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911, I Have an Emergency


7 mile progression run. I’m pathetic. I find something I like and use and abuse.  like progression running, lululemon and chocolate to name a few.  I always knew about progression running, but have not experienced the joy and benefit from them as I have this week. Had I known how fabulous they were, I would have been doing them and getting sick of them for far longer. It was either a progression run or just a steady run at about 7:15 pace. I went with progression. what do you know, my average pace ended up being 7:15. but I feel the benefits of the progression run were far more than if I had just gone out and done 7:15’s for 7 miles. That would have been boring, and more boring. do some progressions, have a fun run.
 Here’s what my progression run gave me today – pace experience and training:
Mile 1 – 7:50 – my legs are dead. this is a good pace to start with. holding back a tad, but could just stay here for a bit
Mile 2 – 7:37 – wow, I’ve got the hang of this. Progressing nicely. legs are loosening. 
Mile 3 – 7:32 – I should be a professional progressional runner. I’m perfect. So is this run.
Mile 4 – 7:18 – professional progressor out the window. that jump in pace was way to much, that was pace for mile 6. but mr. Gentleman running on the road in front of me, who I nicely progressed towards and passed, did not like being passed.  he decided to race.  and pick up his pace. #1, if I wanted to race I would have paid a high entry fee, made myself sick with anxiety and at least gotten a wicking shirt. maybe a medal.  I did not want to race. I wanted to progress. #2, don’t race me. I will win. and then run circles around you.  he didn’t pass me.  but my progression run just got bumped up a notch.
Mile 5 – 7:16 – back to perfection. nice little increase.  no one trying to race me.
Mile 6 – 7:06 – hello little hills. instead of letting you take my pace down today, I’m going to take you. I don’t know if you heard, but I’m doing a progression run. don’t get in the way. I have a pace to hit and it’s under 7:10. running a hill with purpose. making a hill fun. 
Mile 7 – 6:16 –  speed.  I had planned on making this last one a speedy mile from the beginning. we hit speedy.  Good stuff.
Mile .06 – 5:20 – sub 6 for .06 miles. watch out you Olympic sprinters. I’m coming to get you. not really. I just wanted to see a 5 something on my watch. running vanity at its finest. 
Other fantastic things about progressions- 
For the pacing dummies, like myself, it requires and teaches you to learn about different paces, how they feel and how subtly they can change depending on your effort. As soon as the mile beeped at a 7:50 pace, and I had to “pick up the pace” for the next mile, I would quickly find myself running a 7 minute mile. not how it’s supposed to go. so I would slow down, then speed up a bit until I got it right. fun run.
Because its so progressive, my legs really weren’t any more tired than they would have been at the end of a consistent 7 mile run, but I got better training.
I progressed and compressed. another good run day. 
Somehow, I got locked out of my iPhone today. not a huge deal. except that we got rid of our house phone and only use our cell phones. and that will be changing NOW. #1 on the to do list is to get a house phone again. the only thing I could use my phone for is an emergency call. 
To me, being a stay at home mom to three little ones who are now all out of school and it is approximately one hundred degrees out and 8000% humidity, wonders, what exactly constitutes an emergency call??  My definition of emergency might be quite different from your definition, my apple product friends. This is what I might consider an emergency call…
911, my son has packed up all the hammers and is heading out. I’m concerned. 

911, my precious 5 year old keeps saying “whatever mom” and I don’t know how to make it stop.

It’s scary. 

911, my son is screaming bloody murder at the oscillating fan and keeps turning off the AC units. It’s hot. help me. 

911, I was supposed to run 10 miles today and only did 7. something has to be done.

911, I can’t possibly cook in this heat, do you deliver sushi?

911, I just read People Style Watch while enjoying my stair master and there are so many must haves, I don’t know where to begin.  I am in distress. 

911, scratch that last call.  I have no fashion sense. let’s start there. Although I have stellar lululemon fashion sense if I do say so myself. maybe I’m not a lost cause. 

I’m guessing I would get arrested for making those calls.  or put away in a crazy home. I like my family.  I’ll keep my mouth shut and figure it all out on my own. somehow, I got in touch with my inner technology savvy ways and fixed my phone. I don’t know how. I don’t care. Back in action. 
I had a bunch more nonsense I was going to ramble on about, but I will save that kind of fun for another day.  I’ve been sweating since 10am when I had to sit outside at my little kindergartners end of year concert. precious. and hot. and the sweat hasn’t stopped. I need some fancy electrolytes and rest. and I need to say a big…
HELLOOOOO and WELCOME!!!! To all of you skinny runner loving blog readers. 
Thank you for stopping in. and leaving nice comments. not nasty ones. that makes me happy. and thank you skinny runner for helping a blogger out.
The running blog-star, Skinny Runner, featuring me on her blog is like Christmas for my little baby blog. When she said she was going to put it up, I felt like I had to get my blog ready and prepared – give it a little pep talk to be on its best behavior and look pretty.  that’s a lost cause because I’m still using this free WordPress site and enjoying every minute of it.  we will do our best to make your experience a good one. and maybe eventually make it look pretty.
Skinny Runner is a superstar blogger. kinda wanna be her when I group.  except that I think I’m older than her and if I ran as many marathons as she does, I would cut myself off at the hips. I wouldn’t survive. so I live vicariously through her California loving blog and try to soak it up wirelessly cross country. run on.
Feel free to email me with anything, anytime, as long as its nice and friendly and appropriate.  suggestions for topics are always welcome. 
And that’s all she wrote. settling in with a movie and the hubs. hoping if I stop moving long enough, I will stop sweating. thats the plan. 
I know I shouldn’t complain, so what’s the weather like where you are?
Do people ever ‘race’ you when you are out on the road?
East coast or west coast? 

Let’s Be Honest


Workout – yesterday, 8 miles as promised.  fantastic.  on the treadmill.  at the gym.  I haven’t seen the inside of the gym in probably a month.  treadmill running has not become any more fun in the time of my absence.  unfortunately.  it’s still utterly and completely boring.  too bad.  here’s how it looked:

A repetitive progression of sorts I suppose, but kind of just all over the place…

8:00, 7:30, 6:58, 8:00, 7:30, 6:58, 8:00, 7:15

I had to do that last one at 7:15 pace to get it in before the 60 minute turn off.  success.  all of my body parts were a go on this run.  all happy.  all did their job.  It is kind of strange to be running but not training for anything.  which means I don’t have any real direction with my pace when I run, except not to push it too hard right now.  I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve run to run and not had a race on the horizon.  people really do that.  hmmmm.  it’s nice.

Today, 45 minute stairmaster, fairly intense.  25 minutes of strength.  loved every minute of it.  especially when my little devil came down at 5:30 to join me.

iphone pics 853

blurry little devil. my camera skills are lacking while I’m stepping.  he’s making sure we are properly ‘dehumidified’

always makes it a very special time of entertaining and having a little sweatfest of my own.

Like I’ve said before, I generally come up with my own full body circuit to do when I workout at home.  It usually includes anywhere from 4-6 moves rotated through 3-4 times.  They generally work multiple body parts (legs shoulders) at the same time and I never get too concerned with getting my heart rate up because I do cardio separately.  although there are times when I’m huffing and puffing my way through a strength session.  This morning was just a good mix of strength that left me feeling strong.  go figure.  it works.  I find the benefits and the ‘good’ feeling from a decent strength circuit sticks with me throughout the entire day as opposed to the endorphin rush from cardio that usually only lasts until my 3 little birds have their mouths open for breakfast an hour later.  yet I still opt for cardio or a run if time only allows for one or the other.  muy interesante.

Let’s be honest today.  I’m always honest.  but for the sake of this post, let’s be honest.  today.  because that’s the most catchy title I could come up with and I am now seamlessly segway-ing it into the body of my ramblings.  lets itemize the honest feelings…

Item 1 – does anyone really jump out of bed at 4:50 am ready to get some heart pumping cardio on?  I know there are morning people.  I like to think I am a morning person.  and I go to bed looking forward to and excited for my early morning sweat sessions.  but early morning comes and I have a decent amount of self talk going on to actually make myself get out of bed and get moving.  I do get out of bed and am eternally greatful that I made that decision.  but that time between alarm ringing and getting my bum moving are painstakingly difficult moments.  that’s my thought on that.  if you are that special breed of people that jump out of bed ready to move at 4:45am, than you must go to bed at like 6pm.  not so sure about that.

Item 2 – I want to hate the bachelorette, for no good reason, but she’s so stinkin’ adorable and I totally got sucked into the whole drama/reality on Monday night, I think I’m hooked.  we’ll know for sure when next monday rolls around.  I don’t really want to be that reality show watcher person.  but I’m afraid I am for this bachelorette season.  and of all shows, it’s the bachelorette.  it’s like reality soap opera.  I need mindless entertainment in my life.

Item 3 – I am feeling really good about running this week.  and I guess I’m really suprised my plan of only running every other day is doing this body good.  I’m glad I made that plan, otherwise I would have probably stressed about running everyday and I would not be as happy with the week.  I might have started getting a bit hysterical in my mind this past weekend that I would never really run again without some sort of discomfort in my right leg because it’s just been off a bit still.  thinking possible amputation, torn ligaments requiring life threatening surgery, tendonitis in my hamstring that would leave me immobile, you know, very reasonable thinking that was going through my brain.  but after 8 miles yesterday, my legs are really loosening up and feeling more like themselves.  perfect.  lets stay on this track.  hysterics be gone.

Item 4 – I’m not stretching or rolling.  so bad.  probably why I am thinking crazy thoughts.  because I will have good reason to if I don’t start coddling my legs.  I am going to.

Item 5 – I have the cutest little boy in the world.  just thought I would throw that one out there.  feel free to agree, or keep your mouth shut if you have a cute little boy at home.

iphone pics 855

Item 6 – I went to Target yesterday.  without a plan.  going to target with a plan is dangerous.  going without a plan is darn near shopping suicide.  I came out fairly unscathed. target may be a little worse for the wear as we may have spilled a bag of popcorn and a bag of goldfish.  oops.  as it turns out, the plan was to get a little bit of summer clothes shopping done for the kidlings.  deals all around.

iphone pics 850

Item 7 – I don’t know if this is just me, or a general ‘mom’ thing, but if ever I have delightful plans for an evening out, the entire day leading up to the evening out is kind of painstakingly slow.  particularly the last hour before I get out of jail the house.  and I might be a little bit irritable as the day comes to a close.  up for debate.

Item 8 – I’m pretty darn happy with the naturopath I went to see and the whole regimen of things he put me on.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference.  I’m glad I dug a little deeper than just what my primary care doctor was telling me.

Item 9 – (no worries, this will end at some point today) we were outside at 6:45am playing in the driveway.  I would have to say that’s not an acceptable time to go outside.  only because it’s very difficult to get the boy back inside to do things like let mommy take a shower.  which is a slightly foreign experience to him I guess as it doesn’t happen as often as it should in the morning.  but little boy loves his little bike.

Item 10 – to make it a nice even number.  I went to Sweet Frog twice yesterday.  it doesn’t hurt that we are friends with the owners and therefore doubles as an excuse to chitty chat and hang out.  with froyo in hand.  I don’t have frozen yogurt problem.  honestly, as good as sweet frog is, frozen yogurt is just not one of those things I crave after having kids.  but, I have three children, on different schedules.  and the 11am sweet frog run would have been bragged about to the morning kindergartner that didn’t get to go for froyo.  naturally, I had to take the morning kindergartner while the afternoon preschooler wasn’t around.  all in order to avoid a disastrous, raging jealous fit of sister got sweet frog and I didn’t meltdown.  rough life.  Luke has the rough life.  lucky dog is always around and got to eat fro yo twice.  but all he wanted to do was makeout and pet the ceramic frog decorations.  and take them all home.  should I be concerned about that?  I told him he had to stop messing with the frogs until he finished his yogurt.  so he promptly took his cup, midbite, and tossed it in the trash.  all done.  and the frog kissing and petting resumed.

All done.  you may get back to your lives now.  and I need to continue counting down the minutes until my escape.  I mean my evening out.  and I will be looking forward to my 8 mile run in the morning, because this week is moving along swimmingly according to plan. it will be even more swimmingly if the run is not on the treadmill.  but that might be asking for too much.  counting my blessings.  of which there are many.

Is your week going swimmingly according to plan?

What do you do when it doesn’t go according to plan?  throw a big tantrum?  scream and yell?  me too, it’s ok.

Are you the type that jumps out of bed at 4:45am ready to go?  please explain in detail how that happens.