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I’m a survivor


Workout9 miles, flat, basement treadmill.  I don’t even care how long it took.  It was the most horrifically miserable run I’ve ever done.  complete exaggeration.  not EVER done, but ever done.  my legs were lead weights.  breathing was horrible.  and it was only 80 degrees down there, not the usual 88.  wimp.  BUT, this is my epiphany.  at the end of it.  I don’t care how miserable it was.  I did it all.  I am sticking to the plan.  I didn’t stop 1/2 mile or 1 mile short because my legs were 3 miles back.  as a matter of fact, I looked at the plan after, and it was only supposed to be 8 miles.  I need to pay better attention. 

SO – when you are having the most miserable of miserable workouts – stick it out.  slow down.  take a breath.  finish it.  you will be glad that you did.  unless of course you are literally losing a limb – you should probably take a break.   glass half full – glad it wasn’t a speed work day.  I probably would have just cut my legs off at the knees.  would have been more fun.   

I can think of a few reasons why today might have been difficult: 1.  Lack of sleep  2.  Lack of sleep  3.  Lack of sleep  4.  empty fridge.  something about needing FUEL for a run?   by mile 7 I bolted upstairs, scavenged the pantry and inhaled a package of sport beans.  delish.  I did have this to drink while I was running:

my favorite water bottle modeling the lovely drink mix. love that little water bottle.

The only reason for that particular kind is the last marathon I ran, this was the drink they were offering.  I wanted to get my little tummy used to it so that it didn’t end up all over me.  now I have a big container of it.  waste not want not.  It tastes fine.  I do like drinking something like this when I go longer than 8 miles, especially when I’m running in the Sahara dessert. I think I would like to try the Gatorade series stuff, though – especially the recovery drinks.  Has anyone tried them?? 

My husband gave me a most beautiful gift when I went downstairs to run –

somebody, help me! I need a flatscreen tv. i feel naked.

A new wall to look at.  something’s still missing.  an even bigger something because that is one large wall.  for a nice big flatscreen.  at least it’s a new view.  I think I liked my corner view better. 

They should make a bumper sticker that says – I survived Target.  with 3 little kids – or better yet – I survived a 3 day weekend.  with 3 little kids – we did have a peaches and cream day and made it out of Target with a few bucks to spare.  of course I found some steals and deals that I couldn’t pass up.  Let me share.  I was super organized and made a tiny little list of some things I needed. 

can you guess what's for dinner one night this week? the lucky winner will....get to be a lucky winner.

I don’t know why I thought Target would carry beluga, brown and red lentils???  what happened to me?? 

The “off the list” crappadoos that were way more fun than the listed items. 

Annies for a buck each!!! bigtime score. that's a favorite lunch around here. this is exciting.


sparkly headbands are a must. never pass up a good sparkle.

I've had my eye on those 3 middle pillows for a couple months. finally went on sale. they're happier in my home anyway.


Almost bought these last month - funny thing about CT, it usually snows. glad it didn't snow yet. glad I didn't get them before because I got them 50% off today. it's basically spring anyway.


he couldn't hang. target is so exciting. tuckered the little guy right out.

That should do it for Target for awhile.  I only had to give Luke 4 lollipops and a container of vanilla wafers to get him through the store.  And the kids didn’t shoplift anything.  always a good day in my book. 

 and I will leave you with a Quick Tip – don’t wear shoes like this when it is 15 degrees out.  bad decision #197 for the day.  that’s all. 

little piggies were not happy

Do you like to wear headbands when  you work out? 

Do you have better workouts on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, or do you have to eat first?

What is your favorite thing to have for lunch?

I will share with you a couple of recipes I am going to try for lunch, later in the week.  after I get to the store and make them.  that could take awhile. 

Leave me some love below:-) 

and don’t forget, you can put your email in and “follow me” in the upper right.  we’ll have fun together.  promise.

It’s like CAKE


Workout – treadmill – 12 miles 88 min.  1% incline, than alternated 4-5% incline for last 1/4 of each mile.  make sense?  didn’t think so.

I started getting anxious about all of this treadmill running I’m doing.  I’m used to running outside.  where there are naturally, hills.  go figure.  not so on the treadmill.  not sure what a 4 or 5% incline translates to, but I know it’s not flat.  I’m a braniac disguised as a mom.  actually, the 5% incline made it seem like cake when I put it back down to 1%.  really.  felt like I was eating a hunka chocolate cake.  YUM.  lets do it every day. 

this was an instance where I had to make a conscious decision to put my little finger on the treadmill button that said “incline” and pump it up.  I had to do something I didn’t really want to do.  the only way to get better, faster, stronger.  I improvised.  the plan didn’t even have to tell me to do this.  but I was getting too comfortable

I also had the novel idea to listen to music while I ran today.  I know.  no one has EVER thought to do that before.  I don’t know why???  it made my 12 mile treadmill torture run feel like……a 12 mile treadmill run…..but maybe 30% happier.  I think I may have even smiled once.  maybe sang out loud.  I have never listened to music when I run.  not an exaggeration.  never happened.  there is enough noise in my life.  i never felt the need to clutter my 40 minutes of running solitude with more noise.  and I have this weird thing that if the only way I can make it through a marathon or a long run is by listening to music, than I’m kind of cheating myself?  very strange.  don’t judge.  or ask me to explain that one any further. 

but, there is a first for everything.  I decided the only way I was going to make it through this run was by listening to music.  Turns out my music kind of s-u-c-k-s.   lets just say the Les Mis soundtrack and Leanne Rimes don’t exactly get the heart pumping and adrenaline flowing.   I need some HELP in that area. 

If you lovely folks have ANY music suggestions, I will put them directly on to my phone and thank you kindly for getting me through my long runs.  anything is better than Andrea Bocceli and the GLEE soundtrack.  for running.   

I came home and stuffed my face with a tuna/salsa/wrap thing.  perty yummy.  i was hungry again about 36 minutes later. 

mmmm. tasty.


and than I watched my children scarf down waterfowl that my husband hunted down this morning.  I think that manly dinner I made him, made him want to go shoot things this morning.  they call it a sport.  i dunno. 

mmmm. more tasty. just keeps getting tastier.

Saturday is not complete without a little dance dance remix party.  to none other than Selena Gomez and her teeny bopper Disney friends. 

Get a look at these moves.  wowza.

We are going out on the town tonight to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  will report back on the deliciousness that wasn’t my own home-cooked meal and gladly eaten by yours truly.  I get really excited to eat out.  especially at my favorite little restaurant that is only a mile from my house.  I will try to not order everything off the menu.  and act like a lady.  that’s a tough one. 

ps – I said I wasn’t going to watch the marathon trials for the Olympics, but I caught the last 20 minutes ( a 2, 4 and 5 year old don’t think it’s fun to watch running??  I don’t get it)  Amazing.  going to be honest.  I may have gotten a little choked up when the winners came through.  men. and women.  I’m emotional these days.  all I can say.  I want to be one of the “slow” woman in that race.  that’s all. 

Stay safe kids!

If you could ask the olympic marathoners 1 question, what would it be?

I would ask, “what the heck are you eating that keeps you so strong, healthy and so fast???”

What is your favorite restaurant to go out on a “date” to?

What have you done to push yourself lately?  running or not running related…

Leave a comment below!!

Are you having a baby?


Workout – Treadmill 7 mile tempo run. 1 mile warmup, 5 mi @ 6:25, 1 mile cooldown – 47 min total.  please don’t ask me what “tempo” run means.  I was told, very intelligently, last week and I can’t be expected to remember it this week.  i have to make room for more important things like 2+2=4, my name is Katie, and don’t forget to pick your daughter up from school. 

I did my workout today on the gym treadmill.  My treadmill at home can’t be trusted with that kind of precise pace requirement.  That treadmill is reserved only for the i don’t care if my pace increases or decreases at any random moment run.  A few things clued me in that this probably wasn’t going to be running through a field of daisies kind of fun running. 

#1 – the pace for the day was 6:25, for 5 miles.  need I say more

#2 – I made the bad decision of going to bed later than 10:45 but earlier than 11

#3 – I had an evening workout yesterday.  meaning it had been less than 10 hours since my previous workout.  double trouble

#4 – my little person alarm clock had me up at 4am.  couldn’t snooze button that one away.  sad. 

way too happy to be alive

#5 – I’m not 100% sure how I got from my house to the gym at 5am, but I ended up there and had to peel myself out of my car once I got there. 

#6 – my 1 mile warmup felt like a full blown speedworkout run. 

I muscled through and made it 7 miles.  I was tempted to walk the cooldown, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what the plan meant by cooldown.  that smartcoach thing should really come with an instruction manual. 

in my most favorite running shorts. saved for special occasions. they don't end up at my armpits after a run. they stay on the hips like good shorts. must be my good birthing hips that keeps every running short from staying in place. except these. love.

Funny thing, when it was all done – I felt pretty good.  actually kind of felt like I had more energy to burn.  that’s why I love just going and getting the workout in, even when I am bone tired.  If I didn’t workout every time I was tired, I’d be 250 lbs depressed on my couch.  true.  I can think of a few people who wouldn’t be happy with that.  those endorphins really have the same effect as some sort of super strong antidepressants.  when used appropriately.  at least that’s what the doc tells me.

To top off my stellar morning, my little cherub greets me on my way in the door with, “your belly is big.  are you having a BABY or something???”  why no, my darling, I’m not having a baby.  but thank you for that wonderful observation you just made.  truth be told, it’s opposite day here today.  what she really meant was “mother, you look stunningly fit and fabulous.  how do you do it???”  that’s what she meant to say.  I know it.  I get free encouragement like that all the time.  kids are so cute.  But who would trust anything coming out of this mouth anyway? 

More later, my friends – on running, on goals, on life, on whatever I feel like talking about at the moment. 


When the running gets tough…stop???


Run today – 5.5 miles, 37.75min.  Rolling hills, one good hill climb 

The plan was to do 8 miles in roughly 56 min or less. 

Hello ITBS (SUPERcool with the abbreviations – Illiotibial band syndrome) I didn’t know what it was until I was training for my first marathon in 2008.  I ran for 13 miles of the race with pretty significant IT band pain.  NOT fun.  October 2011 marathon – no IT band issues – just lots of other pain:)  November 2011 marathon – severe IT band probs going on – didn’t know how I was going to finish that one – and the saga continues. 

But, I don’t really like complainers, and  I DON”T like to complain about pain.  QUICK perspective – I have given birth to 3 children – all without pain medication.  This is not for bragging rights.  Really just because the thought of someone sticking a giant needle into my spinal cord scared me more than the thought of pushing out a baby without it.  It’s not normal.  #3 was almost born on the highway.  Walked into labor and delivery with him at 7:41 am and he was on the table at 7:55 am – no exaggeration.  And no time for anything to ease the pain.

5 days before #3, Luke, was born

So – I like to think I can handle pain.   Normally I would run through pain – I’m of the “push it till you wanna puke”, “no pain, no gain” mentality – but the more I understand about running, the more I learn that IF YOUR LEGS DON’T WORK, YOU CANT RUN!!!  I know ground-breaking revelations happening in CT – it just gets better – I’m smart AND I can run!

Back to today – another long story short – is that there are five children in my house this week age 5 and under – craziness ensues.  That’s how we do Christmas break.  What??  That doesn’t sound like fun??  When the SIL offered me a run, there was no way I was passing on THAT opportunity – I was going to run fast and far. 


This is what happens when they get the camera - lovely, I know. I get to see that beauty all day - everyday:)

Anyway, I hit mile 4 and the trusty ‘ole knee decides to give me a little attitude – not cool.  Body says “keep going, you feel great!!”  Mind says “keep going and you’ll kill your knee!”  I did choose the wiser option and ended the run early:(  

I hobbled my sad little self back home and promised my knee I would give it some TLC tonight – the foam roller and my hip have a hot date;-)

I may be gimpy, but I look cute doing it!  Outfit of the day:  complete with yesterdays makeup and everything – trying to make it last.   

TJ Maxx Climawear top, love it. Lululemon skirt, LOVE it. Asics speedstar sneaks, love them.

    What is your favorite running outfit/sneaker?

What is the worst running injury you have had?