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Better late than Never and Anniversary weekend!!!


Workout – too early to tell.  but it’s saturday, which means loooong-er workout. the plan is some sort of intense cardio/strength at the gym.  it’s always intense.

I was trying not to jump on the “goals for 2012” bandwagon.  But the truth is, I actually do have some goals in life.  What do you know, I am ambitiuos!  Some are running, and some are good old life goals.  I think I would like to share them with you nice people.  I’m wondering why I am hesitant to post some of my runing goals, and I think it’s because I’m afraid if I put it out there, and I don’t do it, its an even bigger failure. 

But here’s the thing about setting lofty goals – I just might hit them.  breakthrough stuff here.  what’s the worst that could happen?  I don’t run the time I want?  I’m pretty sure I won’t spontaneously combust or shrivel and die.  Or even better, I exceed my goals???  Not really end of the world stuff.  When I ran my last 1/2 marathon last year, I got this little idea in my head – “wouldn’t it be AMAZING to run a sub 1:30?”    I dismissed it as soon as it entered my head, but a little peice of it stuck .   That time puts the pace at 6:51.  I had never run a sub 7 min in training, and I hadn’t trained enough for the race.  But, my husband believed in me.  He believed in that time, and beyond.  That made me believe in that time and myself.  I could do anything I put my mind to.   I really just wanted to PR, which meant beating 1:34.  But that was a very doable goal for me.  Sub 1:30 was a reach.  I did it.  And the feeling was amazing when I realized I was going to make it. 

Put high ambitions in your head.  The mind is an amazing thing – what it can do for you.  The power that it has over the will of your body and your strength (fyi- applicable to all areas of life:)).  Put positive, reinforcing, “can do” thoughts in your head.  And you “can do”.   And tell people who believe in you.  Their energy will give you strength too.  End of sermon.  Done preaching now:)  All I know is I am going to try my hardest, give it my best shot, and have a great attitude about it all.  and still try to have fun.  and not ruin my love for running.  

Here we go friends, Running goals 2012:

1 Mile – 5:10

5K – sub 19

10k – sub 40

1/2 marathon – 1:23

Marathon – 3 or sub 3

These are BIG goals for me.  Lets see what the year has to bring!

Other “things”:

1. Train smarter, train harder, rest more (don’t underestimate the body’s need to rest and heal from the strenuous work I put it through)

2. Read more books.  Adult books.  not cat in the hat or pinkalicious.  delightful children’s books that they are, I need to expand my horizons.  

3. Eat more salads.   apparently they are really good for you or something?  I’ll be the judge of that. 

4. Eat more chocolate.  I really enjoy it.  I want to eat more of it.  you live once. 

5. Get my personal trainer certification.  I’ve only been talking about this one for like 7 years.  this year would be a nice year to actually do it. 

6. Start…and finish some project around the house.  can’t be specific here.  that would just be asking too much of myself;)

7. Find my patience.  I lost most of it somewhere in early 2010.  I’d like to get it back. 

8. Be a better friend.  no explanation needed.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment folks! 

A little picture to leave you with and some unsolicited advice….

Always remember to diaper your little penguins. you never do know when they will have an accident and they are very hard to potty train.  Yes, I find little gems like this all over my house.  constant reminder that children are precious, playful and weirdly imaginitive.  keep them that way:)

Oh, and it’s my anniversary tomorrow!!  7 years with the greatest guy in the world!  We will be celebrating in style at the casino tonight for some fine wining and dining and penny slots.  maybe 25cent slots if we are feeling risky, and lucky.

Tell me your big, or not so big, weekend plans?!?

Casino person, or not so much? I would actually say I’m not so much of a casino person, but we never go, so it will be a nice change of scenery!

Do you usually have a “rest” day on the weekend?