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Early morning wakeup call


Well helloooo 4:45 am wakeup to my sweet little angel face darling 2 year old bubbly bouncing baby boy.  I’ve really missed you since 8pm last night when you went to bed, and was hoping you wouldn’t sleep until 7am so that I could see you sooner.  We thought we were out of the woods with the early riser – he is making a reappearance.  just to keep us young. 

Refresher – what we do at 5am.  when all the fun happens.

Eat cereal.  he was being camera shy.  probably still a little sleepy.  I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  puttin’ on a happy face.  and I either severely over tweezed that eyebrow, or the lighting is weird.  I think the lighting is weird.  

iphone pics 305

Play with the digger.  work to be done by 5:30am. 

iphone pics 304

Hide in the castle. you won’t fit in there, luke. 

iphone pics 306

Sidenote- I just realized there are about twice as many picture “effects” on instagram that I didn’t know you could scroll over to use.  yeah.  little slow.  it’s like discovering instagram all over again.  fun.

Workout – EASY peasy 4 mile run, rolling hills.  no garmin.  no stress.  no speed.  no treadmill.  no clue about my pace.  light and fluffy.  T minus 2 days until half marathon.  my legs are very excited to rest, stretch and roll.  very excited.   

Staycation Days 3 and 4. 

day 3 was a roaring success.  Playdate in the am.  Birthday party in the afternoon.  Mommy night out in the evening that included a peartini.  I’m all about the fruity martini’s.  love ‘em. 

Day 4 is well underway. 

Trip to the mall.  Hit up H & M.  one of my favorite things to do is shop for clothes for the little kiddos.  much more fun than shopping for myself.  It’s like dressing up real live dolls.  Makes me feel like a big kid playing house.  wait.  I don’t have to play that one.  they’re really mine.  Got a few items to start the spring wardrobe.  the kids played in the play area.  we harassed panera for lunch.  sorry panera patrons who wanted a nice lunch without a screaming, tantrumming 2 year old.  today was not your lucky day. 

iphone pics 311

Takes a lot of focus and hard work to eat a bowl of macaroni. serious stuff

I achieved my #1 goal for the day – keeping the kids out of the house all morning and tuckering their little heinies out.  Success.  Luker boy fell asleep on the way home.  happy sleeping kid.  happy sleeping peaceful mom. 

The girls and I made some brownies.  I grew up making brownies with my mom from scratch.  it’s a little sad to me that I will probably never do that.  then I get over it when all I have to do is add a little oil, water and egg and voila.  best brownies ever.  and it’s still a happy special time of brownie batter licking fun.  that’s what it’s all about anyway. 

 Hubs and I are trying to remedy this freaky new little smile Anna likes to sport.  that’s toned down a bit from the first take.  little scary.  working on it. 

iphone pics 308


The mom in me – didn’t want to leave my #1 out of the post – #2 and #3 got pics, and I know my Nana and Bubba like to see the pics of the kids, they don’t care so much about the running talk… for you N & B

iphone pics 309

Point proven – just realized I could do B & W on instagram!  wow. 


2 Days from my First Race of the year. 

My legs felt super tight and stiff this morning.  but that’s ok.  little TLC today and tomorrow and all is well. 

It’s 57 degrees here today.  this is a good week.  the weather is looking pretty snazzy for Saturday – high of 46 and sunny.  somebody loves me. 

I’m kind of excited for this race for a couple reasons.  and I would like to fill you in. 

1 – This is totally out of my comfort zone.  on many levels.  Normally, I would take one look at that elevation map and say no way.  I only run flat, easy, fast courses.  really.  I’m a wimp.  I don’t want to be that way.  This is good.  It’s a challenge and I’m glad I’m doing it.  I also don’t normally run anything this early in the year, nor do I or have I run any other half than the one I’m doing in June.  I don’t like change and I don’t like new things (unless they are a size 10 with 4 inch heels, made of designer denim or are leather, fit on my shoulder and come from Italy…to name a few)  Adding this race is a big step outside that little bitty circle I call comfort.  I keep my circle pretty small.  I like it like that.  This is making it a little bigger.  Bigger is better.  in this case.

Step outside your circle – or don’t – just make it bigger by adding a new something that you are already doing.  I’m already running, and I’m already doing races, I’m just adding a “new” race. 

Challenge yourself.  in any way.  grow.  become stronger. 

2 – This is a good way to ease into some bigger races I have coming up in April.  I think it will be nice to start with a half marathon and then go to the full.  Sometimes Often when I’m running, I think, how the heck am I going to do a marathon, faster than this pace, and it’s 26.2 miles!  Yes, that last .2 counts, because when you are running it, it feels like at least a 5K.  maybe worse. I’ve done 3 marathons, over the past 3 years.  I would still call myself a newbie to the marathon running.  And it’s a daunting distance.  I’m excited to get 13.1 miles in and let some of the there’s no way I can run a marathon, at the pace I want, or any pace, at all, ever, what am I thinking out of my head.  at least for a little while. 

I think people sometimes think that a marathon is what makes a runner, and if you haven’t done a marathon, you’re not really a runner.  NOT TRUE.  running a marathon is an amazing thing.  but it’s not the be all and end all of running.  set a goal and run a race.  any distance.  and you are a runner.  the smaller ones, whether it be a mile, a 5K, 10K, a half, are great confidence boosters to get you to where you ultimately want to be.  eventually. and it your own time.   

3 + 4 – It doesn’t start until 10am.  this is just perfect.  no reason to get up early.  that’s funny.  like I have a choice in the matter.  my little luke.  he loves to get up early.  at least I don’t have to rush out the door.  yay.  It’s all about sleep two nights before anyway.  I never get a restful night the night before any anticipated run.  early to bed tonight and I’m sure early to rise tomorrow.  and, technically I’m supposed to do a long run on Saturday.  this will knock off 13 miles in a fun way.  then I only have to do 6 or 7 more.  later in the day.  easy peasy lemon squeezy.  mom, I know you think this is crazy.  to run after a run.  it’s totally normal.  in a very not normal way.  

That’s all she wrote friends. 


Hows the weather doing where you live?  good for running?

Have you challenged yourself in any way lately?  running or not running related?

What time do you set your alarm for?  or do you have little human alarms that come in and wake you up at ungodly hours of the morning?  maybe that’s just me.  🙂




Good busy day, running and shopping


Rest day today.  I will hopefully do some strength workout.  16 mile run tomorrow.  eek. 

I am slowly but surely figuring out this whole training plan thing and how exactly it is going to work for me.  I am finishing week 3 of the plan.  I have had a GREAT week of running this week.  Probably the best yet.  this week I decided to NOT stick completely to the plan.  but to follow it loosely.  and it’s really working for me.  I think this might work best for me for a couple reasons – 1.  it still gives me guidance on what to do, miles to run  2.  I am not feeling let down if I don’t/can’t do the prescribed workout for the day.  when I felt like I had to strictly follow the plan – I would feel like I “failed” if I didn’t do it 100% for that day.  I don’t want to feel like that.  any day that I do something to reach my goal should be a success. so, using the plan as a guide this week has given me a, fun, enjoyable, fulfilling, pain free week of running.   

I had an awesome workout yesterday.  it went like this (during naptime) – the plan was 8 easy miles.  I wasn’t into that because I had to run at home on the treadmill.  no one should have to run 8 miles on that thing.  not nice.  Pre-run photo – fresh as a daisy

the other quality mirror that we have in the basement. came with the house. haven't done anything about it. who doesn't want a mirror mosaic on their wall??

Instead of 8 straight through:  I did 2 miles at 8.1mph, then jumped on the stairmaster for 10 minutes, level 20 speed intervals, back on tread for same 2 mile run, back on stepper for same interval and back to tread for 2 more miles.  6 miles total on treadmill, 20 minutes on stepper = to 3.5 miles.  done, sweaty and happy as a clam.  nothing like a good sweat.

beautiful beads of sweat. makes me happy

Quick recap of yesterday –

Luke was attacked by an elephant.

doesn't even know what hit him

I saved him.  that’s my job.  I do heroic things like that on a daily basis. 

and then got dressed up in his sisters clothes. 

it never ends for that poor boy.  he’s pretty happy about it.  rainbow blue puffed sleeve is a good look for him. 

Alex went to school in the am.  I dropped the kids off at Gammy’s so I could go workout with a friend.  She has “hired” me to help whip her back into shape!  good times.  gives me a little taste of what it would be like to work.  I like it.   

Back home in time for Alex to get home from school.  Lunch… Anna goes to school…Gammy picks up Alex to spend some quality time….Luke takes a nap….I have a stellar workout…..Alex gets home and brings me this little srumptious treat…

I know nothing about that missing chunk. no clue.

look at all those sprinkles.  and all that pink.  We love Gammy.  she likes sugar as much as Alex and I do.  I don’t care for cake too much, but I could make that frosting disappear off that cake in less than a minute.  true.  it might have been gone by 10pm last night.  maybe.

Dinner last night was a much needed simple meal.  after all of my cutting and vegetable chopping this week, I only had simple left in me.  roasted veggies and pasta.  simple and delicious. 

and we're back to the horrific food pics. apologies.

 if you don’t have a MISTO, you must get one.  it will save your waistline and your time when trying to coat your veggies with the perfect amount of oil for the oven.  not too much.  not too little.

That is my “love is eternal” look.  lil sis, Jaime, that’s for you.  (Bridesmaids lingo – if you have never seen this movie, go see it.  if you saw it and didn’t care for it, I feel bad for you.  you need to get a bunch of girlfriends, some margaritas and a chill pill and watch it again.  funny stuff)  I love my misto.  don’t know why I waited so long to start using it. 

Dinner served – kids running amuck and I bolted.  like any good mom.  I was meeting one of my best girlfriends at the mall for some shopping.  it works out well that we share a common joy…

I haven’t been to this store since she and I went in NYC last May.  I put on a little fashion show in the dressing room for you.  so that you could share in my fabulous finds. 

white coat. $16. this is why I love forever21. looks nice. it's cheap. inexpensive cheap. probably cheap cheap too, but it's $16. it must come home with me.

I got the blazer, not the shirt under it.  it’s actually much cuter in person.  so am I. 

went out on a limb and got the red skinnies. color is good.

My girlfriend is a human barbie doll.  seriously.  picture barbie.  and make her human.  that’s my friend.  and she’s the nicest person in the world too.  so you want to hate her, but you end up loving her to death.  how it goes.  when I shop with her, it’s more colorful and fun than when I shop by myself.  I have to buy red things.  

I came home to my husband watching Moneyball with Brad Pitt.  brad pitt wasn’t here watching it with him, he was in the movie.  the hubs and I discussed very important stuff like who was better looking – Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio or Orlando Bloom.  we decided Orlando was pretty, Leo was a freak of nature with his good looks and Brad is just a handsome guy.  enough deep talk for one night.  off to bed. 

Stay tuned for another edition of “How to Friday“.  Feel free to email me suggestions of things you would like to know “how to” do.  I know everything.  I have answers to everything.  I’m a mom. if I don’t have the answer, I will just lie and pretend like I do:-) 


What is your favorite clothing store to shop in?  What is the last movie you saw?

Colored skinny jeans or not into it?

Are you a cake person or lick the frosting off the cake person like me?

Tell me about your weekend plans!?!

Talk to me people!:-)