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Shhhh!!! They’re sleeping!


It is a RARE occurrence when the house is quiet and TWO of my three children are sleeping at the same time.  Rare as in it hasn’t happened in about….1.8 years – yes, that means that during the day, there is no rest for the weary (mother, that is).  And it must be documented for the history books. 

Holy cow – it’s unrreal.  Dumbfounded.  So, what do I do???  Not clean, that’s for sure.  Cleaning can only happen when the energy to move and the motivation to do it are precisely in sync – not syncing today – not happening up in here.  And why do I feel the need to clean when I have 3 minutes of quiet???  I cleaned last month, it’s all good;) 

This is why rolling out of bed and directly into my runninng clothes works for me.  So that when the moment such as this presents itself, I am ready to terrorize my treadmill and crank out a few miles.  Of course today, I decide to put real people clothes on and look like a real adult.  So I sit here NOT running and NOT being productive.  It is actually almost paralyzing to a mom when there is peace and quiet – there are ten million things I could be doing, but certainly can’t get all of them done.  I’m an all or nothing kind of person – I’ll go with nothing for today:) 

Ok, ok.  I do have exactly 38 minutes before #3 needs to be picked up from school.  I will break my all or nothing rule and just do the run.  I can get in a good 5 and call it a day.  Peace people!!


This 5 year old has taken about 3 naps in the past 3 years – one TIRED chic!