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Maxin’ and relaxin’


I love Sundays.  I know.  it’s monday.  but I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday.  and I don’t LOVE mondays.  so you must know how and why I LOVE Sundays.

I love sleeping in until 10am 6am like every other day of the week.   I love going to church and wearing this cutie little blazer that I got the other night.  that’s all I got.  I swear.  no more suprises.  pinky swear.  maybe one more.  that’s all. 

You want to know the most fun part of this blazer?!?  For one, it’s not black.  I buy all black and grey and white.  Cobalt blue.  pretty jazzy.  and two, it has shoulder pads!  I guess they are back in?  I bought 2 blazers and a jacket the other night, and they all had shoulder pads.  crazy.  either they’re back in, or I’m really out and totally missed whatever trend I’m trying to pull off.  either way, I liked it.  flashback to the 80’s.  I’ll rock it. 

I Love that I don’t have to do a run of any sort.  if I don’t want to.  it’s my rest day.  yippee skippee.  Yesterday, I chose to go to the gym to do some strength.  I wanted to get 3 days of strength in last week, which didn’t happen.  and I understand Sunday starts a new week, but for me, I’m counting it in with last week.  I can do that.  so I got my 3 days of strength in:-)  It was SO NICE to go into the gym and not touch the treadmill.  actually very weird.  I didn’t really know what to do with myself.  I wandered around a little bit and finally figured it out.  I even broke a little sweat.  proof.  I actually had a pretty fantastic tricep workout.  why I chose triceps, I will never know.  which also included a little bit ‘o legs and back.  I love doing legs and back.  faves.  

headless wonder

I love that we generally have no plans on Sunday.  and I usually get some cleaning done.  that’s not so much exciting.  not exciting at all.  but I like to start the week with a generally tidy house.  because come Monday, we’re back to state of disaster.     

And I love that I put no pressure on myself to cook a healthy delicious meal.  it’s always delicious.  not always healthy.  whatever happens, happens, for dinner on a Sunday night.  But, I have to say – I pulled together a darn good homemade mac and cheese last night.  It started with barilla plus pasta and a lotta cheese and ended with some hard boiled eggs in the oven. 

I threw it in the oven because I wanted to dirty one extra dish to wash at the end of the night.  the boat load I already had was just not enough. 

My husband loves bbq sauce.  on everything.  its actually pretty good on the mac.  and the eggs are good in the mac too.  little extra protein.  good for the muscles. 

I needed a little sweet to finish off the night.  and we got a movie.  I’m not sure I got enough chocolate though. 


I can’t resist a good peppermint pattie, or anything mint flavored.  junior mints, mint choc chip ice cream.  those little dessert mints on the way out of restaurants.  I still grab a handful like a 5 year old on the way out.  and then grab some more.  and I throw a tantrum if the restaurant doesn’t have them.  and I never go back.  I don’t even think a 5 year old does that.  I used to keep a big tub of dessert mints on hand at all times.  like costco size tub.  so good. 

I’ll catch ya later, peeps, and fill you in on all the Monday madness around this place.  I think I have 8 or 9 miles to do today.  I think I might scatter it throughout the day.  that sounds like a fun and interesting way to do it.   

Happy Monday!!!  What’s going on this week? 

Do you like dessert mints?  Do you like mint? 

What’s your favorite muscle group to workout? 

Back at it…for today


I took a break from my break from running this week and did my planned workout – only because it was speedwork day.  Is it weird that I actually look forward to that run? 

Workout – gym treadmill.  flat.  2 mile warmup @ 7:30 min/mile, 4 x 1600’s @ 6:00 min/mile with 800 meter recovery jogs @ 7:30 min/mile.  8 miles total.  54 min.  This was the best workout I’ve had in probably two weeks.  I felt awesome and strong and beautiful and smart and funny like I was superwoman and I could save the world and then go run a marathon.  all at 6am.  true.  running does that.  just me?  whatever.  it was a great run.  and I was super sore from my two days of Jillian/strength training.  I like speedwork because I really feel like I’m accomplishing something towards my goal of getting faster.  It feels like hard work, and I like that. 

ran in my spiffy new pants. they stayed in place. sign of a good pair of leggings. I do have other gym shirts, that one seems to be the favorite of the week. or two..

Enter reality when I get home.  turns out I’m not superwoman, awesome or funny.  smart and beautiful stick with me wherever I am.  and I have to feed hungry children, change dirty diapers, think about what to make for dinner at 7 am, do laundry…and forget about my dreams of winning the olympic marathon.  until the next speedwork day:-)

Rewind to last night – New recipe #2 for the week courtesy of Food Network – I made for dinner last night. 


this is what cooking dinner with 3 kids looks like. Luke is in charge of the steaming hot pot of boiling vegetables. he'll only burn himself once. then he'll learn.

The following conversation at the dinner table tells me how good it was :

Alexandra:  “Mom, this is sooooo good.  What day is today?”

Me:  “Thank you my little love nugget, today happens to be Tuesday, why do you ask?”

Alexandra:  “You should make this dinner every single Tuesday.  every week.  every week that has a Tuesday, you should make this.  It is so good.  I’m going to eat this whole bowl”

Anna:  “Oh yeah, you should make this every Tuesday.  It is so good.  I’m going to eat this whole bowl.”

Sometimes I wonder if poor Anna ever has an original thought in her head.  I guess it’s easier to just copy the person who spoke before you anyway.  Maybe she’s on to something. 

I guess it was good.  It was a veggie pot pie – my theory is that anything is good if you wrap it in pie crust.  just a theory. 

I think this is my best food picture yet. quit while I'm ahead?

I wanted a vegetarian version, so I googled “vegetarian pot pie” – pretty creative.  the recipe I used was the first one that came up and it got good ratings.   it was pretty flavorful, and didn’t taste like your typical pot pie because it had things like fennel and parsley and chives in it.  Yum.  I would make it again.  I made my normal changes like I do to every recipe.  for some reason I always feel like I can make a recipe better so I subsitute things and omit things at my leisure.  and then wonder why it usually doesn’t turn out right.  gamble paid off last night.  turned out good.  add it to the book ‘o recipes!

We finished off the evening with a mean game of hide and seek with the kids.  my husband had the kids going.  the fun thing about playing hide and seek with a 2, 4 and 5  year old is that you can hide in front of their faces and they probably won’t find you.  the best spot he had was laying flat on Alexandra’s bed.  It took them 20 minutes to find him, and I had to help them.  In the words of my oh so dramatic 5 year old, she liked hide and seek as much as she liked dinner – “this is the best night ever!!!  we should do this every Tuesday night!!!”  ok sweetheart.  if that’s all it takes to make you happy.  pot pie and hide and seek.  pretty sure Mommy and Daddy can handle that one. 

Davey and I tried to sit and watch Biggest Loser.  I couldn’t really get into it last night.  I haven’t been watching it regularly – but I haven’t really been clicking with the contestants the past couple of seasons.  I miss the Jillian/Bob combo.  But, I do LOVE to watch the workouts they do.  geek.  and I love bob. 

More later, on Target fun and more new recipes! 

What was your favorite game to play as a kid?

Do you watch BL?  Who is your favorite contestant?  Are you into other reality TV? 



All about Green


Workout –  hit up the gym this morning.  4 easy treadmill miles.  20 minute strength circuit.  I left Jillian behind today and made  up my own super fantastic circuit this morning.  I’m sure Jillian would be proud. I pick 4 or 5 exercises out of the recesses of my brain.  not really the recesses, more like the ones that are front and center and pop out the fastest.  I repeat them 3 or 4 times or until I get really bored.  day 2 of sticking to the less is more plan.  see you next week marathon training.  job done. 

Little green monster has been harrassing me and screaming in my face ever since I walked back in the door.  I haven’t figured out what to do with him yet.  so I just keep feeding him sugar and hoping he will crash eventually. 

pretty sure he can scale a flat wall

he is part monkey. 

I went to the grocery store yesterday and actually had a LIST and dinners planned out for the week.  mind blowing.  I don’t know what happened to me.  there is actually a possibility that I won’t have to go to the store 12 times this week.  I might have gotten my act together yesterday.  still TBD.  to be determined. 

This blog – Oh She Glows – is quickly becoming one of my favorites to pull recipes and ideas from.  That’s where 3 of my dinner meals came from this week.  Last night I made this 15 minute creamy avocado pasta.  I’m not going to say any thing more about it other than – go make it.  go make it.  now.  the only other thing I will say about it is if you don’t like sprouted grain pasta or ancient grain pasta, use something else.  like barilla plus.  other than that – go make it.  of course I doubled it.  I double everything.  so good.  and so green. 

I used sprouted grain Ezekiel pasta. wouldn't do it again. and my food pictures have not improved. don't expect them to. ever.

I have a couple more recipes lined up from her and one from Food Network.  then I’m banking on leftovers and a couple nights of spontaneous plans that get me off the dinner hook and through the week.  I will share as the week goes on.   

To keep the green thing going, I thought I’d try a green smoothie this morning for breakfast.  I know I’m like 10 years behind on this one – but Oh My Goodness!!!  It was good!!!  Spinach and everything. 

counter full of life. look at all that healthiness. whoa.


almond milk. flax. spinach. frozen raspberries. protein powder. ice. was going to do p.b., but that might have been overkill.

I think I’m going to have to make this one again today.  and for breakfast every morning until I can’t stand to look at my blender anymore.  yum. 

And here’s a little trick my daughter did this morning – little nifty spiffy pants that she is.  magic.  she made it stand up all by itself.  we are so proud of her.  and her many accomplishments.   

tell me that's not impressive. I might be easily amused.

Upward and onward with this day.  It is supposed to be in the 50’s here?!?!  That might force me outside for another little run later.  but probably not because I have 3 kidlings that need tending to.  good thought though. 

Talk to me people!

Do you like to make green smoothies?  What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

Where do you get your dinner inspirations from?

Happy Tuesday friends!!!:-)