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The Stairmaster Post


Workout – stairmaster crosstraining day.  45 minutes.  speed intervals.  6 something miles.  which is completely irrelevant, really, because I was not running. I was stepping.  there were no miles involved.  which is exactly why I love my stairmaster.  and why I love my crosstraining.  I get a killer workout.  without the pavement pounding.  that which I also love.  more on that in a minute.

Let’s drag this post on a bit, as usual, before I give you any information that might actually be useful to you in your day to day.

Truth be told, today might have been one of the most uninteresting and uneventful days.  so I will share it with you.

1.  We woke up at 5am.  not to an alarm clock.  to an alarm child.  per the usual.  not exciting.

2.  I was indifferent about working out at that hour because I wasn’t running and I wasn’t sure about my crosstraining plan for the day.  I was in workout twilight zone, neither here nor there, but pretty confident it would happen.  still not exciting.

3.  I did get showered and dressed for the day before leaving the house.  you’re welcome world.  that is not exciting.  in the least.  but it is a generally noteworthy thing because this would be my wardrobe of choice.  everyday.  it’s lululemon head to toe and it is magical.  and it’s hidden behind a sticker covered, fingerprinted mirror.  yay.

iphone pics 935

I’m comfortable in it.  I feel like a rockstar.  a workout rockstar.  there is a reason they charge that much money for workout clothing.  it brings out the magic in the girl.  or guy.  true.  get yourself some wunder unders and see for yourself.  it is also generally noteworthy, but not necessarily exciting, when a female, especially of the ‘stay at home mama’ kind, is having a particularly ‘nicehairday, skinnynotbloated, cuteandsassy, makeuplooksgood’ kind of day.  that was kind of this kind of day.  and I think it was mostly due to the fact that a) I shoved my kids in the basement to play this morning while I stairmastered and b) took a shower as noted above.  like I say – the little things. but not exciting.

4.  We went to Target.  not exciting in the least.  but I got the strict necessities and left without committing grand theft.  somehow, some dollar item usually ends up in Luke’s pocket or some inconspicuous place to be found when we get home.  not so this time.  I made sure to keep this Target trip on the up and up.  all items paid and accounted for.  some nutritious and delicious highlights that are not very exciting…

iphone pics 931

nutella. combined with peanut butter is a deadly combo.

iphone pics 932

these are pretty tasty too.

5.  The hubs got some new FREE mizuno sneaks in the mail, thanks to yours truly.

iphone pics 930

the beautiful little child was certainly not free. she costs a pretty penny.

that is completely not exciting to me because they were not MY free sneaks (mine should be coming tomorrow, which I will surely share that piece of exciting mail with you).  I am working on a fun giveaway that just might have something to do with mizuno.  that would be exciting.  for you and me.  stay tuned.

6.  Not cooking dinner tonight is actually pretty exciting.  Dinner courtesy of whole foods sushi bar is also pretty exciting.

iphone pics 933

this calamari salad I got is very exciting and may warrant a daily trip to whole foods until I grow completely ill of it.  what’s also exciting about this sushi dinner extravaganza is that yours truly has no cleanup after.  just toss in the trash.  easy peasy.  so exciting.  and fantastic.  I can hardly stand it.

7.  Technically, the bachelorette was last night but we are going to include it in the post to enhance the non-excitingness of me today.  the word on the street is that this season is pretty boring, or not exciting.  that’s what I’m hearing through the bachelorette grapevine.  which is interesting because I found this show to be thoroughly entertaining last night.  so if the show is boring and it completely amuses me, it’s safe to say I am pretty boring these days.  or easily amused.  and I’m ok with that.  I’m also ok with being into the bachelorette this season.  mindless, stress free entertainment.  I’m highly amused by all of these grown men swooning over little miss southern bell.  she’s adorable.  and I kind of want her hair.  but that’s all I want. her life seems too exciting for me.  I probably couldn’t keep up with all the action.

That’s all of the non exciting things for now.  We can move on to the stairmaster.  fun stuff.  I LOVE it.  here she is…

iphone pics 894

that’s my view.  no side handrails.

iphone pics 902

that’s the model.

Like I said, I got mine used but in like new condition on ebay 5 1/2 years ago, and it was probably almost half the price of buying it new.  so look around on ebay, craigslist, or whatever other online source that would giveaway offer discounted exercise equipment.  This has done me good through shin splints, running time off and getting back into running without getting injured or losing my running is happy and jolly and fun and not stressful attitude.  it’s giving me good balance.  and a really good workout at the same time.

I like this particularly over the elliptical because it takes up less space.  I don’t have a lot of extra home space to be used up by clunky fitness equipment.  this is clunky enough, but it’s not as long.

I also like it because it gives a very different workout from running.  but very beneficial to running, I think.  as long as you don’t hang all over it like a rag doll.  that’s just lame.  and cheating your workout.  which will only harm you in the long run.  don’t do it.

A lot of people are concerned that it will make your legs huge.  not true.  no further comment.  but doing cardio on this will not make your legs look like a body builder.  It will give you some great tone, definition and butt lift though.  I can assure you that.

And lastly, HERE is a little post I did awhile back on how to get faster.  there have been some inquiries about that.  read with caution.  I’m a stay at home mom.  that’s all I have to say.

What is your favorite form of cross training?

What is your favorite or most used speed workout?

Monday Motivation


Workout – 30 min level 20 stairmaster.  no run. I can explain.  hold that thought.  squeezed in some weights.  had high hopes of hanging out with Jillian, but apparently a five year old would rather watch Sid the Science Kid.  where did I go wrong. 

I don’t know why I’m surprised when every Monday rolls around (it definitely does that more often than any other day of the week, crazy I know), that I am disorganized, and couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag if I had to.   Looks like Alex feels the same way.  she just gave up on life last night before Monday even got here. 

Yucky Monday would be the reason that I broke my goal of not even 24 hours ago of trying to stick with my mileage plan for the week.  The run today turned into a better than nothing stairmaster workout, which almost turned into no workout at all due to a non-napping gremlin.

I didn’t even bother getting dressed today.  or changing into actual workout clothes.  too lazy for that.  those are just cotton yoga pants.  not a great clothing choice to do the stairmaster in next to the wood stove.  hot.  sweaty.  yuck. 

The hubs and I were debating last night whose turn it was at the gym this morning.  we made the mistake of settling on, we’ll see how it goes in the morning.  don’t do that.  make a plan before Monday morning as to how the workout is going to go.  I blame the impaired judgement on ben and jerry’s ice cream.  otherwise the kids will gang up and sleep in for the one day in the past five years, and no one gets up for the gym.  and I’m boycotting my treadmill at home.  makes out for a rough start to the week.  at least for this old lady.  I’m all about plans.  I’m just not great at implementing them.  I think I need to spend more time on Sunday planning out the week, meals, which old sweatshirt I will be wearing and when.  even SHAPE mag agrees with me on the ickiness that Mondays usually are.  but they give some suggestions on how to make it better.  I should have read this last night and maybe I would have gotten my butt out of bed to exercise. 

I didn't see anything in that little snipet about mimosas, brunch and a free nanny. not sure how funday this monday could be.

It’s that “early morning run” part.  I missed that today.  there goes my funday monday.  will have to wait until next monday.

I kind of take weekends off from caring about what the house looks like.  if the laundry is folded or not.  taking showers and brushing my teeth.  I kid.  I brush my teeth.  Mondays present me with a lot of things to do and I sometimes get a little overwhelmed with the 13 loads of laundry ready to be folded and the children playing with the dust bunnies.  better than real bunnies.  no feeding or cleaning.  we might hang on to those ones.  So instead of getting overwhelmed and praying my house falls into a black hole so I don’t have to clean it – I just pick one or two little projects to complete.  and I’m happy again.  I can do one or two.  I can’t do 9 or 10.  too much.  today I shopped online and folded laundry.  maybe I will vacuum. done.  

I got a chance to catch up on my SHAPE.  which, by the way I get at least one peice of mail daily saying my subscription is ready to renew and I better do it like 3 days ago or the world will end.  don’t worry SHAPE.  I love you.  I will renew.  STOP SENDING ME MAIL.  Here are some other fun things I found while I was reading and stepping. 

Jump rope.  looks like a great workout.  but I think I would rather poke my eyes out with pencils.  even with the pro jumper.  seems incredibly boring.  coming from the girl who stares at a blank wall and doesn’t listen to music while she runs.  Do any of you use jump roping on a regular basis for exercise?   very interesting. 

Here’s another one that looked kind of fun in a strange I could never picture my husband and I doing that, but props to those couples that do sort of way.  

so romantic. a couples workout. the couple that works out together....eats ben and jerry's together?

And I really liked this little article about exercise during pregnancy. 

I think being pregnant is no excuse to stop exercising.  I did until the very end with each of mine.  I was doing pushups in the delivery room.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE in delivery and recovery.  actually, I would know nothing about a difference, because I worked out with each one and I was in good shape.  but I can say, recovering from pushing a baby out was not that bad – nor was the pushing a baby out part.  hindsight. ha.  I do think being in shape had a lot to do with it.  and it looks like my children will be stellar athletes and little einsteins.

I’m off duty for dinner for two more nights.  wahoo.  that almost makes a monday funday.  the cleanse ends tomorrow.  which I’m totally ready for.  and back at it with healthy, delicious cooking on Wednesday.  Hopefully I’ll have some brain power going and get some great meals planned.  not likely. but I dream big. 

Stay tuned – I’m going to do a “lineup” post of some of my favorite things – like vitamins, supplements, and other important things that come to my mind. 

Was your Monday a funday?

Did you/are you/will you workout during pregnancy?

Are weekends for cleaning and housework, or to you take a break from it all?