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Global warming and all that Jazz


We were supposed to get a wintry mix of snow, and ice today.  Thanks to global warming we get rain.  really.  thank you.  I’d much prefer this than the 5 feet of snow we were under last year.  except that I was kind of excited to test out these boots I got on clearance.  so I wore them anyway.  to the bank and back home.  livin on the edge. 

again, please don't look to me for fashion advice. ever. i do my best.

The rain kept us inside and having oh so much fun.  I knew it was going to be a 2 cups of iced coffee kind of day – I was prepared.  made enough to hydrate an army.  after my sweatfest this morning, I needed it. 

 We had a visit from Gammy, who brought me my very own homemade subliminal message plate – she’s so sweet.  guess who’s eating off of that tonight.  ha.

she MIGHT be a bigger dork than me. up for debate.


and the angry toddler had to unleash his pent up frustration with life on her.   

so much love

Then I got this terrifying piece of mail.  this is why I don’t like to check the mailbox.  scary things might be waiting for me. 

in case you can't read small, blurry print - it says suspension of service pending. they wouldn't dare. checks in the mail!

lots of productivity happening like laundry, cleaning, blah blah blah.  and I noticed a couple things about my house that had passed me by – we were still decorated for Christmas. 

buh bye baby Jesus. see you next year.

and those games look mighty precariously positioned.  they could fall at any moment . and hurt a small child.  there are a few of those around here.  some responsible adult should do something about that. 

I took care of it.  lives saved.  all in a days work. 

I actually have a life tonight and get to out for drinks with some girlfriends.  super exciting.  I don’t get out too much.  I’m also excited that the Olympic marathon trials are on this weekend.  I was reading about Desiree Davila in Runner’s World.  she’s kinda fast.  I wish I could say I watch all these races and running “stuff” on TV.  but I don’t.  I barely have time to take a shower.  and if I did watch all that crazy running stuff, I might actually learn something and that would make me a total running nerd.  I’m already a nerd.  I don’t need running to add to the condition.  I’ll let you nice people fill me in.  it’s still pretty exciting.

I promise.  tomorrow we will talk about goal setting and my ever increasing list of epiphany’s on training plans of all sorts.  it’s on the brain.  gonna happen. 

Any fun plans tonight?  Almost the weekend!

How long do you leave decorations up after the holiday has passed? 

Hug ME….then go buy me a Coach bag


Workout – according to the plan, XT day.  I figured it out, that means cross-training, which means something other than running.  (ok, before you lovely people start to think I’m a complete idiot, I did know what that meant, didn’t have to google that one.  and I do have a four year degree.  from an accredited University.  I am smart.)  I will do this workout tonight – it’s busy day Tuesday here today.  no time for workin’ it this am.   

You are probably wondering how I keep everybody happy and jolly in this cozy house.  You probably weren’t wondering that, but now that I said it, you are.  I like to think we have a pretty happy house, full of happy thoughts and rainbow kisses.  all the time.  moms control things like that.  I used to not believe it.  I’m a believer now.  this is how I do it.  called subliminal messaging.  I make ALL the meals in this house, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.  I started serving meals on plates like these

very classy, melamine-ware. nothing but the best

By the time they are done eating, and have been staring at “hug me”, they all feel like giving out happy hugs and lots of love.  I also have “I love you” and  “kiss me”.  When things get really rough and I’m having a bad day, I pull out the big guns.  I have ones reserved for my hubby that say something like, “you should go to a really nice store that starts with C and ends with CH and rhymes with roach and buy your wife a bag”  that one worked.  here it is. 

so shiny. i like shiny things.

that might have been my Christmas present and had nothing to do with my sneaky messages.  But for my kids, I have ones like, “cleaning your room is super duper fun”.  I’ll know my hubby is catching onto my scheme when he starts offering to make dinner and giving me plates that say, “it’s really important for the family to have a new all terrain vehicle.  for the safety and amusement of our children” or “your car would like a little TLC once in awhile so I don’t have to spend 3 hours on a saturday cleaning it out.”  subliminal.     

Off to cart children to school and dance.  Tonight I will give you the #2 reason I am newly in love with a training plan.  and I’ll share all about our super fun busy day today, because I’m sure you are wondering about that, too.  🙂

I’ll leave you with this subliminal message – I like it.  it’s on my fridge, courtesy of my awesome mama.