them from the website. and that would be stealing. I might be forced to pay for these ones. too cute.  This is the only picture I have – and it’s not very delightful…
I went into my 5k just like my 10k on Sunday- ready to run my best run that morning.  I always go into a race wanting a PR, but it’s just not always the case.  And I’m learning that it’s ok to not run faster at every run, but it’s great to run my best at every run.
On Saturday, my best got me First place overall female.  Happy.  I squeaked in just under 19 minutes. My garmin said 18:57, official time I think was 18:58. What a major discrepancy there.  Average pace was 6:05.  I was 9th place overall finisher out of 385 people- so it was kind of a small race.
This was a bit hillier than my 5k in march. There was a hill within the first 1/10 mile. And then the one that sucked the life out of my legs – it was a 1/2 mile incline from mile 2 – 2 1/2. that’s exactly one 1/2 mile too long of an incline for a 5k.  It wasn’t super steep, but anything other than flat in a 5k is just not desirable.  It was probably like running 3-4% incline on the treadmill. Naturally, that was my slowest mile.  Here are my garmin splits:
Mile 1- 5:50 

Mile 2- 5:55

Mile 3- 6:27 that’s a doosy. There’s the beloved hill. not fun.

Last .13- 5:45

I felt great after this run.  #1 because I had no expectations other than to run my best run. #2 because I came in first. That always makes for a fun day. #3 because I had all of my kids with me. I love having my kids with me at races. I love that they did the kids race too. #4 because it was a new race to me.  I get stuck in a big box of not doing new races and not branching out.  I’m going to branch out this summer.  Lots of new races.  Lots of short, bathroom inducing races. It was a great morning. It would have been cool to PR and win, but that may be pushing it.  Throw a winning lotto ticket on there too and I’d be a happy mama.  I’ll take the win and leave the PR and winning lotto ticket for next time.

I ran in these green monsters.
Mizuno musha. Minimal shoe. 
 I LOVE THEM. I ran the 10k in them too, and will do speed work in them when it becomes part of my schedule. I’ve been training in these pretty little things…

Mizuno wave precision. To the right. I’m not crazy enough to wear 2 different sneakers. But I am too lazy to find a picture of just the precisons. So you get more musha action too. the precison are lightweight, but a little more support/cushion than the musha.

Right now I’m in base building, easy run phase.  These are my immediate goals: (because you do care)
1. Hit 40-45 miles a week through June
2. Keep all miles fairly “easy”, between 7:30-7:50 pace, depending on the day and the mood of my legs.  I would say 95% of my running has been easy, not really pushing my pace too much.  I might do one run a week that pushes it a bit, but nothing crazy.  run easy paces while not stressing about the easy pacing.
3. Keep all of my runs happy.  they have been pretty happy.  I love to run. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that.
4. Avoid injury. Ha. That’s what everyone is trying to do. I can hope for the best and train smart. that’s all I’ve got.
5. Run garmin less for the majority of my runs. The garmin is a GREAT training tool.  but it definitely has a time and a place. right now, that time and place for me is not on my wrist every time I walk out the door. It takes away the enjoyment of my run. And that makes me not happy. And that does not help with #3 above.
6. Add more strength work. I’m like a broken record saying that, because I’m always trying to do that and never really feel accomplished in that.  So I’ll just keep writing it in hopes that it will really happen. Strong core = stronger runner.
I do know how it’s done.  I just need to do it.  Break my 6 minute plank record.
I was definitely getting mentally burnt out on running before my spring marathon extravaganza. I took a MUCH needed timeout from running and feel like I’ve come back with a very new mindset. I’m in this moment with my running.  I’m not thinking about what I used to do and the paces I used to hit, because they were definitely faster. I bring zero stress into my running as far as goals and races.  Instead, I’m thinking about what I am capable of in the future, about what I CAN do and about how I am going to successfully get there. And that means switching things up a lot. My running hasn’t changed, but certain circumstances around it has. I stick to two days off a week, one cross training and one complete rest day – which allows my mind a break and my legs a break. and I’m confident it’s going to keep me fresh for adding more miles and energized for some super speedy workouts in the weeks to come. I leave the watch at home, which means the stress of mile times stays at home too.  I’m excited to do things a little differently, making the whole experience of training for the next marathon a new experience.  A fun one. A fresh one.  For my legs and my head.
Once the base building phase is over in a couple weeks, I will be more than ready to tackle some speed.  my body will be more than ready to add on some miles and get into the 50’s consistently – something I’ve never come close to doing, but I think will make me a much stronger runner.
Now we are all caught up on the racing weekend, let’s catch up on the family weekend. In a short condensed parsgraph, it consisted of running, running, some more running and some relaxing. That’s the perfect weekend to me. Not a lot of plans. just a lot of home time/running time/hang out in the driveway and wear pink boots time.
Turns out little boy pink has another double ear infection.  although, we aren’t confident that last one cleared up, it does explain his particularly devilish behavior as of late. pump him up with some antibiotics and hope for the best.
At the risk of turning this into another 3 day long post that doesn’t actually get posted until sometime at the end of the week, I’m going to have to end it now. so much to share, so little time. I have more chitty chat for you cool kids out there, but I’m going to end this long and drawn out running/training/racing reflections post right now.  I promise I have some fun sneaker talk coming up and a possible opportunity to get some sneaks, but I’m also confident I will probably come up with some super interesting day in the life of Katie talk to fill this blogspace first.  I’m also confident I finished off that jar of nutella over the weekend. I’m equally confident that I see a lululemon trip in my near future.  I’m pretty confident my ear infected 2 year old will be up at 5am tomorrow and that I need to get my hiney to bed ASAP. That’s about all I’m confident about right now.
Fill me in on the juicy race/running details of the weekend?!?

Has your training/running changed over the past year? Has your outlook on running changed?

Do 5k’s terrify you?

What is your favorite race distance?

Irresistible Rain


Workout – RUN.  7 miles.  YES!!!!!  you read that right.  I just couldn’t resist this weather…


what a beautiful day.  somehow, I managed to NOT run all week in the unbelievably beautifully gorgeous wonderful amazing April weather.  but the cold rain hits and I just cave.  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  into the rain I went. 

I’ve been such a good ‘rester’ lately, I deserved this run.  I’ve been craving a good run all week.  and all week I resisted (aside from the little track workout)  today, I had to give into the craving.  I had to give into what my body was telling me to do.  I especially like it when it says to me, go for it Katie, run, enjoy, be happy.  I oblige.  happy to.  It’s like when you have a food craving, they say it’s because your body is telling you it needs whatever nutrition that food can give you.  whether that is true or not, I do not know.  but go with me for a second…so I feel like after resting from running for so long and then this week I have this need to run that I can’t get rid of, it’s like my body is telling me to just run.  I am really good at over thinking and analyzing things, when sometimes it’s just better to step back, relax and go with with what your mind/body is ‘telling’ you to do, even when the logical, over thinking side is telling you to think twice.  think twice and listen to your body sometimes.  mine was ready for a little go at running on the roads today.  it was fantastic.  puddles, wind, soppy wet shoes and all.   

no, my right leg did not feel 100%

no, I did not feel fast or super strong

no, my shin did not hurt while I was running.  happy day.  and it didn’t hurt after.  and it still doesn’t hurt.  super happy day.

yes, my knee was a little angry

yes, my right leg was SUPER tight from my tush to my ankle.  all the way down the back

yes, I have an appointment for a massage tomorrow and that’s one reason I felt comfortable running today.

yes, it’s possible that I have an ear to ear grin that I ran 7 miles, didn’t feel great, but didn’t have a pity party that I didn’t feel perfect or run super fast.  I’m working with what I’ve got right now.  I’ve got my whole life quite a few years ahead of me to hone in on my running skills.

I didn’t really have a plan for this run.  I’m totally out of my element with running.  I’m not sure which way is up lately when I put my sneaks on.  which would be these as of late, even at the gym, mizuno wave rider 15’s…


this is a totally random picture I found on my phone.  looks like anna really likes my shoes too.

they are the most supportive shoes I own and I am planning on wearing them for the marathon next weekend.  which is another reason I wanted to get out today.  I wanted to get another run in with them before we team up for the long one.

I decided right before I hit the pavement that I wanted to have an easy warmup mile and a couple miles to push it a bit with easier miles in between.  So it was a little all over the place, but I was happy with it.


I was happy with the warmup, mile 2 felt good, mile 3 was nice and easy, mile 4 included a little wind, puddle jumping and car dodging.  then I just wanted to keep it steady for a few.  good stuff.

rolling hills.



(ps, while on garmin connect, I peeked at my gansett splits.  and almost vomited.  big mistake.  you will never know)

I think today’s run would have been completely 100% rainbows and butterflies (not butterflies, I don’t like butterflies, maybe tulips or orchids, I like those) and I would have had splits like this girl if I was wearing these two snazzy items…

lulu jacket

Hi lululemon.  will you be my friend?

lulu top


While we are on the topic of things that will make me happy and things that I think I need, here are a couple more


here’s why I need these.  i wear flip flops a lot.  and I’m starting to think that they are really bad for your feet, legs, etc.  this may be a completely ridiculous justification to purchase a new pair of shoes.  but this is the one I am using to possibly purchase these this week.  for my feet.  my body is telling me that my feet are not happy and they need these.  I must listen.

and these…Hudsons…they are on sale…I will not say for how much…


and here is why I need these…I don’t wear jeans enough and my body is telling me that it is because a lot of the jeans that I own are too tight and my legs and hips want more comfortable fitting jeans.  the only way to do that is to buy designer fitting jeans.  I should listen to the bod.  true.

other things that made me happy this weekend…

this adorable little guy got a haircut…and he just gets cuter.  didn’t think it was possible. 

luke haircut

and now we are sending him off to marine bootcamp.  he’s got the cut.  he’s ready.  he’s pretty tough and strong.

and these little ladies…all smiles


they were loving each other at the moment.  then it’s possible that the big one was choking the little one the next moment.  not for sure though.

it was one of those Sundays where my husband and I looked at each other and kept saying, wow, this is just a really nice day with the family.  it flowed almost seamlessly.  I guess that’s kind of a rare thing with three little kids and schedules and training for races and birthday parties and busy weekend plans.  but everything jived today.  and it was pleasant.  there is light and the end of the crazy tunnel of really small children not sleeping very well and flying in all different directions at all times.  really good days, within good days.  

another happy note for Sunday – I found a lentil I like.  edit: I do not like lentils or ever plan on liking lentils but am one of those people that won’t give up on a food that is really good for you that I can make more palatable with a lot of salt and other seasonings as well as hiding it in another food like quinoa.  or chocolate.  there must be a lentil chocolate recipe that is to die for somewhere out there.  I need it.


anyway, I found a lentil that I did not destroy while trying to cook it.  it did not turn to mush.  it was not crunchy after it had been boiling for 25 minutes.  I daresay it cooked perfectly.  and it looked nice and rustic too.  thank you bob’s red mill for making a lentil that I could salt and pepper up and toss with quinoa and hopefully chocolate someday.

lentils 2


What a great Sunday.  I was really starting to get down that I have not been running.  and just when I needed it, I had a good run.  put a little pep in my step.  a little hip hip in my hooray.  a little assurance that my leg won’t have to be amputated below the knee.  yet.  a little confidence for another marathon next weekend.  a little bit of endorphins that this endorphin lacking, elliptacling, stairmastering, resting mama needed.  a little hope that all hope is not lost in the world.  good things happen and little families of five have fabulously fantastic Sunday afternoons.  and the children are going back to school tomorrow.  that helps too.

Give me YOUR weekend recap?!?


Long runs?

Injuries healing?

Lentils cooking properly? 

How do you feel about flip flops?  I wish I could wear them all year ‘round.  generally if it is above 30 degrees, they are on my feet.

Let’s Take Care of Business



#1 Item of Business:

Workout Business

I think I have quite a few days of workouts to record here.  where do I begin…

Thursday night Family Track workout

There was a lot of this going on…


and not a lot of running.  but we made it to the track.

Much of what I expected.  I just did 2 miles.  really not even worth it, but it was my last run in my 20’s.  farewell.  It was more of a let’s see how the legs are feeling kind of track run.  they weren’t feeling so hot.  not because I ran a marathon 4 days before, but because something is just really tight in my right leg.  much better today.  but solidified that I will not be running much at all until the next marathon.  surprise.

1/2 mile warmup, 1 mile @ 6:23 (cruising, didn’t feel like I was pushing it) (but it was only 1 mile), 1/2 mile c/d.  big time.  I’m pulling reverse psychology on marathon training – called don’t run at all for 4 weeks leading up to a marathon and have big expectations.  solid training.

some mild not dramatic at all self talk following the little unnecessary, not useful for anything track run:

oh good God in heaven, my leg is broken, that hurt so bad, I’m never going to run again

there’s nothing wrong with your legs, katie, you are 100% fine, it’s just a little numb feeling and you should definitely run 10 miles in this 75 degree weather

oh dear Lord my leg hurts from my glute to my big toe and it will surely need to be amputated.  maybe I could be an elite amputee runner.  that could work.

I pulled myself back down to earth and am preparing to run with a decent amount of leg discomfort on Saturday.  marathons do hurt.   it is a fact.  I will not say pain because certain unnamed people (mom and nana) will get upset if I say I am going to run with pain.

 Side note business…

I’m trying to keep out of my conscious that it’s been one month since I called it on extensive amounts of running.  I think I could count on one hand the # of runs I have done, none of which have exceeded in miles the # of fingers I have on one hand.  I have 5 fingers on my hand.  I don’t have a freakishly odd number of fingers on my hands.  they’re normal.  that’s not a lot of running.  staying positive.  making smart choices.  riding the line between taking it easy and preserving my running body- and overdoing it and killing my running body.  I don’t want that.  I’m really taking it easy, and that’s not necessarily by choice but by the fact that my right leg will eat me alive if I push it through a run before another marathon

Friday Workout 

I put my taper hat on and called it a complete rest day.  I am technically tapering.  how did we get to one week before a marathon again???  I am SO EXCITED to run this marathon.  more on that in uno momento.

Saturday Workout

In the new cool racerback.  another item of clothing everyone should experience.  along with a pair of designer jeans and lululemon wunder unders.  complete wardrobe right there. 


Pretty decent cross training at the gym

1 hour elliptical – I wanted to push it a little bit so I did level 20 alternated with level 16 intervals – alternating forward and backward motion.  fun.

20 minutes speed intervals on stairmaster.

Leg strength training – seated leg abductors (great for IT band issues), seated leg press, squats with shoulder work, planks.

#2 Item of Business:

30th Bday Business

Recap in pictures.  because I’m pretty sick of talking about myself, my birthday and all other things going on.  I was treated like a queen. as it should have been.

Birthday eve cupcakes from the madre


I took a little nibble pre pic.  couldn’t wait.

approximately 3 hours later


   possibly three of the most wonderful things all together in one package


only to possibly be trumped by these that came on my birthday.  that came to me for free.  doesn’t get better.


These will get an entire post of their own.  but I love them.  thank you mizuno.  you are awesome.  and comfortable.  and make my feet happy in every level of stability.

I couldn’t decide which to put on first.  so I wore one on each foot around the house. 


mizuno musha to the left.  mizuno wave precision 12 to the right.  fab.

more flowers…


birthday rocks.  everyone needs birthday rocks. 


according to my children it’s because it would be ‘sad if I didn’t have anything to open on my birthday’.  thoughtful.

because my girls were so generous and gave me precious rocks from the yard that are now sitting on my nightstand, as naturally that’s the only place for them – I in turn took them for a little bday girls day to the salon to get their haircut for the first time and to get their nails done.  I guess salon Katie in the bathroom wasn’t good enough for them. 

to finish off the bday, dinner with the hubs and a trip to lululemon to spend the bday money appropriately and quickly before it got spent on something like food or gas.  fashionable athletic wear is far more important.

here’s my only dinner pic.  it’s a dark picture.  I wore the target shirt.  that was not ugly at all.  hangin’ with my peach kicker in a jar.  it was super tasty.  no pictures of food.  it was super tasty too.  

bday dinner

the peach kicker had peppers in it.  that’s a first for me.  drinking an adult beverage with a vegetable in it.  I’m 30 now.  I can do adult things like that.  another first for me was entering “age 30” on the cardio machines at the gym.  honesty is the best policy.

#3 Item of Business

Running Talk


While I have put ZERO pressure on myself to achieve a certain outcome, I still have tucked away in my mind an adjusted and possibly tangible, but possibly tough to reach goal.  one that will still make me work.  but one that I’m holding onto loosely because I’m not letting this race be my new goal race.  this is my fun race.  and this is my race that I want to love running.  but one that I know will be hard…. 

because my last long run (not including gansett marathon) was in February

because I have taken a huge break from running in this past month

because my right leg still does not feel great.  or near great.

but one that I will be mentally prepared for….

because I am going to remember the training that I have done

because I’m going to tell myself that I am more than capable of achieving what I want to do

because I am going to be confident in my running abilities aside from the speedwork and tempo runs and track work and long runs that I did or did not do.  I have an ability to run.  and I am going to hold onto what I know I can do.

because I know it’s going to hurt.  I know my threshold and I know when the hurt is making me a better, stronger runner and when the hurt is truly a potential injury.  sometimes it’s a fine line and I’m learning how to ride it because I’m not convinced I’m truly injured.  I’d like to get completely off the line and just be a stronger runner.  a work in progress.  balancing work and rest.  I’m in that phase of training where I had upped my miles quite a bit and upped the stress on my body with speedwork and my body is responding and trying to adapt to this stress.

According to The Runner’s Body by Runner’s World, when running and training – there are three stages your body can go through:

1. Alarm

2. Adaptation

3. Exhuastion

Running places a stress on your body and induces an alarm reaction.  this can go either way – lead you to adapt, become a stronger runner.  If the stimulus is too much, it can lead to injury and bodily breakdown.  If the stimulus is too little, you won’t see improvements.  Certain things that determine which way your body goes are Volume (duration, frequency), Intensity and Recovery.  The right interaction of these things determine how your body adapts.  very interesting.

Your body moves into the ADAPTATION phase.

If you put too much stress on your body, you move into the EXHAUSTION phase.  which can be managed by understanding and changing the volume, intensity and very importantly recovery (and rest)

I’m learning how to REST.  I probably came close to the exhaustion phase.  not in the sense that I was physically exhausted, but like I said – walking the line between becoming a stronger runner and getting really injured.  when things start to go wrong, it’s really important to REST.  it gives your body a change.  and a new way to adapt.

It’s very hard for me to rest.  it’s becoming harder to not run.  but I want to run for a long time.  not just the next time I want to go out for a nice 10 mile jog.  patience.

So I’m excited to run this marathon.  with no pressure.  in hot nashville weather.  with my little girls at the finish line and my little sister running the half.  listening to country music all the way.  fantastic.

Tell me about the races this weekend?!?  Who did what?

What is your favorite type of flower?

Cupcakes or brownies?  you must pick one of the two.  no other options.

Pardon the Interruption…and a WINNER


Your regularly scheduled blog will return at some point this weekend….just as soon as we (as in the fam and I) finish doing fun things like holding 5 minute planks

iphone pics 716


testing out new lululemon gear (ok, that’s just me, not a family activity, that would be weird and unusual)….cool racerback tank because you can never have enough of those little delights, and the sweatshirt.  happy bday.  stylin.

iphone pics 715

trying to avoid broken bones and skinned knees without proper safety gear while rollerblading…safety is overrated.

iphone pics 717

my girl.  showing off her toddler six pack.  is a 4 year old still a toddler?  probably not.  she’s more like a mini adult.


and not running.  (I actually feel pretty good, but still not running.  and it is TORTURE.  complete and utter torture.  to not run when it is 75 and sunny out.  and can think of nothing more cruel, truly.  but smart runner Katie is really shining through right now and we’re going with it)

But you can be sure I will fill you in on why I’m still not running.  I can be sure you can guess why I’m not running.  I’m like a broken record.  something to do with shins and weird leg discomfort or something.  I don’t know.  but I will also fill you in on the good things I’ve learned and why I think injuries and little setbacks make us stronger runners.  deep thoughts to come.

You can be sure I will fill you in on 30th bday shenanigans.  which really weren’t shenanigans at all.  because I am a 30 year old mother of three.  I’m pretty sure I forgot what shenanigans are like.  the last time I partook in shenanigans was in Boston and I swore that I would never do it again.  holding firm.  the only shenanigans I may have partaken in last night would have been something called a peach kicker.  it was tasty.  and it was singular.  leading to zero shenanigans.


And the WINNER of the Sweaty Band giveaway is….randomly generated….

marah on April 19, 2012 at 5:24 pm said: [Edit]

hey katie… it’s your bday, and i love the pink/brown band, so i had to enter! my fav accessory to run with is…. Lucy (she makes me feel fast ;) but seriously, it’s actually a very old, very thin, very comfy, very broken in lululemon long sleeve shirt that keeps me warm or cool when needed. i swear this shirt has a brain and knows exactly what i need it to do.

Congrats, Marah!!  I will get these to you asap so that you can enjoy the deliciousness that are Sweaty Bands! 

Now everyone else go buy one from their website!  and please still be my friend even though you didn’t win!  There were a lot of comments and I promise I will come up with some more giveaways in the future.  and I really wanted to comment on all of your comments about your favorite gear and how this is the greatest blog you have ever read running accessories, but I just couldn’t do it all.  and thank you for all of your wonderful birthday wishes!!  makes a girl feel special.  not old at all.


I know some of you are racing this weekend, and some are running your first race, whether it be a marathon, or a 5k – GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE!!!  whether it be your first race (good for you for getting out there!!) or you 100th race, speed and fantastically perfect weather be with you.


What are some of your fun weekend plans??

Do you like to rollerblade?  I really dislike that tingly feeling that you get on the bottom of your feet when you rollerblade.  just me?  or anyone else experience that?

Gansett Marathon Recap


Workout – I feel the need to write this just because I generally start the posts like this.  no workout.  I’m just not one of those people that can, nor do I want to, run the day after a marathon.  or two days after a marathon.  or 3-7 days after a marathon.  totally ok with that.

I do think it’s great to keep moving after a marathon.  and I do PLENTY of running around after the little kidlings.  I’m working that lactic acid right out.  no worries.

Let’s cover the basics, then get to the nitty gritty of what went down this past weekend and why I was seconds away from quitting the whole darn race.

Warning – it’s a long one…get some popcorn, or chocolate, or adult beverage, or a pencil to start poking your eyes out if it gets too boring, and read on…   

The marathon was held in beautiful Narragansett, RI.  The host hotel was the Village Inn.  That is where I stayed Friday night.  I have committed major blogger fail here and NOT taken pictures of much of the surroundings and happenings pre-race.  My apologies.  but I would just as much want our Friday night dinner experience to be erased from memory as I would the actual running display at the marathon.  so it’s good there are no pictures to document. 

The whole fam and I drove to Rhode Island Friday afternoon because I just didn’t want to drive an hour and a half Saturday morning – while dealing with three kids in the car.  it’s generally not a pleasant experience.  it’s generally the fresh 2 year old getting himself out of his carseat every 5 minutes that makes it that way.  We stopped for dinner, checked in to the hotel and then the hubs went back home with the kids and drove back on Saturday morning so that we didn’t end up with two vehicles there. 

Friday Dinner…what may have been the beginning of the downward mental spiral (preceded only by 3 and half weeks of resting shin splints and running less than a handful of times….so many excuses I can come up with)

We went to PJ’s Pub in Narragansett.  Do not ever go to this establishment.  I don’t care if they are offering diamond encrusted filet.  It was the most appalling dining experience I have ever had. 

Long story short- I ordered a Greek Pasta – very light.  The waitress puts in front of me a heart attack in a bowl – this chicken broccoli thing that was swimming in alfredo sauce.  I couldn’t even see the pasta.  I very nicely said I really hate to be a pain, but I didn’t order this.  She says, Oh well that’s what I wrote down.  I said I still didn’t order it, would you mind sending it back and making what I ordered.  No problem.  Well, apparently Mr. Owner thought it was a problem.  She came back with dish in had saying, you are going to have to pay for the new dish that you want.  In addition to this creamy mess in my hand.  Oh, you mean the dish that I ordered?  The one that you messed up?  I have to pay for that and the one I don’t want?  Whoa.  Not going to happen.  Fuming.  Hubs and I say, very kindly, would you mind sending Mr. Owner out here so we can chat.  No problem.  And Mr. Owner thought this was a problem.  Waitress comes back and says, he’s too busy, he won’t come out.  Oh. My. Word.  Give me the check so we can get the heck out of here you slimy people. 

The hotel was offering a pasta dinner for the marathoners.  If you recall, I am pretty particular about what I eat before a race.  Even if I wasn’t so particular, this wasn’t my kind of pre-race meal.  NO offense to the marathon people or hotel – just wasn’t my thing.  I tried to eat a little bit, but it wasn’t really working for me.

Friday night at Hotel

Stressed already about the lack of food I got Friday night and the fact that it was 8:30 and I was already hungry….to realize

HOLY CRAP I forgot my garmin charger.  calm down.  calm down.  calm down.  I can’t calm down.  Stressing.  in addition to my phone charger, which was also going dead.  this was probably a good thing so that I didn’t stay up all night figuring out different pace calculations.

Lucky me got the room right next to the stairwell.  I’m pretty confident there was a three ring circus and a frat party going on right outside my door and in the stairwell all night.  SO LOUD.  I fell asleep at 3am.  Up at 5:30am.

And so goes the morning…breakfast didn’t sit too well. took one bite and tossed it.  and I had eaten my backup breakfast the night before.  I chalk it up to getting to anxious about EVERYTHING.  unnecessary and not good for me.  I now know.

Hubs and the kids got there about an hour before the start, so I had time to juice up my garmin.  Probably would have been better if I just let it die and run without.

Saturday Morning Start

This race is fantastic if you stay at the host hotel or even if you don’t.  It’s so low key – you just walk right up to the start minutes before it’s time.  No fuss at all.  I jogged around a little.  feeling good.  garmin charged.  Lulu on.  sweaty band in place.  ready to run.  The weather was beautiful.  High 50’s, into the 60’s by the end.  The race started on time and we took off.

Once again – no pictures.  You can see plenty of pics on this girls blog – which most of you have probably read.  she is a pro at this blogging thing.  I ran with her for a little bit at the end and then she totally smoked me.  Go SR.  Love your purple socks too.  rockstar.

Miles 1-9 were fantastic.  Then I became a mental headcase and lost all ability to run.  I can’t even look at the splits yet.  I don’t know that I will.  ever.  All I know is that I lost it after mile 9 when it started to get hard for me because I saw my time slipping.  I couldn’t find the fight to get it back.  another time, another place, I would have fought.  I literally gave up on this race at that moment.  I wanted it to end.  I wanted to go home.  I 100% mentally defeated myself and chose not to try.


I passed the half at just under 1:30, I think.  just stellar at positive splits.  a little too good this time.  I lost track of how many times I stopped to walk in the second half.  and swear.  at my legs.  and my wicked attitude.

This is where my all or nothing personality became the death of even trying for this race.  I put so much pressure on myself to have a fantastic race – despite the less than fantastic weeks leading up to my race – that when I realized it probably wasn’t in the cards for me this day – I wanted nothing to do with it.  NOTHING.  When things started not going perfectly according to my plan, like dinner Friday night, or the garmin not being charged, it totally messed with my head.

I was hurting.  I could feel my right IT band start to tighten and sharpen up around mile 4.  I swear, these IT bands just take turns on me.  Last race, it was my left one.  This one was my right.  the shins joined the pain party.  They started hurting.  But, I let it get to me.  I had this guy talking in my ear for 4 miles about, don’t you think you’re pushing it a little too hard…I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll find out in the end there dude.  I’m a believer in MIND over MATTER to an extent.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  I ran my last marathon in November with worse IT band pain than this race.  but I wasn’t willing to give up on that one.  because I didn’t put an insane amount of pressure on myself to get a time.  and because in that race I was mentally able to focus my energy away from the pain instead of into the pain.  I didn’t MIND then.  In Gansett, I focused my energy into the pain and the toughness instead of focusing it away and towards running strong and to the best of my ability at that moment.  I MINDED a lot.  It mattered.  I let it determine the outcome of what could have been a better day.

Miles 14-23

Taking it one mile at a time.  One minor thing that became major in my mind was that after I would pass the 14 mile mark, there would be the 24 mile mark, and so on.  My heart cried a little with each marker to think I had to run 10 more miles, get back to this point, and then still not be done.  This shouldn’t have been a big deal, but given the state I had gotten myself into, I could not wrap my mind around doing that.

Miles 23-26.2

Just finish this darn race and get on with life.  Almost there.  I think mentally these were the easiest miles, aside from the first 9.  In my mind, I wasn’t even going to make it this far.  I wouldn’t have gotten this far if my hubs didn’t keep telling me to push through and finish.  mind boggling to me that it was so mentally hard.  To have gotten to mile 23 and have 3.2 left actually felt good in a I want to crawl into a hole right now kind of way.


That’s a good marathon time.  even on a bad day.  I would be ecstatic with that time if I raced for that time.  If I tried for that time.  If I didn’t talk myself out of a good race.  I would be ecstatic with that time if I didn’t lose it to my husband at mile 16 saying I don’t want to finish this solely because it’s hard.  really???  where does this talk come from?  that’s not me.  I lost it.  the lady at the aid station was ready to call in for backup.

iphone pics 657

Race pics aren’t up yet (because I’m stalking the website, so I know), but the race director emailed this to me.  a buddy of his was on the course taking pics…and probably saw me pathetically running up this little hill and saw that horrific display of wacky right foot kicking out to the side (and whatever is going on with my right hand, I don’t know) and had to document it this masterpiece of running.  That right foot needs to figure a few things out about staying on track with the team.  this is a pretty accurate depiction of my feelings towards this run.

BIG goals can lead to BIG disappointments if they don’t happen.  They also lead to BIG learning and require a BIG effort to make them happen in the future.  I didn’t realize what a big effort it would require.  It’s hard when you have put so much time and effort into something, only to realize it might not happen.  But it doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. That’s what I did.  lesson learned.

This was the BIG learning marathon for me.  The purpose of this race was not to get me a 3 hour marathon.  Or even a PR.  It was to kick me in the head and teach me about running.  and life.  not everything goes as planned.  you have to be ok with less than ideal situations.  you have to be ok with in between and not ALL or NOTHING.  you have to be able to work through it.  you have to run and train in a way that works for you, not the mass population or someone else.  I know now what has to go into getting faster and stronger.  stretching, rolling, strengthening, speedwork, tempos, hills, recovery, rest…all need to be a part of the plan. 

As of last September, I wasn’t even planning on running either of the two marathons I ran in October or November.  They were both last minute.  I had never done speedwork.  I had never run even close to a 6 minute mile in training, nevermind sub 6 minute miles.  If you asked me how many miles I ran per week, I would not have a clue, except that it was never near 40, even with a long run.

I felt the need to change that drastically to get to this 3 hour marathon goal.  I felt the need to have a “plan” from a website that would absolutely get me there.  What I really need is a balance between the two.  I need to feel what works for me.  what makes me happy and not crazy.  what keeps me loving running.  this is my hobby.  it doesn’t define me, it doesn’t pay the bills.  I want to be good at it, and I need to find the patience to get there.  and relax in the meantime.

Finish Line

In my head I was going to come in dead last and close to 4 hours.  When I did the math and started thinking I could make it in the low 3:20’s, I was suprised, especially given the amount that I gave up on life and walked.  I’ll take it.

Marathon #4 in the Books.  for life.

The course was beautiful.  rolling hills and a headwind at times that made it a little tough.  It got warm and I was beyond thirsty the entire time.  I always hydrate well, and I took a gatorade and water at every station.  I might have overdone it a tad on the fluid, according to my stomach, but I was thirsty.  I still ended the race 3 lbs lighter than I started.  I took a gel at mile 4, and some sport beans at mile 8.5, and couldn’t handle them.  after that it was all gatorade for me, and that was fine.

No stomach issues after the race, which is a plus for me as I usually occupy the bathroom for a good portion of the day.  and because we had to drive 1.5 hours home and I didn’t need to deal with that. 

Nothing hurts today, just a little bit sore.  I took an ice bath and hung out with my bag of peas and corn for awhile.  and a glass of wine.  and my roller.  that’s painful.

iphone pics 655


So Here’s the GOOD:

1. My Sweaty Band did not BUDGE. 

iphone pics 649

thank God I didn’t have to deal with having to adjust my headband.  what a nightmare that would have been.  that would have really put me over the edge.

2. Nor did my makeup budge.  stayed in place the whole time.  so important.

3. I looked adorable in my lulu apparel.  keeps getting better.

iphone pics 660

4.  Aforementioned lulu apparel smelled just as good after the race as it did before.  another point for LL.  so either I sweat flower petals or lululemon has some pretty strong odor repellant in their gear.  good stuff.

5. Brooks Pure Flow sneaks worked well.  I got a little hot spot on my left foot after mile 20, but nothing major.

6.  By Saturday night at midnight when I was up with my precious 2 year old, it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my right knee.  I think my left leg was on a different planet during the race, because it feels fantastic. The only reason I say this is good is because the knee felt 100% by Sunday.  no pain, no nothing.  and my shins feel about 85% fine.  happy dance.

7. I have another marathon on April 28th in Nashville.  I am going to run it.  and I’m going to run it for fun.  ZERO pressure.  all fun and giggles and rainbows.  I have learned something from this race.  Chill out.

8. My daughter picked me some good luck ‘weeds’ pre-race.  so thoughtful, my little girl.  maybe next time she should pick me some good luck sticks or grass instead.  or just give me a big chunk of chocolate.  the weeds didn’t work out so well.

iphone pics 654


9. This was my last race ever in the 25-29 age group.  I have run all of my races I have ever done in that age group.  crazy.  I will let the race go with my 20’s, but not what I have learned from it.  3 days left in my 20’s.  Then helllllooooo 30!  I don’t see how that’s possible though, seeing as I don’t feel a day over 22.  and I certainly don’t look a day over 18.

That’s all she wrote my friends. But don’t you worry.  You can bet I will have more to share as the week goes on.

We are on school vacation this week.  much fun and excitement will be had with my little dumplings.  in this crazy hot April weather.


Who else is experiencing this killer heat wave?

Who did Boston in this heat?!?!

How was every ones weekend??  Running?  Racing?  Tell me something good


Running? What is Running?


Workout – stairmaster.  40 minutes.  I don’t care how many miles it says it was because it was not running.  or anything resembling running.  or anything resembling what I felt like was preparing me to run a marathon.  might as well have not happened.  but it did.  and it is important that it happened, because it’s important to cross train and keep your body moving towards a goal.  even if it feels like you are moving backwards.  or just stepping in place and not moving anywhere.  it’s the doing something that matters.  and making choices everyday to do that thing that is not doing nothing.  moving on.

Sooooo.  I’ve been pretty positive the past couple weeks about the non-running and excessive cross-training as of late.  but it hit me today.  I really miss running.  I’m getting a little concerned about the impending marathon and lack of running.  this is the longest I’ve gone without it.  in the past 5 months.  this time last year, I was really still just getting into running and figuring it out.  this winter was the first that I actually ran through the whole winter.  I’m pretty stuck on it now.  we work well together, aside from this minor shin malfunction due to over-wearing kinvara’s and under-stretching my leggies.  it is so not the end of the world.  But I let myself have a sad moment today that it’s beautiful and sunny out and I’m not cruising along the pavement letting life’s worries go with the wind.  or doing the real training that is part of the plan.  I’m starting to forget what that running feels like.  the stairmaster in the hot sweaty basement does not have the same effect.  not even close.

Sooooo.   Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.  It is the day I told myself, self, you can run on Wednesday.  you can test out those legs and see how they are healing up.  you can run to your little hearts content.  you can be reunited with your beloved track.  and then no more until next Tuesday’s little tempo pre-race run.  that’s all I get.  two measly little runs, maybe 3 if I’m a good girl, before the big one. 


Sooooo.  here are a few things that are making me feel better about the lack of running in my life.  and other things coming up that will make me feel better.

1.  As green and environmentally friendly as I try to be by not washing my hair every day and recycling the same three outfits – sometimes, you just need get rid of the greasy hair and pull it all together.  my mom did a double take and almost called 911 when she saw me actually wearing real clothes and not sweaty workout wear.  what happened to me that it became acceptable to go out in public looking like I had been run over by an eighteen wheeler.  oh.  kids.  right.  clean hair just doesn’t matter as much when it means the 2 year old will be playing in traffic if I stay in the shower 5 more minutes.   but, today, it was necessary.  I was beginning to forget what color my hair really was. 

iphone pics 575

cleaning my closet is not on the list of things that make me feel better when I’m not running – so it’s gonna stay messy for a bit.


2.  Making an effort to think positive and trust in the work I’ve done.  Today especially, I really started questioning how the heck I was going to run a marathon next week.  simply because the past two weeks of training have been non existent.  and I start thinking of all the training I didn’t do.  while, when I was running strong, I could picture myself flying through the finish line with a massive PR and feeling capable of anything – running or not running related.  Enter those negative, self defeating, this sucks kind of thinking when I’m out of the groove, and it can really suck the life out of me.  so I’m making an effort to TRUST in the training that I did do, where that can take me, and what I can learn from it for next time.  whether it’s a massive PR or not, that’s TBD.  and it honestly doesn’t matter – as long as I can remember that I’ve truly done the best I can, and that thinking needs to come before this sucks and I might as well walk the 26.2.  that would be silly. 

3.  Lululemon.  you would think they pay me to say this stuff – but lulu really does brighten a blue mood.  what is lululemon anyway and where did that name come from? 

iphone pics 576

anyway – this little cool racerback makes me happy.  it’s like it was made for me.  pretty sure I will wear it for the marathon.  prints do me well.  they cover the fact that the female parts that belong on my chest didn’t get the memo to grow during adolescence.  or to stay after I had kids.  solid colors only exaggerate the fact that something is missing.  I don’t need that.

4.  Enjoying the stuff that I’m doing more of than I ever have before.  Rolling.  Stretching.  Icing.  Compressing.  Massage sticking.  not stairmastering.  over that.  but it really feels good to take the time to stretch and roll and beat the crap out of my calfs with that horrible massage stick.  it hurts.  I don’t like it at all.  but it works.  so I do it with a smile.   

I also found some great stretches for runners on Runner’s World website.  most of them I do and feel great.  all about injury prevention my friends. 

View them HERE.  and HERE

5.  New sneakers make me happy.  and excited to run.  I’m ditching the Kinvara’s for this race.  not because I don’t love them.  I love you saucony kinvara.  but because I’m not sure my feeble little legs can handle them this time around.  I’m also not sure I want to run in something as heavy as the mizuno wave rider 15 that I have been wearing and loving.  after two running warehouse shipments came and went, still searching for the perfect race shoe – I went to my local running store looking for these…

iphone pics 545

these are the ones.  the Kinvara’s are no support, minimalist shoes.  they’ve worked well for me.  The wave riders are full on stability shoes with lots of support.  the running shoe guru that helped me said that would be way too much for a marathon when I’m used to running in minimalist shoes.  these Brooks PureFlow are just a notch above the Kinvaras with a bit more support for my hurting legs.  I’m excited to really try them out on the track tomorrow.  

Until now, these are two of my favorite running sneakers….

iphone pics 559

The kinvara is, well, the Kinvara.  And those Asics Speedstar I just happened upon and I LOVE them.  and now I can’t find them.  I’ve often thought, the best shoe would be a blend of the two.  Let me tell you, if Kinvara and Speedstar got together and had a little lovechild, it might look like those Brooks Pureflow – the best of both shoe worlds to my feet.  Putting them on makes me excited to run the marathon.  so that’s what I do, until I run tomorrow.  I put them on.  have a happy moment.  and take them off.  good times.

6.  Chocolate always makes its way in to the day when trying to brighten the spirits.  Dare I say I have never had a cadbury egg.  I haven’t.  being that they were on sale, I had to try one.

not impressed.  it did not make me happy.  I want my money back.  and my calories, too.

7.  I get to see my little sister twice this month.  this is exciting.  this makes me happy. 

December 2011 boston, skating 005

she is coming home for Easter this weekend.  then in 3 weeks I will be going down to Nashville to see her and run the RNR Country Music Marathon with her.  if my legs are still attached to my body.  She is running the half.  I am planning on doing the full.

8.  I finally registered for the NYC Marathon.


It’s on my list of marathons I’m doing this year – but before today, I hadn’t actually registered for it.  it’s not happening until you’re registered.  I’m registered.  Its going to happen.  So there’s another one in the books, for sure, that I can train for and stress about and lose my mind over.  all of the fun things that I do when getting ready for a race.

8.  Then, if all else fails, and the grumps can’t be avoided and negativity and unhappy thoughts about not running ensue – I take a cue from the little guy and throw a blanket over my head and call it a day. 

iphone pics 573

after rearranging the bedroom furniture.

My husband would prefer it if I did not get to that point.  he says it alarms the children.  ok.  I’ll try to pull myself together.


What do you do to get yourself out of a negative mood?

Who is running NYCM?

How are the workouts going this week?  Getting some good running in?  Tell me about it!

Who is a big fan of Cadbury cream eggs?  Maybe I just tried the wrong one.  didn’t enjoy it.


Loving Lulu and reflections


Workout – 5 miles outside, fairly “easy” – I’ll delve into that statement in uno momento.  36:xx minutes.  Kinda hilly.  Sunday is normally a rest day.  But Friday was also a rest day and I REALLY didn’t do anything.  Saturdays are my long run days, and it was supposed to be a longer than the half marathon I did run day, but I only did the half.  I know.  Very silly to say I only did the half.  But it’s the truth.  And I am at a place in my running where I feel like saying only a half marathon is small beans for a run for the long run day is an accurate statement for me.  If you are still following, that is why I chose not to rest today – didn’t do enough yesterday, the hills and the wind weren’t enough.  Here’s a picture of today’s run.  Yes, I’m still taking pics of my computer screen.  so sorry. 

    iphone pics 348

I just have a hard time taking it easy on a run.  I’m going to go ahead and call anything above a 7 minute mile a take it easy run for me.  I don’t generally go slower than 7:30 mile.  I don’t know that this is necessarily a good thing and is something I’m trying to work on.  This was actually a pretty nice, easy, shake the sillies out run (that’s definitely a preschool term. they come out every now and then. it’s fun to talk preschool lingo. the cool kids do it)   I usually leave the garmin when I want it to be easy and relaxing, but I took it today because I like to analyze the stats.  I need a job.  with numbers.  If only I could do this for a living.  anyway, for now I’ll raise kids and look at my garmin connect and do pace calculations.  

And another lululemon outfit for the run today.  photography courtesy of a 4 year old whizbang child.  and I have multiple pictures to make you understand why this top needed to be part of my wardrobe.   I think it’s called the back on track pullover something or other, not good with names of clothes, can barely keep track of my kids’ names…those are the same wunder unders I wore yesterday.  and I might wear them everyday for the rest of my life.  so comfortable I wish I could bottle it up and drink it.  comfortable coolaid.  could be a big hit. 


iphone pics 340

Anna pulled out the super slimming thigh lense and made most of my legs disappear.  I like.  but not an accurate portrayal of the thighs that really exist.  according to the most helpful lululemon sales chic, my thighs are “muscular, so you may want to try the next size up”.  Ok.  Will do skinny mini leg girl.  I really want to not be nice to you right now, but you said that in such a way that I shouldn’t be bothered by it.  and I love this store.  so I won’t be bothered.  nice choice of words.  moving on.

#2 picture – supercool neckline, the hood has a hole in it for your ponytail that I would never use, but kinda fun – Anna is obviously not responsible for this superawkward self portrait.  she’s much better than that. 

iphone pics 342

and look at that, it unzips too….

iphone pics 344

It’s long. it’s warm, but not too warm.  it’s fitted. all around freaking fantastic top.  love.   

That’s the last of Lulu purchases – for now.  I am itching to get back there.  I bought a running skirt, and I think I am going to return it.  I love it, I have it in black and I bought it in this green/seafoam/teal color (I’m not good with naming colors either), but I think for the $, there are other things from there that I would use more.  I have a wishlist.  And it is growing longer by the minute.  I’m having lululemon dreams of pretty pants and perfect tops.   

Sunday Funday was indeed a fun day.  We went to church this a.m., and I did NOT get stuck in the nursery with the little goobers.  Good morning.  AND, I chose to waste an obscene amount of time doing absolutely nothing productive last night, went to bed SUPER late even though I knew it was my morning to get up with knucklehead, and the one and only super stellar husband got up with him for me – 3rd day in a row – because I made a poor choice last night.  that is love. 

ok.  I have some more reflections from yesterday’s race.  I’m reflecting so much for a couple reasons – this reflecting, and thinking nonsense is new to me too.  don’t be frightened.  I usually don’t do this much reflecting.  but, I have never run any race so early in the year – and it’s kind of kicked my mind into, this is really fun, I can’t wait to run more races mode.  thus prompting me to think.  and think some more. about future races and what I might do differently, or the same.  Here’s my list. 

1. Fluids.  I started the race having to pee.  I only had coffee all morning, and I usually drink some sort of sports drink well before the race.  well, I forgot to, and I was stuck between not drinking anything else and drinking some at 9am, 1 hour before.  I drank.  This left me with a slightly full bladder to start.  By mile 11, there was a darn near flash flood in my wunders.  The bladder control just isn’t the same after 3 pregnancies/births.  thank you children.  I pulled through and held tight.  real tight. NOT GOING TO DRINK THAT MUCH RIGHT BEFORE A RACE. 

2. Music.  I don’t run with music.  I rarely, as in I’ve run with music maybe 2 times ever, train with music.  This is something I want to change.  I really think some heart pumping music would help get me through the end of any half or full marathon, when my body has more to give and my mind is fighting it. GET SOME HEADPHONES THAT STAY IN MY LITTLE EARS AND PUT TOGETHER A PLAYLIST THAT DOESN’T INCLUDE TAYLOR SWIFT AND LADY ANTEBELLUM. 

3. Fuel.  I like to take something every 4 – 5 miles.  In a half, I usually take something at mile 4 and 9.  Yesterday I did mile 4.5 and then not until sometime between mile 11 and 12.  too little too late.  I needed it 2 miles back but didn’t feel like chewing on sport beans.  gu’s and gels just go down easier.  they also come up pretty easy.  FIND A GU OR GEL THAT STAYS IN MY TUMMY AND NOT ON THE PAVEMENT IN FRONT OF ME.  AND TAKE THEM AT THE RIGHT TIMES.

4. Hills.  I certainly did some hills yesterday.  Hills are the BEST training for running, strength and speed.  I have not been incorporating hills at all.  I am excited for the time change coming up so that I can get outside and run in the morning when it’s light out earlier.  I can do hills.  INCORPORATE AT LEAST ONE GOOD HILL INTO EVERY RUN.  AND THEN DO AT LEAST ONE FULL HILL WORKOUT PER WEEK.  this used to be my rule when I was running outside over the summer.  I think it’s a pretty good rule, and not a hard one to do.   

5. Mantras.  I have some that I use when I run.  they didn’t come out yesterday.  I needed them.  but they got lost in the mindless running that took over the end of my race.  my head was blank.  I got sucked in to the I can’t do it, I don’t have anymore to give thinking and couldn’t pull myself out of it.  Saying the mantras after the fact, doesn’t really work.  I know mantras do a great deal of positive reinforcement for the negative thoughts that can come at the end of the race, when you need your MIND the most.  PULL OUT THE MANTRAS.  REPEAT.  AND REPEAT.  OVER AND OVER.  Here’s a couple of mine – most of them are pretty corny.  except the first one.  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I feel strong.  I am strong.  Run strong.  This one almost helps me get into a really good rhythm.  

If you can labor for 3 hours and give birth to 3 children with out any pain meds, you sure as heck can run 13.1 or 26.2 miles. it’s temporary.  Suck it up and go.  faster.  or some variation of this.  At some point, I’m sure early on, my mind made the connection between marathon running and pain.  can’t imagine why.  childbirth is also pretty painful – there’s the connection to the two.  silly.  I know.  It works.  and that’s all that matters.       

6.  STRETCH. ROLL. REPEAT.  I NEED to do this on a regular basis.  period.  once a month doesn’t count. 

that’s about it for reflecting.  so much to learn.  all the time. 

I ended the night with a little cuddle time with my boy.  he’s fresh.  put that tongue away, Luke. 

iphone pics 345

scratch that.  it’s never really ‘cuddle’ time.  more like pull mommy’s hair out of her head time.  so much enjoyment either way.  whatever makes the boy happy.

iphone pics 347 


  What fun things went on this weekend?

Any good, long runs?  or just good runs, in general?

What’s in store for the week?!?